GLR Ch. 42.2

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“Brother, come quickly!”

Su Yemu, who was in a trance, was so frightened by Xiaonan’s call that his hands trembled, almost splashing ink on the sticker.

Su Yemu put down his pen and ran towards the sound: “What’s wrong?”

Xiaonan held a large pot and pointed to the dark place on the ground: “Brother, it’s a hole, No. 2 dug it.”

The ground was solid synthetic material, but with just the little paw of No. 2?

Erha held the kitchen knife, and Jiang Xiaoyu ran out with the rolling pin. When he saw the hole, he stretched his head down, and a pair of red eyes popped out. Erha sat on the ground with an ‘ah’ sound.

“Number two, come out for me.”

Xiaonan stamped her feet angrily.

Jiang Xiaoyu hurriedly brought the detector to see where the hole was dug and whether there was something hidden inside.

The detector was turned on, and No. 2 jumped out with a whoosh, trying to hit the detector, but was hugged by Mai Tian, the kitchen knife was placed on the neck, and there was a sinister smile on the corner of his mouth.

Number Two was trembling, covering his face with his paws, his eyes about to pop out.

The small red dot of the detector beeped continuously, indicating that there were a lot of things hidden inside. When everyone dug in, they were all meat, cooked, trotters, sauced meat and so on.

“I just said that when the master taught us how to cook these two days, how could the dishes disappear when you turned around? So you stole them.” Erha snorted angrily, the knife in his hand creaked against the knife at Mai Tian, and was kicked by Xiaonan. One foot, sore teeth.

Mai Tian hummed: “That’s right, Ace also said that Erha and I stole the food, and we almost fought.”

Jiang Xiaoyu made them quarrel, and continued to explore the cave with the detector, and the little red dot stopped in front of Su Yemu’s room. Next, Xiaonan got angry and picked up number two.

“It will be stewed.”

“It will be stewed.”

Number two: Chirp, chirp, chirp!

Su Yemu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He knew that rabbits would dig holes, but he never thought that they could hide things. Wasn’t this something dogs did?

Rescuing No. 2 from Xiaonan’s hands, Su Yemu said: “This is its habit, it’s okay, let’s fill up the hole!”

The third apprentice went to fill the hole with Mai Tian, and Xiaonan sat on the side angrily.

Number two: Chirp, chirp, chirp!

Su Yemu put No. 2 down: “You’re making her angry, Xiaonan needs you to coax her.”

No. 2 squatted at Xiaonan’s feet with a wink, and kept chirping, rubbing against Xiaonan’s feet!

Su Yemu returned to writing posts.

“What’s going on here? Why are there so many boat tickets to Saier star all of a sudden.”

“This data is too abnormal, report it to the higher authorities immediately.”

The employees of the shipping company stared straight at the tickets that jumped up. No wonder they paid attention to it. Although Neptune had an interstellar route to Saier Star, not many people came out from Neptune in January to go to Saier Star. Even if the flight was fully booked for the day, it was not surprising that it would be fully booked in the next few days. The scary thing was the traffic data coming in, was in several million!

The company’s official website had been scolded miserably because they had too few flights. At this time, the official website of the Neptune Transportation Department was also overwhelmed. In addition to the netizens of the main star scolding them, the netizens of the sub-star also scolded them.

The primary star scolded that there were too few flights, and the secondary star scolded why their planet didn’t have a flight to Purcell, and they had to fly to Neptune, and then transfer to the spaceship and star ship.

At this time, only the local tyrants were secretly happy, haha, I can go by myself in a spaceship or a star ship, and there is a mine at home, it really is a very good thing.

The person in charge gritted his teeth, blame him? You must know that the star line flight to Saier star was a loss-making business. If the empire was not afraid of being attacked by the Federation and alien civilization and had no humanitarian spirit, the Ministry of Communications would not even pay money to open this route.

