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When the host made this request, Han Tiantian felt that it didn’t matter. Anyway, the live broadcast of confession had already been done. There was nothing big about a Weibo message, but Siyu’s face changed slightly.

She actually wanted to refuse, but Han Tiantian had already taken out her mobile phone in cooperation, and the camera was also pointed at her mobile phone screen, where it was zoomed in and displaying it on the screen, so that the audience could see more clearly.

Han Tiantian skilfully opened Weibo, tagged Koi, but had a hard time editing, so she raised her head and asked, “What do you want me to write?”

Of course, she was asking the audience who were watching the live broadcast.

Hearing this question, the barrage in the live broadcast room became more vigorous, and there were many suggestions. Han Tiantian glanced at the tablet that the staff held up, and said cheerfully: “Then write this: I hope she will do such harm to other seniors, she can’t always make me suffer, everyone is blessed to share it!”

The audience could hear Han Tiantian joking, and they all brushed up hahaha on the barrage. Some fans took it seriously. When they reported the name of their idol, it seemed that they eagerly hoped that the Koi would also “harm” them.

As the only person outside the incident, Ji Lin sat quietly on the side lines. At this time, he was almost unable to hide his eyes full of gloating. Humph, this koi used to focus on painting his black material, which made him victimized by critics. This superstar was about to degenerate into a comedian. Ji Lin secretly paid attention to her Weibo. Every time he saw Koi post a new Weibo; his fans were laughing there. Don’t mention it, let it be good for you now, Koi. At last she had stretched her claws to others, and he was not the only one suffering.

From the bottom of his heart, Young Master Ji raised the joy of a turning surf singing. Although this was not a big event to celebrate, he turned his head slightly to Siyu who was sitting next to him, and whispered, “Sister, this Koi person is quite famous, I heard Xiao Ai said, she still paints me, haha…”

Because Siyu was a Koi fan, so Ji Lin naturally dared not tell her, “Sister, the paintings are often drawn on my black history, and I hate her.” So, he euphemistically said that he heard it from his assistant.

Siyu glanced at him. If Ji Lin didn’t add the last line, she would think he liked her, but now…the fox’s tail couldn’t be hidden at all.

Siyu was also heartbroken, her vest was well covered, and she had never appeared in front of others at any occasion. For some reason, she always had a bad premonition.

But on the other side, Han Tiantian had finished editing and sending it out. She turned her head and blinked at Siyu, then smiled and said, “It’s your turn, Siyu, hurry up. Anyway, your top Weibo is still there. What are you afraid of?”

Since Siyu introduced her to her own cartoons, Han Tiantian had become a chaser. She thought that Siyu had the same hobbies as her own, so she often discussed the cartoons with Siyu in private. Facing Han Tiantian’s urging, Siyu reluctantly smiled and took out her mobile phone.

The number on Weibo on her mobile phone was registered with Koi’s account all the year round. As for the star’s account, it had always been handed over to Shen Yue. Siyu didn’t care about it, but now she didn’t even have the celebrity account on her mobile phone.

Seeing that the camera was about to turn towards her, Siyu quickly waved her hand and said, “Wait a minute, I am now on the trumpet account, first let me switch to my account.”

Most celebrities would open a side account in private. It was not unusual. The host smiled understandingly, and the cameraman stopped and waited for Siyu to get it right.

The audience in the live broadcast room became excited, and they all shouted that they wanted the camera to move closer so that they could see Siyu’s phone screen clearly. They were also very curious. Siyu herself was too cold on Weibo, posting almost nothing. How to say it, everyone wanted to know about her but there was no way to start, and now suddenly they heard that she still has a trumpet account, so they really wanted to know about it.

However, the cameraman stood a little far away. Although the camera captured a little corner of the phone screen, it was very blurry and could hardly be seen clearly.

【The vision is of the elderly, this distance is still beyond my limit, goodbye.

【Ah, ah, why can’t the cameraman stand closer, if he had moved forward 20 centimetres, I could barely see!

【It will anyway be mosaiced… Let’s give up, Miss Siyu doesn’t want others to know her trumpet account.

【I tried to zoom in with the software I usually use, but the screen is still very blurry. However, I watched it for more than ten times. Although it is fleeting, I am sure that Siyu’s trumpet name should be eight characters! If I am not dazzled, there should be a little yellow V behind!

【6666 Worship the boss, give the boss a lot of money, and you can find so many clues from such a blurred image!

【Hey, Siyu’s trumpet has a small yellow v. Is it still an online celebrity account?

There are a lot of eight-character accounts. I can’t remember who is like a young lady for a while, ah, ah, it’s okay not to say it, it feels too uncomfortable to know that half of it can’t be guessed!

