GLR Ch. 49.2

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In the live broadcast room, the audience in the imperial capital was the most angry. Land was prohibited from being developed indiscriminately. Except for residential areas, most places were designated as military bases. They could not grow their own vegetables, which was irritating.

Su Yemu heard everyone’s complaints, thought about it, and said, “If you want to plant, you can buy a few flower pots and bring some soil from outside. As long as there is sunshine, you can plant anywhere.”

When everyone heard this, their eyes brightened. Everyone said that Su Yemu was indeed wise.

Su Yemu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. It wasn’t that he was wise, but that the Chinese nation was powerful.

After the porridge came out, the big meat buns, barbecued pork buns, and dumplings were cooked in sequence. The white and tender big meat buns were torn open, and the rich meat aroma emerged. The skin was soft and waxy, and the meat filling was fresh and not greasy.

The skin of Crab Dumplings was thin and translucent, the skin was elastic, the crab meat tasted fresh and sweet, there was no fishy smell at all, and the outside was tender and refreshing.

The skin and meat of the steamed chicken feet with black bean sauce, were soft, and when you sucked them off the bones, the strong umami flavour of black bean seemed to have soaked into the skin and meat. After eating, it would leave a fragrant aroma on your tongue, and you could even chew the bones to pieces.

Not to mention steamed pork ribs with black bean sauce, barbecued pork buns, shumai, etc., they were all loved by everyone.

Su Yemu murmured: “It’s a pity that there is no tea.”

“I know where there is one.”

Su Yemu turned around, and saw several crew members standing at the door, staring at the steamed buns on the drawer, the plates of steamed pork ribs, and steamed chicken feet and swallowing their saliva.

“Wait a minute, I’ll get it right away.”

Su Yemu also wanted to ask what kind of tea it was, but the several crew members had already run away, and after a while, the crew members came over with a jar and stuffed it to Su Yemu.

The color was sandy green, the aroma was pure, and the taste is very similar to Tie Guanyin, but there was something missing. Su Yemu tried to make two cups in the simplest way, one for the audience and one for himself.

The taste is mellow and a bit astringent, not Tieguanyin[1].

What does this smell like? It’s weird, I’m not used to it.

I think it tastes good, especially after I just ate the ribs and chicken feet. After drinking it, I feel that the mixed taste in my mouth is gone.

I also think it tastes good. What kind of drink is this?

“This is tea. In China more than 3,000 years ago, there was a tea-drinking culture. There is a special way of drinking tea in the south. Desserts are eaten with tea. Southerners call it tea drinking, which is divided into three periods, morning tea, noon tea and evening tea. When drinking tea, there are many snacks with different flavours. If you eat too much, the taste will be mixed easily. Tea just plays the role of removing the taste and clearing away the greasiness.”

Do you still have breakfast, lunch and dinner? Wouldn’t it be very supportive?

“I don’t know how to overeat. This culture originated in southern China, and its popularity has a lot to do with the eating habits of the south. In addition to dinner, southerners eat three meals a day, and almost all eat porridge during the day, which just makes room for drinking tea.”

I’m so envious, I also want to live in that era, I feel that the food culture was particularly rich then.

There are so many broadcast clubs and they are so awesome! Isn’t it ancestral?

Su Yemu pondered for a moment, then smiled and said: “Yes, it’s been passed down from our ancestors.”

All the food had been taken out of the pot, so Su Yemu said goodbye to everyone while the audience was reluctant to leave; then Su Yemu put all the tea in the jar.

He served a pot of tea, snacks, and porridge for a few people and ask Da Zhuang to deliver them to Old Man Bader and the others, and let everyone carry the rest out.

Su Yemu went back to his room, washed his face, and tidied up a little before getting off the ship. Seeing everyone waiting for him, he felt a little sorry and hurriedly walked a few steps. Boss Hei, who was drinking tea from a cup, suddenly shouted: “Which kid touched it? Did you go to my room?”

“Did you brew it all? It’s my tea!”

Su Yemu: “?”

Bai Jun saw that Su Yemu was stunned, and the boys in the fleet were cowering, and he knew that it was them who had done something good.

Bai Jun glanced at Boss Hei and said, “You don’t want to eat?”

Boss Hei said, “I want to eat.”

What are you doing?

In the bamboo house, they were surprised to receive the food sent by Da Zhuang. As far as they knew, didn’t everyone in the empire take nutrient solution? They ate little to no food, and because of this their fruit trees, flowers, etc. became barren and had to be purchased here.

But judging from the situation, this craftsmanship was much better than what they could do, and it smelt good.

The two young men kept swallowing their saliva and looking forward to it.

Old man Bader nodded, and the two young men immediately started to eat. The barbecued pork buns were soft, delicious, plump and juicy. It was no problem to eat ten at one go. The pork ribs with black bean sauce were tender, delicious, sweet and juicy, tasty and delicious.

There was a sweet smell in the air. Old Man Bader moved his nose and put his eyes on the pot of tea. He poured out a cup and took a sip. His eyes widened and his hands trembled slightly. Then he lowered his eyes which were wet with tears.

The people in the fleet were tall men. So, Su Yemu specially made the dumplings bigger. The dumplings were huge and the quantity was considerable. However, he did not expect how amazing their fighting power was. Su Yemu took a bun and took a bite. By this time, they had already eaten half of one; the chicken feet were still being chewed, and they even crushed the bones and swallowed them.

Su Yemu thought to himself: ‘Fortunately, it was steamed to death.’

Because the route time was set, everyone started working recklessly after breakfast. They didn’t even eat lunch. Each person bit a tube of nutrient solution and directed the machine to dig out fruit trees and flowers and transport them to the star ship.

