KHSW Ch. 189

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Everyone was slightly taken aback, the president really set an example and threw his mobile phone into the water.

Really rich and wilful!

Chi Jingyu was also a little confused. He originally predicted that they would have to work for half an hour today, but he didn’t expect the meeting to end so quickly, so he immediately followed.

“Hey, you said, the president also had this situation. When he answered the phone during a meeting, you say, would it be a big customer?”

“Who knows?”

“I just thought that the president would not throw his mobile phone into the water, but I didn’t expect that it would be thrown into the tea with a ‘puff’ as soon as the meeting was over. The president is so… rich.”

“Isn’t it waterproof?”

“The president is like that. Hurry up! Are you not leaving even after the meeting is over?”

Chi Jingyu followed Xu Yizhi, “Brother, I’m in a hurry now, can I ask you for a leave first?”

“What’s the matter?”

Originally, he wouldn’t ask more questions, but this matter involved Ling Xi, so he couldn’t help but feel restless.


Stepping into the gate of Chi family home again, Ling Xi sneered in her heart, Wang Suping, when you kicked me out of this house in the previous life, you didn’t care about how much I paid for you.

Your ridicule and abuse, your insults and beatings, I will remember them all.

She still remembered her previous life…

She was exposed for being pregnant before marriage, being cheated in marriage, being abandoned by her husband and children, lying, drug addiction, everyone in the outside world was spurning her, and she could only hide at home and dared not go out.

But she didn’t want Wang Suping to drive her out of the house, Chi Jiayang didn’t say a word to her from beginning to end, and even fell into trouble.

She knelt on the ground and begged bitterly, but in exchange she just heard, “We don’t have a daughter-in-law like you in our Chi family. If you dare to enter my Chi family’s door again, I will break your legs.”

That was the darkest time in her life… no food, no water, no clothes to wash, no memory.

At that time, Yizhi’s company was facing an economic crisis, and she thought the Chi family would take good care of her…

Today, she would not only step into their Chi family’s door, but also disturb their Chi family’s peace.

“Ding Dong——” Wang Suping greeted the servant as soon as he opened the door, “Is this Ling Xi? She looks really watery.”

Hearing her voice, Ling Xi repeatedly told herself that this was not a previous life, not her past life.

“Auntie is good.”

Ling Xi’s sweetness made Wang Suping vigilant. Beautiful women were all snakes and scorpions. Who knew if she would spoil or cheat on her son.

“Well, come in!”

She still secretly slandered her in her heart, this is the first time meeting her boyfriend’s parents, but she didn’t even know to bring something.

Chi Yanbin was sitting on the sofa reading the newspaper, but when he saw Ling Xi come, he got up slowly.

“Hello, uncle.”

“Well, Ling Xi, right? Sit down and eat some fruit first.”

Ling Xi sat down on the sofa, “Thank you, uncle, I heard from Chi Jiayang that uncle and aunt don’t like to receive gifts from others. So I didn’t bring a gift, I hope uncle and aunt wouldn’t mind, right?”

Although Chi Jiayang was puzzled, he didn’t say anything.

Chi Yanbin didn’t think there was anything, but Wang Suping glanced at Chi Jiayang calmly. He wasn’t married yet, but his elbow had already started to turn outwards. Would he still be able to get married in the future?

But her face was kind and cheerful, “Yeah, we don’t like to receive gifts. After all, our family is so rich, what do we want?”

Was Wang Suping showing off to her that she was married into a wealthy family?

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