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After a lap, she chose an outfit for Gu Yuan to change into, and went to help her buy the supplies she needed for school. She was now fully equipped, and she was just waiting to go back to school on Monday to start a new life. Gu Yuan was very excited and looking forward to it.

Ji Qisen and Gu Yuan chatted and found that she was in very good condition, obviously not as ignorant as she had been when she had just woken up, and he was quite satisfied. He immediately decided to give Camille another sum of money.

Camille suddenly received an unexpected reward and was naturally very happy.

All three were satisfied.

Only Ji Zhentian was very dissatisfied.

He didn’t understand why he took his girlfriend back home, and his girlfriend broke up with him?

He talked to Camille calmly and said that they should continue talking, but Camille didn’t agree, Camille even raised her chin and looked at him, expressing hope that he had some grace and could get along with her well in the future.

This was the first time for Ji Zhentian. Only when his enthusiasm had faded, did he break up with others, and no one had ever broken up with him.

Could it still be like this?

Although his love cycle was only three months, he was really committed to it, so now, when he was in love, Camille’s unexpected breakup had even made him feel a sense of loss.

Camille looked at Ji Zhentian like that, and she was so happy that she wanted to shout, you have this day too!

But of course Camille didn’t dare, and ran away after a few more perfunctory words.

Ji Zhentian gritted his teeth, and while he was sad, when he was talking about work with his son, he talked about it, and said lightly: “…There must be something that I don’t know about, Qisen, can you help me analyse why?”

Of course Ji Qisen knew why his father came: “Dad, Camille is now my mother’s friend, and my mother needs a friend like this to help her understand the world.”

While speaking, he glanced at him with cold eyes: “Dad thinks, is being my mother’s friend that is more important, or is being your girlfriend more important?”

Ji Zhentian’s heart suddenly throbbed.

This rhetorical question made him understand his status in the eyes of this son who he had been raising for 23 years.

Far inferior to that of Gu Yuan.

This Monday, Gu Yuan happily packed her luggage and went to school.

Butler Sima drove her to the vicinity of the school, accompanied her through the admission procedure, and left after everything was in order. Gu Yuan was now directly entering the second year of the university. The dormitory was a triple room, and the conditions were good.

The two girls in the same dormitory with her were named Chen Yuting and Wang Yuehan. They were both 19 years old this year, and they were both young and beautiful. They were students of the Film Academy, and they were also from the Department of Acting. There was no reason for them to look bad.

When Gu Yuan entered the dormitory with her suitcase, both girls greeted her and looked at her curiously.

After all, for them, Gu Yuan fell from the sky and came over suddenly, which naturally led them to have some guesses in their hearts.

Gu Yuan knew that she had appeared in a strange manner, but she also knew that she could not tell outsiders directly about her strange experience, as others would not believe it.

Immediately, she explained with a smile: “I was admitted to the film school before. I got sick and took a medical leave. This year, when I got better, I applied to come back to study again.”

Ah, she was a senior sister from a previous year, they naturally thought too much, but they could understand it.

But Gu Yuan didn’t lie, she did take medical leave, it was just she took 25 years off.

“Gu Yuan, you look quite young, you really don’t look like a senior sister who is a year older than us.” Wang Yuehan said casually while playing with her mobile phone.

“Yes, Gu Yuan you look like a junior sister, not like a senior sister.”

Chen Yuting looked at Gu Yuan in surprise: “You look so tender, I really envy you.”

Gu Yuan, who was unpacking her things, touched her face.

If they knew that she was their senior sister from twenty five years ago, wouldn’t they be scared to death?

Gu Yuan sighed with emotion, and felt that it was better to keep a low profile, and it was not good for people to know that she was forty-five years old.

Just as she was sighing, Wang Yuehan, Chen Yuting and the others greeted her warmly: “Go, it’s almost time, let’s see Hu Yuejing.”

“Hu Yuejing?” Gu Yuan didn’t expect such a familiar name to pop into her ears.

“Well, I heard that she is going to take an acting class in the graduate class today, so we can just take this opportunity to pay our respects to the goddess!”

“The Hu Yuejing you’re talking about is the one who played “The Heaven is Not Old Love” more than 20 years ago?”


Wang Yuehan and Chen Yuting laughed together: “Gu Yuan, it’s been so many years ago, there are quite a few classic works by Hu Yuejing in these years, you actually mentioned that!”

Gu Yuan immediately understood when she heard this.

Back then, she and Hu Yuejing were roommates, just like the current Wang Yuehan and Chen Yuting were her roommates. Everyone was poor, haha, film academy students, all of them were looking forward to the opportunity to film.

Later, when she was selected as an actor in the audition for “The Heaven is Not Old Love”, she was so excited and she didn’t know how many people in the department were envious at that time, but she only had time to shoot an opening scene when she found out that she had a rare terminal illness. Then she had to give up that opportunity in desperation and run around to raise money for medical treatment.

In her 18 years of life, perhaps the darkest moment was when she saw Hu Yuejing being interviewed after she had undergone a life-and-death major operation.

She once thought darkly more than once that if it wasn’t for her illness, it would have been her chance, maybe the one who made the big splash was her.

