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Yan Yan’s hand still retained its palm-up position and was gently held by Ji Juechuan.

After the last stroke was made, neither of them moved. Yan Yan was stunned, while Ji Juechuan didn’t know what he was thinking and lowered his eyes without speaking.

The coach next to him saw their actions and said “tsk tsk” in his heart, thinking that this young couple was really romantic.

He saw that the temperament of these two people was extraordinary, and they did not look like people who were reluctant to spend that little money. Now he realized that they were planning to pray in front of the stone statue in this unique way.

Writing names in the palm of your hand was really different. It could be regarded as bringing the other person’s name to the stone statue.

When the coach saw the two holding hands while staying motionless, he thought they were expressing their affection, so he didn’t disturb them.

It wasn’t until the time was almost up that the coach swam in front of them and gestured to them.

Yan Yan came back to his senses, quickly took away his hand, turned around and swam away.

The place where the name was written on his palm still felt faintly hot, as if he could still recall the touch of Ji Juechuan’s fingers on it.

It was obviously his name written on the palm of his hand, but he felt that Ji Juechuan had carved a spell on his palm, otherwise why would it still feel burning till now?

Even though he was already some distance away from the stone statue, Yan Yan still couldn’t help but think wildly.

When the staff talked about that custom, Ji Juechuan obviously heard it nearby. It was impossible for him not to know what this stone statue meant.

But why did he just do that? Why write his name?

Yan Yan tried his best to think about it as a coincidence. For a while, he thought that Ji Juechuan didn’t hear the staff clearly. For a while, he thought that he had made a mistake. Maybe what Ji Juechuan wrote was not his name.

But these ideas were too far-fetched and had no rationality at all.

He quietly glanced at Ji Juechuan next to him, wondering if he should find a chance to ask.

What Yan Yan didn’t know was that Ji Juechuan himself didn’t understand the reason for that action of his just now.

His eyebrows were furrowed slightly under the diving goggles, and the hand that had just written on Yan Yan’s palm was unconsciously clenched into a slight fist, and Yan Yan’s stunned eyes kept flashing through his mind.

Before going into the sea, he had wanted to buy the waterproof film to write their name on it, but seeing Yan Yan’s obviously disbelieving expression, he still didn’t say anything.

But after seeing the stone statue, he felt inexplicably that if he left like this, he might regret it in the future.

He didn’t know what he would regret specifically.

So, before he could figure it out, he took Yan Yan’s hand and wrote those two words.

Did he want to be with Yan Yan for a long time?

Ji Juechuan’s eyes flashed slightly, but he didn’t refute this idea in his heart.

He hadn’t thought about breaking off the engagement for a long time, and recently he had often even thought that it would be a good idea to continue living with Yan Yan.

But what were his feelings for Yan Yan? What did Yan Yan think?

The two of them had their own worries, and they were not in the mood to pay attention to the place where the coach took them next, so they quickly came ashore.

After changing clothes, Yan Yan was still a little afraid.

He went to see Ji Juechuan, but he still only awkwardly held the hand he extended.

What Yan Yan didn’t expect was that the platform had arranged a candlelight dinner for them tonight.

When he sat down at the dining table covered with rose petals and looked at the other person’s face illuminated by the candlelight, the tips of Yan Yan’s ears turned red inexplicably.

Fortunately, the candlelight was not very bright and no one could see anything clearly.

After the dive, the atmosphere between the two was already a little awkward, and now they were facing a candlelight dinner, and they didn’t say more than a few words.

Yan Yan wanted to ask Ji Juechuan why he wrote his name on the palm of his hand, but he looked up at him several times and still didn’t know how to ask.

He always felt that the matter was in the past and bringing it up now would make the atmosphere even more awkward.

Finally, after dinner, he didn’t ask any questions.

After returning to the room, Yan Yan found that he had to face something even more embarrassing.

During the day, he noticed that the bathroom glass was completely transparent, but he forgot about it because he was immediately attracted to the beach.

Now that he was back in the room, he remembered it again.

Yan Yan went into the bathroom and looked around again. After confirming that it was just a piece of transparent glass with no mechanism, he was ready to call the front desk to find out.

As soon as he picked up the landline phone on the bedside, Ji Juechuan took his hand and put the phone back.

“No need to ask, this is a couple’s room.”

He walked to the light switch and pressed another switch. The light in the room suddenly became ambiguous. A small lamp was also lit next to the bed in front of the floor-to-ceiling window, as if to make it convenient for the residents to do something on it.

This couple’s room was quite satisfactory. Ji Juechuan had heard from others before that some couples’ rooms put the bathtub directly in the middle of the room, separated only by a few strings of bead curtains, and some supplies were placed on the bedstand. The style was very bold and unrestrained.

At least this couple’s room was now separated by glass, and no other strange things had been seen yet.

Yan Yan watched blankly as Ji Juechuan turned off the switch again, and the room instantly returned to normal light, but the scene he just saw still lingered in his mind.

Unexpectedly, the platform was so thoughtful and even arranged a couple’s room for them.

“I’m going to take a shower first.”

Ji Juechuan reacted more naturally than him. He squatted down next to the suitcase calmly and took out his towel and clothes from it.

