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She slowly opened her thick eyelashes, and the red light flashed and disappeared in her pupils. Her eyes were deep and unpredictable, like a mysterious blood moon in the sky, the primitive wildness and monsterness rushing towards her face.

The first time Jiang Yajing and Si Huang looked at each other almost made the scene. The first thought that came to Jiang Yajing’s mind was: It’s so beautiful!

——What a beautiful little brother——

This is a kind of beauty that touches the soul, and it can no longer be described as beautiful.

The dusty memory jumped out in an instant.

In the eyes of Xu Wanjun and others, it was Jiang Yajing who was staring at Si Huang in a daze, and when they thought it was going to be NG, Jiang Yajing performed supernaturally——she clutched her heart tightly, as if she was still in unbearable pain, all the while looking at Si Huang. But her eyes were startling and shocking, and the confusion within revealed a trace of longing for closeness and fear of something complicated, as she asked in a low voice: “Who… are you?”

Xu Wanjun’s eyes widened.

The content of the twelve episodes of “Red Moon” had long been in his mind, and only he knew the ending.

He had explained that Ding Hong and Yue had a relationship in a previous life, but it was too difficult to deduce it without exaggeration in the first episode, so it was better to act it simply. During the audition, he found that Si Huang could do this, but Jiang Yajing could not. Who knew that in just a few days, Jiang Yajing would bring such a big surprise to him when she officially played the scene.

This surprise made Xu Wanjun excited. He was eagerly looking forward to the completion of “Red Moon”. But still, he detached from the charm of the two performing and focused on being the director.

The rivalry between the two on the small screen was so stimulating that everyone’s hearts were kept at a violent frequency.

The scene that had been seen in the audition reappeared, and the eyes, expressions and even body language of the two were more vivid.

Until Si Huang slapped Jiang Yajing’s hand away and ended the scene with a cold and brutal “Don’t touch me!”

Yu Ling rushed over with a few girls to apply special effects makeup on Si Huang’s hands.

Jiang Yajing still stayed where she was, staring at Si Huang with her round eyes, as if she hadn’t gotten out of the play yet.

Si Huang said: “Don’t disturb her.”

She didn’t know what triggered Jiang Yajing’s sense of drama, but she knew that her state should just have been substituted into a certain memory of her experience. In the show business circle, this kind of situation was the “combination” that even the seniors were very envious of. It meant that the actor and the acting role overlapped, and if you play the role with your own personal experience, it was not acting, but a true expression.

Once this happened, for the lucky actors, they would definitely get great praise, and there were not a few actors who had won awards in this way.

It was just that as an actor, you may not be able to encounter this kind of “fit” opportunity to play even once in a lifetime.

It took Si Huang only ten minutes to get the special effects makeup applied on one hand, and in addition to the ‘scald’, she had to wear sharp fake nails.

When she was done, she went back on stage.

Jiang Yajing didn’t say a word, but her eyes towards Si Huang had returned to normal.

Si Huang said to her: “Find the ‘point’ you just substituted, and if you succeed, this drama will become an insurmountable golden classic in your acting career, and will let everyone remember you.”

Jiang Yajing widened her eyes and asked a stupid question, “Can you read minds?”

“Fu Xi, get ready.” Xu Wanjun’s voice sounded just at the right time.

Si Huang did not answer Jiang Yajing’s words.

Following the filming of the episode just now, the end came very quickly. This was also a characteristic of micro-movies. An episode was only ten or twenty minutes long, which naturally condensed all the essence.

When Yue and Ding Hong confronted each other indifferently, a figure suddenly broke through the window, holding a long sword, and attacked Jiang Yajing who was on the bed.

The cold light of the cold weapon was about to touch Jiang Yajing’s fair and delicate neck, the camera captured the shock on Jiang Yajing’s face, and a trace of playfulness on Si Huang’s indifferent face – Demon Yue was very happy to watch Ding Hong be killed.

Was the girl as delicate as a flower about to fall?

“Damn it!” With a few cold shouts that turned from embarrassment to anger, a black figure came between the two of them.

The demon’s hand grabbed the long knife in time.

Scarlet blood mixed on the palm of the hand and flowed to the wrist as white as jade.

Si Huang frowned tightly, her eyes were scarlet and bloodthirsty, and the body of the assassin who met her eyes froze.

“Why should I protect you!” Si Huang gritted her teeth and spat out coldly, her uncontrollable body made her anger rise to the extreme. A smile then appeared on her cold lips. This smile was as harsh as a demon, and the demonic aura filled her eyes. Everyone could feel that she was only smiling because she was extremely angry. This luxurious and beautiful smile represented endless danger, but still tempted everyone such that they had to look away.

She released the knife from her hand, raised her wrist, and licked a drop of blood slowly sliding down from her wrist into her lips with her eyes drooping in an extremely angry smile. Her cold lips were stained red, and her words were also bloody, “Now, I really, I really want to kill…”

The attacker on the opposite side took a step back, “You…you are…why are you here.”

Si Huang’s figure moved forward, his blood-red fingers slid across the cold sword edge, touching the hilt, then with a slight shock, the assailant let go of the handle of the knife, and the knife was seized by Si Huang.

This set of movements Si Huang did, swiftly and gracefully, and it could even be said to be full of beauty, which made people guess that she had some martial arts skills. Immediately afterwards, Si Huang who took the knife did not pause at all, he turned his palm over, then a cold light flashed, and the long knife pierced the attacker.


A scream rang out as blood sprayed out.


The complexions of all the people present turned pale in an instant, Xu Wanjun got up too quickly, knocked over the small table next to him, and knocked his legs blue, but he gritted his teeth in pain and swallowed back the words that followed.

