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Gu Nian was so entangled by his soft and seductive voice and breath that she screamed for help in her heart, and her face was tense with all her rationality slowly disappearing: “Living together before was just a temporary measure. There is nothing going on now, and I shouldn’t do it either. After all I’ve always been relying on you.”

“Aren’t we boyfriend and girlfriend?”

“Although we are, it doesn’t mean that boyfriends and girlfriends can share a house and live together as a matter of course, right?” Gu Nian paused and joked, “If we are discovered by colleagues in the company, then they would start talking about us behind our back in the workplace saying we are practicing unspoken rules.”

“Whatever they say doesn’t matter.”


While this man was talking, he kissed her neck softly, which was very annoying.

Gu Nian could only avoid it carefully, so she smiled with a headache: “You can do whatever you want, but I don’t have as big a heart or one that is as strong as yours. I don’t want to hear such words as ‘Mang Zhi relies on unspoken rules to gain power’, after all I can make a living with my own strength.”

“Don’t be afraid, they won’t say that.”

“Huh?” Gu Nian tilted her head slightly, “Then what will they say?”

“Lu Wei from the brokerage department, do you remember?”

Gu Nian thought for a while and nodded: “Of course I remember. He was there the day I signed the contract. He was so enthusiastic that he even sent me back in person.”


“What’s up with him?”

Luo Xiu raised his head, held the girl in his arms and said casually: “Not long after you entered the company, the management department held a celebration party. After he got drunk, he told everyone that I deceived you into the company after I sacrificed myself for a honey trap.”


Gu Nian choked.

After staying frozen for a few seconds, Gu Nian couldn’t bear it anymore and broke away from Luo Xiu’s unstable restraint. Then she turned back and looked at him in disbelief: “Huh?”

Seeing the way the little girl’s eyes widened in shock, Luo Xiu couldn’t help but laugh. He took advantage of the situation and slowly pressed Gu Nian, who had broken away from him, against the refrigerator: “After all, it’s a media company, they are the ones most involved in gossip. With this nature – after such a long time, everyone in the company should know that I deceived Mang Zhi into the company by ‘selling myself’?”

Gu Nian: “……”

Gu Nian was so completely shocked by the desperate behavior of the manager of the agency department, Lu Weifang, that some evil dragon took the opportunity to reach the refrigerator while she was still walking around in a daze.

Luo Xiu lowered his head, his eyelashes were half-lidded and his eyes were full of entangled desire, but he just restrained himself and kissed the girl’s lips lightly.

Then Luo Xiu rolled his eyes and laughed hoarsely: “So you have to be responsible for your unspoken rules… Teacher Gu?”


Gu Nian trembled as if she had been shocked and raised her eyes in panic.

When someone took off his glasses, it was as if he had opened a seal and released a monster sealed with a thousand years of Taoism. When he said “Teacher Gu”, his voice was muffled and hoarse, and his seductive power penetrated right into one’s bones.

Gu Nian couldn’t hide away, her legs had gone weak, and she could only hold on to the refrigerator behind her. Then with the last bit of wisdom, she covered her mouth and spoke hesitantly.

“You, you, you can’t do this, we are talking about business.”

“What’s the matter?” Luo Xiu kissed the back of her hand.

Gu Nian was about to cry after being “bullied”: “It’s just about me moving out.”

“Ah…” Luo Xiu’s voice was long and lazy, and he nodded with an unfinished smile, “Teacher Gu actually still remembers the business. It seems that my beauty trap is not enough?”


Gu Nian was extremely glad that she was covering her nose and mouth now, otherwise she might have pounced on him just that second ago.

Gu Nian clung to her last thread of sanity. In order to prevent this unsealed evildoer from harming her sanity again, Gu Nian simply closed her eyes: “Really, really, really not possible!”


“Today, a friend of mine from the public relations department told me from his private channel that it seems that some paparazzi took blurry photos of us together!”

The man seemed to pause.

Gu Nian spoke quickly: “And that person also said that several companies are looking for opportunities to get involved in the scandal about us going in and out together!”


