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“Honey, what are you looking for?”

Under the light, Yan Yan turned his head curiously and saw his strange behavior when he opened the drawer and then stopped in front of it.

Ji Juechuan came to his senses, closed the drawer in an instant, and squatted down to pull another drawer: “Looking for the medicine box.”

The other drawer was opened, and there were also several boxes of kits neatly placed inside, along with strange props with unclear uses.

He closed the drawer again with a bang.

Yan Yan was frightened by the noise he made and thought he was impatient with the search, so he quickly stood up to help him search.

He also started looking for it in the bedside table on his side of the bed. After opening the drawer, he also saw what Ji Juechuan just saw.

But he didn’t recognize it immediately, so he took it out and looked at it. It wasn’t until he saw the words on the package that his face turned red.

Yan Yan hurriedly put the things back, subconsciously glanced in the direction of Ji Juechuan, and was relieved when he saw that he didn’t notice the movement here.

“Found it.” Ji Juechuan came over with the medicine box, his expression as usual.

“Are you injured?”

Yan Yan hid the fingers that touched the items behind his back, as if this way Ji Juechuan would not see what stupid thing he had just done.

As soon as he finished asking, he saw Ji Juechuan raise his eyes and glance at his thigh.

He was stunned for a moment, looked down, and realized that he had noticed the bruise he had just gotten in the bathroom.

Yan Yan immediately grasped his nightgown tightly and bit his lower lip gently.

Ji Juechuan noticed even this little injury on his body, so he must have seen other places just now.

He was still comforting himself that in that situation, Ji Juechuan must not have seen anything clearly, and now he had to face reality.

However, he was not that pretentious, and there was nothing to be lost by being looked at. It was just that he felt embarrassed.

He was sitting naked in the bathroom like that, unable to open his eyes. There was no more embarrassing person in the world than him.

Yan Yan was still upset, but Ji Juechuan had already taken out the medicine from the medicine box, paused, and handed it to him.

“Thank you.” Yan Yan took the medicine and quietly raised his eyes to look at Ji Juechuan’s face.

Ji Juechuan really didn’t seem to hate him.

He was wondering in his heart as he applied the medicine on himself.

After applying the medicine, just as he was about to lie down, Ji Juechuan pulled him back.

He saw Ji Juechuan take out a few more clothes from the suitcase, spread two pieces on the position where he was going to lie down, and spread one piece on the pillow.

Then, he raised the temperature of the air conditioner in the room, and then moved the quilt on the bed to the chair next to him.

After doing this, Ji Juechuan went to bed and said, “Go to sleep.”

“What about you?” Yan Yan couldn’t help but ask.

He knew that Ji Juechuan probably did this because he thought the hotel arranged by the live broadcast platform was not clean enough, but why didn’t Ji Juechuan himself use clothes to cover himself?

“I’m fine.” Ji Juechuan lay down directly next to him.

The big light in the room was turned off, leaving only a small bedside lamp. Yan Yan turned his head and glanced at Ji Juechuan, who was hidden in the shadows, and did not move forward to kiss him like he had done the previous nights.

Ji Juechuan didn’t hate him, which meant that these methods were probably useless.

Moreover, if Ji Juechuan really didn’t hate him, he didn’t want to continue to make Ji Juechuan hate him.

Yan Yan rubbed his face against Ji Juechuan’s clothes. Although the bed was unfamiliar, Ji Juechuan’s clothes were spread on and under the pillow, making his whole body surrounded by a familiar smell.

He couldn’t figure out why he didn’t want to continue to annoy Ji Juechuan.

Maybe it was because he was too tired and wanted to be lazy, or maybe because he was a little dependent on the way he was getting along with Ji Juechuan and was reluctant to let it change.

Anyway, even if he didn’t annoy Ji Juechuan, the plot would still develop as usual and let him leave.

Yan Yan thought drowsily, and soon fell asleep surrounded by the familiar smell.

After getting up and eating breakfast the next day, Yan Yan stared at the projects arranged by the platform on his mobile phone and fell into deep thought.

Looking at the project names of “Lover’s Bridge” and “Couple’s Speedboat Tour”, he felt extremely regretful.

If he could choose again, he would definitely not choose any couple package.

Yan Yan was frowning and worried when he suddenly noticed that there was a project that did not contain the word “couple”, and his attention was immediately attracted.

“Let’s go jet skiing!”

He stretched out his phone in front of Ji Juechuan, and his eyes lit up.

Ji Juechuan’s eyes swept over the previous projects without leaving a trace, and he nodded after a long time: “Okay.”

There were fewer people queuing up to play the projects in the morning than in the afternoon, but there was still a long queue. Yan Yan pulled Ji Juechuan to the queue. At the back of the queue, he stood on tiptoe to see how many people were in front of him.

After watching for a while, he sighed in a low voice: “There are so many people.”

Ji Juechuan had never stood in a long queue himself. He never wasted time on such things, and there was nothing worth waiting in line for.

But now looking at the excitement on Yan Yan’s face, he suddenly felt that queuing was not as boring as he thought. At least at this moment, it was worth wasting time in queuing.

The line moved forward slowly, and after waiting for more than an hour, it was finally their turn.

When standing at the front of the line, it was easy to get splashed by the seawater brought up by other people’s motorboats. So, Ji Juechuan took a step forward and stood in front of Yan Yan.

