FESM Ch. 19

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Early the next day, Luo Ning woke up and found himself sleeping in Qin Yize’s arms, rubbed his eyes in confusion, and whispered to himself: “Didn’t I sleep on the sofa? Why am I here? Do I still have a problem with sleepwalking?”

Qin Yize heard him and explained, “You didn’t sleepwalk, I carried you up.”

The low voice from above made Luo Ning completely awake, and he immediately and sincerely apologized: “I’m sorry, I disturbed you again.”

Qin Yize rubbed his forehead: “It’s okay, I don’t mind. You wash your face first, and I’ll prepare breakfast.”

Luo Ning’s attitude of apology was very sincere every time, but he had never seen him make corrections, and Qin Yize was too lazy to care about these trivial matters with him.


When Luo Ning went downstairs after washing his face, Qin Yize was making breakfast.

Since the cooked food that was in the refrigerator before was eaten by them, they would have to make it with the prepared ingredients from today. Luo Ning thought that Qin Yize would directly ask the robot to help, but he actually went into battle wearing an apron.

This Alpha, known by fans as the “cold male god”, wore home clothes and an apron to cook with a particularly gentle look. If this scene was filmed and posted on the Internet, it would definitely shock his countless fans and cause them to be slack jawed.

Luo Ning leaned against the kitchen door and exclaimed, “I didn’t expect you to be able to cook.”

Qin Yize turned his back to Luo Ning, flipped the fried eggs in the pot, and said, “I’m usually too busy, so I cook very less, in fact I have average cooking skills.”

He put the golden omelette on a plate and took out the baked dessert from the oven. Luo Ning’s eyes immediately lit up, and he returned to the dining room with the plate, rudely ate his food and quickly finished his breakfast, then wiping his mouth, he commented with a smile: “This is called average cooking? You obviously have the potential to be a chef. The breakfast is especially delicious, really!”

When it came to delicious food, Luo Ning squinted his eyes like a cat, while Qin Yize enjoyed the look on his face, thinking he was really easy to satisfy.

Qin Yize met his flattering smile and said, “If you like it, I’ll make it again for you later.”

Luo Ning nodded immediately: “Okay!”

Qin Yize: “…”

Wait, he just said what? Do it for him later? No, in the future, the two of them should keep a distance and not interfere with each other, and there shouldn’t be too much intersection in life. How could he get used to Luo Ning and make breakfast for Luo Ning himself?!

He must have gone out of his mind when he woke up in the morning to say such nonsense.

It was a pity that what had been said couldn’t be changed, so Qin Yize had to quickly change the subject: “Are you going to go out today?”

Luo Ning nodded: “I’m not too interested in watching the sea, so I’d better stay at home and change the script.”

“Well, then I’ll go out for a walk by myself.”

Qin Yize had been reciting the script for the past few days, and he had a headache, furthermore Luo Ning’s bad sleeping habits had made his mind confused, and he also wanted to calm down. After breakfast, Qin Yize put on a pair of cool short-sleeved shirt and shorts and went for a walk on the beach.

This private beach was a bit too quiet. Walking alone on the beach, stepping on the soft sand with bare feet, and listening to the sound of the waves, Qin Yize’s mood finally calmed down, and he simply found a reclining chair by the sea to lie down and close his eyes.

Actually thinking about it carefully, Luo Ning didn’t go too far, he just took him as a pillow in sleep and accidentally bit him. He was a big man, so he shouldn’t bother with Luo Ning about these trivial matters. Anyway, the honeymoon period was only half a month, he could just get through it.

Qin Yize fell asleep after thinking about it. Without Luo Ning “harassing” him, he had a rare good  sleep.

Until noon, when the seaside got too hot and Qin Yize was woken up by the heat, then he turned back to the villa.

As soon as he entered the door, he saw Luo Ning in the living room, writing on a light brain. He was wearing a white loose short-sleeved T-shirt with a pair of slacks underneath. He stepped on the furry carpet in the living room with his bare feet, looking very cozy.

