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The reaction in the live broadcast room obviously told Su Yemu, yes, the creatures in the sea were just this big.

Su Yemu didn’t quite give up and asked: “Then what was the shrimp with the size of a thumb?”

Bobo, it’s dried shrimp.

Su Yemu: Do you dare to eat the seafood of Saier Star with hormones in it?

“Then let’s start today’s live broadcast,” Su Yemu said, “Today we bring fried spicy crab[1] and salt and pepper shrimp[2] from the typhoon shelter.”

Su Yemu decided to end this topic, and started to move his hands. The people in the live broadcast room were silent and were smiling secretly, Bobo is so cute. Did he know that his cheeks were slightly bulging? Like two buns.

However, they will not remind them, they just took crazy screenshots and sent out signals to confuse the ‘enemy’ by the way.

No wonder you need such a big pot, it turns out to hold this thing.

Although I haven’t eaten it, as long as I’m here, I can already smell the aroma.

It’s all shells, not much meat! I think it’s not enough for Bobo to get a few more!

The live broadcast room was discussing how to eat, and Su Yemu had already started to deal with crabs; when on Earth, crabs were fist-sized and chopped into four pieces, but now this crab was too big, its body was like a rice cooker, and not to mention how long its pincers and feet were.

After much deliberation, Su Yemu still decided to chop it into four pieces. If you chop too much, you won’t be able to lock in the smell.

Now how to catch the crab and cut it into four pieces was a problem. The knife was not big enough, and the shell is hard.

Su Yemu stopped in front of the big basin, holding a kitchen knife, staring at the big basin, frowning into a knot.

Bobo, what’s wrong?

“How to kill?” Su Yemu muttered to himself.

Hammer it with a hammer.

Stun it with psychic power.

“Spiritual power?” Su Yemu turned his head and shouted in the direction of the farm, “Da Zhuang, come here.”

Roaring Bobo.

It’s the first time I saw a Bobo like this.

A moment later, a tall man came running from a distance, wearing the same apron as Su Yemu’s. As soon as he arrived, Su Yemu pointed at the three crabs and ten Pipi shrimps in the pot.

“Stun it.”


Da Zhuang responded, his eyes turned to the big basin, his pupils shrank slightly, and in an instant, all the seafood in the big basin stopped moving.

Su Yemu was secretly surprised, what kind of spiritual power was this! This was a martial arts master! He was really envious, but he could actually see the light. Was it light that Da Zhuang released just now? It was really weird.

Taking out a brush, Su Yemu brushed the two big crabs clean, picked up the knife and tried to cut down in the middle, with a “dang”, the blade was skewed, but the crab shell was only slightly concave, it was too hard.

“Your Excellency, let me do it!”

Su Yemu rubbed his numb wrist, and handed the knife to Da Zhuang: “Open the shell, then chop it into four pieces.”

“Okay, Your Excellency.”

After Da Zhuang hit it hard, the shell opened. He picked up the knife and chopped it a few times, just like chopping vegetables, and the two crabs were ready. Su Yemu cleaned up the inside of the crab, and cracked the shell of the crab claws. The authentic fried spicy crab in the typhoon shelter did not need to crack the pincers, but the crab shell was just too heaven-defying.

Dried chili, green onion cut into sections, shredded ginger, and a lot of minced garlic. This was the most important ingredient for making fried spicy crab in typhoon shelter. The garlic should be fresh.

The garlic was minced and dried, and the next step was the most important: frying the garlic. He put the oil in the cold pan, and when the oil became hot, he added the garlic, until the fragrance came out, and it turned slightly yellow, then he continued to heat it up until it turned golden yellow.

He put the garlic aside and started frying the crabs. He used the fried crabs that were fried with garlic. He put down the crab claws first, soaked and fried it at low temperature, put in the crab legs and crab meat after the color changed, then he put the crab cover in the pan at the end, fried all the crabs until they changed color, and then picked them up to drain the oil.

It smells good, I want to eat it.

The crab is red, the color is so beautiful.

Want to eat, this, who can resist, drooling crazily.

“It’s not edible yet, it’s tasteless…”

Oh, it’s really tasteless, it’s so hard, it feels like oil, but it tastes very fragrant, and you can smell the freshness and sweetness of the crab meat.

Someone still ate it, but this person didn’t realize it, he was beaten, and the number of people online was more than 7 million, which was enough for him to drink a pot. Although it was data, it still hurt.

Su Yemu poured out the oil, left little oil at the bottom of the pot, turned to low heat, poured in sliced scallion, dried chili, shredded ginger, black soy bean and appropriate amount of sugar, sautéed until fragrant, then added part of the fried garlic and stir-fried everything.

The spicy smell wafted out, and everyone in the live broadcast room bit their fingers and swallowed their saliva, watching the crab in the pot with eyes that were glowing green, but they didn’t dare to do it, or they would be beaten by millions of people.

After stir-frying, Su Yemu added the fried crab, appropriate amount of cooking wine, salt, stir-fried evenly over medium heat, turned to low heat, sprinkled with black pepper and white pepper, poured in all the remaining fried garlic, and quickly turned over to stir fry it evenly, and then removed it from the pot.