Suddenly, the corner of his clothes was gently pulled.

Ji Juechuan turned his head and saw a young boy with a baby face.

Maybe Ji Juechuan’s usually expressionless look looked a bit scary. The boy was obviously stunned for a moment, and then he smiled at him and said, “Brother, can you let us go to the front? We are leaving in the afternoon and don’t have time to play several projects.”

When he smiled, there were slight dimples on his cheeks, his eyes were slightly curved, and his voice was very soft and thin.

Ji Juechuan frowned: “Sorry, I can’t.”

The boy was startled again, his delicate eyebrows furrowed slightly, and he looked up at Ji Juechuan, looking a little pitiful: “Brother, can you really not help me?? We students finally came here to have fun.”

There were three or four young people standing behind him, who looked like college students who were out to have fun.

The boy himself was tender, and his voice was deliberately soft, giving people a coquettish feeling.

Ji Juechuan’s eyebrows furrowed even more tightly, and he felt an inexplicable feeling of disgust in his heart. Whether it was the tone of the boy’s words or the expression he showed to him, he didn’t like it very much.

He found himself particularly disgusted by others talking to him in this way.

Seeing Ji Juechuan, he simply turned around, and the boy’s face suddenly became a little ugly.

Although he knew he shouldn’t interrupt now, seeing how awkward the atmosphere was, Yan Yan still couldn’t help but say to the boy, “You’d better go back and queue up, otherwise the queue will be longer later.”

It was not that he couldn’t let others come in front of him. It was just that there were other people at the back of the queue, and it wouldn’t be fair to the people behind if they were allowed to line up at the front.

The boy glanced at him, his soft expression disappeared, and he left with his friends with a bad look on his face.

Yan Yan didn’t take this episode seriously and happily got on the motorboat with Ji Juechuan and had a great time.

After finishing lunch at noon, Ji Juechuan returned to the room and began to pack his luggage.

Yan Yan was a little surprised. The island tour provided by the platform was for five days and four nights, and today was only the second day. Why did Ji Juechuan start collecting luggage?

Could it be that staying with him on the island was too boring?

His soft lips pursed slightly: “Honey, are you going back?”

Ji Juechuan paused in collecting his luggage. Seeing Yan Yan’s expression, he understood that he had misunderstood something.

“I booked another hotel and we will stay there tonight.”

Although he had tried his best to follow the platform’s arrangements in the past two days in order not to disappoint Yan Yan, he still felt uneasy about letting Yan Yan sleep in this kind of room. So he booked another hotel nearby.

Yan Yan felt relieved and stepped forward to help him pack his luggage.

After collecting his luggage, Ji Juechuan took him to another nearby hotel.

The hotel was not far from the one arranged by the platform, but it was several levels of luxury up from the previous one. Ji Juechuan had further booked the top-level suite, which was much more comfortable than the room arranged by the platform.

Yan Yan walked inside and found that the suite also came with an open-air infinity swimming pool. The swimming pool was built outside the building. When swimming, you could see the boundless sea not far away.

He happily pulled Ji Juechuan’s hand: “Honey, you can see the sunset from here.”

Ji Juechuan’s lips curled up: “Yes.”

Yan Yan immediately forgot about the projects arranged by the platform and focused all his attention on the swimming pool, he just couldn’t wait to change into his swimming trunks.

When Ji Juechuan finished unpacking the things in the suitcase, this was what he saw when he came out.

Yan Yan only wore a pair of swimming trunks, and a large area of his snow-white skin was exposed to the air. There was no part of his body that was not exquisite. His pair of butterfly bones seemed to spread their wings, and his beautiful waist seemed to be tempting him to touch. There were also those two thin white legs and the slender back of his neck that was slightly lowered, all attracting peepers.

No matter where it was, people couldn’t take their eyes away off him and their blood was running wild.

Ji Juechuan felt his throat tighten and blood seemed to rush to the top of his head.

Not sure if it was because his gaze was too intense, but Yan Yan turned around and saw him standing there with a surprised expression.

“Husband, why haven’t you changed your clothes yet?”

Ji Juechuan’s response was half a beat too slow. He waited until Yan Yan called him a second time before moving forward.

Yan Yan couldn’t wait to get into the swimming pool, but when he saw that Ji Juechuan hadn’t changed his clothes, he still wanted to wait for him.

He didn’t notice Ji Juechuan’s darkened eyes, and took a few steps forward, trying to hold his hand as usual, but Ji Juechuan dodged him and jumped away.

He was unprepared and fell into the swimming pool.

Ji Juechuan was originally afraid that Yan Yan would notice something strange about him, so he subconsciously avoided him. He didn’t expect that he would fall into the swimming pool. He suddenly panicked, and all his charming thoughts disappeared.

Just as he jumped in to fish the person out, he saw a shadow swimming under the water. Yan Yan stuck his head out not far from the swimming pool and said in an annoyed tone: “You don’t need to help me, I can swim.”

A few wisps of black hair were pasted on his face, making his face look more delicate.

He seemed to be dissatisfied with Ji Juechuan’s actions just now, and curled his red lips: “Don’t you want to watch the sunset with me? Then I’ll watch it myself.”

Although his words were harsh, they sounded like he was acting coquettish.

Ji Juechuan’s whole body was soaked in cold water, but because of his two words, he became passionate again.

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