Although if she went to act, it might not be so popular, but she didn’t even get the opportunity, so she was not reconciled.

But after sleeping for 25 years and waking up again, Gu Yuan had no regrets about this matter. After all, she was still alive, young, and only in her second year of sophomore year. Everything could be done all over again.

Besides, Hu Yuejing was her former roommate, and it was better for Hu Yuejing to have that opportunity than someone else. Hu Yuejing had achieved great success, and being her former roommate could be considered an honor.

Gu Yuan: “Okay, I’ll take a look with you!”

The few girls went out with sunscreen umbrellas. Along the way, Gu Yuan talked to the two roommates, and occasionally lowered her head to search and check, and she finally got to know about Hu Yuejing’s years of experience.

Back then, she became popular on both sides of the strait because of the movie “The Heaven is Not Old Love”, to what extent did she become popular, was evident by the fact that the streets and alleys were all filled with talk about “The Heaven is Not Old Love”, and even the stationery boxes and schoolbags of elementary school students were covered with pictures of Hu Yuejing in ancient costumes.

Later, although the young and popular Hu Yuejing had several lows in her film career, she came out smoothly and seized the key opportunity to go out of the country and go international, and once occupied a place in Hollywood movies.

Although she was now forty-five years old, she still had an ageless face and was still beautiful. She occasionally appeared on shows, and even occasionally got her photos taken by passers-by on the street, which all said that she was comparable to a 20-year-old girl.

And Hu Yuejing was even more madly envious of her family. She married into a wealthy family. Her husband, Chen Heran, was the young master of a well-known food chain company. She also gave birth to two sons. She lived happily. She was also known as the goddess of immortality.

Now Hu Yuejing seldom appeared in any shows, but she had started to invest and do business. Occasionally, she also directed movies. Now she had come back to her alma mater for postgraduate studies, which undoubtedly brought her a wave of goodwill. Because despite all her success, she still didn’t forget to return to her alma mater for further studies to enrich herself.

After reading this, Gu Yuan held an umbrella and opened Hu Yuejing’s recent interview photo with one hand with her mobile phone. The woman in the photo was elegant and calm, with beautiful skin and outstanding temperament. She was indeed a goddess of youth.

She sighed: “It’s good, she has been here for many years, and she is getting more and more beautiful.”

Wang Yuehan burst into laughter, took her arm and said, “What are you talking about? I heard that she was still the flower of the Capital Film Academy back then, and she was very good, and she was the first place every time.”

Gu Yuan was even more amazed when she heard it.

At that time, she shared a dormitory with Hu Yuejing. During the cultural class exam, Hu Yuejing asked her to help with cheat sheets. As for the basic skills assessment, she always fooled around.

Did she start coming first after she entered the hospital? She didn’t expect her to be so amazing!

While they were talking, they came out of the classroom, and after entering, someone pointed at them, implying that Hu Yuejing was in class over there.

Gu Yuan tried her best to look over, and sure enough, she saw an elegant and beautiful back.

Wang Yuehan and the others wanted to get over there and ask Hu Yuejing for an autograph, but Gu Yuan didn’t dare to go, not wanting Hu Yuejing to see her.

After all, her own experience was too strange, it was not good to scare her roommates, and it was even worse to scare Hu Yuejing in front of others.

But at this time, Wang Yuehan waved to Gu Yuan: “Come on, let’s take a photo with Senior Sister Hu together!”


Gu Yuan wanted to shrink back, but many people’s eyes had already noticed her.

No way, she had to bite the bullet and go over.

It turned out that Wang Yuehan was not just talking about how she admired Hu Yuejing, she even took out the early Hu Yuejing stickers that she had collected and showed them to Hu Yuejing. Hu Yuejing was in a good mood and offered to take a photo with Wang Yuehan.

This was a surprise.

In addition to being surprised, Wang Yuehan did not forget Gu Yuan, her new roommate, and invited Gu Yuan to take a photo together.

Gu Yuan tried her best to keep a smile and walked over.

Would she recognize or not?

Would public recognition make Hu Yuejing faint like Lu Zhiqian? Hu Yuejing had never done anything sorry towards her.

At this moment, Hu Yuejing elegantly lifted a lock of hair and looked in Gu Yuan’s direction with a smile.

When she saw Gu Yuan, the smile on her face suddenly froze.

With their eyes meeting, she stared at Gu Yuan with wide eyes: “You, you—”

Gu Yuan hurriedly said, “Senior Sister Hu, I also admire you very much!”

Hu Yuejing looked at Gu Yuan suspiciously, with a dazed expression.

Wang Yuehan and Chen Yuting next to her also felt something was wrong: “Senior Sister Hu?”

Hu Yuejing woke up suddenly, looked at the two young and innocent junior sisters, and then looked at Gu Yuan with difficulty.

“Who are you?” She asked sternly.

“Senior sister, hello, my name is Gu Yuan, a sophomore student of the Film Academy, I adore you!” Gu Yuan winked at Hu Yuejing desperately.

Hu Yuejing went through a big scare, but she slowly calmed down, glanced at Gu Yuan again, and forced a smile: “Yes, that’s good, that’s good… Then I’ll take a photo with you…”

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