There was no movement for a while, and Gu Nian, whose heartbeat was racing so fast that it was about to explode, carefully opened one eye.

Then she faced the thoughtful Luo Xiu.

It seemed that the monster had been sealed back a little bit.

Gu Nian breathed a sigh of relief but did not completely let go of her guard. She still asked carefully, “Have you not received any news about this recently?”

Luo Xiu’s eyes flickered, and he turned back, “…the PR department never mentioned it to me.”

Gu Nian didn’t notice the tai chi in this sentence and nodded: “The person who told me was just a staff member of the public relations department. I met him not long ago. He probably didn’t know your identity, so he only told me. “

Luo Xiu calmly said: “Yes.”

Gu Nian waited for a long time but didn’t get any other reaction. So, she raised her head in confusion: “Then what.”

“What then?”

“After hearing the news, you have nothing else to say except the word ‘um’?”



Gu Nian really wanted to cry.

She sighed and decided to do it by herself: “This is also the main reason why I have to move out.”


Gu Nian said seriously: “No matter what, you and I are considered public figures in the industry, especially with the popularity of “Gold-Medal Screenwriter” this year and our respective popularities. If we are really photographed together, and they take photos of us entering and exiting at the same time, it will definitely cause a big incident.”

Luo Xiu’s eyes moved slightly: “Will it?”

“Will do!”



Luo Xiu took a step back from Gu Nian, and the glasses on the table next to her were hooked back by him. After putting them on, he gently held them up, his smile already as gentle and harmless like before.

Gu Nian was confused: “What’s good?”

Luo Xiu held her hand and pulled her out with a smile: “I understand, I will make things smooth for others, so don’t worry.”

Gu Nian cautiously asked, “Then I can continue looking for a house?”

Luo Xiu looked back and smiled: “Okay.”


Gu Nian thought for a moment.

He had obviously agreed and the monster was also sealed away, then why did she still feel so uneasy?

Less than three days.

Gu Nian found the reason for her uneasiness.

On a week day, 10 a.m.

The work for Gu Nian’s personal studio had been basically completed. BH Media was very generous and allocated them a dedicated work area, which was nearly half a floor.

Gu Nian was having a small meeting with members of the studio’s creative team to discuss the core project of a segmented online movie they were currently preparing for, “Warrior Princess”.

The meeting lasted for nearly three hours before it ended. After experiencing the inhumane brainstorming, Gu Nian probably felt that her brain was working too fast and her glycogen was excessively consumed. So, when she walked out, she felt top-heavy.

That’s when the “bad news” came.

“Gu Nian, Gu Nian, Gu Nian!!”

The whole studio was full of chattering and shouting like this. Without anyone else thinking, it could only be Jiang Xiaoqing.

She threw herself in front of Gu Nian and stopped suddenly, the tablet in her hand almost shaking out of her hands——

“Something big happened!!”

Gu Nian was used to Jiang Xiaoqing’s blathering, so she didn’t think it would be such a big deal. She yawned, lowered her eyes and patted Jiang Xiaoqing’s shoulder: “I was preparing for the meeting last night, and I only slept for five hours. You let me go first, and we can talk about the big deal later when I wake up.”

“No, no, no!” Jiang Xiaoqing pulled Gu Nian back, “You need to take a look first to make sure you can still be in the mood to sleep!”


Gu Nian gave up struggling and accepted the tablet from Jiang Xiaoqing.

The page was an unknown gossip news website. The layout of the web page was shoddy, and the title was on the ugliest bold typeface, and it also said in a very bad and shocking font——

“Breaking news! A new second-tier traffic star is suspected of being kept! He doesn’t accept new roles just because he lives in seclusion in a high-end villa area while being taken care of by his financial sponsor?”

Gu Nian expressionlessly despised the level of the person who created the title in her heart, and then continued to scroll down with a blank face: “What can this kind of charlatan do?”

The words stopped abruptly.

No matter how blurry or mosaiced the photo was, Gu Nian could still clearly recognize the location of the villa under the big tree——

What came into view was Luo Xiu’s villa.

