SN Ch. 54

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This two-hour live broadcast went through an unfathomable cloakroom, a studio with everything, a wealthy wife played and sang, plus a live improvisation in the middle, and then she reproduced her original sound, where her singing was more emotional than the online audio’s original song.

The climaxes came one after another, and after contracting the peak of the topic for an entire afternoon… it ended in the most exciting moment.

Huo Yunshen, who was said to be violent and cold, with unpredictable emotions, raised his hand during the shooting, and his cold white skin approached, covering the camera and preventing hundreds of thousands of online viewers from staring at the bleeding scene.

The man’s coveted profile and the girl’s beautiful face by the window were all covered.

After the darkness, it was Huo Yunshen’s undeniable command: “Stop, it’s time for my wife to rest.”

But in the short two or three seconds before the live broadcast closed, he said in a coaxing voice with a very contrasting tone: “Qingqing be obedient, eat first–“

The entire network was silent, and then it was turbulent more than ever.

But Huo Yunshen threw the phone away, so that Yan Qing would not worry about the mess on the Internet again, then he brought her lemonade, fed it to her with a straw into her mouth, and naturally rubbed her forehead.

“I’m still dizzy.”

Yan Qing kept singing, her throat didn’t stop, so she was really thirsty, and after drinking half of the cup, she raised her head comfortably, squinted her eyes and replied, “It’s much better. It will definitely be fine once I sleep.”

She enjoyed a moment of sugar-coated cannonballs before picking on the live broadcast accident just now and staring at the culprit: “You deliberately called me so intimately!”

Huo Yunshen raised his eyebrows deeply: “This is intimate? It seems that I don’t usually call you sweetly enough.”

He looked at her red face, lowered his voice, and teased her softly: “Qingbao, baby, Qingqing, kitten, are you hungry?”

The blood rushed to the top of her head, she felt sweet to the sky, and embarrassedly wanted to hit the piano.

After all, Lin Yuan still had two cronies at the door!

Lin Yuan heard it vaguely, her face flushed, and she quickly led people to retreat. The live broadcast had exploded, and she still had follow-up work to do.

She originally regarded Yan Qing as a tricky vase, but because of Mr. Huo’s power, she followed up, but she unexpectedly found a treasure.

There were topics for her to have a face, and looking at Mr. Huo’s attitude, it was really not as simple as just being a substitute.

Lin Yuan was keenly aware that the brilliance of her career would not be destroyed by Yan Qing, but would instead be made to shine by her.

Of course, she had cleared out her prejudice and was sincere to her in her heart.

After everyone was gone and the room was cleaned, Yan Qing finally breathed a sigh of relief, pulled Huo Yunshen into the cloakroom, poked him on the shoulder and asked, “So much—so much! I can’t wear it here. Can I?”

She moved in a small circle again, showing off his achievements to her prodigal husband.

The side of the dresses was not counted, since it could be worn every day, but even the grand haute couture dresses were layered on top of each other, not to mention the dazzling bags and shoes, as well as the transparent jewellery cabinet that was placed in the middle, which was too big to be damaged.

Huo Yunshen leaned on the closet and said leisurely, “Wife, everyone has hobbies, you have to understand.”


He calmly said, “My hobby is to buy you things, and you can’t blame me for this. You can only blame yourself for being cute, I want you to wear only what I buy for you.”

Yan Qing pursed her lips, holding back her smile.

She couldn’t stand it when he talked like this.

Huo Yunshen’s brows lifted, and he continued: “As soon as you reminded me, I remembered that some of these should be replaced. My female star wife can’t wear it.”

Yan Qing gritted her teeth, and her poor imagination was severely impacted again.

She was really a poor little devil who had never seen the world.

However, what made her feel tight and short of breath was the next sentence from Mr. Huo.

His lips lined up, and while unbuttoning his shirt cufflinks, he approached her: “One more thing, when talking about mergers and acquisitions today, I found that the other party has a real estate with a good location, you should like it, so I bought the top floor. Now, I want to take you to see it.”

Huo Yunshen rolled up his sleeves and picked her up easily, with a soft laughter: “Would you like to go?”

Yan Qing said a hundred and eighty things in her heart, thinking clothes and jewellery were no longer enough. She was satisfied with her husband, but he wanted to change the house to play: “Is it really not a waste?”

Huo Yunshen took her out, lowered his eyes and asked, “Why do you think I make money.”

She didn’t say anything.

