LGHIHW Ch. 37: Arc 1.33

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169, who had his underwear taken off by Zhuang Li, didn’t speak for a long time. It couldn’t believe that there could be humans with such high IQs in this lower plane.

7480 also hid in a small dark room and did not dare to show his face. It once again profoundly realized a truth – lying in front of the host was tantamount to humiliating oneself.

“Why don’t you speak?” Zhuang Li smiled softly in his mind. He raised his eyebrows and raised his thin lips like a complete villain, which made him seem particularly hateful.

169 took a deep breath, and then said: “So what if I don’t have a weapon system, you can’t do anything to me. You just said that I came through the turbulence of time and space, so my defense program can ensure that I can stay unscathed in this world. You know what an energy shield is, right?”

7480 silently covered his face. Then it thought of 367 who died miserably.

Zhuang Li smiled and nodded: “I know, that thing can be thrown into a nuclear fusion reactor as fuel. What a coincidence, there is a tokamak in the laboratory next door. Do you want to try it? Oh, by the way, your Lord God should have told you that if a star collides with your body, you would be seriously injured, right?”

169 fell into an eerie silence, and the sizzling sound of electric current exposed its restless heart.

7480 shed tears of sympathy for him.

Xuan Ming put his fist to his lips and coughed lightly, unable to hide the smile in his eyes. Every time he heard Xiao Curly talking to these systems, he felt very comfortable.

A long silence spread in the operating room.

169 adjusted his mentality with great difficulty, and said: “So what if you can sense my magnetic field reaction? You can’t catch me. My body is smaller than a brain cell, and my driver is very flexible. I can leave Lin Yayan’s brain and escape into the air. Catching me will be harder than fishing for a needle in the universe.”

Zhuang Li raised the corners of his lips and smiled indifferently: “Small size is indeed your advantage, but it is also your biggest weakness. Even if you install an advanced and flexible driver, you can only move at a speed hundreds of times your own length. That’s your limit. Let me calculate it for you. It will take you at least twenty-four hours to leave Lin Yayan’s brain. Do you think I can’t catch you within twenty-four hours? “

169: “…”

7480, who couldn’t stand it anymore: “…Brother, listen to me and stop struggling to your death.”

The two systems fell into silence again, except for the various instruments in the laboratory making soft beeps.

Zhuang Li raised his eyebrows and asked: “Why don’t you speak again? Continue. I like chatting with you very much. You are so stupid and funny.”

7480 &169: D**n it, why doesn’t the law that villains die by talking too much apply to him?

The system didn’t dare to talk, so Zhuang Li turned his attention to Xuan Ming who was standing aside. He slapped Lin Yayan’s bald head like a watermelon and chuckled, “Mr. Xuan, do you know what I’m going to do next?”

“Open her skull and take out the chip?” Xuan Ming sat outside the disinfection area separated by a glass wall, frowning and asked, “Are you the only one doing the surgery? How about I call some assistants for you??”

“No need, I can do it alone.” Zhuang Li began to adjust the parameters of a machine and said in a casual tone: “You guessed wrong, I will not open her skull. In fact, my ultimate goal is to remove the chip from this woman’s head unscathed.”

Xuan Ming looked at Lin Yayan’s hair that had fallen all over the floor.

Zhuang Li naturally changed his words: “My goal is to take out the chip completely without using any surgery or bleeding.” In the end, he felt very unhappy and couldn’t help but glare at Xuan Ming.

Xuan Ming almost laughed out loud but held it back in time. He pretended to be surprised, “How is it possible to remove the chip without surgery and without bleeding?”

169 finally calmed down and said sarcastically: “Yes, human being, how could you take me out without surgery? Do you think you are the Lord God?”

The provocative smell of gunpowder spread again, but Zhuang Li was not annoyed. Instead, he narrowed his eyes in comfort. He loved confrontational games.

“Of course it’s by using nanotechnology.” Zhuang Li put a nanomaterial that had been successfully developed long ago under a high-power microscope, and projected the image observed by the microscope on the LED screen.

“Did you see it? This is the result of my recent research, a particle with a diameter of only 1 nanometer.” Zhuang Li pointed at the screen and said.

Xuan Ming looked at the image under the microscope carefully, and the surprise he had acted before suddenly became extremely real. He was sure that before this, Xiao Curly didn’t know what the system looked like. But the nanoparticles he developed had exactly the same appearance as the systems. They were all disk-shaped and had a ring of tentacles growing around them.

“Why do they look the same as these chips? What are these tentacles?” Xuan Ming directly expressed his doubts.

Zhuang Li chuckled, “Because this is an inevitable choice for the development of science. These tentacles are unstable flaws composed of sulfur-containing molecules.”

“Nano-scale robots must have the ability to adjust their direction when driven, otherwise they will be like viruses, carried around the world by air or liquid.”

“These tentacles are like their fins, allowing them to constantly adjust their direction. In addition, the nanorobots must also have the function of grabbing objects, and these tentacles are their arms.”

“An even more important point is that only when nanorobots are connected together can they have the ability to transform or even create an object. After all, the original intention of mankind in developing them is to obtain nanoscale factories. A single nanorobot has a limited effect.”

“So they must have the function of connecting to each other. The smooth surface will make them move away more quickly, and the fine villi can make them stick together firmly.”

“You can imagine a certain number of nanorobots being injected into your blood vessels. If they are densely connected, they can quickly absorb the toxins in your blood. But if you only inject one, your health will not be affected at all.”

“The urgent need for these three functions of maintaining direction, grabbing objects, and connecting them as a whole determines the appearance of nanorobots from the beginning. So no matter who invents nanorobots, their final form will be like this.”

