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Ghost couple? Ji Muye said aggrieved: “My legs have gone weak.”

Jiang Zheng shouted without turning her head: “It will be soft again later.”

While speaking, the two rushed out of the courtyard, the bamboo forests on both sides were rustling, and the sunlight was cut into pieces. Fragments of light fell on the ground and on their shoulders.

#Hahahahahahaha Jiang gang dislikes you.

#soft? Jiang Zheng, do you dare to say that my brother Ji is soft? I’m going to take a breather.

#Your brother Ji is always dragging his feet. If it weren’t for my sister Zheng’s wit, he would have been captured and eaten by the eldest lady.

#two fans can you not pinch as soon as you come?

The director watched Jiang Zheng and Ji Muye destroy the plot points he had set in advance, and his whole person fell into a daze. At this time, the deputy director came over and said excitedly: “Director, the ratings of “Terror City” have exploded. The barrage has also exploded. Many Weibo accounts are spontaneously recommending and attracting traffic.”

Even the guests in the early stage of “Terror City” all hid and didn’t say it. When the shooting started, a notice-style propaganda was sent through the official blog, and there was only one sentence: If you were in the city, would you be able to escape?

With this, they tried to hang the audience’s interest.

Less than half a day after the broadcast, more than 500,000 netizens were watching it online. Excellent production, dedicated NPCs, rare story topics and six guests, especially Jiang Zheng and Ji Muye, two guests who were online with both traffic and acting skills, had increased the number of viewers by a multiplier. Of course, fans from several parties were mixed together, and it was normal to start a small storm from time to time. In particular, the fans of Jiang Zheng and Ji Muye did not deal well with each other at first. Although their main owners  had cooperated in “Dongnu Country”, in the hearts of fans of both parties, especially the black fans, the two of them should not have any involvement at all.

In any case, there were disputes, discussions, and strife, so there were topics. Fans on both sides were well aware of this.

After the director heard it, he wanted to laugh and cry. Laugh for the ratings and cry for the two big bugs.

The actor playing Miss Tan Wu’s role was dizzy, and she finally stood still when she heard the director’s voice in the earplugs: “Start plan- B.”

On the other side, Jiang Zheng and Ji Muye rushed out of the alley and came to Ping’an Square on Main Street.

The two quietly wiped the wall and looked over, not far away, a group of zombies were crowding around a huge iron cage. When the two of them came to the side courtyard just now, they saw this iron cage. They thought that if this was not important information, the program crew would not spend a lot of money to make such a big cage. Sure enough it was important.

Afterwards, Miss Tan Wu chased after them, and in front of them there were zombies blocking the way. They were at a dead end.

Director: Huh. What will you do? Are you overwhelmed by my wonderful design?

#Or just rush over, anyway, everyone knows that these zombies are played by people, but they look terrible and can’t eat people.

#Is the front one stupid? Story logic gone?

#Ah ah ah eldest lady floated over.

Jiang Zheng and Ji Muye looked at each other at the same time, and at the same time picked up the bloody clothes that had been thrown on the ground by someone, and quickly put them on.

The director was so angry that he shouted: “Who is doing nothing and throwing things on the ground?”

The person in charge of the props team choked, “Director, you asked us to increase the atmosphere and pay attention to the details. Zombies only eat meat and do not eat clothes, so there will be a lot of bloody clothes on the ground.”

Director: “…………”

#Hahahaha what are they going to do? They won’t be a zombie?

#God turning!

#jiangzheng and ji muye pick up bloody clothes at the same time, what kind of synchronization is this? So tacit.

#hey-hey. I have a super sense of cp, now I know.

Jiang Zheng not only put on the bloody clothes, but also wiped her palm on the ground, stained with ashes and blood, and reached out to smear Ji Muye’s face.

Not only that, but she also smothered herself.

The two squatted on the ground and acted ugly regardless of their status, which made fans admire them again.

The next second, Jiang Zheng stood up, stumbled, staggered, her arms were drooping, she learned in the walking posture of zombies, and rushed towards the group of zombies.

Ji Muye held back his smile and followed.

#Hahahaha zombies, please pay attention to someone trying to lurk!


#Director is going to smoke with anger. Totally out of control.

However, it still required a certain amount of concentration to squeeze into the zombie group. After all, all you saw were bloody wounds, and the pungent bloody smell was disgusting.

Ji Muye protected Jiang Zheng in his arms and squeezed it in despite the smell.

Zombie NPCs: ?

A zombie’s eyeball hung on its face like a burst of pulp. “It” slowly turned its head and stared at the two intruders… At the same time, other zombies stared at them panting.

Jiang Zheng felt a chill on her back. Suddenly, Ji Muye bared his teeth at them, and screamed fiercely.

Zombie NPCs: ??

#Hahahaha not only pretend to walk, but also pretend to eat people.

#too talented. The two bosses learned from zombies with sincerity.

#Who is the real zombie?

Rushing to the front, Jiang Zheng calmly saw that there were two acquaintances locked in the huge iron cage.

In the middle of the iron cage, Liang Xiaoduan hugged He Xiao’s neck tightly, and her whole body hung on him… The iron cage was surrounded by zombies, and their bloody hands passed through the iron bars, trying to grab the two living people to eat them. Fortunately, the iron cage was big enough, but He Xiao was forced to hug Liang Xiaoduan in the middle. No matter how the zombies stretched out their hands, they couldn’t reach them.

It was just that the faces of both of them were very ugly.

#Liang Xiaoduan has been crying since the beginning. Poor baby.

#He Xiao was almost strangled to death by Liang Xiaoduan.

#Can you stop laughing at my little milkyin? If you do it, I’m afraid you would be scared enough to pee.

Liang Xiaoduan turned back and asked the cameraman tremblingly, “Can we surrender directly?”

The cameraman finally responded this time and shook his head slightly.

Liang Xiaoduan pouted and wanted to cry again, but she suddenly saw that the two zombies on the opposite side looked familiar.

He Xiao held the iron cage’s key in his hand, and just after they rushed out of the city lord’s mansion, they were chased by these zombies like bereaved dogs. Then they somehow rushed into this alley and saw this iron frame. Liang Xiaoduan was so frightened that she got straight in, and he had to follow. Then the two became animals surrounded by zombies.

Fortunately, before the zombies arrived, he locked the iron cage and hid the key, otherwise he would die unsightly.

Just when he was trying to escape in a cold sweat, he suddenly heard a sharp cry from Liang Xiaoduan in his arms, “Ah, sister Zheng, brother Mu, you guys, have you been eaten by zombies?”

He Xiao: “…”

Jiang Zheng and Ji Muye: “…”

#Hahahahahaha Xiaomayin’s brain circuit is also drunk.

#For a while, the cp master calls them husband and wife, and for a while, the cp master turns into a zombie. Heaven and hell are changing rapidly, so pitiful.

#I saw He Xiao’s mouth twitching.

Liang Xiaoduan’s cry was so loud that the zombies turned their heads in unison, staring at Jiang Zheng and Ji Muye.

Jiang Zheng blinked quickly at Liang Xiaoduan and He Xiao, then frantically grabbed the iron railings and screamed, and even imitated the movements of zombies and stretched out her bloody hand to grab the “food” in the iron frame.

He Xiao was overjoyed, the rescuer had come.

Only then did Liang Xiaoduan react, and she cried more and more aggrievedly.

However, she hadn’t been happy for three seconds when all the zombies suddenly felt like they were in danger, and they all knelt down and shivered.

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