Yan Yan quickly took out his clothes from the suitcase, then turned his back to the bathroom: “Go ahead, I won’t peek!”

After saying that, he covered his eyes with his clothes, looking upright.

Seeing his reaction, Ji Juechuan couldn’t help but chuckle as he entered the bathroom.

When Yan Yan heard his laughter, his eyes hidden under his clothes opened for a moment, and then he closed them tightly again when he heard the sound of water.

Although his eyes were closed, his mind couldn’t help but have random thoughts.

He was thinking, how did Ji Juechuan find out that this was a couple’s room? Had he been to a place like this before?

But Ji Juechuan’s classmate said before that Ji Juechuan had never been close to anyone else, and Lu Ji also said that he had never been in love before.

Yan Yan thought for a while and then started thinking about why Ji Juechuan didn’t look angry after discovering that this was a couple’s room.

There wasn’t even a hint of unhappiness.

Could it be that Ji Juechuan didn’t hate him as much as he thought?

Amidst his wild thoughts, he didn’t even know when the sound of water in the bathroom stopped.

A deep voice suddenly sounded next to him: “You can open your eyes now.”

Yan Yan was startled, and immediately opened his eyes and looked at Ji Juechuan, panic clearly reflected in his black and white eyes.

He responded slowly: “Have you finished washing?”

After asking, he felt that he had asked a stupid question. He held the towel and clothes and lowered his head: “Then I’m going to take a shower.”

“Yeah.” Ji Juechuan looked down at him.

He originally thought that Yan Yan would emphasize a few words about not peeking, but he didn’t expect that he went straight into the bathroom without saying anything, as if he believed that he would never peek.

He didn’t know where his inexplicable confidence came from.

Ji Juechuan watched the figure enter the bathroom. The transparent anti-fog glass had no obstruction at all, and he could clearly see Yan Yan’s every move.

It wasn’t until Yan Yan started to take off his shirt that he looked away and sat down by the bed, trying to sort out his messy thoughts that he had been having throughout the afternoon.

After Yan Yan took off the clothes on his body, he glanced out of the glass and saw Ji Juechuan sitting on the bed with his back to him, his head was lowered and he did not know what he was doing.

Although he knew that Ji Juechuan would not look at him, the glass still made him feel a little ashamed, as if he was standing naked in front of others.

He turned his back to the glass, turned on the shower, closed his eyes and rinsed his hair and body.

As soon as the sound of water sounded, Ji Juechuan’s figure froze slightly, and his eyes darkened slightly.

Yan Yan turned off the shower, squeezed shampoo on his hair, and rubbed it carefully for a while. Just when he was about to start the shower, the shampoo flowed into his eyes.

His eyes stung so much that he closed his eyes and reached out to touch the shower switch, but nothing happened.

Just as he was about to take two steps forward while holding on to the wall, his feet slipped and he fell hard on the ground.

Ji Juechuan was sitting by the bed and staring at his phone, preparing to play a heart-clearing mantra to calm his mind, when suddenly he heard a noise in the bathroom and subconsciously glanced back.

At this glance, he saw Yan Yan sitting on the ground with his back to him, and his thin white fingers were grabbing the edge of the bathtub, as if he had fallen.

He quickly stood up and walked towards the bathroom.

There was no lock on the bathroom door, it was just a sliding glass door. He walked in without thinking much.

Yan Yan was not wearing any clothes. Ji Juechuan wanted to help him up but didn’t know where to put his hands, so he had to ask first: “Can you still stand up?”

Yan Yan’s body shook, and the blush started to climb up from his neck. His voice was very low: “I can’t see…”

Ji Juechuan paused, walked around to take a look at him, and saw that his eyes were closed tightly, and his long eyelashes were still stained with foam.

No wonder Yan Yan didn’t say anything when he heard him coming in.

He turned on the shower, rinsed the foam from Yan Yan’s eyes, and wiped him clean with a towel.

When Yan Yan opened his eyes, they were still a little red. He stood up on the bathtub, bit his lip, and turned his back to him.

“Husband, I’m fine, can you go out first?”

Ji Juechuan gave a low “Hmm”, made a fist with his hot hands, and turned around to leave the bathroom.

He just looked at Yan Yan to see if he was injured and didn’t look at other places. Now he only remembered that Yan Yan’s outer thigh looked a little green. It must have hit the bathtub next to it.

The two soft petals seemed to be red.

Although it was just a quick glance, Ji Juechuan found that the picture in his mind was extremely clear.

The bathroom door opened, and Ji Juechuan’s thoughts were interrupted. The inexplicable feeling of guilt made him dare not look at Yan Yan’s face.

The soft bed sank slightly, and Yan Yan sat down on the other side of the bed. Yan Yan was wearing a loose nightgown, and his hair was slightly damp. He didn’t know if it was because of the accident just now, but the skin behind his ears was still red.

His dark eyelashes were drooping, and he was wiping his hair.

Ji Juechuan thought of the bruise on his leg and stood up to find where the medicine box in the room was.

He casually opened a few drawers next to him, and after seeing the contents clearly, he took a breath.

He should have thought of what would be placed in the drawers of a couple’s room.

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