Gu Nian froze and pulled down with her fingers, and her eyes caught the key words of “Newcomer of “Gold-Medal Screenwriter”, “Luo Xiu”, “rich area” and “suspected supporter”.

Gu Nian instantly lost the ability to read and looked up at Jiang Xiaoqing in shock: “Did their report say that Luo Xiu was being kept?”

“Yes, you two were so careless! You were photographed going in and out together!” Jiang Xiaoqing exclaimed, “Especially Luo Xiu, you can’t tell it’s you in the photo as you are still wearing a mask and a hat, but his mask is not even visible. It’s too obvious as if he is not even wearing it!”


Gu Nian lost all her sleepiness in these few seconds.

Her brain stagnated for a long time, and finally she regained her wits. She turned around and held Jiang Xiaoqing’s hand: “Is Luo Xiu in the company now?”

“I couldn’t get in to your meeting just now, so I went to the artist management department to ask. Their person in charge said that Luo Xiu wasn’t here. He seemed to be at home and out of contact!”

“…I’ll go back first. If anything happens in the company, please contact me as soon as possible!”


Gu Nian put the tablet into Jiang Xiaoqing’s hand. She didn’t even bother to take her coat. She just picked up her handbag, turned around and ran to the elevator.

On the road, the taxi driver was troubled by Gu Nian, who was wearing a mask: “Little girl, this is a car, not a plane, and the road is so congested that I can’t fly no matter how fast I try.”

“I understand. I just want you to hurry up as much as possible. I really have urgent matters here.”

“Okay, I’ll try my best.”


Gu Nian had no choice but to call Luo Xiu anxiously, but the company was probably also contacting him urgently, so his mobile phone number was always busy.

Half an hour later.

Gu Nian opened the front door of the villa where her fingerprint was entered and rushed into the entrance.


Before she could even speak, she had already seen Luo Xiu sitting peacefully on the sofa in the living room opposite, watching a tablet.

Hearing the voice, Luo Xiu, who was still wearing home clothes, raised his eyes with a smile: “You’re back?”

Gu Nian put on her slippers and hurried in: “Did you receive the call from the company?”


Following Luo Xiu’s gestures, Gu Nian looked at the table in front of him. The phone seemed to be in call mode, but it was not on speakerphone.

With Luo Xiu’s distance, he shouldn’t be able to hear the other side clearly at all.

Seemingly sensing Gu Nian’s doubts, Luo Xiu smiled: “The phone number of the public relations department.” He lowered his hand and patted the sofa beside him, “Come and sit.”

Gu Nian reluctantly put down her bag and sat next to him: “There is so much noise outside, but you are still so calm?”

“Quite fun.”


Gu Nian choked for several seconds before finding her voice: “Where is the fun?”

“Look.” Luo Xiu handed her the tablet.

Gu Nian took it and scanned the gossip news line by line.

After reading it, she became cold-faced: “With such irresponsible reporting and such destructive and heart-wrenching words, do these reporters have any professional ethics?!”

Luo Xiu leaned over on her shoulder: “Destroying people?”

“Of course! You are a star, a public figure!” Gu Nian turned around angrily, “The words “supporter” and “financer” are used so irresponsibly, and there are also those words that are deliberately ambiguous to attract attention-“

Gu Nian suddenly paused.

After a pause of two seconds, she slowly moved back a little with a stiff expression, and her voice became softer: “Well… why did you take off your glasses… again?”

Luo Xiu lowered his eyes and smiled: “I was just reminded by them.”

“Reminded of what?”

“I’m reminded, it turns out that there are so many things to do when living under the same roof,” Luo Xiu came closer and laughed in a voice that was a bit hoarse, “I’m also reminded that as a fostered person, I don’t seem to have my duty even once?”


The seal had been lifted again.

Gu Nian woke up with a start, turned around and prepared to run away from the sofa.

Unfortunately it didn’t work out.

Everything turned upside down in a matter of seconds.

Gu Nian was pressed on the sofa with her hair scattered and her face slightly red. The man who was supporting her leaned down and smiled with a gentle and evil smile.

“Teacher Gu, you really don’t want to sleep with me?”

Gu Nian: !

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