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Min Jing had not seen Huo Yunshen like this for too long. The last time he witnessed it was the day Yun Qing’s death announcement was delivered to him.

He thought that Brother Shen was angry because he saw the scandal on the Internet, but at the moment, he knew that something was wrong. No matter how hateful those things were, they would not let Brother Shen get this out of control.

Min Jing was so suppressed that he couldn’t breathe, and said sternly, “Brother, it’s almost midnight now, and tomorrow you have to continue negotiating with the people from Bo Lun…”

He knew how important Bo Lun’s contract was.

Once a mistake occurred, it was likely to bring huge losses to the Huo family, and was equivalent to giving up the US market halfway.

If his power was shaken, it was difficult to predict what would happen to the situation.

Huo Yunshen’s supreme position, from the first day he sat up, was to cook oil on fire, and it was not easy for a minute to pass.

Huo Yunshen’s brows were fierce and pressing, and he repeated sharply: “We have to go back to China now, don’t let me say it a third time!”

Min Jing took a half step back, gritted his teeth, and unconditionally carried out Huo Yunshen’s orders.

He firmly believed that Brother Shen’s decision must have a reason.

Min Jing didn’t delay any longer, and quickly implemented the itinerary. An hour and a half after the flight back to China, he raced against time to collect the items for Huo Yunshen. At a glance, he saw the overturned table, the broken mouse, and the email displayed on the computer screen.

His scalp exploded immediately, and he understood the root cause.

Sure enough, it was still about Yun Qing…

But Brother Shen was so determined, couldn’t he leave a day or even half a day of negotiation time?

When he came to New York this time, Huo Yunshen was accompanied by more than ten people, from major shareholders to special assistants. In the middle of the night, they were told that President Huo returned to China urgently, and the meeting with Bo Lun was cancelled tomorrow.

The faces of the group changed, the major shareholder jumped on the spot, and the entire hotel was as bright as day.

Bo Lun also got the news, and repeatedly came to confirm whether it was true or not. Min Jing took the pressure and gave affirmative answers again and again.

Before leaving, Huo Yunshen still had blood in his eyes: “What I do, it’s not up to you to oppose.”

The major shareholder stared at his back without any hesitation, and said, “Huo Yunshen, don’t forget. Knowing what background you have, the abandoned son could still climb to this position, there is no foundation for you to rely on, you are still being so reckless, if the contract with Bo Lun is in vain, you think you can sit on this position firmly?”

Huo Yunshen took a long step without stopping, and went straight to Airport.

Except for Min Jing who followed him closely, no one else was brought along.

“Check the source of the email!”


In the car, Huo Yunshen called Yan Qing’s phone for the third time. She finally picked it up after ringing for a long time. “I’m filming, why did you call me at this time, it should be midnight in the United States, haven’t you rested yet?”

Hearing her voice, Huo Yunshen’s tightly strangled heart breathed a trace of oxygen, but it caused more severe pain.

Her desperate hoarseness in the video overlapped with the fine-grained voice from the receiver.

Since the reunion, he had always known that Qingqing’s voice had changed. He had guessed countless reasons, but he hadn’t thought of the real one. It was those medicines that were poured into her mouth again and again, which abruptly injured her vocal cords.

Huo Yunshen’s knuckles in his hands were so tightly clenched that they protruded from the flesh.

He tried to act as normal as possible: “You didn’t send me a single message, I can’t rest.”

Yan Qing was sitting on the bed, she had a headache until she lost consciousness for a short time, and then she got better soon. At this moment, Xu Mohan and Lin Yuan were staring at her urgently. They were holding her head down, as if her body was disabled and were determined to make her act like a spoiled child: “I’m not free. You’re not busy, did the contract negotiation go well?”

Huo Yunshen said “well”: “It went well, I just miss you.”

Yan Qing didn’t know what was going on with him either. Recently, every time she had a headache and dizziness, she thought about him more and more, and instinctively longed to stick to him.

It was like… a sign of how little time was left.

She froze.

Bah, bah, what nonsense, it hurt stupid, if she knew this deeply, she must not be angry.

It’s just that her memory was stimulated, which caused a little mental weakness. She had also experienced pain in her temples so many times before. It was not unusual, it was just a normal reaction.

Yan Qing picked up the quilt, thinking about the nasty things on the Internet, as well as the dazzling gossip photos, and muttered, “I miss you too.”

