RNMG Ch. 49.2

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It was half past ten when Si Huang drove Si Hua’s car home.

The living room light was still on, Yu Xi was sitting on the sofa and seemingly waiting for her to come back.

Seeing him, Si Huang gently closed the door and said, “I’m fine, I’ll go to bed early, I’ll start work tomorrow.”

Yu Xi’s eyes flashed, did this mean that the private affairs have been dealt with? “Okay.” He didn’t ask much and turned back to go to his room.

The second floor was the personal space belonging to Si Huang.

After taking a shower, she sat in front of the computer with a towel on her head, and automatically entered a series of URLs on the webpage, and then a dialogue window automatically popped up on the interface.

Anonymous: Have a business, will you take it?

Bear: Do.

Anonymous: Distribute this batch of photos. [Document]

Guo Chengxiong, who was on vacation in Yangcheng, almost swallowed the fried chicken leg in his mouth. He stretched out his hand in pain to pull the chicken leg out of his throat and coughed violently. His tearful eyes stared at the photo collection he had just downloaded and compressed, “Damn it, isn’t this Anonymous the one who is a fan?” He couldn’t help but wonder, his fingers tapped flexibly and quickly on the keyboard, and then after obtaining the ID address of the other party, “Really! How does he know about this website! … Maybe it was given by the Lord? Oh, will the Lord not expose me completely? I have to accept this order, and I can’t earn extra money!”

Si Huang didn’t know that this person had misunderstood. In fact, she got to know about this website ‘unintentionally’ in her previous life. She had cooperated with this person several times and was very satisfied with his confidentiality, work ability and professional ethics.

After a while without getting a reply from ‘Bear’, Si Huang calmly typed a row of words.

Anonymous: pay 100,000 in advance and pay 100,000 after completion.

Bear: Little brother is really rich.

Anonymous: This is the first order, and there will be follow-up orders.

Bear: …Actually, my shop is holding an event today, and you just won the lottery, so I can give you a discount, dear~

Si Huang was startled, staring at this sentence with an inexplicable expression. After the rebirth, it seemed that the group of people she had come into contact with before had become a little strange.

Anonymous: No, I’m happy that the money is spent on this.

The card sent by Secretary Wang today, Si Huang did not intend to use it in his own life, even if the money in it was so much that ordinary people could live on it for more than ten years. Since receiving this card, Si Huang had already thought about the use of the money in it.

Bear: You are rich, you are self-willed!

Anonymous: Card number.

Si Huang looked at the card number typed in the window, which was exactly the same as in her previous life, and she transferred money directly online.

Anonymous: I should see results tomorrow.

Bear: You can rest assured that I will do things well.

The conversation between the two ended.

Guo Chengxiong on the other side of Yangcheng touched his chin and thought: “Should I report this to the master? But the master is very busy now, and the address of my foreign express store should be given by the master, so the master must know about this. If Master really knows about this, and I go to him again with this matter, I will definitely be cut!” After thinking about it, Guo Chengxiong decided to take the order from Si Huang and work hard, be sure to do it well, just worthy of the extra money.


Early morning.

Si Huang did not go out for a morning run today but chose to exercise on the treadmill in the home gym.

Yu Xi next to her took a few photos of her first, and after sending them to Weibo as usual, he also went on a treadmill next to her to exercise. However, he persisted for 20 minutes before coming down, took a sip of water and went to take a shower, only to see that Si Huang had just gotten off the treadmill. Picking up the folder on the table, he said to her: “Today, I have discussed with the person in charge of RB about the time and place to meet, he will meet us in Huaxing Art School.”

Si Huang nodded and walked out while wiping away the sweat.

Yu Xi followed and raised his glasses, “This time RB’s style theme seems to be a campus style, with elements of basketball, piano, and love.” He glanced at Si Huang in front of him, “Overall, it’s a cliché school prince story, but the final ending is not perfect. Your prince character is not only athletic, good at the piano, but also an academic master, which is in line with the perfect fantasy of female teenage girls.”

Si Huang paused, “This is based on… did you choose my materials?”

“Yes.” Yu Xi put down the folder, “I understand from the materials you gave me that you have no problem with sports, piano is also your area of expertise, you have also met the standards of a scholar, completely it’s a true performance….Is there any problem?”

