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“Gold Medal Screenwriter” was after all a variety show with the screenwriter as the main guest. The main feature of the National Day special was naturally arranged on the screenwriter’s side.

The actor’s task was relatively simple. Yu Song and Wen Chu, the only pair of pure actors, completed the rendezvous five minutes ago. Luo Xiu and Zong Shiyi also arrived at the meeting point of their respective groups.

Therefore, most of the main shots in the live broadcast were given to the screenwriters.

Gu Nian was the first to reach the final task link as the screenwriter, and the whole process of the task release was always shown to the audience.

So when Gu Nian in the main camera of the live broadcast unfolded the note in her hand, the dazzling line of writing directly appeared in the sight of all the audience.

After a short silence, the live barrage instantly set off the highest volume of messages since the broadcast.


[It turned out to be the song of Meng Zhi, the two chefs are ecstatic!!]

[I’m crazy, I’m crazy, I’m crazy, can I still relive “Ferry Me” in a high-profile show in my lifetime, oh my grandfather Qinghui]

[Drunk, can you let go of Meng Zhi]

[That shameless Meng Zhi 2.0 is not enough to pull the Meng Zhi hype, Gu Nian also came to catch the heat? Will the favor drop straight down?]

[Hope and heat +1]

[Before the broadcast started, they pulled the Meng Zhi 2.0 hype, and now the suspected Meng Zhi wife appeared in the show, and it’s such a trick to engage in popularity.]

[It must be deliberately arranged by the program team, I am speechless]

[Neurotic, right now, Gu Nian is the reputation ceiling of “Gold Medal Screenwriter”. Would they use Gu Nian to deliberately arrange this kind of bridge? If you want to take it, you should take Zhuo Yixuan who is already fishy]

[Please, open your eyes to see my female goose’s expression is obviously the most shocked, everyone is stupid, how could it be deliberately arranged?]

[It’s too miserable, it’s miserable, whether it’s deliberately arranged or not, as long as you sing this wave, you will definitely be detained by the big hat, Gu Nian is really miserable]

[Meng Zhi is miserable, okay??]

[Hey, have any of you paid attention to the small lens on the left, Luo Xiu seems to have changed over there too]

[The cast has already arrived, what else can we do?]


The “Gold Medal Screenwriter” live screen arrangement was very straightforward. In the center of the main lens area, there were four sub-cameras on the left and right.

All 8 guests were covered, and the director team was remotely coordinated to switch the selected sub-shot scene in the main shot at any time.

The left column was the actor group, Luo Xiu’s sub-shot was the first one.

The actors arrived individually, and the basic pictures in the sub-shots were fixed. Luo Xiu was the first to notice what unexpected situation might have happened.

Because his team leader here was Qi Han.

After receiving the real-time news from the director team, Qi Han’s expression was obviously wrong, and he glanced at Luo Xiu with a guilty conscience.

Originally, Luo Xiu sat on the high stool at the meeting point and raised his eyes: “What happened?”

Qi Han said, “No, nothing.”

Luo Xiu stared at him faintly: “Paper can’t contain the fire.”


Qi Han froze and laughed.

He understood what Luo Xiu meant: it was impossible to keep hiding it. Once the show was over, Luo Xiu may not even have to wait for it to end. By that time, he would end up much worse than he would now.

After weighing the pros and cons, Qi Han immediately put away his smile. He lowered his head and glanced at the live screen connected to his mobile phone. They were still split shots, and there was no need to worry about the sound being recorded into the main shot.

Qi Han stepped forward with confidence, lowered his voice and said, “It is the program gimmick arranged by the planning team that I told you about before the opening. In fact, it is the task of singing the top four online golden songs in a square in the final stage of the screenwriting team.”

Luo Xiu’s eyes moved, he turned his gaze, and his voice sank a little, “Internet golden song?”


“”Ferry Me”?”

“There is this song,” Qi Han said quickly, “but it was originally planned to be sung by Zhuo Yixuan. The color of the kit is separate. The program team would inform the guests in advance which one to choose.”

“Original, plan, plan,” Luo Xiu held back his anger, “what about now.”

“…No, we didn’t expect that the screenwriter Gu wouldn’t listen to the program group. She chose the one prepared for Zhuo Yixuan, the brown one.”


Even if he had expected it, Luo Xiu was still angry at the moment he heard the answer.

He took a deep breath and slowly turned back, his right hand on the table was slightly clenched into a fist, and the light blue blood vessels tightened on the back of his hand.

Qi Han stood behind and couldn’t see it, otherwise he would never step forward to his death at this time, trying to comfort him.

“Mr. Luo, don’t worry, Zhuo Yixuan is cooperating with our hype, she will definitely choose the brown one. Then she will sing as well, and most public opinion attacks and focus will still shift.”

