RNMG Ch. 3.1 (Vol. 2)

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Since the meat was still too tender and had not yet matured, the beast was afraid that after one bite he would be deprived of the next meal, so the beast could only satisfy his appetite first and order it fully once it was finished ripening.

Although his lips were released, the man’s hands were still holding the sides of the chair, shrouding the slender boy in the shadow of his body.

His breath was hot, and his Adam’s apple rolled when he swallowed. Si Huang noticed it and felt a little sexy. He wanted to take a bite and see how the man would react.

She liked to see this man confused because of her. The more intense the reaction, the more it proved his inner obsession with her, which was reassuring and exciting.

“I heard that you came to be the military instructor because of your fiancée?” Si Huang withdrew his gaze and focused on the man’s face.

Qin Fan: “I don’t have a fiancée.”

“I guess so.” She didn’t hear about him having any fiancée in her previous life. If there was one, she wouldn’t have been chosen to meet him when she turned eighteen.

Qin Fan lowered his head again and nibbled on the soft and moist place. He never knew that a person could be like a magnet, attracting him to get close to him all the time.

He had never had such a strong feeling before, but the more closely he got to know him, the more he couldn’t control himself. This kid was so good at seducing people, so he had to keep an eye on him and not let him show up like this in front of outsiders.

Si Huang turned his head, letting the kiss fall on his face, and stretched out his hand to push the person out, “It’s time to go back.”

“…” Qin Fan frowned a little unhappily.

Si Huang had already stood up and lightly touched his lips twice, “Let’s go.”

Qin Fan let go of his hand and walked out of the door with her, feeling a little weird. It took four or five seconds before he came back to his senses and stared at Si Huang’s side face with deep eyes. Why did the child’s actions just now look a bit like coaxing a large dog?

“What’s wrong?” His eyes were too sharp, so Si Huang asked doubtfully.

Qin Fan raised the corner of his mouth, “It’s nothing.”

In Si Huang’s opinion, this smile was a bit meaningful and full of bad intentions.

“It doesn’t look like it’s nothing at all.”

Qin Fan touched her head and said, “Practice your body well.”

Si Huang tilted his head, and the latter put down his hand knowingly.

“This is your job.” Si Huang said.

Qin Fan nodded, looking at her with eyes that were still deep and unclear, and he didn’t know what he was thinking.


The two returned to the private room.

The table was already full of dishes, but Su Yueban and the three people present didn’t move their chopsticks, obviously waiting for them.

Su Yueban carefully observed Qin Fan’s expression, and keenly noticed that his mood had improved a lot, at least his aura was not as scary as before, and he immediately gave Si Huang a grateful look.

After receiving this look, Si Huang knew that he had misunderstood something after a moment’s thought, and said without explanation, “Eat.”

She moved her chopsticks, and Qin Fan followed suit. Su Yueban stood up and poured Qin Fan wine, but when he was pouring for Si Huang, Qin Fan stopped him and said, “He’s underage.”

“Ah…yes, yes.” Su Yueban said seriously, “I thought so too, just pretending.”

Si Huang raised her eyebrows and glanced at him, gaining a deeper understanding of his shamelessness.

Su Yueban returned to his seat, poured more wine for Yuan Liang and Zong Haohao, and finally filled his own glass completely. He stood up and raised his glass to Qin Fan, putting on the most sincere expression, “Master Qin, I was really impudent just now. I’m sorry! It’s all my fault for being clumsy. I just like hearsay and gossip. I said some unpleasant things. Don’t take it to heart. I’ll drink a glass first out of respect!”

After saying this, Su Yueban half-heartedly drank a full glass of wine.

Qin Fan said nothing.

Su Yueban filled another glass and drank it without saying a word.

Still didn’t get a response from Qin Fan.

The third cup… the fourth cup… the fifth cup!

Drinking five glasses of wine in a row without any pause would be unbearable even for those who know how to drink. Su Yueban was also nervous. When he drank the sixth glass, he choked on his throat and water came out of his nose.

“Cough cough cough cough!” Su Yueban was choking on his nose and tears and looked really embarrassed.

Yuan Liang stretched out his hand and patted his back, looking at Si Huang from time to time, gesturing for her help with his eyes.

Zong Haohao pursed his lips and looked at nowhere, as if he was suppressing something.

Si Huang had been watching since Su Yueban started drinking the glasses of wine, and finally said to Qin Fan, “That’s about it.”

“Ten glasses.” Qin Fan said indifferently.

