RCFS Ch. 117

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But it didn’t matter, it was useless to drive well, the most important thing was to be good at it.

Ming Siye made a gesture of invitation, letting Xie Lian’er go first, and followed half a step behind.

Xie Lian’er smiled with satisfaction.

This young master of the Ming family was quite interesting.

Taking the auction list handed over by the waiter, Ye Yunxi aimed at an office building.

It was the top floor of the downtown business district, the location was good, just right for the people in the studio. Dad wanted to be a director, so this could also be used as a starting point.

But the price of this lot, even if it was sold at auction, should not be lower than 5 million.

She had limited funds on hand, and she really would rather take out a loan than take out the money if she didn’t have to.

Movie PR promotion, where else did she need money?

There were also daily expenses, even the lunch box was at least ten yuan per box.

“If you don’t have enough money, I can lend it to you.”

Di Junxie seemed to see her hesitation.

Ye Yunxi shook her head: “I’ll take a look.”

If it’s not necessary, she really didn’t want to owe this person anything. She always felt that this person was a wolf with a big tail, and he would definitely set up a trap for her!

Too dangerous.

Seeing this, Di Junxie didn’t say anything, but was very quiet, so quiet that Ye Yunxi looked at him subconsciously.

The man was indifferent, and his black eyes were as clear as glass, but Ye Yunxi always had the illusion that he was lying dormant while waiting for his prey to be delivered to the door!

Forget it, why doesn’t she try the peach blossom gift pack?

At this point, however, the auction had already begun.

It was just like a normal auction, there was no difference. Because the auction items were of little value, there were not many people who had come, and only a small part of the seats were hidden, but soon Ye Yunxi felt a few unfriendly gazes.

Looking back, she saw a few shadows in the darkness, who sneakily looked away.

Came for her?

Oh, interesting.

She glanced at the auction site, and saw that a person in a neat suit was introducing an item: “Imported Maybach s680, a new car only owned for one year, no wear and tear, the market price is 2.88 million, the starting price is 200,000!”

Some people in the audience raised their placards sparsely and bid another price.

But obviously many people were not very interested.

The cars driven by the people here at the cheapest were cost several million, and this was still a second-hand one.

The host was in a hurry, he knew this item couldn’t be sold at a high price!

Feeling those malicious gazes again, Ye Yunxi hooked the corner of her mouth and raised her placard: “270,000!”

Sure enough, someone over there followed and raised the placard, and a girl’s voice said, “300,000!”

After speaking, the girl glanced at this side with no good intentions, and a proud look on her face.

Now it was completely certain that she had indeed come for her.

Ye Yunxi smiled, suddenly feeling a little excited.

So she raised the placard again: “310,000!”

Sure enough, the girl continued: “340,000!”

Every time she pressed her head?

Ye Yunxi raised her eyebrows. In the distance, Jiang Rou looked over with a sneer, there was no need to mention how happy she was.

Little bitch, dare to come to the auction to spend the money of the emperor?

So I won’t let you get anything tonight!

Ming Siye also looked over subconsciously, and when he saw Ye Yunxi, he was slightly taken aback, and he always felt that this girl seemed to be familiar somewhere.

But he couldn’t remember from here.


The bidding continued, Ye Yunxi hooked the corner of her mouth.

Di Junxie glanced at her, and when he saw the excitement in her eyes, he knew that the little girl who was increasing the price must have been planted by someone!

But that didn’t stop him from reaching out and wrapping his arms around Ye Yunxi’s shoulders and watching the show.

“Don’t make people cry.”

Di Junxie whispered into her ear.

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