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The scenery outside the floor-to-ceiling windows was refreshing, and the bright sunlight shone through the glass into the room.

Yan Yan saw the bottle of sunscreen in Ji Juechuan’s hand. Then he didn’t move for a long time. He just lowered his eyes and stared at the bottle of sunscreen.

He felt that he might have gone too far. Just as he was about to stop him and take the sunscreen back, he saw Ji Juechuan’s hand move to unscrew the cap.

The white paste was squeezed into his hand. Ji Juechuan raised his eyes and looked at him: “Where to apply it first?”

Yan Yan was stunned. When Ji Juechuan asked again, he stuttered and answered: “Face, face.”


Ji Juechuan came closer to him, dabbed the paste on his face, and then smeared white paste on his forehead, the tip of his nose, and his chin.

Yan Yan’s eyelashes trembled a few times, and he tilted his head a little unaccustomedly. But Ji Juechuan soon grabbed his chin and held it in place.

When the paste was applied to all parts of his face, his warm fingertips came up to help him spread the paste evenly on his face.

Yan Yan’s skin was very white, and when you looked closer, it seemed even smoother, and felt as delicate as gelatin.

Ji Juechuan’s fingers carefully traced from his brow bone to the bottom of his lips, as if touching a perfect work of art.

Feeling the warmth of the fingers on his face, Yan Yan secretly opened his eyes. Seeing Ji Juechuan only a few centimeters away from him, with deep eyebrows right in front of him, his heartbeat stopped for no reason, and he quickly closed his eyes again.

After applying it to his face, Ji Juechuan took his arm and squeezed the paste on it.

His arms were quickly coated with sunscreen, and when he reached his fingers, the slender hand inserted directly between his fingers as he helped him spread the paste evenly.

Yan Yan’s face went a little red, and he stared at the two entangled hands, feeling a little numb where he touched him.

It was obvious that he often held Ji Juechuan’s hand in normal times, but something seemed particularly wrong now.

“Do you want me to apply it on your body?”

Ji Juechuan held his hand as if playing with it, raised his eyes and asked him.

“No, no need, I won’t take off my clothes later.” Yan Yan quickly shook his head and held on to the hem of his clothes.

He began to feel lucky that he was wearing long pants, otherwise he would have to apply sunscreen even on his legs.

“Yeah.” Ji Juechuan let go of his hand, screwed on the cap of the sunscreen and stood up, “Let’s go.”


Yan Yan nodded, and while Ji Juechuan’s back was turned to him, he quickly opened the sunscreen again, and applied it to the area around his neck and collar, then followed.

There were already many people on the beach in the morning. The sun was not too strong yet. So, most people were enjoying the sun. There were also children building castles on the beach.

Yan Yan lay down on a lounge chair, squinted his eyes comfortably, and looked at the waves crashing on the beach not far away.

Ji Juechuan went to buy an ice drink nearby. When he came back, he saw Yan Yan with his eyes half closed, one leg slightly bent, and his skin shining white in the sun.

The black hair under his hat stuck meekly to his forehead, and his face looked delicate and beautiful, attracting some vague glances from the people on the beach.

Ji Juechuan paused slightly, sat down on the lounge chair next to him, and handed him the ice drink.

Yan Yan’s face was a little red from the sun, and his eyes were sparkling, as he smiled and they bent into a crescent moon towards him: “Thank you, husband.”

“What do you want to do this afternoon?”

Ji Juechuan helped him pull off his hat to block the sun.

“Let’s see what activities the platform has arranged for this afternoon.” Yan Yan took a sip of iced drink, his lips were bright red, and he couldn’t help but complain, “But those activities don’t seem interesting.”

He didn’t know what was the difference between the package with couple activities and the ordinary package? The items were indeed quite rich, but after taking a look, he was not very interested.

And there was no fixed time for those activities, you just needed to experience them before leaving, so he was not in a hurry to go.

Yan Yan bit the straw and suddenly thought of something. He turned to look at Ji Juechuan excitedly: “Let’s go surfing in the afternoon!”

He still remembered that Ji Juechuan said that he could surf, and he immediately became interested and wanted Ji Juechuan to teach him.


Ji Juechuan just thought that Yan Yan wanted to watch him surf and agreed without much thought.

After lunch at noon and resting in the room for a while, they went to the beach suitable for surfing.

When renting surfboards and surfing pants, Yan Yan had just picked up a pair of surfing pants when Ji Juechuan put them back.

He turned to look at Ji Juechuan with some doubts and saw that he had pursed his lower lip and looked a little unnatural: “The waves are a bit big today, so it’s not suitable for learning to surf. Just watch me play.”

“You’re here to guide me, aren’t you?” Yan Yan was a little reluctant and wanted to get the surfing pants.

“It’s easy to fall due to big waves, and it will be very painful.”

After hearing these words, Yan Yan hesitated.

“I’ll teach you next time.” Ji Juechuan held his hand and walked outside.

After hearing what he said, Yan Yan didn’t insist anymore.

As soon as they walked out of the store, they saw someone already surfing, rushing out of the waves with a strong body.

Yan Yan was immediately attracted by the surfer and forgot about what happened just now. His eyes were full of excitement and yearning.

Seeing him staring at others, Ji Juechuan felt a rare unconvinced feeling in his heart. He said “wait” to Yan Yan and went to put on his surfing pants.

After he had changed into his surfing pants and come out, the surfers who had just been surfing were already resting on the shore. Several people chatted and said that the waves were too big and they had to wait until the waves calmed down before going surfing again.

