CFCS Ch. 214.1: Road to Immortality (3)

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Although Xiao Liangqi was saddened by the sudden death of his wife, he knew that his wife’s death must be related to the city lord of Heming City, but he couldn’t do anything, and he couldn’t even refuse to marry Lan Manzi.

He didn’t actually like Lan Manzi in his heart, but in order not to involve his family, and for his own future, he still married her with the idea of wanting to live a good life with Lan Manzi. But after getting married, he then realized how bad Lan Manzi’s temper and character actually were, and he had no other way but to endure it, which made him miss his tender and considerate deceased wife even more.

Xiao Liangqi was not the eldest son, he had two older brothers who were better than him in every aspect, but Lan Manzi was married to Xiao Liangqi, so Lan Manzi’s father and herself could not do nothing and let Xiao Liangqi continue to be ordinary.

So, a few years after Xiao Ling was born, Xiao Liangqi directly passed over his two older brothers and became the head of the Xiao family, and they gave way to him because their father was still alive.

As the time the two having been married passed, Xiao Liangqi hated Lan Manzi more and more in his heart, but he had to pretend to be nice to her, so only Lan Manzi was immersed in the false love of a loving couple.

Lan Manzi’s married life could be said to be satisfactory, because of her prominent family background, no one in the spiritual world dared to offend her, and people from the four major families also flattered her in various ways. The only existence that made her feel unsightly and which could not be ignored was the original owner, not only because the original owner occupied the identity of the eldest son, but also because of his face that was too similar to his mother, which made her feel very annoyed.

It was not that she never thought about removing the original owner, but although Xiao Liangqi failed to protect the original wife, he did his best to protect the son of his deceased wife. Because he always felt that Xiao Ling was probably not his own, so he had the original owner as his only son. It was not until Xiao Ling grew up and he could see that he was a little like him, that he somewhat dispelled his doubts.

Xiao Liangqi had a big fight with Lan Manzi because he found out that Lan Manzi wanted to harm the original owner. That was the first time they quarreled after they got married. Lan Manzi had never been so angry, so she went back to her parents’ house to complain.

Lan Manzi’s mother advised her not to care too much about the original owner. If the original owner hurt their relationship between husband and wife, it would be bad. It was just a child, so what if he grew up safely? In the future, the position of the head of the Xiao family would definitely be inherited by Xiao Ling. The identity of the eldest son of the original owner would not bring him any benefits.

Lan Manzi listened to her mother’s advice and no longer secretly tried to harm the original owner, but she did not stop framing the original owner in other ways, such as destroying his reputation, hindering his cultivation, and making him inferior to Xiao Ling in every way. Doing this, she felt comfortable.

Lan Manzi’s eldest sister was called Lan Manqing, and she was much older than her. Because she was accepted as an apprentice by the owner of Zhu Yang Island, she had cultivated to become an immortal. This was an extremely honorable thing for the Lan family. It was precisely because their Lan family already had an ancestor who had become a god, and the eldest daughter was the only female apprentice of the owner of Zhu Yang Island, that almost no one in the immortal realm dared to provoke them.

Bai Guang, the owner of Zhu Yang Island, was the first immortal in this world to become a god. No one knew how old he was, but other immortals who later became gods were not as powerful as him. Zhu Yang Island was also known as the first immortal island. It was surrounded by immortal energy, and there were various immortal beasts and immortal fruits which could only be found on that Island. If you could live on it for a few years, it would be of great help to the growth of spiritual power. If you are lucky, you could also directly cultivate to become an immortal, so the most important thing on Zhu Yang Island was the person who was cultivating to become an immortal.

Lan Manzi begged her parents for several years, and finally let her parents persuade her eldest sister to agree to bring her son to Zhu ang Island.

It was just that in the past life, only Xiao Ling went to Zhu Yang Island alone. Generally, the longer he went to Zhu Yang Island for, the higher his cultivation should be, so when Xiao Ling came back after ten years, although Xiao Ling did not become an immortal cultivator after returning, he was already a spiritual cultivator with a very high level of cultivation. He had a prominent grandfather’s family and a mother who planned for him wholeheartedly. The problem was that he couldn’t cultivate to become an immortal, but there was no problem in accumulating spiritual power with various treasures to become an immortal.

Xiao Ling had always looked down on Xiao Jing before, but after returning from Zhu Yang Island, because he had a higher spiritual power than his father, sometimes he didn’t even care about his father, let alone Xiao Jing. He used various means to rectify Xiao Jing, trying to kill Xiao Jing again and again, and Xiao Liangqi failed to protect him, wherein finally Xiao Jing died in Xiao Ling’s hands.

However, this life seemed to be different from the previous life. There was actually news from Zhu Yang Island, because Zhu Yang Island was recruiting disciples this year, and an exception was made so that the southern border could send five teenagers who met the requirements.

The owner of Zhu Yang Island had said many years ago that he would only accept ten apprentices in his life, and now the position of the ten apprentices had been filled, so he would not accept any more apprentices. And among his ten apprentices, no one knew who the the eldest apprentice was, but the other nine were all famous immortals. And the apprentices of the island owner of Zhu Yang Island were not allowed to accept apprentices without his consent, so it was not a simple matter to become the apprentices of the apprentices of the island owner of Zhu Yang Island.

However, Zhu Yang Island would accept a batch of apprentices every few years. Such apprentices were not officially accepted apprentices, and they were completely different from apprentices who were actually recorded in the apprentice roster. Teaching disciples was actually doing the work of servants on the island, because Zhu Yang Island was very large and there were all kinds of chores that needed to be done, but very few could still be officially accepted as apprentices. But even so, there were countless immortal cultivators who were willing to go to Zhu Yang Island to do servant work.

However, they had only selected five disciples in the spiritual realm before, but this time they chose five disciples from the southern realm of the spiritual realm. People from the four major families thought that it was because Lan Manzi’s sister was the apprentice of Zhu Yang Island’s Island master, so they only had the opportunity to send their child to Zhu Yang Island because of her, which was something impossible to ask for, therefore they were even more flattering to Lan Manzi.

Lan Manzi didn’t know why there were so many more places suddenly, but she didn’t want Xiao Jing to go to Zhuyang Island with her son, so she put a tasteless wine in Xiao Jing’s food. Tasteless wine was not a kind of wine, but a kind of medicine, and after eating it, you would sleep like drunk for more than ten days in a row, and you would feel unpleasant like suffering from a hangover after waking up, so it was called tasteless wine.

But Lan Manzi didn’t expect that because of Jing Yang’s rebirth, her plan was broken. Jing Yang not only woke up in time, but also became the person who had to be sent to Zhu Yang Island. Even if Lan Manzi wanted him to stay, she couldn’t do it.

Jing Yang opened his eyes, and after understanding everything, he needed to think about some questions, that was why only Xiao Ling went to Zhu Yang Island in his previous life, but five people were going to Zhu Yang Island in this life. Moreover, in the previous life, the head attendant of Zhu Yang Island did not personally bring the jade pendant to confirm the persons to be sent to Zhu Yang Island. The process of selecting disciples in Zhu Yang Island was not like this. Why was this life different?

Jing Yang thought of a possible person who could change the direction of the world. Besides him, for the outsider, the most likely person was his lover. So, his lover was likely to be on Zhu Yang Island, so he must go.

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