“You shut up.”

Qi Han stepped forward: “Huh? What did you say? I didn’t.”


The bar in front of the high stool was trembling.

Qi Han was dumbfounded.

After a few seconds of silence, the back that couldn’t hide the tight shoulder muscles under that shirt still didn’t look back, and his voice was very low and hoarse.

“My cell phone.”


Qi Han didn’t dare to say a word, he just turned around and ran back and forth to the limit, then put the phone next to Luo Xiu.

Hanging his hands back to the farthest corner of the room, he realized the cold sweat on his back after he recovered. It was also at this time that he realized that his phone was vibrating.

Qi Han picked it up: “Hello?”

“Are you crazy? Giving him his phone in the show?!”

Qi Han looked up stiffly and glanced at the phone call display. He took a sharp breath, his face flushed, and he wanted to explode but could only endure it.

Qi Han turned around and faced the director in the corner: “Are you crazy or am I crazy? Didn’t you see that he just hit the table?! I have been in BH for three years, don’t talk about hitting the table, which one of you has seen him speak at more than 60 decibels! He slapped the table and shouted. Do I still dare not give it to him? Do I want to die or you don’t want to live anymore?!”


The other side was stunned silly that Qi Han, who had always had a good temper, said so much that it took a few seconds before he said embarrassingly: “Mainly, the audience has noticed.”

Qi Han: “?”

Qi Han hung up the phone and immediately returned to the live broadcast room.

Sure enough, half of the initial focus in the barrage turned to Luo Xiu’s side.

[Fuck? What’s the situation on site??]

[What’s wrong, what happened?]

[Nothing, isn’t Gu Nian rushing to the center of the square?]

[I saw it too! Upper left corner! Luo Xiu points the shot! Luo Xiu seems to have quarreled with the staff of their group!]

[Aigoo, excitement, and also taking the phone]

[Ah ah ah, does Luo Xiu want to call Gu Nian?]

[Hahahaha If this is a variety show, it is definitely the most exciting script I have ever seen]

[It seems that Gu Nian is really unlucky, is she backing the dog show team?]

[Are they crazy using the word-of-mouth ceiling of their own show?]

[In my opinion, it is not that simple. If this gimmick is reserved for that Meng Zhi 2.0, then it would be more reasonable, right?]

[……Aigoo? Think carefully]

[Don’t bring a blind wife to beg, it’s been eight lifetimes and it’s been pushed up by such two hot screenwriters]

[Is it true that my goose is innocent? She has a reputation, strength and enthusiasm, who wants to make this fishy?]

[How can it be compared to the heat of “Ferry Me” back then??]

[Gu Nian answered the phone!!]


The attention of all the barrage was fixed.

In the main shot, Gu Nian, who was running towards the center of Qingshi Square, really took out the vibrating mobile phone from her jacket pocket.

Seeing the caller ID clearly, Gu Nian slowed down.

Under the horrified gaze of the staff nearby, Gu Nian hesitated for two seconds, then answered the phone: “Luo Xiu?”

“It’s me.”

“How does your voice sound?”

“Leave me alone.”


“Leave me alone.” The voice repeated in a low voice.


Gu Nian stopped.

The barrage shook.

[This is a pun in one word!]

[I knocked, I knocked this time, it really hit]

[It should be just saying that members of the same group will bear each other’s punishments. I don’t believe it.]

[Doesn’t it seem too hypocritical, isn’t it just a song? It’s not that no one has ever sang “Ferry Me”]

[Oh, the one above, it’s not you who dare to be scolded when the time comes, it’s not you who are said to be rubbing the hot dog on the spine]

[Yes, the female goose’s reputation is rising, and she has strength and works. There is really no need to be like Zhuo Yixuan. It is completely harmful and unprofitable]


Gu Nian returned to her senses and turned sideways.

Directly in front of her, the program group cleared out an empty space in advance. The center of the square was surrounded by a circle of colored flags and cords, and microphones and speaker equipment were placed in the center of the empty space.

The staff did not dare to breathe, and stepped forward to remind: “Screenwriter Gu, the countdown has less than 10 minutes left. “Ferry Me” is 3 minutes and 45 seconds in length. You shouldn’t have time to go to the meeting point before you start.”

The voice was all collected into Gu Nian’s portable miniature microphone, and also into the phone to collect the voice.

“Gu Nian,” the voice across the phone was dumb, “I know you don’t want to.”

Gu Nian blinked, “I also don’t want you to drink that punishment drink.”

“I’m fine.”

“…I have got.”

“Gu Nian”…

“Wait for me,” the girl slowly bent her eyes and said with a chuckle, “I’ll see you on the other side.”

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