SN Ch. 55

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It was already late, the night outside the villa was quiet, and the light in the studio was not uniform. Only the lamp beside the workbench shone brightly, all of which focused on Huo Yunshen’s unique facial features.

Deep eyes were watching her.

Wet lips frankly spoke of seduction.

Yan Qing couldn’t bear it even if she was a serene immortal, so she obeyed her instinct, held up his face, kissed him decisively, and bravely stretched out a bit of the soft tip of her tongue, brushing the slightly bitter liquid off his lips.

Her heart pounded violently.

She kissed him for a moment, then pulled away a little, her ears completely red.

Huo Yunshen stared at her and smiled lightly: “Baby, is there anything else?”

Yan Qing always felt provoked by Mr. Huo. Just kidding, she was an adult woman, okay, she had also experienced so many difficult plays in the bathtub, okay? How could she easily admit defeat.

Her eyelashes fluttered, and she blushed as she tugged at the neckline of his bathrobe.

The fabric was slippery and slightly damp, but the texture underneath was hard and bulging, glowing with drying heat.

Yan Qing tore one side apart, revealing his broad and straight shoulders, neat collarbone lines, and vibrating chest below.

Her throat went dry, her husband was really invincible…

But what to do next?

Could she just rush forward without any face? The problem was that the song hadn’t been written yet, and she was stuck at a bottleneck. She couldn’t do it if she didn’t write it. It was so miserable, life was really hard!

When Yan Qing stared at Mr. Huo’s muscles and saw that he was absent-minded, she was struggling to keep her mouth down, but Mr. Huo couldn’t wait any longer.

He stretched out his hand and gently pushed Yan Qing back, she returned to the chair, looked at the man’s approaching body, and swallowed nervously.

Huo Yunshen’s bent knees touched her slender legs that were close together, his breath covered her, and he whispered in her ear, “If you don’t continue, then it’s my turn.”

He picked her up, walked a few steps to the small sofa where he had seen her dance, pressed her down aggressively, and told her with a slight smile, “Be good, baby, don’t worry, if you want to write a song, silence is not necessary… “

Yan Qing’s vision was hazy, she was biting her lips to resist the overflowing voice.

She rustled: “I am.”

Being quiet was not necessary, he was necessary.

Yan Qing was very successfully bewitched by this sentence and took the initiative to hug him.

In the middle of the night, the steaming heat in the studio subsided a little. Huo Yunshen took care of her messy long hair and came to the conclusion, “This sofa is too small, it should be changed to a bigger one.”

“You might as well just change to a bed!”

Huo Yunshen nodded: “Alright, one step at a time.”

When Yan Qing was about to smile a little bit bigger, he suddenly said in a low voice, “I’m going to visit New York this weekend, I will come back in about four or five days.”

Yan Qing was stunned.

Since she reunited with him, he seldom travelled on business, and even his daily work was extremely compressed, he stayed by her side as much as possible, as long as she allowed him, he hardly left.

Especially after she believed who she was and was willing to come home, he guarded her every day.

He was so close that she would always ignore his status. He still had such a big group behind him, and he had to control everything. She suddenly remembered that in the past few days, he had more meetings, and it was only in the evening that he arrived home.

Huo Yunshen buried his head in the crevice of her neck, absorbing the warm fragrance that he most coveted, and massaged her waist with moderate force with his palms. Occasionally it would turn a little more out of control: “If you want to negotiate a contract, you have to go.”

Yan Qing understood: “You can’t bear it?”

He raised his head abruptly, and asked in a dull tone: “Are you willing?”

His voice was tense, as if he was asking if she was willing to punish him.

Of course Yan Qing didn’t want him to go, and she understood his unease and worries.

He had suffered for too long, and he cherished the sweetness he had finally caught, he just wished he could always hold it in his hand, for fear of losing it again.

But she had already caused him a lot of trouble.