Su Yemu started preparing dinner at two o’clock, heated up the pot at three o’clock, and cooked for three hours, making meals for more than 300 people. The aroma wafted out, making it even more powerful.

If it were not for the machine age, Su Yemu would have taken at least several months to complete transferring the fruit trees and flowers on the star ship.

After all the fruit trees and flowers were dug, everyone said goodbye to Old Man Bader after dinner.

Old Man Bader approached Su Yemu, and in the midst of everyone’s surprised eyes, he held Su Yemu’s hands with his rough hands and murmured a word.

This was a language that others could not understand, and they all looked at Old Man Bader inexplicably. Su Yemu was shocked, it was Chinese.

Boss Hei looked at Old Man Bader and then at Su Yemu: “Let’s go.”

Old Man Bader had turned around and left, but Su Yemu was still standing blankly.

“Brother, let’s go.”

Xiaonan held Su Yemu’s hand and pulled him towards the star ship, her steps speeding up.

Su Yemu came to his senses and looked back at Old Man Bader’s back that had disappeared into the orchard.

“The Qilin Pendant is a relic of Emperor Sheng Yuan. It was stored in the former residence of Emperor Sheng Yuan. It was heavily guarded. How did it get stolen? Could it have been done with just one oversight? What a child’s play.”

The black military uniform made the man who had lived in the yellow sand for a long time look even more… rough and arrogant, as if he didn’t take everyone seriously. He was the general of Galaxy Fortress, Marshal Wan Qi.

Although he was awarded the rank of marshal by the empire, he only thought of himself as a general.

“Captain Zolun has been investigated and demoted.”

Ansir looked at He Yunting and saw him staring at something with his chin propped up. He was secretly angry as he was worried about this and said, “As for the special guards, they suffered heavy losses, and the relevant personnel have also made a review. At this time, shouldn’t it be more important to investigate the whereabouts of the Qilin Pendant and find the thief?”

As they all knew, in the eyes of the Galaxy Legion, the Qilin Pendant was more important than the emperor, this time General Wan Qi returned to the capital in person, which showed its importance.

He Yunting raised his eyebrows: “What does it have to do with me.”

Ansir: “You…”

General Wan Qi looked at this man with similar eyebrows to General He, and frowned. Despite him being such a young man, he could not deny him. With his military talent, it was absolutely impossible for him not to admit that He Yunting was the son of General He.

It was just a sperm that had been refrigerated for hundreds of years. If it weren’t for someone’s manipulation, it would have been destroyed long ago and would never have been born.

The atmosphere in the conference room suddenly solidified.

The emperor who was in charge coughed twice: “Yunting.”

He Yunting smiled and said: “I am not the one guarding the imperial capital.”

Marshal Ansir, who had been silent for a long time, finally spoke up: “Your Majesty, you have left this matter to investigate to Marshal He.”

He Yunting: “The major suspects Special Forces Captain Carter who is staying cowed in the military headquarters because he is feeling unwell and dares not come out. Does Marshal Ansir want our Canglang Legion to come in and handcuff him?”

Bang! Marshal Ansir slapped his palm on the table: “He Yunting, don’t be too arrogant. You are still young. Be careful or you will fall sooner or later.”

General Wan Qi confirmed again that this person had indeed not inherited anything from General He. He was an ignorant child.

General Wan Qi: “Your Majesty, if there is indeed no one, draw a group of people from our Galaxy Legion. We still have people from our Galaxy Legion.”

The emperor’s face became unsightly again, and he asked people from the Galaxy Legion to enter the palace to investigate. Others did not think that he, the emperor, had reached the top and would give way.

At the beginning, General Wan Qi stated that in order for him to support Crown Prince Kevin’s ascension to the throne, Kevin must marry the Su family. When he heard this, the emperor was so angry that he smashed the jade medal.

“General Wan Qi, our cabinet is here too!”

Bai Lao finally couldn’t stand it anymore. None of the three commanders felt comfortable.


A communication sound suddenly sounded in the conference room, and everyone’s eyes couldn’t help but turn to the source of the sound. When they entered the conference room, they had already said that all communications must be turned off, but now…

He Yunting: “…”

He Yunting, who must have been leisurely and contented, changed his expression, stood up immediately, and bowed to His Majesty the Emperor: “I have something else to do, so I’ll take my leave.”


His Majesty the Emperor’s face immediately turned pale, and he stood up angrily.

However, He Yunting left without looking back, and the emperor immediately lost his composure and fell into his seat.

“It seems that it can’t be driven.” General Wan Qi stood up: “I hope your Majesty will seriously consider what I said last time. The matter of the Qilin Pendant will not end here. I’m sorry.”

When He Yunting walked out of the conference room, General Alan was staring at the terminal, and General Heka was no longer there.

General Alan: “Marshal, I thought you couldn’t come out for the time being, so I asked General Heka to go back and prepare, waiting for your instructions.”

He Yunting straightened his military cap and said in a deep voice: “You stay with General Heka, I will pick him up.”

“Marshal, where is your majesty?”

He was not allowed to be summoned, not allowed to return, not assigned any assignment, and not allowed to leave the imperial capital. In this way, the marshal had already stepped on the imperial constitution.

“It’s too late.”

After walking out of the room, He Yunting immediately summoned Kong Yi.


A sharp scream sounded in the palace, and a huge armour flew out from the palace; in less than ten minutes, a warship sailed out from Neptune.

He Yunting stood in the control room, looking at the boundless universe.

The chief of staff pressed the terminal that kept ringing and sighed: “Marshal.”

“Susu was slightly injured, so I’ll slaughter those exiled legions.”

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[1] Tieguanyin is a variety of Chinese oolong tea that originated in the 19th century in Anxi in Fujian province. 

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