MGSGW Ch. 260

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Liu Ting was young, in good shape, good-looking, and a female college student. Mrs. Su immediately believed that her man had cheated on her. Treating Liu Ting as the mistress who destroyed other people’s families, she beat and scolded her for a whole afternoon.

Poor Liu Ting, a female student who had never experienced this kind of thing. No matter how she tried to explain it, Mrs. Su just didn’t believe it.

Facing an experienced woman like Mrs. Su, Liu Ting simply couldn’t say enough in front of her. Mrs. Su was very measured in her attacks. She did not injure Liu Ting, but only hit her waist and private parts, leaving her unable to express her pain.

At that time, Liu Ting really felt that life was worse than death, and she could not escape even if she jumped into the Yellow River.

Boss Su was so afraid of his wife that he didn’t even dare to let go of anything and let his wife do whatever she wanted. Anyway, Liu Ting was not his woman, so why should he protect her?

Perhaps it was Boss Su’s cold attitude that finally made Mrs. Su feel a little more relieved.

She could just beat and scold, but what else could she do?

Mrs. Su was still shrewd, and when she thought about something wrong, her family’s 10,000 yuan was the bulk of it. Could beating her and scolding her turn it into money?

So Mrs. Su gave Liu Ting two choices: “Either you spit out our family’s 10,000 yuan tomorrow, or I will treat it as a red envelope for you, and you go tell your classmate and ask her to help. Our store reparation is almost done. From now on, everyone will make money by being harmonious.”

After hearing what Liu Ting said, Lin Mumu couldn’t help but laugh out loud: “Mrs. Su is very reasonable, you spent 10,000 yuan on her, she didn’t ask you for interest, she just asked you to pay it back. It’s fair to pay back the debt.”

“But I have no money.” Liu Ting was anxious. If she chose to pay back the money, would she need to come here to be her grandson?

“Get lost! If you don’t have any money, go make it.” Liu Yuanyuan got angry, pushed Liu Ting out, and closed the door with a bang.

Liu Ting didn’t finish her words, but her meaning was very clear. She wanted Lin Mumu to accept this mistake so that she wouldn’t have to pay back the money.

But why? There was no such good thing in the world, let alone when it came to Lin Mumu. Even Liu Yuanyuan, who originally sympathized with her, couldn’t bear it anymore.

Liu Yuanyuan’s eyes turned red and she apologized to Lin Mumu and Chen Fangya: “I’m sorry, I didn’t expect her to be that kind of person.”

“You don’t need to apologize for her.” Lin Mumu looked at Liu Yuanyuan.

Liu Yuanyuan’s eyes became even redder, and she resisted the tears from falling. She did not explain her feelings towards Liu Ting, but emphasized to Lin Mumu: “I didn’t do what Liu Ting said, it’s not because you were rich. But because you’re my friend.”

“I know, you didn’t take advantage of me, but I took advantage of you a lot. If it weren’t for you, this store would have closed a long time ago. We agreed to open it together, didn’t we? “

Lin Mumu stretched out her hand, Liu Yuanyuan took it, and Chen Fangya followed closely, putting the three hands together.

Liu Yuanyuan felt the sincerity of Lin Mumu and Chen Fangya. This time, her red and swollen eyes finally couldn’t help but shed tears.

Lin Mumu was not just being comforting, but really understood her and knew how much hard work she had put in for this store, and they saw it and understood it, and that was enough. She made money through her own efforts, she didn’t owe them anything.

Compared to working as a tutor or other part-time jobs, Liu Yuanyuan got more money from selling flowers here because of the commission. But she had a clear conscience. Her income was all due to her own dedication and hard work.

In order to sell goods better, Liu Yuanyuan was also constantly learning about the classification, introduction and maintenance of succulent plants, which took up a lot of her time.

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