5BKCM Ch. 20: Friendship with Camille

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Gu Yuan knocked on Camille’s door and heard a coquettish voice from inside: “Who is it?”

Gu Yuan: “Hello, Camille, I’m Gu Yuan.”

There was no movement for a long time.

Gu Yuan was puzzled: “Camille? Are you alright?”

A dull voice came from the room: “I’m alright, I’ll open the door right away.”

Then, the door opened, and the bright Camille stood in front of the door. Her long wavy hair were casually draped over her shoulders, her chest was big, and her torso and legs were long.

Gu Yuan looked at Camille with admiration, thinking about how embarrassed she was when she was asked about shit, and felt even more guilty: “Camille, hello, actually I want to talk to you about what happened just now, before I was the one who made a fool of myself and wanted to apologize to you.”

Camille heard this and looked at Gu Yuan’s delicate skin like a girl, her eyes moved slightly, she put on a charming gesture, and smiled generously: “I don’t care at all, it’s just this little thing.”

Gu Yuan heard Camille say this and was moved: “Camille, thank you, but I want to explain, I really don’t know what cat shit coffee is, so I couldn’t help asking a few more questions.”

Camille’s long eyelashes blinked and smiled: “It’s nothing, it’s not a big deal, I don’t care at all.”

The two women talked and, Camille enthusiastically asked Gu Yuan to have a drink with in the lawn outside, and Gu Yuan readily agreed.

Camille looked at Gu Yuan’s innocent appearance with a smile, and said with a tentative smile: “Ms. Gu’s skin is so good and well maintained. If I didn’t know you were Qisen’s mother, I would have thought you were under twenty years old.”

Gu Yuan of course knew that her skin was good, but this was not because of maintenance, so she was a little ashamed to hear Camille say that, but to Camille, she couldn’t tell the truth for a while, so she didn’t mention this topic with a smile, but asked tentatively about Camille and Ji Zhentian.

Camille immediately became interested when she saw Gu Yuan asking about it. She was also about to inquire about the relationship between Gu Yuan and Ji Zhentian, when the conversation changed and she said with a smile: “Actually, Miss Gu, you are so young and beautiful, and you are Qisen’s mother. The biological mother of his son is the most suitable to be with Zhentian.”

After saying this, she stared at Gu Yuan’s reaction.

Gu Yuan quickly shook her head and waved her hand: “How is that possible! I’m definitely not suitable for him!”

Camille was overjoyed, but she immediately looked at her gorgeous nails: “Oh, why? Zhentian is actually very good, considerate and gentle, he is also generous to women, although he is a little more romantic, but it is actually quite good.”

Gu Yuan: “I am so different from him, it would be embarrassing, if we are together?”

Camille was elated, but deliberately asked: “Why embarrassed? You two have a child together, if you are together, it will be smooth sailing.”

Gu Yuan was a little anxious: “Camille, don’t get me wrong, I swear I have no interest in Ji Zhentian at all, I am so young, he is so old, I don’t want to wrong myself so much!”

If Ji Zhentian was twenty years younger, she could still consider it.

Now, a forty-five-year-old man, although he still looked handsome, mature, stable and rich, but no matter how well-maintained he was, he was still forty-five years old, and she could not accept it!

Camille blinked and looked at Gu Yuan’s little nose that was a little red because of too much denial, and actually thought that nose was really cute.

What a lovely woman!

Camille held Gu Yuan’s hand excitedly: “Are you really not interested in Zhentian?”

Gu Yuan simply said: “To me, he is just my son’s father, and I don’t want to have any other relation between the two of us!”

Camille almost burst into tears: “Okay! Great, I misunderstood you.”

After the matter was over, the more Camille looked at Gu Yuan, the more she liked her. As for the hatred of cat shit coffee talk, it had vanished. Seeing that Camille was so frank, Gu Yuan also took the opportunity to express her concerns, just because she was afraid that her son would be wronged in the future.

Who knew that when Gu Yuan said it, Camille’s eyes widened in surprise: “Oh my God, how is it possible!”

Gu Yuan was helpless: “Why is it impossible, that’s my son, I have to think about my son.”

Camille was anxiously patting her head, hey, it turned out that Ji Qisen’s mother was so unworldly, she was simply a little fairy who didn’t eat the fireworks of earth.

She thought about it for a while, and finally came up with a way to explain: “Do you know how much business territory of AK Group was developed by Ji Qisen? Do you know how many shares of AK Group have been linked to Ji Qisen’s name?”

Gu Yuan was at a loss, she really didn’t think about these questions.

Camille looked at her confused state and wanted to cry. How could there be such a big gap between people? She tried so hard to marry into a wealthy family. As a result, this one had a son who was worth hundreds of billions of dollars. And she was still beautiful and full of pure youthful breath on her face.

Was there anything more enviable than such a person? This was simply a win!

Camille said with gritted teeth, full of envy: “You don’t have to worry at all. Ji Qisen’s assets and influence in the company are no worse than Ji Zhentian’s. Even if Ji Zhentian marries 100 wives and has 100 sons, Ji Qisen’s status will not change. It will never be shaken at all!”

Gu Yuan suddenly said, “Is that so…”

Then she didn’t have to worry that when Camille married and gave birth to a son she would bully her own son?