Yan Yan was sitting aside boredly. When he saw him coming out, his eyes lit up, but it was quickly replaced by disappointment.

“Husband, I heard they said the waves were too big today. Are you not allowed to surf?”

Ji Juechuan glanced at the direction of the water and didn’t pay attention to the waves at all.

When he was studying in the past, he encountered bigger waves than this. At that time, he and his classmates were more desperate than each other. The bigger the waves, the more fun they had.

He pinched Yan Yan’s face and said, “It’s okay.”

Not long after, the people chatting in twos and threes on the beach gradually stopped and all looked at the sea.

A strong and flexible figure stepped steadily on the surfboard and shuttled through the turbulent waves, as comfortable as a fish.

Yan Yan’s blood boiled with excitement. When Ji Juechuan walked onto the beach and walked towards him, he did not hide his admiration at all. He held his hand and praised him a lot.

If not for Ji Juechuan’s body still being wet, he probably would have stuck to him a long time ago.

Ji Juechuan felt much better at this time, and his mood was even happier than when he was surfing just now, and there was an unconscious smile in his eyes.

After getting addicted to surfing, Yan Yan began to look through the projects arranged for them by the platform.

“How about diving as a couple?”

Yan Yan had just watched him surf, the excitement in his eyes had not dissipated, and the smile on his face had turned bright.

The word “couple” made Ji Juechuan’s heart move and he nodded slightly.

“I’ll go back to the room to get the diving certificate.”

Yan Yan opened his mouth slightly, obviously very surprised: “Do you still have the diving certificate?”

“Well, I took the test before.”

When Yan Yan was at home, although his parents had hired someone to teach him scuba diving but he was not in good health and did not continue learning. It was a pity that it took a long time.

Now when he heard Ji Juechuan say that he had a diving certificate, his eyes were full of envy and admiration. He didn’t expect that besides being so successful in his career, Ji Juechuan was also equally successful in other aspects, it was as if he was all-powerful.

But then he thought about it again, Ji Juechuan was the protagonist in the book, so of course he should be better than others in every aspect.

He and Ji Juechuan went back to get Ji Juechuan’s diving certificate and found the diving spot according to the map.

Because Yan Yan did not have a diving certificate, before diving, he needed to be trained in the swimming pool with an instructor before he could go into the sea.

Fortunately, he had some basic knowledge, so the training was very easy and he completed the training quickly.

Before going into the sea, a staff member introduced them to the customs here, and told them that after going into the sea, they could see a dilapidated stone statue, which was that of an unknown immortal.

As long as you write your partner’s name and placed it on the stone statue, you could get the blessing of the immortal and make their relationship last forever.

This stone statue was relatively famous in City C, and it was also mentioned in the travel guide. Many couples came to dive for this stone statue.

After listening to the staff’s introduction, the lovers began to look for pens and papers in their bags, trying to write down each other’s names.

However, soon, someone came in with a bunch of small pieces of paper and pens, and also brought a bag of waterproof film.

“If you want to bring your name with you, you can take a look. It costs fifty to write your name on waterproof film. It’s guaranteed to be a good deal.”

Hearing the price, Yan Yan opened his mouth and felt that the price was a bit outrageous.

Unexpectedly, many couples bought waterproof film, put their neatly written names in it, and held it tightly in their hands.

Yan Yan glanced at Ji Juechuan next to him and found that he was looking at the man selling waterproof film, his eyes were heavy, and he didn’t know what he was thinking.

Feeling his gaze, Ji Juechuan turned to look at him, as if he wanted to say something, but said nothing.

Soon it was their turn to go into the sea. Ji Juechuan did not need a coach to follow him because he had a diving certificate, so the staff only sent a coach to follow Yan Yan.

Yan Yan hadn’t dived for a long time. As soon as he entered the sea water, he looked around curiously.

The scenery in the sea was pleasing to the eye. From time to time, small fish swam past his hand, leaving a string of bubbles.

The coach knew that they were a couple, so he took them to swim in the direction of the stone statue. From time to time, he stopped and let them take in the scenery.

While swimming, they happened to encounter a school of fish swimming towards them. Yan Yan turned his head and took a few more glances. The excitement in his eyes could be seen through the diving goggles.

Ji Juechuan held his hand, not looking at the fish, but looking at his eyes that were still bright in the sea water and held his hand tighter.

Soon, the coach took them to swim to the stone statue that the staff had just mentioned.

Yan Yan walked around the stone statue, thinking about what the staff member said, and felt a little curious.

Could it really last forever if you came here and placed your partner’s name?

After watching for a while, he suddenly found something next to the stone statue. When he got closer, he saw that it was the waterproof film that the man was selling just before he went into the sea.

Maybe it was left behind by a couple who just came here.

The coach next to him also saw the piece of film and quickly picked it up, planning to take it with him and throw it away later.

Yan Yan glanced at the stone statue a few more times, feeling a little bored. He was about to go somewhere else to look, when he saw Ji Juechuan approaching the stone statue.

He stopped and looked curiously at what Ji Juechuan wanted to do.

Could it be that Ji Juechuan was also interested in this stone statue?

The next second, his hand was suddenly held by Ji Juechuan and placed in a flat position with his palm facing upward.

Yan Yan tilted his head, not knowing what he was going to do.

There was a slight itching sensation in his palm. He lowered his head and found that Ji Juechuan was scratching his palm lightly, as if he was writing.

Was he trying to say something to him?

Yan Yan hurried to see what he was writing, only to find that the strokes were very familiar.

When the last stroke was written, he realized what Ji Juechuan had written in his palm.

What he wrote was the word “Yan Yan”.

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