SN Ch. 56

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Ruan Jia was stunned, chills surging through her spine.

The black car door slammed shut, and the corners of the door were sharp. She still maintained the posture of wanting to fall on Huo Yunshen, when a bloody mark was scratched on her calf.

Ruan Jia’s face went pale, and she cried out in pain, trying to gain some sympathy, but did not move.

The car really didn’t leave, and the door was opened again after a few seconds. Ruan Jia’s heart skipped a beat and she looked over with hope, only to see the man’s sinister face buried in the shadows, indescribably gloomy and violent.

Min Jing hurried down from the front seat and grabbed a few disinfectant wipes that had just been unpacked.

Seeing Ruan Jia at this moment, he was also particularly displeased, he waved away coldly, then squatted down and wiped the corner of the car that had scratched her leg repeatedly.

Shit, it’s such a bad thing.

Brother Shen’s expression just now scared him to death. He didn’t need to speak. He knew that Brother Shen was disgusted. The flight was imminent, and it was too late to change cars.

It was his fault, he was blind and couldn’t see clearly, so he didn’t drive people away immediately.

After Min Jing got back to the car after wiping, seeing Huo Yunshen taking off his suit in the back row and throwing it aside, he half-closed his eyes and said in a low voice, “The sleeve has been touched, so I threw it somewhere, and it will be replaced next time.”

Min Jing replied with a nod.

Waiting for the next issue, it must be because he was afraid that the temporary guest change in this issue would increase the workload of his wife.

As for throwing clothes, it was quite normal. There were countless women who wanted to stick to Brother Shen in the past two years. Most of them couldn’t even get close. Occasionally, if they accidentally touched his things, they all had to be replaced without exception.

Brother Shen’s cleanliness obsession in this regard was quite extreme.

Min Jing sighed, saying that was actually not right, as long as it was related to Yun Qing, Brother Shen was extreme in everything, which was a mere aspect of his personality.

Zhuning County was a popular tourist destination in recent years. The airport was newly built, and they could fly directly back to Haicheng and then move to New York at the fastest speed. The major shareholder and several senior executives of the group had already passed by this time, waiting to meet.

Min Jing walked fast and followed Huo Yunshen steadily, feeling a little uneasy.

The Huo family used to focus on the European and American markets overseas, but as the old man got older, the ability of his children and grandchildren was far less than his. He had no time to take into account the European and American markets and thus their market share had been swallowed up a lot.

After Brother Shen took power, he recovered the European market within a year, expanded strongly, and took a few opponents to secure his position. Starting this year, it would be the time to snatch the lifeblood of the United States.

This time he was going to New York to discuss the cooperation with Bo Lun. It was a plan that was determined after many twists and turns. It was related to the top priority of Huo’s development throughout the year. At least two big consortiums were eyeing them. Although they could not compete with Huo Corporation’s financial resources, they couldn’t be underestimated, otherwise Brother Shen would not undertake it personally.

But there was such a delay, he was afraid the board of directors would talk quietly about Brother Shen’s marriage again.

Those old men only cared about the interests of the group, and they had been waiting for the news of Yun Qing’s death to be confirmed, so that Huo Yunshen could enter into a powerful marriage.

Brother Shen would also use this contract with Bo Lun to block everyone’s mouth.

On the international flight, Huo Yunshen didn’t rest the whole time, and quickly flipped through the documents at hand.

Min Jing reminded softly: “Brother, take some rest, there are still three hours left, and you have to meet the people from Bo Lun when you land.”


Min Jing did not dare to come out.

Originally, he still had some downtime when he reached New York to have rest, but now that the time had been given to his wife, he could only compress himself.

Twenty minutes before the plane arrived, Huo Yunshen repeated the preparations, put on the computer, pinched his eyebrows with his long fingers, and heard Yan Qing’s last sweet kitten meow.

His Adam’s apple rolled, and he tilted his head to look out the window at the rolling clouds.

Separation was like cutting off the vine that was entangled with her, a terrifying sense of emptiness which made him feel out of control.

He couldn’t help thinking of her.