She asked Min Jing privately and found that the board of directors of the group were not too high-profile to talk against her to President Huo, but since he frequently appeared in the entertainment news, there were more or less some private discussions.

Yan Qing didn’t want to show a delicate little girl attitude at such a normal little farewell. For four or five days, she would just endure it.

What’s more, the variety show she signed just happened to have a schedule today, and she would also be setting off on the weekend to record the first episode.

Yan Qing touched his short hair, and said a little bit stubbornly: “I can’t delay your business, you go to New York, I’ll go to the small town in the mountains to record the show, we’ll both be busy, it will be over soon.”

Huo Yunshen’s deep eyes were a little dark, and he didn’t speak. He just rubbed her into his arms, thumping her heart and touching her.

He was probably twisted.

He didn’t want Qingqing to be so calm, he wanted her to be attached to him, even if she was angry, he just wanted to feel that she couldn’t do without him.

But he was also afraid that if she was really like this, he won’t be able to leave.

Huo Yunshen closed his eyes deeply and sucked on her small ears.

The gully in his heart seemed to be unfilled…

There was an endless yearning for her care.

Yan Qing’s departure day was Saturday morning, and Lin Yuan had decided her schedule in advance. Since her popularity had picked up recently, but she was still a long way from stability, she did not arrange a public airport visit and took a more secure special channel.

Huo Yunshen’s arrangement was the same morning.

Min Jing came to pick him up early in the morning, and the car was waiting respectfully outside. Inside the gate, Huo Yunshen held up his tie and stared at Yan Qing with pursed lips.

She was not easy to wake up when she had just fallen asleep, and Huo Yunshen didn’t have the heart to wake her up too early. When she woke up, it was time for him to leave.

Yan Qing did not have the time to change her clothes, she was wearing a smoky pink nightdress, which thinly wrapped her exquisite figure, revealing a large piece of snow white skin, and was lined by her scattered long black hair like fine porcelain, shining brightly.

She frowned delicately: “Why didn’t you wake me earlier.”

As she said that, she took his tie, wrapped it around his neck, gently folded over the collar of his shirt, and quickly knotted it with her ten thin fingers.

Huo Yunshen stared at her blushing lips: “I couldn’t bear to wake you.”

Yan Qing was slightly startled, and somehow understood her husband’s heart.

It seemed… he was still secretly minding that night, because she didn’t say she was reluctant?

Yan Qing intertwined with him sweetly, deliberately kept silent, tied his tie, smoothed out the non-existent folds on his suit, and patted his chest: “Okay, Mr. Huo, let’s go.”

Huo Yunshen clenched his hands deeply, going out without saying a word.

Yan Qing looked at his stiff back, and when he reached the door, she quickly ran over on tiptoe, hugged him from behind, sighed obediently, and told him the truth: “Shen Shen, I can’t bear it, I’m not used to you not being here…you come back early.”

Huo Yunshen turned around abruptly, pinched her chin and kissed her heavily, then pinched her face to punish her.

“Go upstairs, you are wearing so little.”

Yan Qing watched his car leave at the window. After an hour, Lin Yuan also came to pick her up. On the way to the airport, Lin Yuan took out the complete information: “Qingbao, look this show is quite novel.”

“The name of the show is “Ye Ye Sheng Song”, which is a competition-type variety show that combines life, singing and writing. Each episode is divided into two parts.”

“The first phase is to select a location for each issue, and guests will go there to conduct live recordings, in the mountains and nature, or in the jungle, to create with a fixed theme, and to complete the first version of the DEMO.”

“The second phase is to carefully revise and arrange the songs created, and take them to a professional recording venue for competition.”

It could be said that it had elements of relaxation, pleasure and tension.

Lin Yuan said: “The first location is in Zhuning Town. The natural scenery is good. It should be more relaxed. The theme is based on wishes.”