As Zhuang Li spoke, he took out a remote control and fiddled with the joystick on it with his slender fingertips.

Xuan Ming was fascinated by what he heard, his eyes looking at the little curly hair, stunned for a moment.

169 felt more relaxed the more he listened and couldn’t help but sarcastically say: “I admit that the nanoparticles you developed are indeed among the best in the world, but their diameter is still too large and it is completely impossible for them to pass through the blood-brain barrier. And without a driving device and still being unable to swim in air or liquid, how could they possibly catch up with me? I can get around them with my eyes closed.”

169 said proudly: “If you want to catch me, you face two absolutely insurmountable technical difficulties. First, breaking through the blood-brain barrier; second, installing drivers on these nanoparticles.”

“To break through the blood-brain barrier, you must at least make your nanoparticles as tiny as me. But with the level of technology in this world, it’s too difficult. It will take 40 or 50 years of development for you to do it. Installing actuators on nanoparticles is hundreds of times more difficult than shrinking them.”

“First of all, the nanoparticles are already so tiny, and how small will the driver installed in it be? Your world does not have the technology to make molecular engines at all! To reach that level of technology, you will need two to three hundred years of time.”

“Stop bragging, you have no way to deal with me!” 169 slowed down his running speed, his tone full of pride where he was sure of victory.

Xuan Ming’s heart was held high, and he shook his head and laughed again when he saw the light and gentle smile on the face of the little curly hair. He guessed that Curly Hair must have a way to overcome those two so-called technical difficulties.

Zhuang Li was still fiddling with the remote control, showing no response to the system’s provocation.

169 waited excitedly. It thought it would soon be able to appreciate this human’s embarrassed expression. If his lie was exposed, he would be embarrassed!

7480 couldn’t help but remind him: “Brother, don’t rush to be happy…”

Before it finished speaking, the nanoparticles projected on the LED screen began to move slowly, first from left to right, then from right to left, and then kept spinning in circles.

If it could be a coincidence that just one nanoparticle moved like this, then it was intriguing to see all the particles now acting in unison. They suddenly turned from a pile of dead objects into a group of well-trained soldiers.

Zhuang Li’s fingertips were gently fiddling with the remote control, first moving the joystick to the right, then to the left, and finally in circles.

Seeing his actions and comparing it with the group of nanoparticles that suddenly came to life, 169, who was very arrogant just now, was speechless and choked.

7480 covered his face and said, “Brother, I told you not to be happy too soon.”

Xuan Ming exclaimed: “You installed drivers in them?” Didn’t they say that current humans didn’t have this technology at all?

Zhuang Li shook his head and said: “It’s not a driver. That technology is too advanced. To develop it, even I will have to spend more than ten years and tens of billions of investments.”

Shortening the technological gap of two to three hundred years to ten years, Xiao Curly’s intelligence level was evident.

Xuan Ming silently suppressed the shock in his heart.

Zhuang Li continued: “I used a trick and implanted butyl methyl sulfide molecules into these nanoparticles to make a device similar to a driver. Butyl methyl sulfide molecules will move in a specific direction after being stimulated by the electron flow, the remote control in my hand controls the flow of electrons.”

“In fact, such molecular motors also exist in our bodies. Our cell membranes are distributed with many molecular pumps that carry ions in and out. They carry substances from one area of the cell to another.”

Zhuang Li pointed to his brain, curled his lips and said: “When I encounter a problem, I like to find the answer from my own body. Do you know that the reason why humans are so intelligent is because we are the most sophisticated creations in the world.”

Xuan Ming was fascinated by what he heard. After a while, he raised his hand and clapped gently. The most exquisite creation? He liked these six words because they could perfectly describe the existence of Curly Hair.

169 knelt down with a plop, then stood up strongly and roared: “So what if your nanoparticles can move? Their diameter is still too big! They can’t cross the blood-brain barrier at all!”

Upon hearing these provocations, Xuan Ming immediately asked: “Then how will you send these nanoparticles into Lin Yayan’s brain? It is said that the human brain also has its own protection mechanism.”

Zhuang Li opened another machine and said slowly: “It is too late to start developing atomic-level nanoparticles that can freely enter the blood-brain barrier. Fortunately, nature has the material I need, and that is foam. Using ultrasonic waves to melt the foam, I can break them up into microbubbles with smaller diameters.”

“I can use microbubbles to breach the blood-brain barrier. To ensure that the microbubbles do not burst when they encounter obstacles, I used stearocytes to wrap a single component gas to give them a stable structure. Their diameters can be as small as 0.1, so that the nanoparticles can completely penetrate the blood-brain barrier.”

While talking, he was ready.

Zhuang Li drew a few milliliters of microbubbles with a syringe and injected it into Lin Yayan’s scalp and continued: “I will use ultrasound to guide the microbubbles to reach the blood-brain barrier. The microbubbles are very soft and very small, and they can be used to pry open the blood-brain barrier naturally and without any damage. Once the blood-brain barrier is breached, I will inject nanoparticles with molecular pumps into Lin Yayan’s brain and use the electron flow to guide them to capture the chip.”

Zhuang Li took out the empty syringe, turned on the ultrasonic guidance device, and said in a lazy tone: “Look, it is not difficult for me to take out this spy chip. But if you let others do it, they might not even have a clue in ten years.”

169 was completely thrown off the street.

7480 tried hard to shrink himself into a small black dot.

Xuan Ming wanted to praise him, but his throat was so hot that it felt like a wildfire was burning inside him. He raised his hand and patted him gently, the admiration in his eyes stronger than any words.

Problems that others could not solve after decades or even centuries were solved easily in the hands of Little Curly.

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