It was the first time Qin Yize saw him writing.

His fingers danced on the keyboard, typing surprisingly fast, and his eyes were super focused.

Luo Ning, who was serious at this moment, did look like a “writer”. It was hard to equate the guy who worked this hard during the day with the guy who clung to him in bed at night.

Qin Yize stared at Luo Ning blankly, unable to look away.

Until Luo Ning noticed the gaze from the side, then he turned his head and smiled at Qin Yize, “Yize, are you back?”

Luo Ning’s eyes were clear and bright, so with a calm gaze and a smile, his look just hit Qin Yize directly.

– as if something had suddenly hit his heart.

Qin Yize stayed at the beach for a whole morning, and his mood had finally calmed down, but there were waves in his heart again, and his heartbeat accelerated inexplicably. He quickly looked away with a bit of embarrassment, gave a light “um”, and turned around to go to the kitchen to get fruits.

Luo Ning didn’t notice that something was wrong and continued to look back at the screen to make revisions seriously.

Qin Yize took a bowl of Luo Ning’s favorite grapes, returned to the living room, and asked casually, “Are you changing the script? Which book did you sign for the movie?”

Luo Ning introduced to Qin Yize: “That’s the book “Digital Code”, you have read it. But the movie is a little different from the novel. I want to add some details and enrich the plot. For example, where the puzzle was solved, it was written too hastily at that time, and I feel that the foundation was not too good. Enough…”

Luo Ning told the story and the expression on his face changed immediately. He was full of confidence and his eyes were shining brightly.

It seemed that Luo Ning really liked writing stories.

Qin Yize had read the two books that Luo Ning had sent before. He didn’t know that Luo Ning was the author himself, but Qin Yize had read both books with relish. Although the writing was still a little immature, the plot was really exciting. Obviously, Luo Ning had some talent.

Since he wanted to be a screenwriter, Qin Yize would naturally support him, and when he met his bright eyes, Qin Yize couldn’t help but whisper in encouragement: “Your idea is good, if you change it into a script, the conflicts will be more intense, and the plot will thus be more intense. It should also be more compact.”

Luo Ning suddenly came up with a plan, looked at Qin Yize seriously and said: “Yize, you have acted in so many movies, you must have more experience in reading scripts than me, so you can help me read and edit it. Right?”

In front of his sincere gaze, Qin Yize couldn’t say anything to refuse, so he had to sit next to him and take a closer look.

Qin Yize watched it for a while, and sure enough he found a problem. He pointed to a plot point on the screen and said: “The transition here is too abrupt, and the audience who haven’t read the original book will be confused. You can use the memory fragment of the protagonist in your novel as an interlude. Then the situation will be interspersed.”

Luo Ning nodded thoughtfully: “It makes sense.”

Qin Yize turned the page and continued: “There is also this paragraph, the lines need to be appropriately deleted, and the actions and dialogues of the supporting characters need to added. Actors find it very hard to memorize long lines, and it is easy to forget the words, which will affect the progress of the filming.”

Luo Ning continued to nod: “Well, what else?”

Qin Yize thought about it and said: “I will start from the beginning. Read it carefully and give you some advice.”

Of course, Luo Ning couldn’t ask for it, so he immediately gave him the seat, and Qin Yize sat on the chair and started reading it carefully.

Since his debut, he had taken over a lot of movies, and each of them had been a big hit at the box office. He could tell at a glance whether the script was good or bad. The script written by Luo Ning was very immature, and it would definitely not pass the test if it was used for filming. There were too many places that needed to be changed.

Qin Yize’s eyes swept across the lines of text quickly, and while reading, he marked the document.

The room was very quiet, while Qin Yize concentrated on changing the script, and Luo Ning sat next to him and watched him change. An hour passed unknowingly, and when he was finished, he looked back and saw Luo Ning staring at the light brain screen seriously, studying silently like an obedient and well-behaved student, with his eyes unblinking and very focused.