She wanted her husband to come back soon and reveal the truth.

Otherwise… the ambiguous posture in that photo was dazzling to her eyes, and no matter how much she comforted herself, it would still be uncomfortable.

The car arrived at the airport at a high speed. Huo Yunshen did not mention his overnight return trip to Yan Qing. They hung up the phone and Huo Yunshen boarded the plane silently. In the roar of take-off, Min Jing glanced at his frozen profile, and his heart sank to the bottom of the valley.

It’s really gone, no contract with Bo Lun.

The boss left on the spot, how could it be possible to reach a cooperation.

What kind of storm would there be in the future, how should Brother Shen deal with it…

The bustling city was gradually turning into a light spot under his feet, Min Jing couldn’t stand it and asked: “Brother, the mail can’t be regarded as directed at your wife, it shouldn’t threaten her. Are you willing to give up Bo Lun?”

Not only did he give up Bo Lun, it was equivalent to giving up his absolute authority that he had maintained in the Huo family for a long time.

Huo Yunshen’s facial features sank in darkness: “So what if I give up?”

Min Jing was so anxious that he explained the importance of Bo Lun one by one, hoping that Brother Shen could make up for it.

However, the next moment, he heard Huo Yunshen’s indifferent words: “Who told you?”

Min Jing was startled.

Did this even need to be told? The meaning of Bo Lun, he followed Brother Shen every day and watched it with his own eyes.

But after a while, Min Jing’s scalp suddenly became numb and goosebumps exploded all over his body. He couldn’t help but change his tone: “Brother, what do you mean… that’s not the case?!”

Huo Yunshen’s eyes were burning with dark red fire.

“I never said that Bo Lun has any decisive significance for the Huo family.”

Min Jing broke out in a cold sweat. With the experience of life and death with Brother Shen, he reluctantly pieced together the whole story. Brother Shen did use the highest level of specifications. When it came to cooperating with Bo Lun, the entire Huo family had tightened their strings for this order, even including his personal assistant.

He was the person who knew Brother Shen the most, and he had automatically assigned Bo Lun the role of life and death in the US market. What about other shareholders and so many high-level executives? They were only more serious than him.

Brother Shen was a taciturn and violent doer, and no one would expect him to say more, so it was natural to believe that the contract with Bo Lun was irreplaceable.

Didn’t he analyse a bunch in private? What about others?

But the fact was that Brother Shen never said it himself.

Min Jing’s throat was hoarse, and he became faintly excited: “Brother, you did it on purpose from the very beginning?”

Huo Yunshen sneered: “It has been calm for too long, and some people can’t help it, if there is no dissent in today’s entourage, who can say why the timing of this mail was so precise.”

Min Jing got a big boost.

The board of directors were intimidated by the power and seemed to obey Brother Shen, but several major shareholders who had the right to speak were the old dependants of the Huo family, and most of them had supported Huo Linchuan.

Now through the matter of his wife, the name Huo Linchuan had begun to surface again, and people who may be related to him ha naturally arrived at this time to make a move.

In this case, Brother Shen pushed the boat along the way and took the initiative to give them the opportunity to expose.

Bo Lun was indeed important, but its role was to clear out dissidents, and he had never lost control of the life and death of Huo Corporation’s entire overseas market.

Min Jing’s chest swelled, and he took a deep breath and asked, “The email is specially sent, in order to make you lose control and lose the contract, is the scandal also…”

Huo Yunshen turned his head suddenly, and the cold light in his eyes cut through flesh and bones: “What scandal?”

Min Jing was stunned, overwhelmed by the premonition of death.

He was finished. He didn’t even have time to talk to Brother Shen about the Internet, and now he couldn’t do anything on the plane…

Min Jing bit the bullet, and every time he said a word, he saw Huo Yunshen’s fist tighten.

On the midnight flight, when Min Jing finished speaking, there was only a suffocating silence.

Huo Yunshen didn’t say a word, his eyes were fixed in the boundless darkness outside the window, unable to imagine the grievances Qingqing had suffered.

He was eager to eradicate the hidden dangers in the group, just to prevent Qingqing from being hurt, no matter whether Huo Linchuan was still alive or not, he would find out the relevant people one by one.

The other party had made it clear that he wanted revenge.

He didn’t care.

As long as Qingqing was in his arms, he was invincible.

As long as she was there.

