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In the backs, Jiang Zheng and Ji Muye were left alone with their confused faces.

The two looked back and saw the eldest Miss Tan Wu.

The two hurriedly knelt down with a thud, and the surroundings were silent, except for the panting sounds of the zombies.

#I go. The eldest lady is actually the zombie king?

#The reaction is so fast, I almost missed it.

Jiang Zheng was lying on the ground, suddenly there was a commotion behind her, and the zombies beside her knelt to both sides, she quickly followed and knelt over.

A pair of red shoes moved from far to near, and a blood-like red skirt swayed in front of her eyes. Tan Wu looked at the two people in the iron frame coldly, suddenly her face changed, and she raised her head and giggled. She laughed so hard that her hair stood on end, and other people’s back started sweating.

“The spring grass is blooming, but there are no butterflies flying. The quiet spring is quiet, and the old mother is nowhere to be seen.”

#eldest miss died at the hands of her husband, and I’m afraid her mother also died the same way.

#Who killed her mother?

#Aigoo, Zombie King can not only sing, but also cry?

#Why is she crying against the iron frame?

It was the first time that Liang Xiaoduan and He Xiao met the eldest Miss Tan Wu. This woman was charming and full of terrifying temperament. The most terrifying thing was that there was a black bloody hole in her chest, which made people tremble.

What was she crying for? Was it to shed the tears of the legendary crocodile before eating them?

Who knew that Tan Wu had no interest in them at all, she just turned around and walked over, floating in the direction of the City Lord’s Mansion.

The zombie group immediately turned around and followed.

Jiang Zheng and Ji Muye were carried and rolled and had to run after them.

Liang Xiaoduan and He Xiao looked at each other, not knowing what happened.

#Hahahaha Zombie King mighty.

#Two bosses are having a hard time pretending to be dead, they made me laugh to death.

#Is the mother-killing enemy in the City Lord’s Mansion?

#Doesn’t anyone find that Xiao Chengkui fell asleep in the dungeon of the City Lord’s Mansion? He and Ke Cancan made money too easily this time.

Suddenly there was only a large iron cage and two living people left on the street.

He Xiao said lightly: “You can let me go.”

Liang Xiaoduan hurriedly pulled herself off He Xiao’s body and said apologetically, “I’m sorry. Your neck is red.”

The two quickly opened the iron frame with the key and chased after them.

The roaring zombie group surrounded the city lord’s mansion with black pressure.

The director was very happy, as they had finally come to the high point and the tide of the plot. This time, he hoped Jiang Zheng and Ji Muye would not do any more stupid things. He didn’t want to be led by these two bosses anymore.

Zombies overwhelmed the mansion, and the guests in the mansion, dressed in gold and silver, panicked and surrounded the third lady, begging her to find a way.

The third lady raised the baby high, “This is the son of God given to us by the Mountain God. With him, the zombies outside dare not take a step inside.”

The baby’s cry suddenly sounded, and the guests knelt down and shouted for help. At the same time, they threw the gold and silver jewelry on their body at the feet of the third lady, vowing to use their life to support the “Son of God” who could exorcise the devil.

Jiang Zheng and Ji Muye huddled silently in the zombie group, as the voice of the third lady came out. They glanced at each other, and there was a high probability that the third lady was the one who hung out with people in the mountain temple. In order to hide from the public, she pushed the child as the son of the god bestowed upon her by the mountain god.

This point was mutually confirmed with the lyrics sung by the eldest Miss Tan Wu.

Jiang Zheng suddenly found that the zombies crowded in front of the city lord’s mansion seemed to be afraid of something.

Ji Muye obviously noticed this too. After careful observation, he found that they seemed to have scruples about the grass planted under the wall of the city lord’s mansion.

Jiang Zheng suddenly remembered the place where they escaped from the back wall of the City Lord’s Mansion. The grass was also planted underneath. He thought it was for safety, but now it seemed to be another plot point arranged by the director.

At this moment, Miss Tan Wu flew over the wall and stood on the eaves.

She let out a jeering laugh, walked to the edge of the eaves, sat down, and dangled her legs to the ground, staring at the people who had been frightened stupid.

