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As soon as the name Dou Wenqing came out, Su Yueban’s shoulders shook, and he screamed in his heart: Damn it! Even though he is the brother of the mysterious Master Qin, he actually also knows the Second Master Dou of the Dou family in the capital!?

Compared with Qin Fan’s mystery, whose news in the outside world was too little, such that it made people less scared. After all, those who didn’t know were fearless, and sometimes knowing less was a good thing. However, Dou Wenqing’s reputation had already spread widely in the capital. His ruthless acting style and incomprehensible personality made people unable to find any flaws. He was the person who really made this generation of young people fearful and scrupulous. Even the elders of the previous generation did not dare to underestimate him.

“Pfft.” Si Huang laughed, and soon his smile widened.

Qin Fan was startled by this smile, and Su Yueban and the three others were also confused, but they obviously felt that the atmosphere had relaxed a lot.

Si Huang put a piece of green vegetables into Qin Fan’s bowl, the smile on his face not diminishing, “Eat.”

Qin Fan didn’t ask any more questions.

As time passed, the atmosphere became more and more harmonious, and Su Yueban and the others were no longer so restrained.

When they were almost finished eating, Qin Fan raised his glass to the three of them and said, “Get along well with Si Huang from now on.”

The three of them were a little flattered and quickly drank the wine with him.

Si Huang sat aside and watched Qin Fan’s words implying that “Si Huang belongs to me”. Although it was funny, he did not stop him from declaring ownership.

After the dinner party got over, Qin Fan drove the four of them back. When they got down to the dormitory building, he pulled Si Huang and wanted to have a few words with her alone.

Su Yueban and the others got out of the car first and went back to the dormitory.

In the car.

As soon as Qin Fan opened his mouth, he said, “You don’t have to worry about anything in Beijing. I’ll take care of it for you if anything happens.”

He was actually still thinking about this! Si Huang didn’t know whether to laugh or cry and said to him: “Even if you didn’t say so, I would not go to Dou Wenqing.”

When the child told him what he was thinking, Qin Fan didn’t show any strangeness on the surface. His face was expressionless, and he was simply… The epitome of a cold emperor, “Don’t cause harm to anyone. Be ruthless when you need to be ruthless. Don’t be too polite to others.” Especially men or women who had ill intentions towards you… He didn’t say this.

Si Huang: “I know.”

Qin Fan stared at her silently.

“Is there anything else?” Si Huang asked.

“Go up, study hard, and don’t miss practicing the exercises I taught you.” Qin Fan withdrew his gaze.

Si Huang stared at his side face for a moment, opened the car door, and before leaving, he suddenly leaned over and touched the man’s ear with his lips. His voice was soft and hoarse, “See you tomorrow.”

Qin Fan’s ears instantly turned red as if they were on fire, the flames burning all over his body with the force of a prairie fire. He suddenly turned around and saw that the person who lit the fire had irresponsibly fled away, got out of the car and walked towards the stairs of the dormitory building.

“…” What should I do if the person I fell in love with is too provocative?

This helpless and sad thought came to Qin Fan’s mind again, his face turned dark, and his palms clenched on the steering wheel.

Come on! If she dares to flirt with you, if you’re a man, you should go straight to her! ——This was the answer from the public on the Internet.

Qin Fan, who had gone online to seek answers, ignored that ‘her’ and sent the message again: The subject is underage.

Netizens said: Aigoo! This guy is so capable, and I deeply admire him for actually hooking up with a minor. However, if he’s 17 or 18, it’s just the right age between adulthood and minors. In one word, he’s still on!

Qin Fan stared at the top word in silence for a long time. In the end, he couldn’t break the lower limit and couldn’t bear it. So, he replied: I’m not not married yet and intend to fall in love first.

Netizens said: Oh my God! Brother, this can’t be your first love, right? It’s actually a love with the purpose of getting married? It seems serious! Then brother, you really have to endure it. Tolerance means holding a knife to your head. He will drop the knife on you every day. Just remember it first. When he becomes an adult, you can stab him with a stick and return it XD, he will resist you, but you can just settle the old score, and you will definitely make a profit, buddy!

Qin Fan had been on the Internet for a while because of Si Huang, and it was rare for him to understand the connotation of the netizens’ words. He suddenly felt that what the netizens said was very reasonable, and it opened a new window for his future troubled life.

As for what netizens later posted: Damn it! What did I find? He? Bro, did you make a typo? Don’t tell me that the person you are attracted to is a man!?

