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There was only one Gaia, and the enemy and the Star Alliance were mismatched in terms of combat power. The gap could not be equalized with just one Gaia, and everyone understood that the situation was not optimistic.

The fierce battle continued, and starships sank and fell continuously. The attacks of the battleship group’s beam weapons and particle weapons had lit up the star field these days.

The absolute suppression of the enemy’s combat power almost made the Star Alliance soldiers desperate. If it weren’t for Ya Yi’s assistance, the soldiers felt that they would definitely not be able to hold on even for a few days.

After completing another aid, Xie Luan saw the nox next to him suddenly change slightly. While he continued to control the Ark ship, he raised his hand to touch the lower part of his neck, where the black mark was situated.

There was no doubt that this was something the enemy had done. Xie Luan noticed the strangeness of the nox next to him, and immediately took a step closer to the opponent.

“Ya Yi?” From the current angle, he could see that the black mark was gradually darkening. Xie Luan hugged the nox’s tail tightly and called the other party’s name with concern.

This black mark was placed on this nox by the Serras. Xie Luan understood that this mark was almost like the manifestation of darkness in Ya Yi’s heart. As long as there was a trace of darkness in this nox’s heart, this mark would not be eliminated.

However, part of the darkness in this nox’s heart existed objectively, and Xie Luan had not thought of erasing it.

They wanted to use the imprint to forcibly induce more negative emotions in this nox, so the other party would no longer want to help the races that once held malice against him, in this war. This was the idea of the Serras.

Xie Luan clearly watched the deepening of the color of the imprint, and he could even see that the cyan vertical pupils of the nox had become cold and his pupils had shrunk slightly, becoming a bit like the Ya Yi that Xie Luan had met in the parallel world line.

The enemy was forcibly pulling out the darkness agitating in this nox’s heart.

He could feel the pain of this nox, so Xie Luan reflexively touched the silver tail he was holding, and the nox still did not resist his approach, so Xie Luan took a step closer and hugged him.

When Xie Luan took the initiative to hug Ya Yi and let the other party wrap his tail around his waist, the pain of the nox seemed to be relieved, but it still existed.

What could he do to…

Because he was anxious after perceiving the pain of the other party, when Xie Luan felt the tightening of the tail around his waist, he thought of an item in a flash.


Xie Luan had accidentally entered the nox’s spiritual realm through this gem when they were on Halumite, and now Xie Luan wanted to try again.

Fortunately, this gem was still in his space button, and the energy shield of the Ark was enough to buy them some time. Xie Luan took out the faintly blue gem.

Holding the gem tightly in the palm of his hand, Xie Luan freed up his other hand to lower Ya Yi’s head so that the nox could touch his forehead.

He didn’t know if this would work, Xie Luan could only look forward to it in his heart.

Within a few seconds of being in this posture, Xie Luan’s consciousness was disconnected for a moment, and when he reacted again, his vision had already changed.

He had gone from the bright main hall of the Ark to a place with low light.

Unlike the scene Xie Luan saw when he first entered the other party’s spiritual realm, what appeared in front of Xie Luan this time was not the conscious memory of the other party when he was in the cub egg. Instead, he directly saw a nox with cold eyes.

This nox, who was the only person who should not be near the aura, was the dark side of Ya Yi’s objective existence. Xie Luan had this consciousness at first sight.

The other party stood still, if Xie Luan wanted to erase this dark side, maybe he could have done it by launching an attack.

“Ya Yi.” It was not certain whether he could touch the entity this time. Xie Luan first stretched out his hand and tried to touch the opponent’s hand.

The scene in the spiritual realm this time was as barren as the memories Xie Luan saw last time. After ignoring the environment and successfully touching the hand of the nox in front of him, Xie Luan did not make any attacks.

Even the dark side was good, Xie Luan was willing to accept the objective existence of the darkness in the nox.

Without shrinking from the opposite party’s expressionless look and cold eyes, Xie Luan stretched out his hand to embrace the dark side of Ya Yi who was staring at him with a cold gaze just like he was hugging the nox outside.

This conscious body could also react. When Xie Luan felt that he was slowly being hugged by the other party, he slightly pressed down the other party’s head, and then kissed the forehead of this conscious body that should be the dark side.

“I will accept this Ya Yi, and I don’t feel that you are the bad part.” Xie Luan said seriously, not aware of the gradual changes in the surrounding scenes while he said this.

The surrounding barren scene was slowly changing, and the colors were slowly becoming vivid.

When Xie Luan later became aware of this change, he only had time to see some greenery that represented vitality, and then his vision wavered and the scene in front of him changed.

Back to reality, Xie Luan lowered his gaze and saw Ya Yi’s neck. The black mark on the bottom of the opponent’s neck had disappeared- the way to conquer it was not to erase the dark side, but to accept it, at the same time Xie Luan felt that the power of this nox seemed to have risen to a new height.

“I will also like A Luan in any form.” A low voice sounded in Xie Luan’s ear, and Ya Yi lowered his eyebrows a little while saying this.

No matter what he became, this matter would not be forgotten.

The enemy discovered the disappearance of the mark on Ya Yi’s body at the same time, and the failure of this plan again was unacceptable to the Serras, especially when they discovered that their warships could not move.

Several twisted vortices created by a space ability appeared around the black battleship, and these twisted vortices all had a huge attraction, interacting with each other to temporarily fix the black battleship in its place.

This kind of ability was no longer just powerful but could only be described as a horror.

Not only was the enemy stunned, even the Star Alliance army had a stunned expression, but of course the latter could not let go of this opportunity. All weapons were aimed at the huge warship that was temporarily unable to move and could not even move forward.

It was impossible for anyone to maintain this level of power at an easy time, except for Ya Yi.

Except for running the Ark ship, all of Ya Yi’s mental power was being used to maintain his ability.

After more than 30 years, the nox had once again made the Serras feel threatened. The problem was that there was only one nox this time.

This kind of strength was undoubtedly the blood of the royal family of the nox race, and it was even better than the previous royal families.

If the battleship after having withstood two attacks by Gaia’s core weapons received another concentrated attack, the body of the battleship would be truly damaged. Now that the battleship could not move, the threat felt by the Serras was not small.

The enemy’s main battleship was restrained, and now it was like a living target. Of course, the Star Alliance’s attack was even more merciless.

Xie Luan was observing the changes in the situation, while facing a powerful enemy like a mountain, they had only seen a glimmer of victory now.

Sinking the black warship did not mean winning. Serra was a strange life form, and they still didn’t know the specific capabilities of the opponent’s race.

But in any case, sinking this warship was the first step they must do.

Seeing that the huge battleship was still unable to move, Xie Luan relaxed a little bit. His mental power was now also used to assist Ya Yi to control the Ark ship, but only less than half of the mental power was needed.

There were Star Alliance soldiers on the Ark ship. Through the remaining mental power, Xie Luan could perceive a Star Alliance soldier in charge approaching the main hall.


Now that Ya Yi was distracted and couldn’t notice other things, Xie Luan wanted to ask what was wrong, but his question stopped when he saw the black stripes on the skin of the Star Alliance soldier.

The soldier had been invaded by the Serras-at the same second he realized this, Xie Luan saw the soldier raise a particle weapon towards Ya Yi.

There was no room for thinking, Xie Luan reflexively blocked the blow for the nox beside him.

Xie Luan lost consciousness in an instant without even having time to feel the severe pain.

T/N: Wow, seems like YY leveled up… And what an apt metaphor, not trying to destroy your inner darkness but instead try to accept it… XL loves YY whole-heartedly and that is what is going to save the universe…

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