During the fourteen-hour flight, Huo Yunshen kept his eyes open until he was close to Haicheng, then he fell into a half-asleep dream-like state.

Qingqing’s long black hair was spread out, and she was standing in front of him in a plain skirt. He reached out to grab her, only to realize that it was many years ago.

That year Qingqing was about to take the college entrance examination, and her mock scores were always the first in the school. She could get into any prestigious school she yearned for, but he didn’t even have the qualifications for the exam. As a normal person, standing beside Qingqing, he was sullying her.

Her classmates were talking about Qingqing being so good, and how she would definitely get rid of him.

He didn’t care what others said, but he was afraid.

He was afraid that Qingqing would really go back and not want him.

He didn’t deserve it.

At that time, it was the day when he feared “separation” the most. He couldn’t sleep at night, looked at her, and was so sick that she was not allowed to mention the university.

Finally, on the evening when the college entrance examination was over, Qingqing said to him, “Let’s talk.”

She didn’t smile, she was very serious.

His nerves that were stretched to the limit suddenly collapsed, his five internal organs were crushed into mud, and a voice in his mind told him that Qingqing wanted to break up with him.

No matter how scared he was, she would still leave him.

He went crazy, turned around and left, refusing to listen to her say those two words that could kill him, Qingqing held on to him, he looked at her fiercely with red eyes, but her eyes were soft as she said: “Yunshen, we will not be separated.”

However, this sentence of redemption was shattered in Huo Yunshen’s dream, she still stood there looking beautiful, as she stared up at him, but her voice had changed to the current hoarseness.

She said, “Shen Shen, I’m sorry, I’m leaving.”

Huo Yunshen woke up, his eyes were blurred, and his collar was wet with sweat that had slipped out unconsciously.

The heart was dug up with the knife and it brought with it blood and flesh.

“Brother Shen, we’ll land right away.”

Huo Yunshen closed his eyes, swallowed the bitterness in his mouth, and hissed, “Turn up the parking lot monitoring.”

The scene of “Song of the Night” had been rolled out, and there was no fatal problem, and the filming had to continue.

It had been a day since the scandal broke, and Mr. Huo had not spoken out yet. The attitude of the program team had also changed subtly. They put Yan Qing and Xu Mohan into a group and changed them to perform the more difficult task. Ruan Jia saw that Xu Mohan couldn’t come up with any evidence, so she continued to be arrogant and regarded herself as the main person.

The effect she got was beyond expectations. The topic exploded all day, the crews were actively contacting her, and she began to be preferentially treated in the show.

It turned out that it was so cool to be a big guy.

The two assistants shielded her from the sun, she curled her lips and said, “I thought Yan Qing was favoured, but that’s all, Mr. Huo was not good at me at that time, but he didn’t blame me. If he doesn’t show up now, he’s just pampering me. Let’s go.”

“Of course, Jiajia’s injury is not in vain.”

“Yan Qing has been assigned to do dirty tasks, digging wild vegetables in the field.”

The three laughed together.

Ruan Jia was proud: “Go on Weibo and read a few comments that satirize her—”

Before she could finish the words, the two assistants’ mobile phones rang one after another. Cursing, the other hand shook and hung up the phone, the page stopped on the homepage of Weibo, showing more than 99 new content.

She refreshed a little, and a series of bright screenshots came to her eyes.

“It’s over… It’s over!”

Ruan Jia grabbed the phone and said, “What are you talking about!”

She looked at it intently, and the first thing she saw was a screenshot of a moving picture.

On the picture, it was from a completely different angle from the candid photo, and you could clearly see her movements. She was wearing a skirt similar to Yun Qing, and she deliberately fell against Mr. Huo, but she almost stumbled without even touching him.

How many times she took the initiative, the man was disgusted and contemptuous that many times.

There was also a humiliating picture of her being scratched by the corner of the car, and Mr. Huo’s special assistant got out of the car, drove her away, and squatted down to wipe the car door.

Ruan Jia’s wrist trembled, and she turned down tremblingly, and saw the source of these animations.

Huo Corporation’s official blog publicly released the parking lot monitoring on the day of the incident five minutes ago, and emphasized that it was done by Mr. Huo, in order to ensure the safety of his wife, the content captured by one of the several new cameras in the program recording range, that Ruan Jia didn’t know about.