“There is also Ruan Jia, she is also considered the front row of traffic actresses. She debuted in a girl group and we can only say that her singing is okay. Now, she is in film and television. Recently, she has been competing for the female number one in a big production. The producer wants somebody more popular and dislikes her. Her topic is not as high as the other candidates, so he was a little hesitant, so she sharpened her head and squeezed herself into this kind of singing and writing variety show, it is estimated that she will be a demon.”

Yan Qing knew, she was looking at the passing street scene outside the car window, and flipping through her phone.


No phone calls or text messages, and Mr. Huo didn’t tell her when he arrived at the airport.

Say what was inseparable, all lies.

Yan Qing wrinkled her nose and lowered her eyelashes. It was not that she never separated from him. During the recording of “Rise It! Girls”, she had not seen him for many days, but now it was different.

Knowing that she won’t see him for four or five days, she was really sad thinking about it.

Yan Qing was fully armed when she got off the bus, but the show had officially announced the list, and there had been a lot of controversy over her joining the show. Now, no matter how hidden her presence at the airport was, there were still fans waiting for her there.

As she slowly passed through the crowd, she suddenly saw a familiar figure flashing past with a camera.

How could it be…

He left so much earlier than her! And the flight to New York should have left twenty minutes ago!

Yan Qing’s heart was secretly tightening, and she still couldn’t calm down when she sat in the first class cabin. She couldn’t help but dial Huo Yunshen’s phone before take-off. If he left, it would definitely be turned off, but if… just as her fingertips were about to press down, her cheeks suddenly became hot.

Yan Qing had a premonition, and her accumulated emotions suddenly rose. She hurriedly raised her head and saw a tall man standing beside her seat, slowly taking off his mask, carrying a long coat for disguise in his hands.

He was dressed straight, and the tie was still the Windsor knot that she tied with her own hands. With a smile in his black eyes, he asked in a deep voice, “Can I sit next to my wife?”

Yan Qing’s eyes couldn’t help heating up, she took the milk tea and dragged him, and asked: “What’s the matter with you!”

Huo Yunshen lifted her chin deeply: “Before going out, my wife said that she can’t bear to let me go, so I couldn’t walk away anymore. I decided to send her safely first, and then I will go.”

Yan Qing felt excited in her heart. Little Bubble, not caring if anyone was watching, she hugged his arm and stuck to him: “Will it delay your work?”

He kissed her on the forehead again and again: “It won’t delay, many things can be done on the road. I’m a big fan of Qingbao, how can I let you go alone on such an important schedule.”

If it wasn’t for the fear of being overwhelmed and leading Qingqing’s popularity in the new show to marriage, he would have gone directly to lead her.

All Yan Qing’s anxiety about the unknown environment disappeared at this moment, and the whole body was soaked in a small jar with excessive sugar content.

Only then did she realize that she was already so attached to him.

Before the plane arrived, a beep sounded on the radio. Yan Qing was disturbed and escaped from the messy dream. She opened her eyes in a daze, and raised her head carefully: “Baby, are you awake?”

Yan Qing frowned and looked at him, her eyes flickering, she tried to recognize him for a few seconds before she was relieved and nodded softly: “I was a little dizzy when I slept. Huo Yunshen your shoulders are too hard.”

Huo Yunshen laughed: “Okay, it’s all my fault.”

After getting off the plane, Huo Yunshen was still in no hurry to leave. The group of people in charge were of course Yan Qing’s team, but the Huo family had also invested heavily.

Because of Yan Qing’s participation, Mr. Huo became the biggest sponsor of the show overnight. The show team and the broadcasting platform were so happy that they went crazy. Naturally, they were treated like gods. Especially when they heard that Mr. Huo postponed his original plan to go abroad and escorted his wife all the way. They immediately dispatched everyone to greet him.

Huo Yunshen just nodded indifferently, without lifting his eyes, he took Yan Qing to the recording site of the first episode.

The other guests had already arrived. Seeing him, they all looked at each other. In a half-open window on the second floor, a slim figure stood leaning against the window, as she gathered up the hair that had just been done, looked in the mirror again, turned his head and asked: “Am I a bit like her?”