In the large pot, golden yellow garlic sticks to the body of the orange-red crab, and the crab roe had turned red. When biting into the mouth, the rosin was spicy, and the soy sauce was delicious. The fried garlic gave it a sweet and burnt flavour, crisp but not mushy; and once you split the crab shell, the crab meat had a slightly yellow outer skin, and the surface was tender and smooth. When you bit down, the unique flavour of spicy, soy sauce and various seasonings made the taste of fresh and sweet crab meat explode in the mouth, and the taste was extreme.

The more you ate, the more delicious it became, and you couldn’t stop.

Delicious to the point of tears, how can there be such a delicious thing in the world.

The meat is fresh and tender, and the fried garlic is spicy and crispy. I dare to swear that Bobo’s hand must have been kissed by the king of the universe.

Brothers, put the meat in the mouth together with the shell, the taste is even more delicious, spicy and delicious.

Raise your hand, Bobo, I want to chew on the shell, the taste of this shell is so tasty and delicious, I am not willing to throw it away, will I get indigestion if I eat it?

In front, your teeth are really good.

This smell was so fragrant that everyone in the farm was covering their stomachs and stretching their heads to look.

“Will Da Zhuang bring us some back?”

“Your Excellency is just live broadcasting, and the amount of cooking should not be large. They still have dinner!”

“Oh, we are still very hungry after eating.”

Everyone in the farm smelt the smell, the little ones in the family would of course not lose their noses, Erha was wiping his saliva while reciting recipes; Jiang Xiaoyu was kneading flowers with dough, his throat constantly wriggling; and Ace had already stuffed a carrot into his mouth.

Mai Tian was lying on the window, covering his mouth with a tissue in one hand, and clutching the window sill tightly with the other, his eyes glowing blue.

Only Xiaonan moved a chair and sat domineeringly in the middle of the gate, holding onto No. 2 who was kicking and screaming.

Now, you know why the people in the house don’t go out!

Su Yemu started to deal with Xiagu, also known as Pippi Shrimp; after helping chop the crabs just now, Da Zhuang didn’t leave, but helped Su Yemu clean the Pippi Shrimp.

The six Pipi shrimp were half an arm long and one arm thicker. Su Yemu decided to fry the whole shrimp.

First, he used ginger, cooking wine, and salt to make a pot of water, put the Pipi shrimp in it and marinated it to remove the fishy smell.

Ginger, garlic, scallions, red and green peppers were chopped and set aside.

He deep-fried the Pipi Shrimp in a hot pan, because they were big, Su Yemu fried them slowly with warm oil over a low heat. After the color changed, he fried them for another ten minutes; then he picked them up, heated the oil over medium heat, put them in the pan again, cooked until golden, and removed them from the pan.

He poured out a large amount of oil, left the oil at the bottom of the pan, added ginger, garlic, onion and other ingredients to sauté, added Pipi shrimp and stir fried it, sprinkled with salt and pepper, and stir fried it again.

I, I haven’t had enough crab yet, and Pipi shrimp is good again, which one do I want to eat?

Crispy and delicious, the peppery pipi shrimps were cooked in the pot. It was different from the fried spicy crab in the typhoon shelter. It tasted spicy and the aroma of pepper and salt was strong.

Is this salt and pepper? The salt and pepper flavour is strong, savoury, and delicious.

The skin is crispy on the outside, tender and smooth on the inside, and delicious. It is obvious that its skin is so tight. How did the taste get in? It’s really amazing.

I have a crab in my left hand and a shrimp in my right hand. It’s delicious!

I feel a bit wasteful, bite the meat and the shell together, neither swallow nor spit.

It’s just data, I have already swallowed it, although, although, my stomach hurts because of the card, I have to work hard to eat.

By the way, Bobo, is this called Pippi Shrimp? I never heard of it.

“The scientific name of Pipi Shrimp is Xiagu. Pipi Shrimp was named by a group of very interesting people.” Su Yemu smiled, and continued: “If you don’t want to eat it with Pipi, the way to eat it is very simple.”

Su Yemu picked up a Pippi shrimp, held down its tail, and then pulled it up slightly from the last section. With a pull, the whole back shell fell off, a complete piece of meat.

Wow, great, I’ll try it too.

“Crabs are fine too.”

Su Yemu used shearing force to cut off the crab horns one by one, and then pushed the big joints from the middle with the small joints, and the meat was pushed out completely.

So, a group of people who were eating Pipi shrimp ran back to get crabs again, having a great time.

Before they knew it, it was time for the live broadcast to end. Since the hundred lottery draw had been cancelled, only two people could be drawn today. Tears flowed into the sea instantly in the live broadcast room, which had 13 million people.

Everyone: Bobo, you evil man.

Su Yemu took two pieces of crabs and two pieces of Pippi shrimps to draw a lottery. In the end, amidst the protests of everyone, the crab body and legs were chopped into six pieces, and the two pieces of Pippi shrimps were also chopped into six pieces. Su Yemu had no choice but to take out three Pippi shrimps and three pieces of crabs, and smoke 30 servings at once. Fortunately, the crabs and Pippi shrimps were big, otherwise one mouthful would not be enough for one person.

In the end, Su Yemu ended the live broadcast amidst the laughter of the audience.

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