Su Yueban blushed, feeling the other party’s disdain, and was aroused. So, he picked up the wine glass again, “Master Qin is right, it’s just a few glasses of wine, isn’t it?”

“Just a few words.” A pleasant voice said and the sound made people feel relaxed.

The speaker was Zong Haohao. He didn’t dare to look at Qin Fan, only staring at the bowls and chopsticks on the table in front of him.

Qin Fan said coldly: “This is the capital.”

Zong Haohao pursed his lips tighter, “So what.”

“A few words can destroy any one of you.” Qin Fan said expressionlessly, “Today it’s me you’re talking about. Since you and Si Huang are roommates, I’m giving you a heads up. If you make a mistake, you will be punished. Remember the lesson.”

“The water in Jinghua is deeper than you think. One wrong word can cause more than just trouble, it could cause a big problem.”

Zong Haohao moved his lips, unable to say a word to refute, and his dark skin turned white for a while.

Qin Fan’s aura was so strong, especially when he was training people, his cold voice without any ups and downs was like a sharp sword piercing people’s hearts.

Su Yueban’s face turned even redder, and he responded with difficulty: “Master Qin is right.”

Qin Fan: “Ten glasses of wine or I’ll have someone change Si Huang’s dormitory, it’s your choice.”

Su Yueban didn’t dare to look directly at him. With a look in his eyes, he drank the wine in his hand, and Yuan Liang poured it for him again, watching him continue to drink.

Si Huang watched silently and said nothing.

The punishment of drinking ten glasses of wine was really not serious. The only thing that made people uncomfortable was the frustration of self-esteem. This depended on whether Su Yueban could see the light or not.

After learning the names and looks of Su Yueban and Zong Haohao, Si Huang knew that they were the core of the team that led the Internet trend in her previous life.

She remembered the rumors about this team. The three of them were roommates in the same dormitory in college, so they got together and had a good relationship. It was just that they ushered in an era of Internet stars, but their end was not good… The reason was their character flaws.

It was rumored that Su Yueban offended someone in college, which caused his family’s real estate business to go bankrupt. He fell from the second generation into dust, and other dormmates in the dormitory were also suppressed. Later, he partnered with Yuan Liang and others on the Internet. Even after creating a miracle, he still had to go to the university prince to apologize.

Su Yueban was good at talking, but sometimes he was too outspoken. So, he could easily offend people without realizing it, and could easily be taken advantage of by people with malicious intentions. Yuan Liang was very smart and stable, but he was too stable, not tough enough, and had no leadership skills. He knew his friends’ shortcomings and knew how to persuade them, but he could not really restrain them. He often could only watch his friends step into the fire pit. In Zong Haohao’s case, his character flaws were the most obvious. He had too much inferiority, as well as too much pride. He kept everything in his heart. Once it broke out, it would destroy others and himself.

In his previous life, an incident caused by Zong Haohao once caused a sensation on the entire Internet.

“Bang!” The sound of the wine glass falling on the table rang out.

Si Huang stopped his thoughts and looked at Su Yueban, whose neck was already red.

“Ten cups!” Su Yueban stuttered a little: “Drank it!”

Qin Fan said calmly: “Sit down.”

“Thank you, Mr. Qin!” Su Yueban sat down with his legs feeling weak.

“Can we eat now?” Si Huang asked.

Qin Fan put a piece of meat into her bowl and answered with action.

Si Huang didn’t mind and ate the meat. She smiled at Qin Fan and asked, “Is the water in Jinghua deeper than Beijing?”

Qin Fan was just happy that she was eating the vegetables he picked. He recalled that when he was in H City, he peeled eggs for the child and was despised. As soon as he heard the child’s words, he knew that this face was not given in vain.

“They are all a bunch of boys that I beat up.”

Si Huang nodded.

Qin Fan gave her another piece of meat and said, “Even if you have my support, you can’t make trouble unreasonably.”

Although his tone was quite cold, the meaning of these words was huge.

Su Yueban and the others held their breath, and they were even more surprised at the deep relationship between the two of them.

Si Huang put the meat aside and said, “I don’t need to use you.”

She was not really young and competitive. Generally, if others didn’t provoke her, she would not deliberately provoke others. Even if she did encounter some trouble, she was confident she could solve it herself.

However, when the words reached Qin Fan’s ears, they changed into another meaning, “If you don’t use me, who do you want to use?”

Si Huang looked at him in surprise.

Qin Fan stared at her and asked, “Dou Wenqing?”

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