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Group A meeting point.

Luo Xiu frowned and got down from the high stool, turned around and walked out the door.

Qi Han, who was watching the whole process, couldn’t pretend to not have seen it anymore, and rushed up to stop him: “The punishment, you can’t really care about it, since it is still tied to you!”


Luo Xiu raised his eyes coldly.

At the same time.

Center of Qingshi Square.

Gu Nian stood in front of the microphone, raised her fingers stiffly, and slowly helped herself up.

She hadn’t touched the microphone for a long, long time, since two years ago, when she vowed to stay as far away from this dirty and disgusting circle as possible and vowed never to stand in front of any camera again.

Those exposures, those concerns, and the terrible malice hidden under those tongues could easily tear a person’s life to pieces even without knowing any facts.

So she abandoned her soldiers and disarmed, hid and fled, pretending to be a deaf and blind person who didn’t care about everything related to Meng Zhi.

Until she met Luo Xiu, then she met Jiang Xiaoqing and Qin Yuanyuan.

She recovered the goal and courage to continue and saw that under the malice she thought was all black and bitter, some people were so determined and treated her as a dream or even hope, and treated her with the same enthusiasm and kindness.

She had escaped too many times.

This time, she didn’t want to run away.

Gu Nian slowly squeezed the microphone, listening to the very familiar prelude that seemed to have been carved into the blood, she closed her eyes and hummed softly with the bass.

“In the old Jintang high temple

Drizzle in front of the temple

You Dan Hua has another branch

Cluster Tsing Yi Xia Bodhi

Past dreams

With the wind…”

[Fuck, it sounds good]

[Ah ah ah ah, is Screenwriter Gu a decathlon? Can sing, write, and act??]

[To be reasonable, this is the best cover I have heard in the past two years. Zhuo Yixuan is too unworthy. If you want to open the name of Meng Zhi 2.0, you should also think about it.]

[I am the only one emmm, don’t you think it’s wrong]

[? What do you want after singing like this??]

[It’s not you alone, she just sounds the same]

[Don’t scare me, it’s impossible, I’ve been dreaming for two years, and I don’t have to sing halfway to wake up]

[??? what are you guys saying]

“Gold Medal Screenwriter” director group.

The people who were already busy with the aftermath work stopped one by one, and successively met with uncertain eyes.

“Director, how does this sound…”


In the center of Qingshi Square, among the passers-by who had just turned their heads, many people gradually showed amazement or surprise, and more and more passers-by began to gather outside the red line of the colorful flags, as they talked quietly.

The girl in the field closed her eyes, holding the microphone without looking at anyone, and sang the climax with all in her heart that rang through countless midnights.


Now that you have become a Buddha, why don’t you cross me?

The world is like a dream, love and hate are negative, but a thousand years is just a waste.


[I rely on me, rely on me to rely on this to change the tone!! It can’t be someone else!! Exactly the same!! It is Meng Zhi!!]

[Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!!!]

[Meng Zhi]

[Meng Zhi]

[Really the voice of Meng Zhi!!]

[I have heard countless versions of “Ferry Me”, no one can sing “Ferry Me” like Meng Zhi to make my whole body feel goose bumps for 3 minutes and 45 seconds.]

[As soon as she speaks!]

[Completely, every sound matches!!]

[Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, I am already running from the next street to the Qingshi square!]

[I’m just two hundred meters away!!!]


It was not just the barrage that had gone completely crazy, but also passers-by who were gradually returning from the immersive mode into feeling a little bit of shock. The red line of the colored flag that was pulled up gradually began to be gripped by each hand was trembling.

The program team had sent over people to follow next to Gu Nian, all of them were trembling nervously, looking back at the girl standing behind the microphone in shock while preventing the commotion in the field.

The music ceased.

The last acappella.


Under the blue light, Buddha said,

It was finally empty.


Landed at the end.

Countless passersby stopped outside the color flag line, but there was a dead silence.

Gu Nian opened her eyes.

At the last pair of shocked eyes.

The silence lasted only a few seconds, and the silence was suddenly torn apart,

“It’s Meng Zhi!!!”


The red line of the colorful flags broke, and the noise was overwhelming.

The heads of the staff exploded, and all the staff held up their hands and shrank back around Gu Nian, and the head of the team hopped to the opposite side with their mobile phones in front of the program crew and they did not know which director group leader was shouting: “Security! Security adjustment!!!”


Gu Nian stood among the crowd blankly.

Those noises seemed to be things from another world. She only felt that at this moment, something heavy, which had been pressing her for two years, slowly separated from her, and unloaded little by little.

She remembered two years ago.

On the top floor of Dingke Media, the setting sun was like blood and the wind was fierce.

There were dozens of stories downstairs, cars and vehicles, people like ants, and the sky was crumbling.

She stepped forward.

One step away from the **** afterglow of the setting sun.

Suddenly, one hand grabbed her.

At that second, Gu Nian looked back and saw the gentlest eye in the world.

He said……

“Gu Nian!!”

An extremely familiar voice suddenly tore through the memory and pulled her out.

Gu Nian opened her eyes suddenly, her pupils trembling.

The incomparably familiar eyebrows, which she had traced countless times in her dream, just appeared in her sight.

Gu Nian opened her mouth lightly, her tail trembling.

“Luo Xiu.”

Luo Xiu…

Luo Xiu.

“Got you.”

His brown eyes were relieved and slowly drowned into the softest smile.

The man held her hand tightly, a peaked cap was snapped on top of her head by him, and the brim of the hat was pressed down to cover her red eyes.

He held her in his arms, and his voice was low and reassuring.

“I will take you away.”

The last direction the staff pulled up was broken.

The crowd was overwhelmed.

Gu Nian held Luo Xiu’s hand, her fingers clasped tightly.

He took her to escape.

And she stared at his back without blinking.

Gu Nian remembered that afternoon.

She had said to the deputy director.


[True tenderness is the treasure of the world.]

[It is the only soft net that catches you before you fall from a height of 10,000 meters and you are about to fall to pieces.]

Her only net.

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