Such a focused guy looked a little… cute.

I must be out of my mind, how can I think he is cute!

Qin Yize coughed lightly, quickly sorted out his thoughts, stood up and said, “When you’re done, take a look first.”

Luo Ning smiled slightly, looked up at him, and said, “Thank you, Teacher Qin.”

Qin Yize: “…”

Hearing Luo Ning call him “Teacher”, his heart seemed to be gently scratched by a kitten, and Qin Yize was a little dazed for a while.

Luo Ning acted as if nothing had happened. He sat back in front of the light brain and quickly revised the document. While making changes, he praised: “You still have more experience. I didn’t notice these details. Yize, you really helped me a lot.”

Qin Yize then pretended to be calm: “You’re welcome, you’re welcome.”

After leaving the living room, Qin Yize took a long breath, his heart was beating a little faster, and he didn’t know what was wrong. Could there be a problem with Luo Ning’s pheromone? Or was there something wrong with his Alpha pheromone? By the way, did the hospital sell Alpha inhibitors?

He wanted to ask on the Alpha forum, but when he thought of Uncle Ling An also visiting that forum, Qin Yize dismissed the idea.

At this moment, Luo Ning’s communicator suddenly lit up, and when he saw the caller ID, he answered the call without hesitation. A young man’s crisp voice soon sounded in his ears: “Lin Xiaoluo, how is your first draft of the script coming along? Send it to me after it’s written, I want to see it in advance.”

Luo Ning said, “I’m working on changing it, can I send it to you before this weekend?”

The other party said, “No problem! In addition, at 9:00 am on March 15th, the actors will audition, and the location is set at the Xinghua Building in the capital. You are the screenwriter of this drama, if it is convenient, I hope you can come to check it yourself, and I will refer to your opinions more about the candidates.”

Luo Ning was of course happy to hear that: “Convenient, I will be there on time!”

The other party said: “Then I’ll wait for you to come over for the auditions, you are busy, so I will not disturb you, go on changing the script.”

Luo Ning nodded: “Don’t worry, I will hurry up with the script.”

After he hung up the phone, Qin Yize came to Luo Ning in confusion and asked, “Who was that person?”

Luo Ning said, “The director of ‘Digital Code’ Yu Cheng, we all call him Director Yu.”

Qin Yize said bluntly: “I have never heard of him.”

Luo Ning explained with a smile: “Director Yu only graduated from university two years ago, and he has only done some small productions before. He’s really not very famous. This is his first time making a movie, so he attaches great importance to this project. Although he is young, he is very talented and his ideas are very novel. He’s pretty good, he’s not become famous until now, it’s probably due to lack of luck.”

Qin Yize heard Luo Ning’s praise of the “Director Yu”, and couldn’t help frowning: “Why let such a new director shoot your movie? He has no experience in making movies, can he do it?”

Luo Ning waved his hand and said, “It doesn’t matter, it’s my first time as a screenwriter anyway. Our total investment in this drama is only a few million, so big-name directors won’t like it. Big celebrities are even less likely to accept this kind of script. The screenwriters, directors, and actors are all newcomers, so if we work together, it should be considered a rich experience.”

Looking at Luo Ning’s serious eyes, Qin Yize said nothing on the surface, but he felt a little uncomfortable in his heart.

Could Luo Ning eat and sleep well in a small crew with only a few million investment? Moreover, this rookie director had not even made a single movie, and if he invited a bunch of unknown 18th-tier young actors, the box office would definitely be miserable. Luo Ning was changing the script so seriously, would it be sad if the filming was not up to the standard?

Wait a minute, the agreement clearly stated that the two would not interfere with each other after marriage. What’s the matter with him caring if Luo Ning was going to the small crew to be a screenwriter??

Why should he be worried?!

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