The assistant was busy and said, “The figure is originally like that, but today’s makeup has also been done to imitate her on purpose. There is still hope.”

This woman was Ruan Jia, the popular actress Lin Yuan was talking about, she was eager to look for help, so as to get the first female lead in the big production and had broken her head thinking of ideas. She had tried every trick. She didn’t hesitate to participate in the popular singing and writing variety show that she was not good at. She didn’t expect Yan Qing to come. What was more surprising was that she had heard that Mr. Huo would be there in person today.

A stand-in similar to the old love, Mr. Huo not only married her, but also loved her in every possible way. What if she could be a bit like her.

Even if her fate was not so good, even if it was a little bit of benefit, it was not impossible to get a little light from him.

She was not ashamed, because it was not just her, since Yan Qing’s marriage came to light, countless women in the circle were thinking this way, and some people even used Yan Qing’s face as reference to get plastic surgery, hoping to get a get Huo Yunshen’s favour.

Ruan Jia looked at the straight man downstairs, his gestures were so noble and gentle, not as scary as the rumours said, her heart was trembling, and the manicure was pinched into her palm.

She didn’t want to miss out.

Huo Yunshen settled Yan Qing, and finally it was time to leave.

Yan Qing was afraid that she would make a mistake, so she squeezed into his arms as obediently as a kitten, and pinched his cheek as he liked her to do: “Mr. Huo, go quickly, the sea of stars is waiting for you to conquer.”

Huo Yunshen bent his lips, he kissed from the center of her eyebrows to her ear, her breath pouring out: “I don’t have that much patience, I just want to conquer Qingqing.”

He said it bluntly, Yan Qing’s face went hot, and she smiled and answered him: “Qingqing is yours forever.”

He raised his eyebrows: “How will you prove it?”

Yan Qing was so angry that she pinched him. His eyes moved smartly, and he leaned over and said “meow” in a very low voice.

Meeting the man’s black eyes that quickly turned deep, she hesitated and pushed him away: “Come on, go, I’m going to record the show.”

Huo Yunshen pressed down the churning blood, tapped on her forehead, walked out the door, and Min Jing led the two assistants to keep up quickly. Since the place where the guest team was staying was inconvenient to park, the cars were left outside and they walked in.

The journey was not far, only five or six minutes.

The driver drove the car to the most convenient location and waited. The assistant took two steps to open the rear door. When Huo Yunshen was about to step forward, a slender figure who had been waiting nearby suddenly appeared, as if she was looking for his car. And walked all the way to Huo Yunshen.

Min Jing noticed it first, and was startled subconsciously.

It was a cloudy day, the light was very dim, and many of the pictures seemed to have a blur filter.

Min Jing’s eyes dazzled, and he really thought it was Yun Qing. After all, she had a very good figure, and her hair was similar. She was also wearing an off-white dress, which looked a bit like the style Yun Qing wore when she was a student.

Yes, it was one of the old photos of Yun Qing that was exposed.

Ruan Jia pretended to be casual, stared down at the man’s spotless leather shoes and trousers, and her heartbeat bumped up. She thought with her get-up, Mr. Huo would stop for a while.

One shot was enough for her to play.

However, to her surprise, Huo Yunshen didn’t even look at her out of the corner of his eye, and went straight into the car.

Ruan Jia took a step slower, barely wiping the man’s cold sleeves, and almost fell to the ground.

She turned her head in surprise and met a pair of cold and cruel eyes, which seemed to be able to grind her to ashes.

It was a world apart from the tenderness she had just glimpsed from upstairs.

Ruan Jia’s scalp went numb, but she still couldn’t believe that he wasn’t moved at all. She gasped and rubbed her twisted wrist. She looked up at the beautiful side profile that was famous in the entertainment industry, and said softly, “You…”

It was too late to speak the full sentence.

Huo Yunshen opened his lips slightly and said only two words: “Go away.”

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