RCFS Ch. 116

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After Wang Tingting and others were guided by Ye Yunxi, the filming was no longer so rigid. Ye Junpo was very pleased.

However, what was even more exciting was that Yunxi and that Di Junxie were actually the same!

Ye Yunxi interpreted the image of the villain in a three-pointed way. If Ye Junpo didn’t know that it was his daughter, he would have thought that this was an evil rascal.

Di Junxie was even worse, he was the kind who could dominate the screen with one stop in front of the camera, his momentum was so strong, that the entire crew was terrified!

After finally finishing the filming, Ye Yunxi went home, changed clothes and walked out slowly.

Tonight, the two were going to the auction together, and Ye Yunxi’s identity was Di Junxie’s fiancée!

The auction venue was located in a luxurious clubhouse. In the evening, luxury cars were parked all around. Gorgeous bigwigs come out one by one, their clothes neat and luxurious.

After getting out of the car, Ye Yunxi consciously took Di Junxie’s arm with a small smile on her face.

Di Junxie squinted his eyes in enjoyment, thinking to himself, it would be great if she was always so obedient!

“Young Emperor, welcome!”

The manager did not expect that Di Junxie would come to such a place. Tonight’s auction was not big, and there was not much oil and water, so it should not attract a great Buddha like Emperor Shao!


Di Junxie responded indifferently, pulling the person to go inside, and the manager’s gaze passed over Di Junxie and landed on Ye Yunxi.

He had never seen this woman before, who was she?

He had never seen Young Master Di bring a female relative to any event, but he even brought a little beauty to their auction today!

And she didn’t look like a lady from an aristocratic family, was it just for fun?

The manager sneered, in this world, there were always women who wanted to climb ladders.

But the emperor’s bed was not so easy to climb!

Sure enough, there were already several girls in the distance looking there frequently.

“Who is that girl? She’s not from our circle, right?”

“I haven’t seen her before, she is definitely not from the Sword of the Empire. I don’t know where did this bitch come from, but she actually hooked up with our emperor!”

“But is it not true that the emperor is not very close to women. How can he let her pull him?”

“Oh, vixens, which man in this world can withstand the sultry smell of vixens, but our pure and clean goddess doesn’t care, really!”

Known as the goddess Xie Lian’er frowned, and stared coldly at Ye Yunxi’s back from the darkness.

Growing up as Emperor Junxie’s childhood sweetheart, where did the destined fiancée candidate come from?

Xie Lian’er’s face became worse and worse.

“Sister Lian’er, don’t worry, we’ll take revenge for you in a while, and make that little sl*t look bad!”

“That is, just a little fox, what is there to show off in front of the master!”

After walking inside, Xie Lian’er’s face became much better, until a person slowly walked behind her.

“Miss Lian’er.”

Ming Siye smiled slightly. Although he was a young man, he was handsome, with black eyes shining brightly, without any hint of innocence.

“Young Master Ming!”

Xie Lian’er smiled and said, “Your brother didn’t come?”

“There are a lot of things at home, so my younger brother had to take care of it.”

“I heard that you have gotten another good seedling recently? The Ming family is with you and your brother. In your hand, this is going to be brilliant.”

“I have nothing to do with it, it’s all the credit of my brother, as for that person…”

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