“Son of God?” Tan Wu laughed, “As soon as the spring wind and rain meet, there are countless people in the world. Third lady, the green hat you put on my father is really beautiful and poetic.”

The third lady’s face changed, ” You devil, you have lost your mind, stop talking nonsense.”

The front yard was tearing up, Jiang Zheng and Ji Muye secretly exited the zombie group and went around the wall to the outer wall of the boudoir.

Unexpectedly, there were also zombies standing there.

#Hahahaha Did you find out that the director of “Terror City” has obsessive-compulsive disorder. He had to arrange so many group performances when he said that the zombies are surrounded by mansions.

#Funds are burning! Lots of zombies with lunch boxes (pun intended).

#The director dug a hole for the guests again.

The group of NPCs standing outside the back wall were also a little confused. They were just zombies, but they never expected to have a face-to-face collision with the guests.

And the other party was wearing the same clothes as them. It was really the same service and different salary.

Sure enough, the same grass as the front yard was planted under the yard wall, and the white rope that they had escaped with was still there.

Ji Muye walked over as if there was no one around, grabbed the rope and tried it, it worked.

When Jiang Zheng was about to follow him, a zombie grabbed her and shouted zombie language for a long time, pointing to the grass on the ground, meaning that we are all zombies and cannot step over.

Jiang Zheng smiled slightly, “I’m sorry. I’m a living person.”

She stepped on the green grass, and the zombie wanted to catch it, but came up empty.

The NPCs watched helplessly as the two climbed up the white rope. The director said that the plot setting in “Terror City” was the basic rule, and no one was allowed to violate it. So guests could step across the grass, they couldn’t.

Returning to the City Lord’s Mansion again, the two went straight to the third lady’s room.

Unlike anywhere else, it was full of lingering herbal flavors. The yard was full of various herbs, as well as dried herb slices, and various herbal books were placed on the bookshelf in the room. It seemed that she should be a veteran in medicine.

Jiang Zheng carefully observed the herbs planted by the third lady in the yard, and one of the unknown herbs surrounded by a fence caught her attention.

At first glance, this herb was almost identical to the grass that could restrict the entry of zombies. But here the herbs had red hairs on the stems and white hairs on the outside.

While she was wondering, Ji Muye also found clues in the room. A yellowed book was hidden behind the dresser and was actually found by him.

There were two magical herbs recorded in the book.

A kind of confusing heart grass, whose leaves were slender and the stems were covered with red downy fur. It could disturb people’s nature, turn people into beasts, and make them take pleasure in gnawing at the same kind.

Another wake-up heart grass had slender leaves and white downy stalks. It could be eye-catching and calm, it could restore the mind, and the effect was fast and wonderful.

#Aahah finally found the key information.

#Third madam turned the eldest lady into a zombie with the use of confusing heart grass? But how did the eldest lady become the zombie king?

At this time, in the front yard, Miss Tan Wu jumped down from the eaves.

The guests were terrified. The third lady said that zombies could not get close to the city lord’s mansion. How did the devil get in?

At this moment, a man in black pushed the City Lord and walked out.

The guests knelt down in greeting.

The City Lord looked very handsome, but if you stared at him, he was expressionless. His eyes were looking straight ahead, and he was indifferent to the zombies screaming outside.

Tan Wu stared at her father miserably, “The third lady is still soft-hearted. You have turned so many people into devils, but you refuse to give him the pleasure.”

The third lady said blankly, “The eldest lady has eaten so many people, and you are improving day by day and your skills are growing, but I underestimated you.”

The two were tearing at each other when Jiang Zheng and Ji Muye silently walked over from behind.

The two of them walked over with three striking grasses with white fluff on their stalks each in their mouths.

Tan Wu scolded: “You robbed me of Ji Lang, I can’t spare you!” She reached out and grabbed Jiang Zheng.

The third lady was also furious at the same time, “Dare to ruin my good deeds.”

Jiang Zheng hurriedly took two steps back and shook her finger, “Don’t worry! Don’t panic!”

She smiled at Tan Wu very friendly.

At the moment when Tan Wu was stunned, Jiang Zheng pushed Ji Muye into her arms with all her strength, “Return your Ji Lang!”

Ji Muye: “…” I was abandoned.

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