Siyu never dreamed that in the short time that she switched accounts, the sharp-eyed audience had picked up so much information. Although the most critical account name was not exposed, it was extremely undesirable to leave so many clues.

However, although the netizens did not see clearly, Ji Lin, who was sitting next to Siyu, couldn’t help but glance at it unintentionally. This angle was just right, and the phone screen could be seen clearly.

Glancing at the unusually familiar Weibo name, Ji Lin immediately went down.

The host was still asking: “Brother Ji, I heard that you and Siyu have a very good relationship in private. Fans are saying that you are brother and sister. Do you know Siyu’s trumpet?”

Ji Lin did not answer. The host waited for a while and asked again strangely. It was as if Ji Lin was awakened: “Ah? Ah, no, I don’t know…”

He hesitated, his eyes flickering, and he lowered his head quickly. It seemed that he wanted to conceal something, but his gaze uncontrollably glanced at Siyu next to him, and various emotions such as entanglement, loss, regret, etc., flashed in his eyes, and his look was extremely complicated.

Siyu didn’t realize that her brother was sneaking peeks at her. She had logged on to the star account and edited a Weibo tagging Koi and posted it. The host saw this and started the next topic with a smile. Anyway, the short period just now had brought their ratings to a small peak, which was already a profit.

However, in the next session, the host suddenly found that they didn’t know if Ji Lin was uncomfortable or what it was, but he seemed absent-minded, and was always distracted. Sometimes, he had to ask a question three times before he came back to answer. The host found it more and more strange in his heart. Didn’t Ji Lin say that he was a star with very rich stage experience? Why do he lose his train of thought at this time? It shouldn’t be like this!

But even if Ji Lin was in a bad state, the show still had to continue. This was not a recording, that they could pause and adjust at any time, so the host still followed the original plan, and it was now his turn to ask Ji Lin questions, so he said: “Brother Ji, we all know that you don’t often post on Weibo, so your recent Weibo post talking about annoying relatives has made many fans curious. Is there a story behind it?”

These questions were provided by Xiao Liu. Anyway, the program group wanted to please the audience, so naturally they had to ask the fans questions that were of interest to them.

Sure enough, the live broadcast room opened again. The host was very satisfied with the effect. After a pause, he asked: “So, does Brother Ji has a standard answer? Who do you think of as the most annoying relative?”

Ji Lin might still have been in despair. He was not sober-minded. He heard this question and didn’t think about the wording carefully. He opened his mouth and said, “Brother-in-law.”

The host: “???”

Siyu on the side: “…”

“Uh, hahaha, Brother Ji is really good at joking.” The host wiped away his non-existent cold sweat. He thought that Ji Lin would say something funny. Who the hell was this brother-in-law? As everyone knew, Ji Lin had once said that he was only child in his family. Where did this sister come from? If there was no sister, how could he have a brother-in-law?

The host was wondering, then his eyes fell on the bewildered Siyu inadvertently, and he suddenly got stuck: “…” It seemed, it seemed, that Ji Lin once said that he had recognized an older sister!

And this elder sister—wasn’t it Zhou Siyu!

The host’s mind was in a mess for a few seconds. Fortunately, his mental quality was good. When his eyes drifted, he pretended that nothing had happened. He laughed and talked about interesting things about relatives from his own experience, but the cold sweat on his back was real. It couldn’t be stopped.

Did the popular superstar Ji Lin explode an incredible message on their show? Although it was not about himself, but about others… But Zhou Siyu was also a Weibo celebrity! Did he say something wrong? Or was this a collusion between them, that is, they wanted to inadvertently get to the bottom line on the show and test the fan’s attitude to this news?

This paragraph was different from the plan given!

A lot of speculation flashed in the host’s mind. While he was thinking about it, he couldn’t help but peek at Siyu’s reaction, only to see that Siyu had a completely dead expression on her face. Because of her poor health, her face color was worse than others. Now her small face was even paler, and her eyes were full of unprepared helplessness after being exposed. The host looked at the person next to her who hadn’t reacted react at all. He felt a bit unbearable when looking directly at Ji Lin.

Because those two people were now considered useless, only Han Tiantian was left on the field to be with the host, in order to maintain the scene, she quietly reached out from underneath, pinched Siyu’s palm, and signalled her to regain her soul. Although Han Tiantian was also taken aback by what Ji Lin said inadvertently, this was not the time to be in a daze, what if the audience did not react?

However, this was impossible. The audience this year was so good that even Siyu’s trumpet could persistently pick up a trace. Ji Lin was being so obvious and straightforward, how could they not hear the deep meaning?

So of course, the live broadcast room exploded.

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