“Si Huang! Why are you going crazy! Come here quickly, where is the medicine? Call 120!” A professor watching the show hurriedly said, walking towards Si Huang and the others.

Not only him, Zhang Nianmeng also brought other members of the student union to help.

Obviously the show couldn’t go on.

Si Huang closed her eyes, and then opened her eyes to hide the deep demonic aura. There was a hint of helplessness in his voice as she said, “Don’t call, he’s fine.”

It was as if Si Huang really wanted to attack someone. In fact, he really wanted to kill this madman!

However, a weak and embarrassing voice sounded, “Ahem, don’t, don’t call, I’m really fine.”

The professor, Zhang Nianmeng and others who were holding the mobile phone looked over in astonishment and saw that it was Fu Xi who played the attacker who was speaking.

Fu Xi tore off the mask on his face, revealing a flushed face, and then raised his hand.

Only then did everyone see that the knife stabbed precisely into his clothes under the armpit, and the blood sprayed before was also a prop blood bag that had been put on long ago.

The professor’s lips trembled again and again, his complexion kept changing, he was embarrassed and angry, and then he vented all his anger on Fu Xi. He strode over and slapped Fu Xi on the back of the head, “You’re fine, what the hell were you shouting for?”

Fu Xi gritted his teeth, “Who made Si Huang go too fast? It didn’t follow common sense at all. I was also scared, okay?”

Normally speaking, this kind of misplaced murder shooting required several times of coordinated practice and was carried out slowly. No one thought that Si Huang would be so straightforward and precise.

Fu Xi continued to yell: “You guys also saw what he looked like just now, didn’t I really think I was about to be killed? Damn it! If it wasn’t for me having a fight with him before and getting a little immune, and if I was replaced with someone else, they may not even be able to stand still!”

It was a coincidence.

This Fu Xi was a member of Si Hua’s P photoshoot at the seaside last time, and he was also the most disobedient, and had fought with Si Huang…or should he say he was the boy who was beaten up by Si Huang unilaterally.

Everyone’s expression became even stranger upon hearing this.

What did he say? Were they going to blame Si Huang? But he clearly acted quite well and made no mistakes. On the contrary, they made a fuss and ruined a good show!

In the end, Si Huang said, “If there is no problem with the previous scene, let’s continue.”

“Yeah, let’s go on, let’s go on, everyone is in a good mood.” The professor said with a smile, and then turned to face Si Huang, originally, he wanted to reach out and pat her on the shoulder, but when he looked at the enchanting and mysterious Si Huang from a close distance, he twitched the corners of his mouth and didn’t pat her. He just said in a remedial way: “Si Huang is amazing, young people are awesome! You all have to learn from Si Huang more, this is the real material, the real skill!”

This remark caused a burst of laughter, and the general meaning of the various shouts of the girls could be translated into this: Do you still need to say this? Our Majesty is number one in the world! uh-huh!

The professor wiped off the sweat that didn’t exist on his forehead and told himself to relax his mind a little later, and stop making a fuss.

Xu Wanjun took the wound patch from Zhang Nianmeng, stuck it on the broken leg, and then clapped his hands, “No problem, Si Huang and Fu Xi can continue to shoot if they maintain the same movements just now.” Then he said to Jiang Yajing: “Don’t just stare at Si Huang in a daze from behind, remember your lines and role.”

Jiang Yajing nodded, “I know.”

After everyone was ready, the scene started again.

Fu Xi put on the mask again to cover his facial expressions, it was a coincidence that he was not afraid that the first time he played with Si Huang would be full of flaws.

His heart was still beating non-stop, and he couldn’t calm down at all. However, what surprised him was that Si Huang in front of him followed the sound of “Action”, and the aura in his eyes changed instantly. Thinking of other things, his body already turned tense and stiff instinctively. Facing the cold and handsome face in front of him, the arc of the smile on the corner of his mouth was elongated, and his eyes seemed to be looking at a dead person, which stimulated Fu Xi’s legs to go weak.

Revolt! Revolt! Revolt!

Run! Run! Run!

Two thoughts were struggling crazily in his mind, the only thing he couldn’t do was sit and wait for death.

“Stop!” The woman screamed suddenly.

Si Huang’s sharp fingertips stopped less than a millimeter from Fu Xi’s heart, and it was as if as long as Jiang Yajing had yelled a little slower, Fu Xi would have turned into a corpse now.

Fu Xi, who had narrowly escaped death, turned around and ran away without hesitation. His speed and reaction were dizzying, and he jumped out from the window he had jumped in from before.

“Bang–” There was a heavy landing sound outside, everyone was startled, and then Fu Xi cried out: “Come here, it hurts me to death! Playing with Si Huang is really terrible!”

When everyone rushed to the window, they saw Fu Xi sitting on the floor in the corridor, hugging his legs and howling fiercely.

“Let go of your hands and let me see.” The girl who was in charge of logistics and dealing with emergencies came over to persuade Fu Xi.

As a result, Fu Xi let go of his hand, and the nervous girl became angry. With a kick, she said, “Your sister, it’s just bruises. Why do you cry like that? Are you trying to discredit Your Majesty?” The latter sentence, coupled with the fierce look in her eyes, made Fu Xi not cry out the grievances in his throat. They were all swallowed back, and he said with a dry smile: “How can it be, it’s not that the heart hasn’t recovered yet, the fall just now hurts so much, spray me some Yunshan Baiyao!”

“Spray yourself.” The girl put the spray bottle on him. Then she turned around arrogantly and left.

Fu Xi grinned, and muttered: “Brother, my appearance is still that of a piece of fresh meat, don’t you treat me too differently?”

The few people who heard it clearly laughed immediately, and spread it everywhere, which immediately caused a lot of laughter.

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