Si Huang looked back at him, and after a second she smiled and shook off the sweat from her hair, “No problem.”

Yu Xi looked at her back as she walked into her room, feeling a little puzzled. Did he say something wrong? It was really a true performance, after all he could kill the eyeballs in seconds just by shaking his hair after exercising!

Si Huang, who had gone to take a shower in the bathroom of her own room, stood in front of the full-length mirror.

The person in the mirror also looked back at her, her limbs were slender, her skin was as white as jade, her breasts were not huge but formed the most perfect golden ratio with her body, and her legs were straight and graceful. Maybe it was because of Li Lisi’s foreign ancestry, but her bones were more toned than normal Asian women, and with a height of 1.77 meters, an aura developed over many years, and exquisite and perfect facial features, no one would doubt her real sex.

Si Huang’s fingertips stroked her flat belly.

In her previous life, she got her periods at the age of sixteen, but it lasted only for two years. After she was eighteen, Si Zhihan gave her the sterilization pill developed by the Bai family. She lost her ability to conceive and said goodbye to her periods.

[You were resurrected from the dead, and now you are in a pure yin body. The yin qi in your body is too heavy. If you want to menstruate, you will not have enough faith to live for ten years.] The five treasure was bubbling, [Or you’ll have to go to capture the yang and replenish the yin.]

Si Huang put down her hands and turned around to tie up her chest and put on her clothes, “Five Treasure, you’ve been very elusive recently.”

Five Treasure didn’t speak anymore.

Si Huang’s sentence instantly echoed, “In the past, you always showed me the number of golden glitters to encourage me to work harder.”


“Don’t hide, come out obediently.”

[Your Majesty! In fact, I have to upgrade! So it’s always easy to fall asleep lately! Your Majesty, I can help you even more when I level up! Your Majesty, you are waiting for me! Your Majesty, let me first…]

“Five Treasures, how much gold sparkle will you need to upgrade?”


Si Huang had bound her chest and put on her clothes.

She was wearing a set of pure white sportswear with navy blue stripes on the collar and cuffs. The combination of white and blue was not too good, it could even be called very ordinary or even earthy, but this dress was well handled from the material to the details, and it made her look fresh. It brought out the extravagance of the person wearing it, especially since the person wearing it was simply a clothes hanger, with a flawless face, perfect like the prince charming from the comic fairy tale.

This dress was sponsored by RB. She was going to meet them today and shoot an endorsement commercial. This was just right.

“Five Treasure, I remember you said that your role is not as simple as strengthening the body once.” Si Huang wiped her short hair with a towel, and went out to sit on the bed, “Or, what is the so-called skills of the Five Masters?”

[Don’t force me I! Don’t push me! Don’t push me! I don’t care, I want to upgrade! I want to upgrade! I want to upgrade!] Five Treasure’s voice was a little anxious, aggrieved and guilty.

Si Huang threw the towel on the bed with an expressionless face, obviously there was no real Five Treasure, but she just felt that Five Treasure shrank back at this moment as if scared.

“I don’t know what your plan is, but don’t forget one thing.” Si Huang’s tone was rarely this cold and stern, “You can live only if I live.”

[…I…I just think, Your Majesty, you are making gold so fast, it will be fine to upgrade me first! Right, that is it!]

“So…” Si Huang chuckled lightly, “Now I’m your tool for making money?”

[I don’t dare!] Five Treasure knew where Si Huang’s bottom line was, so how we would he dare admit it. Although it did have the idea of controlling Si Huang at the beginning, but later it dared not, [I just believe in Your Majesty! With His Majesty’s strength, he will definitely be able to easily earn a lot of gold!]

“You don’t believe me.” Si Huang pierced its lies, “If you believe om me, you won’t do this secretly. If you believe me, you won’t dare to face me when you do this.”

Five Treasure: […]

“Show the data.”

Five Treasure was silent for three seconds.

Si Huang didn’t rush him, but the color of her eyes darkened, and a thick dark green appeared little by little.

Finally, the familiar translucent crystal ball appeared in front of her eyes.

