RCFS Ch. 118

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In the dimness, nothing could be seen clearly, so her other senses had become extremely sensitive, and the strange breath mixed with the numb feeling invaded half of her head, making Ye Yunxi tilt her head slightly, as she chuckled: “That’s what she asked for!”

[Ding! Awesomeness XP +10!]

Sure enough, the other side began to bid again: “400,000!”

Yo, were you trying to be ruthless?

Ye Yunxi chuckled lightly and directly raised the placard: “1 million!”

After speaking, she looked over defiantly.

Everyone was shocked.

Although the market price of this broken car was 2.88 million, the value of the car really depreciated very quickly. The starting price was 200,000. In such an internal auction, 800,000 was usually a high price. Who would spend 1 million to buy such a thing?

Moreover, it was also cheap to come here to scan the goods. This price of 1 million was not too high or too low. Although it was not expensive, it would not be profitable, so no one would do it.

Everyone looked at Ye Yunxi like she was a madman, thinking where did this stupid person come out of, charging such a high price?

Looking at Di Junxie sitting next to her, several people went silent.

Well, it seemed that the emperor came out with his little lover to find happiness. One million was like a hair to him, and it was not bad if it was able to make his lover smile.

It was a pity that they hadn’t looked back yet, when next to them, someone else held up a sign: “1.2 million!”


There was one more stupid than this one!

Directly raised 200,000, and the price rose to 1.2 million!!

Really cool!

Many people wanted to give this girl a thumbs up. Of course, the happiest one was the host. A car had soared from 200,000 at the beginning to 1.2 million!

Hahaha, it was still easy to do business with the rich!

Before the excitement was over, Ye Yunxi raised the placard again: “2 million!”

This time, everyone took a deep breath.

2 million?

Was she crazy?

It was not real estate, it was not even antiques, it was just a car, and an object whose value would depreciate, why would she pay 2 million?

Got kicked in the head by a donkey?

People looked over with stunned look in their eyes, seeing the beautiful little woman with a smug smile on the corners of her mouth and the Emperor did not stop her, but instead put his arms around the woman’s slender shoulders with a sly smile.

So, was this just for fun?

Emperor Di Junxie was Emperor Di Junxie, who spent a lot of money and could still smile, 2 million not only did not hurt him, but he was very happy to throw it away!

People didn’t know why, so they thought like this subconsciously, but Ye Yunxi directly smiled and looked at the girl who was looking for trouble, then her smile became more and more smug, and her eyebrows were full of provocation.

Jiang Rou was about to die of anger, this vixen even got on with her!

You are a bitch who stole Sister Lian’er’s man, what qualifications do you have to fight against her?

“Little vixen, this sister will fight with you to the end today!!”

Even though the price had risen to 2 million, Jiang Rou still raised the placard without hesitation: “2.01 million!”

The emperor was very happy to spend a lot of money on his lover, but sister paper, what are you doing?

“It isn’t because she had a crush on Emperor Young Master, so she is deliberately targeting that lover?”

“It’s possible, many young ladies in the Imperial Sword family like Young Master Di.”

“So this is a dead end?”

Jiang Rou wanted to see if she would continue to increase the price, but saw the little woman standing up slowly, and provocatively say, “Why didn’t you increase by 200,000? I thought you were rich, no? Don’t come out without your money to be ashamed.”

After speaking, Ye Yunxi continued to hold the placard: “3 million!”

What the hell!

3 million!

More expensive than the original price of the car!

Holy crap, was this guy here to participate in the auction? This was for charity, right?

Everyone was going crazy!

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