If he didn’t work all the time, he couldn’t help the fears hidden in his bones, and he would rush back and tie her to his side, so that she could not be peeled off for even one second.

As soon as he landed, Huo Yunshen dialled Yan Qing’s phone, and she picked it up, and said with a slightly hoarse voice: “Shen Shen, you’re there.”

He was extremely sensitive: “Are you uncomfortable? Why is your voice hoarse?”

“No, that’s what it’s always like,” Yan Qing said lightly, “I’ve been recording the show for several hours, I’m so tired, I want to rest, you should be busy as soon you arrive, right? I won’t disturb you for now. I’ll wait until you’re done.”

Hanging up the phone, Yan Qing sat in the small courtyard of the show crew, wiped the corners of her eyes, and took a deep breath.

Lin Yuan’s brows knitted together: “Are you sure you won’t tell Mr. Huo? If he comes forward, it will be more effective than if we say a few hundred sentences, especially with these kinds of photos. If he doesn’t clarify, you can’t open your mouth, it’s too bad for you.”

Yan Qing shook her head without hesitation: “He just landed and has important work to do. If I tell him these messy little things now, how can he be reassured? Compared to his contract, my trouble is nothing.”

After she finished speaking, a certain software’s automatic push news popped up on the top of the phone, the headline was eye-catching, and it was more bottomless than when the incident occurred.

“Affectionate couple is in a hurry! Mr. Huo is suspected of falling in love with the popular traffic flower Ruan Jia, and Yan Qing may face the end of divorce.”

Lin Yuan scolded coldly: “I knew she was going to be a demon, but I didn’t expect her to be finished in a day. She can be shameless like this and dare to stick to Mr. Huo! Not only did she get close to Mr. Huo’s body, but she also dared to get herself wounded with a sinister trick, the ghost knows how she did it!”

In this issue of life, they were going to return to nature. The guests teamed up with each other to complete the life of three days and two nights, ate three meals a day by themselves, and complete the creation in the process.

At the beginning of the recording, the guests were asked to go to the mountains to find usable ingredients. Ruan Jia privately took the initiative to find Yan Qing to form a team.

The program team was first blown away by the latest news.

There were pictures and text in the revelations, describing in detail the opening of the first issue of “Song of the Night” today. Mr. Huo and Yan Qing arrived at the recording site at the same time. After that, Mr. Huo left, but had an affair with another guest of this issue, Ruan Jia, in the parking lot.

The accompanying photo was obviously a candid shot, but the angle was very good. It captured the moment when Ruan Jia leaned on Mr. Huo. The man in the picture was tall, the woman was delicate, and the posture was extremely intimate.

There was a commotion on the Internet, and after being shocked, all of them ridiculed Yan Qing, laughing at how pitiful she was as a substitute. As soon as Mr. Huo left, he accepted other women from the back. Mr. Huo didn’t take her seriously at all. She was like a pet, just dote on her when he’s in a good mood. While she really treated herself as Mrs. Huo.

Before Yan Qing could digest the revelations, Ruan Jia, who was in the same group with her, suddenly leaned towards her, and then fell down screaming, crying and glaring at her: “How can you hurt someone!”

Because in the process of searching for ingredients, Yan Qing was holding a small shovel in his hand, but Ruan Jia used it at this time, and just put the cut on her leg on her.

This scene was naturally “just” filmed again and quickly posted on the Internet.

For a while, Yan Qing became angry, and the malicious and hurtful news spread like wildfire at the recording site, and accompanied by the “accidentally” leaked photos of Ruan Jia’s leg injury, the blood on the fair skin looked particularly hideous.

Ruan Jia was popular, had countless fans, and they couldn’t wait to tear up Yan Qing.

It was less than twenty-four hours after Yan Qing arrived in “Song of the Night” and she became the target of the mad attack.

Her Weibo was controlled by Lin Yuan. Lin Yuan flipped through the latest private messages and was blinded by the black-and-white photos and unsightly dirty and malicious words. She didn’t dare to think how he would react when Mr. Huo got to know about it.