Not only were the so-called ambiguous photos clarified, but there was no room left, and he firmly stated that he would hold Ruan Jia accountable for her disrespectful behaviour, and he would pursue legal prosecution for maliciously slandering Miss Yan Qing’s name.

The list of accounts grew on Weibo, densely packed, and he didn’t plan to let it go.

The blood on Ruan Jia’s face faded: “How…how could this happen! For the sake of my company, he should also show some sympathy! I, I can cooperate to clarify that it was a misunderstanding! It’s okay to apologize to Yan Qing!”

The manager on the phone roared: “You don’t even look at the person! Who can talk to Huo Yunshen! You wait to die!”

On the ridge not far away, Xu Mohan threw down the basket of vegetables, after taking the mobile phone that the assistant quickly brought over, she shouted, “I’ll just say it—that little bitch can’t jump!”

Yan Qing was wearing a button-up top with mid-sleeves, her long hair was loosely tied, and her trouser legs were rolled up, revealing her slender calves as she stepped on the slightly damp mud with bare feet, trying to dig up radishes.

She heard the sound, got up in a hurry, and shook clean her hands.

Xu Mohan was startled, and hurried over to help her: “Isn’t it okay? Are you dizzy?”

Yan Qing shook her head, frowned, raised her eyes, looked at Xu Mohan for a moment, and asked strangely, “Who are you…”

Xu Mohan was stunned live.

She looked around again and murmured vaguely: “Where is this?”

“Qing Bao!”

Yan Qing was shocked by Xu Mohan’s voice, lowered her head and took a few breaths, enduring the most dizzy moment, her mind gradually calmed down, then the feeling of numbness and of being buckled subsided, she smiled weakly and pushed Xu Mohan: “What’s the matter, why are you looking at me like a monster.”

Xu Mohan hurriedly asked: “What did you just say!”

Yan Qing was confused: “No, did you not call me after swiping your phone, what’s wrong?”

Xu Mohan licked her lips, and she also suspected that she had heard it wrong. Seeing that there was nothing unusual about her, she turned her attention back to Huo Yunshen’s response, and gave her excitement.

“Mr. Huo didn’t ask that girl to meet her at all!”

Yan Qing pursed her lips, just as Lin Yuan came to give her mobile phone with high eyebrows, Yan Qing quickly took it and held it in front of her. Before she could read Huo Yunshen’s statement, she saw one special notification to the new Weibo jumping out.

Her heart trembled, and she opened it urgently.

It was Huo Yunshen’s verified account. He had posted Weibo a second ago, just a simple sentence.

“I’m sorry, wife, it was too late for me to know.”

Yan Qing couldn’t help biting her lip, as the phone felt hot in her hand.

Her news alerts had already exploded, she didn’t have to look to guess, they were all scolding her and laughing at her. After a whole day, she thought she didn’t care, it didn’t matter, but until this moment, when she saw his few words, she felt her deeply hidden grievance break out in an all-round way, surging out.

After all, he still knew about it abroad, she just hoped that it won’t affect his business…

She shouldn’t do anything wrong.

But miss him.

It wasn’t long after the separation, but she was overwhelmed.

The huge shooting scene was a mess again, there were cries and exclamations, and the clamour shook the ears.

Yan Qing endured the surging enthusiasm in her eyes, and wanted to pretend to be calm and say a few words to relax the people around her.

Xu Mohan, who was standing opposite her, suddenly changed her expression. She opened her mouth slightly and stared at the direction behind her in surprise. At the same time, Yan Qing also vaguely sensed that the atmosphere was wrong.

The ground on the ridge was muddy and soft.

Footsteps would thus be attenuated.

But Yan Qing still heard that someone was approaching her step by step.

She blinked, her heart leaping with impossibility, her fingernails subconsciously pinched into her palm, and she slowly turned around.

The sun in Zhuning Town was very strong, and it swayed her eyes, and she only saw the tall figure of the man walking towards her against the light.

Her lips moved, speechless, and a slight choking sound escaped from her lips.

The man leaned down, wrapped his arms around her back, hooked up her knees with the other, and hugged her directly.

Yan Qing’s small vegetable basket fell to the ground, and her dirty feet brushed against his branded trousers.

She couldn’t believe it and looked at him.

Huo Yunshen folded his fingers tightly, held her tightly into his arms, lowered his head to kiss her lips, and rubbed his throat with grit: “Don’t be afraid, baby, your husband is back.”

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