RCFS Ch. 115

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It’s okay isn’t it?

It’s just a contract, isn’t it?

He, Emperor Junxie firmly believed that feng shui took turns, look, it turned towards him, right?

However, Ye Yunxi shrugged indifferently and smiled like a fox.

“Don’t you want rewards? You don’t want movie dividends, right?”

They were all foxes, so there was no need to play Tai Chi. It was the easiest to talk plainly.

Di Junxie: How much money can this movie make?

First, there was no great directors and actors to drive the box office, second, there was no pre-hype to attract popularity, and third, it was still low investment and low cost, so the profit was really hard to say.

If it weren’t for the fact that this little woman was his fiancé, and he wanted to make her more obedient in the future, he would not have come here.

If it was only 18 million, Emperor Junxie was really not suffering for this amount of money.

Ye Yunxi remained calm, only lowered her voice and continued: “This movie can be regarded as our cooperation. What the family cares most about is not only the status, but also the image? Don’t you think that the image of a righteous policeman can attract more popularity to the Di family? By the way, maybe it could attract more talents?”

Di Junxie narrowed his eyes and had to look at the little woman again.

To say that she didn’t understand anything, he didn’t believe it.

It was normal for families to scramble for talents.

It was just whether filming could really boost the image of a family, he personally thought, it was worth a try.

But this arrogant little woman really wouldn’t know who she should submit to if she wasn’t cleaned up!


Di Junxie smiled slightly: “Tonight, there is an auction of inspection properties.”

Ye Yunxi’s eyes lit up slightly.

The inspection properties were basically insolvent, and they could only use real estate to pay off their debts. This kind of auction would definitely be much cheaper than the market price.

“But you can’t get in.”

Di Junxie hooked the corner of his mouth: “I can.”

This kind of auction, most people really couldn’t get in, and they couldn’t even inquire about the wind, only some people with high status knew about it, such as Emperor Junxie.

Ye Yunxi also understood, and smiled: “As your fiancée, I can always enter, right?”

She didn’t treat this person badly, and the movie would also give him dividends. It was okay to take a ride, right?

“Don’t wear your star-length dress.”

If it wasn’t for her needing to raise eyebrows when going home, he would never have bought that revealing dress.

The auction was a place where fish and dragons were mixed, and as his woman, it was better for her to wear more.


Ye Yunxi smiled slightly, got up and left.

It wasn’t until the person left that Di Junxie suddenly realized that he still failed to work Yunxi over when he heard the sentence: Please!

Oh, it didn’t matter, there would surely be opportunities in the future.

Di Junxie’s dark eyes locked on the slender back of the woman, and the end of his eyes were raised in a smile, but nobody could figure out what he was thinking.

At this time, Ye Yunxi was worried about money.

Four million seemed like a lot in her hands, but when it came to the auction, it was not enough.

“Can system items be exchanged for money?”

The system hummed.

Dear host, it is impossible to think about it!

[No, but you can borrow it, you now have 23030 Awesomeness XP, you can borrow 23030 yuan, and the repayment period is three days!]

Twenty-three thousand?

Haha, it was not even as good as her four million!

[However, the host, you now have 100 peach blossom value, you can exchange for a small surprise gift package, maybe you can get what you want!]

The system secretly recommended the peach blossom value gift bag in the corner. To be honest, Ye Yunxi really didn’t understand what this peach blossom value gift bag was for.

If it was like a lottery, it was not bad to try to get the auction money.

But, it better not be a pit…

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