Lin Yuan said in a deep voice: “Don’t panic, our people are already accusing and criticizing. I will use your name to post Weibo first, declaring that the green tea bitch’s leg injury has nothing to do with you, but the ambiguous photos… Mr. Huo is the party involved, if he does not speak up, you are not fit to intervene.”

She slowed down: “Qingbao, I still hope that you will inform Mr. Huo and ask clearly what’s going on.”

Lin Yuan was a little worried. Although the possibility was extremely low, if it was true…

Yan Qing took a deep breath, rubbed the tip of her nose that was involuntarily reddened, and stood up from the chair: “What are you asking, is he cheating? He can’t stand this, so he will charter a plane to come back immediately. Besides, I didn’t panic, I, his wife don’t even have that kind of determination, she’s just waiting for people to see my jokes.”

She pushed open the door of the small yard and walked straight to the chaotic shooting scene not far away. Ruan Jia was inside, crying and asking the assistant to apply medicine and letting someone shoot her.

Yan Qing pursed her lips coldly. Damn, did her husband let such a person touch him?

Others may be tolerated. She was used to the scolding on the Internet, but Huo Yunshen was implicated, and she did not deserve to be Mrs. Huo if she did not face her back!

Yan Qing walked into the crowd aggressively, and when there were less than five meters left, a figure was faster than her, suddenly rushed into the encirclement, dropped the mobile phones one by one, turned her head and stepped in front of Ruan Jia, and picked up a beside her. The medical alcohol for sterilizing the bottle was poured on Ruan Jia.

“Would you like a face?”

“My mother thinks you’re getting your hands dirty when you pump it. This bottle of alcohol has been poured on you for eight lifetimes of blood and mould!”

“Your mother didn’t teach you etiquette and integrity? You ripped off your face and threw it everywhere, and you’re not afraid of polluting the environment!”

“You like a married man, don’t you take care of your own virtues first, look at your pores that can thread a needle, how dare you pretend to be a gentleman? Aren’t you afraid of blinding Mr. Huo’s eyes!”

The audience was sluggish and the air condensed, no one expected such a horrifying scene.

The filming was on hold, the cameras were turned off early, and the phones were all knocked out, everyone was caught off guard.

Ruan Jia was mad, still forcibly maintaining the character, crying: “You…”

“How dare you talk nonsense, shut your stinky mouth! I tell you, your leg has been hurt long ago! Don’t think I didn’t see it!”

Ruan Jia’s expression changed.

Yan Qing really stunned her, she was stuck outside the crowd, and wasn’t going back.

The words she thought about seemed to be very powerful, but they had no fighting power in front of this sister.

But the problem was, the one who helped her swear was Xu Mohan who had targeted her more than once on the Internet before. The key target was to watch out for. How did she become a powerful ally in the blink of an eye?

Xu Mohan rolled her long hair, rolled her eyes at Ruan Jia, turned her head to see Yan Qing, walked towards her quickly, dragged her to a corner by the confusion, stared at her face and looked at her carefully.

After watching for a few seconds, Xu Mohan’s eyes suddenly flushed, and she hugged her and whimpered: “It’s really my little Yun Qing.”

“…You are?!”

“You have forgotten me,” Xu Mohan couldn’t help crying, “I was your best friend in college. Every time you sneaked off to date Huo Yunshen in class, I secretly helped you by writing a fake note!”

Yan Qing was bombarded by a sudden old friend and stayed for a long time: “…Then also you were still picking things up on Weibo!”

Xu Mohan cried: “That’s helping you! Mr. Huo told me to hold back from looking for you and pretend to be a villain first, in order to expand the effect of “Qingsi” and your live broadcast. The counterattack is even better! Do I dare not listen to his words?”

Yan Qing clasped her hands together, no wonder…

No wonder Xu Mohan provoked her many times, Huo Yunshen endured it, and still wanted her to participate in this show.

It turned out that he silently paved the way for her.

“Not only do I dare not now, before, he was just an ordinary person who came to school to pick you up on a heavy motorcycle, and I also dare not now…”

Xu Mohan’s voice became lower.

“I’ve known for a long time that he takes you more than his life, so I don’t believe the ghosts when Ruan Jia broke the news. With a person like him, he will never break his heart for you, and replace it with anyone else. In his eyes, others don’t exist at all.”