Si Huang’s eyebrows loosened: Fortunately, it didn’t disappoint me. Randomly swiping the data of the crystal ball, Little Pink had reached a million, and Gold Sparkle had reached 139, “What benefit can this number bring me?”

Five Treasure seemed to have given up on himself and said in a resentful voice: [Strengthen your body once again and get one skill of the five masters.]

“Sounds good.” Si Huang asked, “If I didn’t ask you, you never planned to say it?”

Five Treasure remained silent.

“What happens when you level up?” Si Huang asked again.

Five Treasure viciously said: [Why do you ask that!]

Si Huang scolded: “Speak well.”

Five Treasure shouted angrily: [If I upgrade, I can have a real body! Although I can’t be a human being, as long as it’s other flesh-and-blood beings with insufficient intelligence… oh!] The sound was so loud that Si Huang felt a pain in his head, and finally heard its cry.

Si Huang couldn’t help laughing, “Is it like this?”

[What do you mean like this! Yes, I don’t have the benefit of you to change the entity, I know that if you know about it, you will not be willing to give me the gold glitter! I knew it would be like this! Hey…why are you so smart, you can’t peep into my thoughts, why can you still guess what I’m doing! You are a badass! Badass!]

“Shut up!”


Si Huang rubbed his temples, “How much gold do you need to upgrade?”

[… 150 pieces.]

“It wasn’t two hundred and five.” Si Huang complained.


“Wait, there are only 11 pieces left.” Si Huang thought to herself that Yu Xi and the others should be waiting in a hurry.

It wasn’t until Si Huang was halfway down the stairs that Five Treasure’s voice suddenly sounded in his quiet mind: [You, just, just, that, words, yes, what, what, meaning, thinking?]

Si Huang swayed slightly, holding on to the railing.

“Si Huang!” Yu Xi just saw it, and was taken aback, “Are you alright? Did you hurt your muscles?”

“I was just thinking about something, it’s alright.” Si Huang replied calmly, and then walked down the stairs.

Five Treasure also knew that something bad had happened again, and Si Huang did not respond to him, nor did he continue to entangle her.

After the four of them had breakfast together, Yu Ling learned that Si Huang and the two were going to work at Huaxing Art School, so she asked, “Can I go and have a look together?”

Yu Xi looked at Si Huang, who said, “Yes.”

Yu Ling raised her eyebrows.

Yu Xi drove the car, Yu Ling sat in the passenger seat, and Si Huang sat alone in the back seat.

[Your Majesty, Your Majesty, tell me, what exactly do you mean by what you just said? Say it! Say it! talk!]

“I’m not in a hurry to upgrade anything at the moment, so the gold can be used to upgrade you first.” Si Huang didn’t give up anymore and responded to it silently with her consciousness.

After getting the answer he wanted most, Five Treasure went silent.

Si Huang looked out the window with a calm expression, but her eyes did not settle, and she communicated with Five Treasure in her consciousness, “Five Treasure, I didn’t tell you, our destiny was linked from the moment I was reborn, I treat you like a partner, a trusted partner who knows all my secrets and pasts, and even our life is connected, I will not treat you badly or use you as a tool where I can.”

“I’m angry with you, yes I hope you understand, don’t be fooled by the temporary benefits and early success.” Si Huang lowered her eyelashes, her expression a little lonely, “I gave you time, I thought you would take the initiative to tell me, but in the end you were stubborn, and I was stubborn too.”    

[Woo——!] Suddenly the cries of the Five Treasure rang out, [Your Majesty! I was wrong woo! I didn’t do it on purpose, was I not afraid? I’m afraid of you… woohoo! I was wrong! I was wrong!]    

“It’s very noisy.” Si Huang frowned and said helplessly: “It’s better if you come out, so as not to harm my brain.”    

[…Your Majesty, you are a knife-mouthed tofu-hearted person.]    

Si Huang shook her head, too lazy to explain to this idiot, “If there is anything in the future, say it, and don’t dare to do small actions in secret…”    

At this time, Five Treasure was like a fool and could not understand Si Huang’s threat at all, so it said in a hilariously cute manner: [People know it, Your Majesty! Ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!]    

“…” Si Huang laughed. Forget it, I had known that this was a little idiot, and there was no need to be serious with it.    

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