At this time, postings on how to buy tickets and ticket purchase guides also appeared on the major communication platforms of Star net, and some people even offered high prices to buy second-hand tickets. People who also didn’t have a ticket hold together to keep warm.

There were also people posting about how to charter a spaceship. Such a large formation attracted the attention of outsiders. What was going on? Which interstellar Uranus superstar was going to hold a concert? Or a fan meeting?

Click to open it, why was it a cook? Cut, boring.

“My ancestor, why did you postpone the fan meeting?” A certain manager was about to cry: “Do you know who the fans who came this time are? They are all young masters and daughters of noble families!”

A certain superstar: “It’s not as important as my broadcast.”

It could cause such a big commotion, it could only be said that you don’t understand the world of foodies.

On the day of the fishing trial, Su Yemu also boarded the boat, except for the necessary engineering personnel, all of them were robots. And this boat was not the fish boat that Su Yemu had seen before, it could fly, its speed was comparable to that of a hovering car, and when it reached its destination, it landed directly on the water.

Surrounded by sea water, the calm and waveless ocean stretched as far as the eye could see, the sea and the sky blended together, and it was impossible to tell which was the sea and which was the sky.

The current catch was also high-tech. Su Yemu didn’t know much about the use of sound waves. He only knew that it was not difficult. However, when Su Yemu saw the fishing net being dragged up, he finally understood why the ocean occupied Ninety percent of Saier Star.

Not only was the seafood rich inside, but they were also too tall and mighty.

Were lobsters with this thick legs really scientific?

Su Yemu, who came back from fishing, didn’t come back to his senses for a long time. After sitting at home for a long time, he suddenly woke up and had to change the menu!

By the way, do a live broadcast to shock everyone, not just him.

The farm would open tomorrow, and everyone was busy. Su Yemu set up a big pot in the yard, and moved the seasoning outside.

Put on the apron and commanded the terminal to start the live broadcast.

Bobo, I can’t buy a ticket! What to do with Bobo! Can’t see Bobo anymore.

Bobo, we are students, we can’t go, huh.

Landmark Gemini, is there any local tyrant with one! Stellar is not a problem, now it is just a cloud.

The number of people in the live broadcast room was increasing, and everyone was crying and howling, all sharing their sad experiences of how they were squeezed out of the booking system and couldn’t buy tickets.

Hey, why are you outside today, how many servings are you going to make in this big pot?

Su Yemu looked at the terminal and said seriously: “Have you ever seen seafood?”

The people in the live broadcast room were frightened by Su Yemu’s serious face, and the noise stopped for a while.

I’ve seen pictures online, but not the real thing.

“Then I’ll show you what seafood is.”

Su Yemu disappeared from the camera, and the people in the live broadcast room looked at each other.

Do you think this kind of Bobo is so cute, I really want to kiss him.

Bobo is so serious, the turnaround just now was so handsome, it won’t work, my heart is about to jump out.

Contract this turn around, don’t tease me, if you tease me again, I’m not responsible.

Su Yemu appeared in front of the terminal dragging a large basin. The vigorous Pipi shrimp inside was as big as an adult’s arm. The crab’s two pincers were aggressively opened, and its legs were thick.

Su Yemu pointed to the bowl of seafood: “It’s so big.”

The people in the live broadcast room looked at each other again, and they were silent for a moment before picking it up.

Wow, it’s really big, it’s too much, how can it grow so big, has it been approved by us?

That’s right, that’s right, I didn’t even ask us what it means to grow so big, it should be killed, hiss, bobo, how are you going to eat it?

Looking at their arrogance, I can’t bear it, broadcast, I think it’s good to stir fry.

Everyone thought: Bobo has never read a book, and he doesn’t know that the creatures in the sea are so big that they can’t be exposed, he will be sad.

Su Yemu, who had never read a book: I am twenty-three years old today, not three.

Marshal He of Neptune, the person he had his eyes on was really cute.

Chief of Staff: “Marshal, it’s time for you to investigate the Beicheng case. If you drag it on, it will be dark.”

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