Yan Qing looked at Xu Mohan, her unfamiliar face was vaguely becoming amiable.

Through her, Yan Qing saw in a trance that pear blossoms were falling at the entrance of the university. A tall slender boy dressed in black with sharp features, Huo Yunshen stood under the flowers, smiled at her and opened his arms, calling her “Qingqing”.

This sudden memory made Yan Qing want to cry, but she was extremely happy. She had been dreaming a lot lately, and she could always see Shenshen, was there any hope of recovery…

When she was eager to recall it, she suddenly felt a sudden change in her head, a sharp pain.

Yan Qing was in so much pain that the cold sweat overflowed, she let out all her strength, and squatted down slowly while covering her forehead.

In the private living room on the top floor of the hotel, Huo Yunshen got up from the soft chair and didn’t show any concern for the young boss of Bo Lun in front of him. He simply nodded and left.

“Mr. Huo, shall we continue tomorrow?”

Huo Yunshen stopped and glanced back slightly: “I can, but it depends on your sincerity.”

The door was opened silently, Huo Yunshen stepped on the soft carpet, and the major shareholder who followed closely behind lowered his voice. “Mr. Huo, Bo Lun is too tight on the price. It’s a tough battle. Whether we can sign it or not will depend on tomorrow.”

Huo Yunshen gave him a deep look and said nothing, then waved to Min Jing, who skilfully dispersed the group of entourage and accompanied him to the door of the room where he was staying.

“How is it in China?”

Min Jing paused, and realized that Brother Shen was asking about Yan Qing, but all his energy was focused on this interview with Bo Lun.

He replied in a low voice: “It’s all good.”

He said that, still inexplicably worried, and planned to confirm immediately when Brother Shen rested.

Huo Yunshen entered the room. Outside the floor-to-ceiling window was the bustling night of an unfamiliar city. He turned on his mobile phone and received no news from Qingqing. His fingertips froze. He checked the time and called her.

No one responded.

His chest tightened uncontrollably, and he immediately dialled it a second time. When the busy tone came from the receiver again, the standby computer on the desk suddenly sounded a prompt tone, and an anonymous new email popped up in the lower right corner.

Huo Yunshen’s eyes swept over, his pupils shrank for a moment.

His official email address was not data, nor was it in formulaic English.

The title had only two words, Qingqing.

Huo Yunshen stared at the name with a premonition that the most vulnerable nerve in his brain would be pulled to its limit in just a moment, and was being strangled by some kind of overwhelming suffocation.

He stared at it for more than ten seconds, then moved the mouse over and clicked on it.

There was a sentence in it: “Your Qingqing is so beautiful.”

In addition, two video files were attached.

Huo Yunshen felt a tearing pain from the corner of his eyes, his five fingers clenched the mouse to pieces, and the cursor finally landed on the play button of the video, and the picture immediately filled the entire screen.

Not the current Yan Qing.

It was Yun Qing from three years ago. She still had the immaturity of a young girl. Her head was tied with a headband that he had chosen himself. Huo Linchuan pinched her delicate cheeks fiercely. With one hand, the man threw her away angrily against the wall. Her head hit the corner of the table, as she hugged her knees and slowly curled up, crying and calling “Yunshen”.

The next auto-play showed the thin Yun Qing trapped on a medical bed, with an instrument attached to her head, and being forcibly given medicine by several fully armed nurses. She coughed violently and vomited blood from the corner of her mouth. While her clear voice turned hoarse.

Black screen.

Nothing else.

Before Min Jing left, he stood in the corridor outside Huo Yunshen’s room, looking at the flood of news on the Internet with a pale face.

His heart sank to the bottom of the valley, and he didn’t dare to hide it. He tried his best to speak. From the sound-insulated door, there was an earth-shattering loud noise, as if some heavy thing was smashed into pieces.

Min Jing’s blood was stagnant, and he jumped up and slapped the doorbell.

After a few minutes which seemed a year, the door was opened, and he met a pair of blood-red eyes in horror, and what squeezed into his ears was Huo Yun’s deeply distorted voice: “Return to China.”

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