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Gu Nian was bewitched by a certain evildoer who had taken off his glasses. She was so confused that she was just a hair away from nodding her head and saying “I do”.

But the evildoers had their own destiny.

The phone on the table had not been hung up yet. The person on the other side seemed to have finally noticed the fact that someone was not listening at all. He interrupted the report and raised his voice: “Mr. Luo, are you still on the line?”


Gu Nian woke up with a start.

Probably out of anger and embarrassment, Gu Nian pushed Luo Xiu aside, who was trapping her on the sofa, and almost jumped from the sofa to the ground.

The little girl’s mid-length and slightly curly hair was loose, hiding the blush on her cheeks. She pointed to the mobile phone on the table and her voice trembled: “Diandiandian phone!”

This was quite scary.

Luo Xiu lowered his eyes with regret and amusement and did not continue to force her: “I know.”

Gu Nian’s eyes were like a frightened deer, fully guarded against the evil dragon in front of her.

Luo Xiu smiled: “I won’t tease you anymore. Sit back.”



The little girl stood there and hesitated for a few seconds, then came back slowly.

Luo Xiu was surprised and touched. When Gu Nian sat back down on the sofa, he couldn’t help but ask with a smile: “You know my true nature, but you still trust me so much?”

Gu Nian was still calming down her frightened heartbeat, and muttered in a low voice: “Didn’t you say you wouldn’t do it anymore?”

“Do you believe what I said?”

“You said it, I have to believe it.” Gu Nian slowly relaxed and returned to her usual expressionless expression, “You won’t lie to me.”


After not waiting for any sound or movement for a long time, Gu Nian turned around blankly and met Luo Xiu’s brown eyes, which reflected a certain emotion.

Gu Nian was about to ask, but the man lowered his eyes covertly and turned back with a smile: “Okay, I understand.”

“?” Gu Nian was confused, “What do you understand?”

Luo Xiu didn’t answer, he just smiled at her, stood up, picked up his cell phone and went to answer the call.

When the call ended, Luo Xiu turned around and saw Gu Nian on the sofa in the hall holding a tablet and frowning while browsing the news.

His pupils reflected the girl’s figure and his eyes looked deep and gentle, as he repeated the unspoken words in his heart——

Knowing how rare this trust is, I will never let it down in the future.

“…Ah, oh, oh, who is the bastard that started this rumor!”

On the sofa, Gu Nian fell over while rubbing her hair in despair.

The tablet she was holding was thrown aside, and in the center of the screen was the comment area for the original gossip news. After half a day of fermentation, the heat had increased a lot.

There was a lot of scolding in the comment area.

[Didn’t fans still boast about the beauty of Luo Xiu before? Indeed, so he relies on his face to gain status?]

[One vase coming up]

[Suggestions about unspoken rules should be circled]

[Let me tell you, why is it that the four actors and guests of “Gold-Medal Screenwriter” are either already traffic figures or direct movie queens, and he is the only newcomer who can participate? Sure enough]

[Isn’t it true that his appearance is really good?]

[Oh, are you relying on your strength to make a living?]

[You can’t tear someone up while being so pretentious when you have no real basis. If you accept it, can’t the one he is entering be his own house?]

[Entering a villa is like being kept, so if I touch the head of the rumor-mongering editor, should the editor call me daddy?]

[To put it lightly, do you know the price of the villa in the photo? How can a third-tier star who has just started working on variety shows and has no works afford to buy a house there? Are you still dreaming?]

[Fans, just close your eyes and wash it]

[Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu I don’t believe it! The cp I am shipping cannot be fake!]

[Scumbag man! I misjudged you!]

[Meng Zhi is big and really miserable]

[It is recommended to click on the song “The Truth Is False” to send to Xiunian CP fans to express condolences]


Gu Nian rolled on the sofa in despair, cursing the rumor-mongering editor with her head under the pillow for a long time, when suddenly she heard a voice behind her.

“”The Truth Is False”, what is it?”


Gu Nian turned around and saw Luo Xiu who had ended the call at some point. At this time, he was holding the tablet and sitting leisurely behind her.

Gu Nian panicked and rushed forward to snatch the tablet back: “Don’t look at it!”

Luo Xiu lifted the tablet with one hand, blocked her with his right arm, and pulled the little girl into his arms: “What’s wrong?”

Since the robbery plan failed, Gu Nian lay down dejectedly: “…They scolded you too fiercely, I don’t want you to see it.”

Luo Xiu smiled faintly, lowered his eyes and asked, “Do you think I care about what others say?”

Gu Nian paused and said softly, “But I’m still afraid that you’ll feel uncomfortable when you see it.”

“No.” Luo Xiu smoothed Gu Nian’s messy mid-length hair, “You haven’t answered my question yet.”

“Huh?” Gu Nian raised her head.

Luo Xiu pointed to a comment on the tablet, “What is this?”


Gu Nian followed her finger and clicked on the comment that nominated “The Truth Is False”.

“Ah, this is a video background song that has probably been edited for every couple in the circle.” Gu Nian gave Luo Xiu the popular science without any expression, “The lyrics of “The Truth Is False” say that this couple is just for business, not love. I passed it but no longer love it. There is also a corresponding song “The Truth Is True”, both of which are quite nice.”

Luo Xiu asked thoughtfully: “Do we also have this kind of edits?”

Gu Nian was stunned: “I really don’t know this, I haven’t searched for it.”

Luo Xiu nodded.