Qin Fan replied consistently: Yes.

As a result, this post became so popular that it was ranked in the top ten of that forum.

Qin Fan, who was in the car at this time, recalled this incident, and a small book automatically appeared in his mind. He recorded the accounts where Si Huang had teased him this time, and then stepped on the accelerator to leave.

In the dormitory.

As soon as Si Huang entered the door, he found Su Yueban and three others sitting on the sofa in the living room, obviously waiting for her.

“Your Majesty, I’ll call you Your Majesty!” Su Yueban half-jumped up and walked towards Si Huang unsteadily, “You knew this earlier, were you deliberately laughing at me?”

Si Huang avoided his mouth full of alcohol and said, “If you are saying about Qin Fan being our military training instructor, I really didn’t know about it before I came here. As for watching your joke, I did have some thoughts.” Si Huang walked to the single sofa and sat down. Si Huang noticed that several people had different expressions. Su Yueban’s half-red face was still a little resentful. She thought for a while and finally said what was in her heart, “Do you feel unhappy about being lectured? In fact, I never thought that he would preach to you. According to his character, people who he doesn’t care about have nothing to do with him whether they live or die, and your few words won’t make him take it to heart.”

Su Yueban paused with a half-expression, and laughed dryly: “Ah haha, I’m not unhappy, don’t be so serious.”

“We are going to live in the same place from now on, so we should clear up any misunderstandings that should not happen as soon as possible.” How could Si Huang fail to see that Su Yueban’s words were insincere? The smile on her face faded and she said seriously: “Today he was willing to teach you because I think highly of you, maybe you can’t feel it yet, but you will understand it soon.” Instructor of the freshmen military training? With Qin Fan’s character, some new students would definitely suffer. When the time came, Su Yueban and the others would understand how light their punishment was.

Su Yueban had a grimace on his face, unable to say anything to refute.

Si Huang said, “Go drink some milk to wake up.”

Su Yueban did as she asked.

Zong Haohao was left sitting there with his head bowed and silent, while Yuan Liang still looked calm, saying, “No matter what happens, it’s not a big deal.”

Si Huang knew that there were some things that were useless to do just by talking about them. When the time came, it would be enough to let them see and feel for themselves. She appreciated their talents and knew that they would have great potential in the future, but it did not mean that she would be able to get along with them at first sight, and she would take great pains to protect their growth from the beginning. Everything depended on how they got along in the future. If they had different personalities and couldn’t get along well, she would still find a way to bring them into Fenghuang Entertainment, but she won’t have a heart-to-heart relationship with them.

When it came to things like this, Si Huang had always let nature take its course, just trying her best, and not using force or being paranoid.

Si Huang didn’t say anything more, stood up and walked to his room.

Yuan Liang’s voice suddenly sounded behind him, “Actually, from your standpoint, there is no need to explain to us.”

Si Huang stopped and looked back at Yuan Liang.

Yuan Liang, who was standing on the other side of the sofa, was also looking at her, “You are doing this for Fatty Su.”

Si Huang smiled and did not respond. Before opening the door and entering his room, he reminded him in advance: “By the way, I don’t like people entering my room without my permission.”

As soon as she entered the door, she saw a snow-white hamster trying hard to pull a cat food bag and spill the cat food on the ground, followed by the black cat eating elegantly.

[Your Majesty–!] When Five Treasure saw her, he was so excited that his eyes almost burst into tears, [Throw away Liu Shun! Throw it away! It dares to threaten me that if I don’t give it cat food, it will eat Uncle Five Treasure!]

Si Huang bent down and touched its head, “You’ve done well.”


“The task of feeding Liushun will be left to you from now on.”

[No–! Your Majesty, you don’t love me anymore! How could you do this? I was promised to be the boss!]

Si Huang comforted, “It’s normal for the boss to be responsible for the food and drink of the younger brother. And I love you.”

The words “I love you” made Five Treasure twist his body and consider Si Huang’s words seriously.


One day later, the registration period for Jinghua University officially ended, and a new semester meeting was held at 11 noon in the Great Hall of Jinghua University.

The principal and famous professors on the stage had finished their speeches, and most of the students below were already drowsy. However, an announcement suddenly sounded –

“Now we invite the freshman representative, Si Huang, to give a speech!”

What? Freshman representative? Si Huang? It must be the Si Huang they were thinking of!?

In an instant, all the sleepyheads ran away, and everyone opened their eyes wide to look for the figure that was walking on the stage slowly.

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