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After returning home, Fu Yuanzhou quickly went upstairs and laid down. He was physically exhausted after today’s swimming class. In addition, so many things had happened, which made him exhausted mentally as well and now he needed a rest.

Thinking of being kissed by Yuan Ye and Yu Fei, his head was about to explode. Yu Fei could still be forgiven as it could be regarded as a habit from living abroad, but Yuan Ye had eight times out of nine just wanted to retaliate against him. Did he think of him as an easily squeezed soft persimmon, and that as an Omega, he could be easily bullied?

If it were not for Yuan Ye’s good attitude, Fu Yuanzhou would have beaten him long ago, but even so, when he received the game invitation from Yuan Ye, he severely refused, and coldly thought that he would not play with Yuan Ye again this week.

Yuan Ye was still a little unwilling and tried to pull him in again. Fu Yuanzhou ruthlessly told him that he wanted to study hard. This was not all lying. Even when he was lying on the bed, he took out the materials Ran Shutang gave him and prepared to look at it.

After opening the information, Fu Yuanzhou discovered how detailed Ran Shutang’s arrangement was. Not only did he use a variety of colored pens to mark out the key points and knowledge points in different categories, but also many tree diagrams and tables had been inserted to help him remember, bookmarks were pasted, and the handwriting in the notes was beautiful, just looking at it was a kind of visual enjoyment.

No matter how smart Ran Shutang was, this sorting process must have actually consumed a lot of time and energy. Fu Yuanzhou looked through it for a while, then suddenly sat up and turned on his mobile phone and sent Ran Shutang a few WeChat messages.

“What the hell did I do wrong, you tell me, can’t I change it? Knowing my mistake, I can improve myself!” Ran Shutang didn’t reply to him.

“I forgot, I’m sorry, I promise I won’t forget it again in the future. Wait until I ask my parents, I should have a copy of that photo too? I’ll look for it right away.”

He sent him several more emoji packages, but Ran Shutang still did not reply, he did not know if he was really busy or did not want to reply back.

Fu Yuanzhou had no choice but to put down his mobile phone and step on his slippers as he rushed downstairs. He asked his mother who was watching TV while putting on a mask: “Mom, do you remember when I was a kid and participated in a chess tournament?”

“Remember, what’s the matter?” His mother patted the mask on her face and looked up at him slightly.

“I should have taken some photos at that time? Are those photos still available?”

“Yes, how could your mother lose your photos? They are all in the album. But a while ago, your grandma wanted to see old photos, so I brought all the albums over there. If you want to see it, let’s go to grandma’s house on the weekend and take the album back by the way.”

“Okay, thank you mom.”

Fu Yuanzhou nodded, he really missed grandma. There was a smile in his mother’s eyes, but suddenly there was a doorbell, and someone had come to visit.

Auntie turned on the intercom and let the person in. It was Xie Lin. Fu Yuanzhou’s mother smiled when she saw that he was here, and immediately stood up to greet him with a smile: “It’s Xiaolin.”

“Hello Auntie.” Xie Lin nodded slightly.

“Are you here to find Xiaozhou? What about Xiaofei, didn’t he come?”

“He’s taking a bath.” Xie Lin said, “I have something to find Yuanzhou for.”

“Oh, then you can go up and talk about it. I’ll call Auntie for you. She’ll wash some fruits for you, and I’ll take off the mask first.”

Xie Lin was not an outsider, so his mother didn’t greet him too much. After saying a few words, she left them alone. Fu Yuanzhou didn’t know what Xie Lin was here for. As he walked into his bedroom, he asked, “What’s wrong?”

Xie Lin followed behind him and closed the door. There was a “click” sound. Hearing this movement, Fu Yuanzhou’s heart jumped as Xie Lin locked the door. Now, what was he doing locking the door?

Yuanzhou began to feel uneasy, and then realized that Xie Lin’s expression was cold: “What’s the matter, are you upset?”

“Did he kiss you?” Xie Lin asked.

How did he know? Who told him?

Fu Yuanzhou’s expression became stiff and at a loss, and there were two people who kissed him. He didn’t know who Xie Lin was referring to.

Xie Lin said, “I saw the photo.”

In an instant Fu Yuanzhou knew which photo Xie Lin was referring to. He wanted to beat himself, why did he forget to tell Xiaofei not to show the photo to others? Especially Xie Lin!

He originally had a guilty conscience, but now he was directly exposed by Xie Lin, and he felt even guiltier.

He was under the control of Xie Lin since he was young. He felt like he had made a mistake. So, he couldn’t lift his head in front of Xie Lin. Xie Lin didn’t like him and Xiao Fei being together in his previous life. Sometimes they both avoided meeting Xie Lin because of this, not to mention that Xie Lin still had that kind of intentions towards him now…

“What’s wrong with that photo?” He pretended to say frankly, “Xiao Fei just came back from abroad and is more enthusiastic about his friends, so isn’t it okay for him to express it in a more intimate way, right?”

He believed that the wording was in place, and Xie Lin couldn’t find anything wrong. There were no other meanings, there was nothing he could say, but Xie Lin wouldn’t just eat a loss like that… Was he jealous?

Fu Yuanzhou still felt uncomfortable applying the word “jealous” to himself and Xie Lin.

“Really?” Xie Lin looked down and asked without emotion, “Can I do this too?”

Fu Yuanzhou was stunned to realize what he was referring to, and almost jumped up: “You can’t, of course you can’t!”

“Why not?” Xie Lin asked.

“…We are all natives in China, who would express friendship with our own faces when words can be used!”

“Do you remember what you said before?” Xie Lin asked, and without waiting for Fu Yuanzhou’s answer, he continued: “I am the best in your heart. I have the closest relationship with you, and I am very important to you. Even if I am Alpha, you can’t live without me.”

This was what Fu Yuanzhou said to Xie Lin on the day of returning to school, and it was almost exactly repeated verbatim. Once again, Fu Yuanzhou blushed immediately, feeling ashamed, Xie Lin’s expression was still faint, and asked him: “Is this still the truth?”

“Of course…” Fu Yuanzhou was embarrassed, but still admitted honestly, “Why did you mention this suddenly?” He suddenly became alert to whether Xie Lin had other purposes.

“Use concrete actions to prove to me,” Xie Pro said, “how important I am to you.”

Fu Yuanzhou spoke with a stutter: “How do you want me to prove this…you shouldn’t want me to kiss ……?”

Without saying a word, but by just looking at him, Xie Lin’s attitude was self-evident.

“No way, no way! We are best friends, why do we have to use kisses to prove it? I don’t have that intention towards you, I just treat you as a brother…”

Fu Yuanzhou’s tone was very anxious at the beginning, but under Xie Lin’s gaze, his momentum was getting weaker and weaker, and his voice was getting smaller and smaller, so small that he could hardly hear him: “How can a good friend kiss me casually?”

Xie Lin was silent for a moment, and his thin lips lightly parted: “As long as it’s not a kiss, you can do anything?”

“Not biting the glands.” Fu Yuanzhou guarded the back of his neck vigilantly, “You can mention anything else, I can buy you something, or do something for you. OK…”


Xie Lin responded to him, sitting on the seat, and patted his thigh: “You sit here.”

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