The more Camille looked at Gu Yuan, the more envious she became, and the more she talked, the more excited she became.

Finally, she gritted her teeth: “If I had a rich son like Ji Qisen, why would I have to please Ji Zhentian? I won’t care about him at all! What is he, he is so troubled and angry, he is not good enough for me, I am looking for him…, I’m looking for him for his money!”

Just as she was talking, Gu Yuan suddenly raised her hand and stopped Camille with speed.

Camille blinked and looked at Gu Yuan in confusion. Suddenly, she realized that when she turned back, she saw Ji Qisen just coming over.

Camille’s face turned pale.

It was bad, she said bad things about his father, and was heard by him.

After what Camille said was heard by Ji Qisen, she began to feel uneasy. She felt that she was finished, and Gu Yuan had no choice. She had to comfort her, and said that she wouldn’t mention it to her son and will keep the secret, and Camille was naturally grateful.

The two women’s friendship boat set sail, and Gu Yuan soon discovered that Camille was smart and beautiful, and knew how to do make up. Camille also quickly discovered that Gu Yuan didn’t know anything about anything except for her young face. She was like a three-year-old child, so Camille generously taught Gu Yuan a lot of common sense, including the types of coffee, various luxury goods, current fashion trends, etc.

Gu Yuan’s blank knowledge was filled.

Ji Qisen didn’t say anything about this scene at first, but finally this day, he said lightly to Gu Yuan: “I have arranged it, in two days you can go back to the film school again.”

He had mentioned this to Gu Yuan before, and now when Gu Yuan heard it, she was naturally relieved: “That’s great, I can finally stop doing nothing at home.”

In the sunny study, Ji Qisen put his fingers together casually. He looked at his young mother: “Mom, do you like Camille very much?”

Now, when he talked to his mother, he no longer used “you”, but directly used “you”[1].

He was now fully aware that his mother was not to be respected, but disciplined.

Gu Yuan: “Yeah, Camille is nice!”

Camille had a gorgeous appearance and a sexy body, but her character was frank, warm and direct, and she was easy to get along with.

Ji Qisen recalled Camille’s background check, and could feel that although she was committed to hooking up with his father, she was relatively unwitting.

Ji Qisen nodded: “It’s no problem to make friends with her, but Mom, I hope you can pay attention to making friends, you can’t fully understand the values of friends, you must take the essence and get rid of the dross.”

Gu Yuan looked at Ji Qisen in confusion: “Son, if you have something to say, please say it directly.”

Why did she seem to be taking a political ideology class even though she was talking to her son?

Ji Qisen looked at his mother and said, “I think Camille is a good person, but her attitude towards relationships between men and women is wrong.”

Gu Yuan was taken aback and looked at her son.

It was her son who said this, so, it must be serious, she started looking carefully, until there was a barely visible blush at the base of her ear.

Gu Yuan was a little dazed, and after a while, she found her voice: “You, are you afraid that I will make a boyfriend casually?”

Ji Qisen: “I advise mother to spend two years on making a boyfriend and think about it after you finish your studies.”

Gu Yuan felt even more dazed, so her son was now teaching her that this old mother should not fall in love early?

Why did she seem to have an old father who worried about her, instead of a son who worried her?

She thought about it and took a deep breath: “I don’t mean to have a boyfriend anytime soon.”

The main reason for that was that she had no idea about her age yet. For example, there was a serious gap between her actual age and her physical age. What age should she say she was? Forty-five years old, she was too old, and twenty-five years old, she was too young.

Ji Qisen breathed a sigh of relief: “That’s good. Next, mom, you should get ready to go to school next Monday. Before that, you can ask the housekeeper to get two assistants to accompany you to buy anything you need. Of course, if you want, you can also let Camille go with you.”

Gu Yuan raised his hand: “I choose Camille.”

Ji Qisen had no objection, and asked Gu Yuan to talk again, and then Gu Yuan left.

After leaving, he called Camille and had another deep conversation.

Gu Yuan was a little uneasy about her son calling Camille in. After all, Camille had said bad things about Ji Zhentian before. Her son was so filial, he shouldn’t be dissatisfied with Camille, right?

After waiting outside the study for a long time, Camille finally came out.

“Are you okay? Did my son say something to you?” Gu Yuan now knew from Camille that her son was very powerful, so powerful that Camille had to be careful when she saw her son.

“No!” Camille’s eyes lit up, and she hugged Gu Yuan excitedly: “Gu Yuan, you’re great, I like you so much!”

“??” Gu Yuan was stunned: “What’s wrong?”

Camille smiled: “Your son and I talked about cooperation, and we happily reached a consensus.”

Ji Qisen was too generous to his young mother, and even offered to give her some money, on the premise that she must break up with his father, and during this time, guide Gu Yuan well.

Of course Camille said yes!

Since Ji Zhentian said that to her that day, she had realized the reality. They were still in love now. Then he treated her like that. After three months, didn’t she still know what he would do?

Camille took Gu Yuan’s hand: “Wait for me, I’ll break up first and come back to take you out to play!”

Gu Yuan: “??”

Camille laughed: “You don’t like older people, in fact, I don’t either.”

Since Ji Qisen would give her a sum of money, why should she go to please Ji Zhentian?

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[1] It basically means he had stopped using the respectful form of “you” and started using a more casual “you” when addressing GY.

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