Gu Nian’s thoughts changed and she quickly got up from Luo Xiu’s arms when she remembered the business at hand: “What did the public relations department say? When will they clarify that this is your villa? But if you say it, then your identity cannot be hidden. Come on, will Grandpa Luo be angry? What should we do? But if we don’t say anything…”

Seeing Gu Nian frowning alone and looking nervous as if she was about to hold a public relations meeting, Luo Xiu laughed, raised his hand and pressed the little girl’s head, calling her attention back: “Don’t worry so much, we will take care of it.”

Gu Nian asked distrustfully: “Can we really handle it?”

“Don’t you believe us?”

“I don’t believe it,” Gu Nian said dissatisfied. “The clerk in the public relations department told me that before, which means that there must be channels that have got the news beforehand. But the public relations department didn’t respond or deal with it. It really didn’t matter until it exploded out…”

Luo Xiu’s eyes flashed, but he didn’t say anything, he just smiled dumbly.

After Gu Nian finished talking, she sighed: “I think we still have to find a way to contact the news network that reported it in the first place… Speaking of which, isn’t the privacy here in the villa area very good? How did the paparazzi get in?”

Luo Xiu: “I’ve asked the property management company. Road maintenance was carried out in the villa area not long ago, and the entry and exit controls were loosened. It was probably around that time that they sneaked in.”

Gu Nian ground her teeth expressionlessly: “These people are so good at finding ways to exploit every opportunity.”

Luo Xiu smiled and pinched Gu Nian’s cheeks that were bulging with anger: “Okay, don’t be angry about this matter. Weren’t you planning to go to Dao Ci Temple to offer incense this afternoon? It’s time for us to set off.”

Gu Nian frowned and turned around: “Can we still go like this?”

Luo Xiu: “It doesn’t matter. I checked before you came back. No one is outside the villa anymore. Access control has been restored in the past few days, and nobody can get in.”

Gu Nian: “But…”

“Didn’t you say that burning incense every month is very important? You can’t leave it like this, right?”

After struggling for a while, Gu Nian sighed and nodded: “Then let’s go, while there are the fewest people today, otherwise we won’t be able to go in the future.”

“Well,” Luo Xiu touched the top of Gu Xiang’s head soothingly, “Just think of it as a way to relax.”

Gu Nian nodded: “Okay.”

Dao Ci Temple was indeed much more leisurely on weekdays than on weekends and holidays, and perhaps also because the weather had cooled down and people no longer wanted to go to the mountains and forests in the suburbs to suffer in the cold.

Gu Nian and Luo Xiu came out of the parking lot at the bottom of the mountain and walked up the stairs. Their efforts to wear masks and hats seemed to be in vain. They didn’t meet many people until they arrived in front of Dao Ci Temple.

When they arrived, there were still only a few scattered figures, and most of them seemed to be retired seniors who were at least the same age as Ms. Gu. This made Gu Nian, who had always been a little worried about being recognized with Luo Xiu, relax a lot.

The front hall where the incense was offered was very sparsely crowded, and the long queue of more than ten meters that usually formed during holidays had just arrived till the steps.

Gu Nian didn’t let Luo Xiu accompany her, she just bought incense and went to the end of the queue. Luo Xiu waited at the foot of the stone steps in the courtyard, watching the figures pass by one by one. It was Gu Nian’s turn to line up into the hall.

His phone vibrated at this time.

Luo Xiu originally thought it was from the company again, so he took it out and glanced at it. The caller number he saw made him raise his eyebrows in surprise.

After a moment of pause, Luo Xiu picked up the phone.

“Grandpa asked me to ask you, what the hell are you doing?” A lazy young man’s voice sounded from the other side, and it was obvious that it couldn’t be anyone else.

Luo Xiu replied calmly: “I don’t know what you are talking about.”

“There was such a big news at noon, what else can I be talking about?” Luo Zhan snorted lazily, “Don’t you know that I have to live with Ranran at home for tutoring during this period, and you specially used the opportunity to stay out. Then why is the old man’s temper bothering me?”

Luo Xiu replied gently: “You are too sentimental.”

Luo Zhan: “Otherwise, what else could it be? Don’t tell me, this news could be released without your knowledge.”

“Well, I was negligent.”


The person on the other end of the phone seemed to be choked. After a few seconds, he heard the lazy tone and sneered: “Am I stupid that I would believe your nonsense?”

“It doesn’t matter whether you believe it or not,” Luo Xiu’s voice was still gentle, “Just record my exact words, and tell grandpa this way.”

“Are there going to be any more later?”

“More what.”

“Breaking news related to you.”

Luo Xiu smiled: “How should I know if there would be any new revelations?”

“Stop pretending to be stupid. How could you not take ten steps in front when taking one step at a time in what you are doing? I don’t believe you would let this thing come out without linking the expected reaction and result link by link.”

The smile on Luo Xiu’s face faded, and his voice became cooler: “It has nothing to do with you.”

Luo Zhan snorted coldly: “Ranran and I are both at the Luo house now. When the old man gets angry, I will have to take the blame for you – do you think it has anything to do with me?”


“Take it back. Once it’s done, I’ll help you convey what you just said.”

“All right.”

Luo Xiu stood in the shade of trees and sunlight and turned around with emotion. The little girl who came out of the front hall had just crossed the threshold of the hall, when she stopped at the door, waved her hands and smiled.

Her eyes were bright and beautiful.

Luo Xiu responded with a gentle smile and said into the phone in a calm voice: “Friendly suggestion, you move out with Tang Ran in the next month.”

Luo Zhan: “——?”

Without waiting for Luo Zhan to ask any more questions, Luo Xiu greeted Gu Nian who was walking down the steps and cut off the phone.

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