He bowed his head and kissed her hair, stepped down the stairs, and said with his voice darkened: “I had a hard time before, I could only let you live in such a small rental house, I dreamt of giving you the best every day, until you won’t need to do anything.”

Yan Qing’s heart trembled.

Huo Yunshen’s eyes were dark, and he fixedly looked at her: “Qingqing, we are rich, I can buy you, whatever you like.”

She said softly, “I only like you.”

Yan Qing swore to God that she was pure and flawless.

But Huo Yunshen obviously quickened his pace and answered solemnly, “This is more satisfying.”

But he wasn’t satisfied at home. Huo Yunshen ate with her, then it was getting dark, so he immediately set off to take her to see the real estate he had bought for her.

The real estate property was called Nebula, and it was located by the river. Yan Qing had heard of it. It was the top private residence in Haicheng. The purchase threshold was ridiculously high. Everyone was proud to get even a small apartment here.

There were only three buildings in total. They were near the river. Huo Yunshen had bought the top floor of the building with the best location.

Forty-two storeys high, not only having the area of one apartment, but also three bedrooms, occupying most of the floor, the bathroom was also looking out of the floor-to-ceiling windows to the river, reflecting the stars in the bathtub.

Yan Qing stepped on the soft carpet and stared around in a daze.

Huo Yunshen hugged her by the window, looked at the bridge where he almost jumped to his death, and asked in her ear, “Do you like it?”

He was secretly preparing for their wedding.

He used to be suppressed, but now he wasn’t. He wished the whole world to know that Qingqing belonged to him. The house in the past didn’t count, so he wanted to prepare a new marriage home for her. She could see the river from here, and it was so high that it was far from people’s gazes. He could do whatever he wanted in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows, in front of the mirror, in the bathtub…

“I like it,” Yan Qing turned around and wrapped her arms around the back of his neck.

“It’s true, Mr. Huo is thinking about something bad right now.”

Huo Yunshen smiled sullenly and asked her, “It’s not a bad thing to want to play with your cat.”

Yan Qing didn’t respond for a while. “What cat?”.

But she soon understood.

Because the man’s palm covered the top of her head, slowly running down to her neck, the finger pulp rubbed her butterfly bone, passed over her thin back, waist, and continued to move, stirring up a scorching dark fire.

Yan Qing raised her face uncontrollably, her breathing quickened, and her legs went soft.

He asked obsessively: “Qingqing cat, can I continue?”

Yan Qing floated up and down in the constant temperature water of the bathtub, Huo Yunshen still had his limits, fearing that she would still be uncomfortable, he wiped her off and took her back to bed.

She fell into the new bed and whispered softly, “I’m living a very extravagant life–“

Huo Yunshen continued to massage her temples: “Go to bed, don’t get dizzy when you wake up tomorrow.”

Yan Qing couldn’t tell the reason, but she instinctively found it a bit repulsive to sleep. She shook her head, guessing that she was too riled up and needed to calm down, so she proposed to her husband to go online.

Yan Qing lay on the bed and turned on her mobile phone, and after doing enough psychological construction, she refreshed her Weibo under Huo Yunshen’s close attention. Her trumpet was full of marketing accounts and bloggers related to her, and what was going on was clear at a glance.

She was prepared in advance to be scolded for hype, accused of showing off her wealth, or continued to be questioned. The best case was to admit her ability.

However, the facts were always unexpected.

Yan Qing opened her eyes wide and read out each word on the screen: “Huo Yunshen is the best scumbag?!”

At first, the recognition of Yan Qing’s strength was the mainstream, and the whole screen was full of surprise and amazement. She retweeted the part of her singing and composing music wildly. Several fan sites that were closed in anger at the beginning came back, and some people began to support Yan Qing’s voice.

“Yan Qing was first invited as the singer of the promotion song of “Rise It! Girls”, and she participated in the show just to help her friend!”

“Yes, her strength has always been there, but we were influenced by public opinion and blindly assumed that she can’t do it.”

“Besides, you women, ask yourself, if the other party is Huo Yunshen, after marrying him, you will go straight to the pinnacle of life. According to legend, a person who is so unattainable, calling you baby and kitten, and would spoil you with everything you need. Can you withstand it? Not even a single person would resist, okay!”

It was normal here.

Later, it went astray.

“That’s right! No one can stand it! Huo Yunshen shouldn’t have any good intentions!”

“Yan Qing is obviously a substitute, she must know it herself, it is reasonable to say that everyone should get what they need? In the end, what is he doing now? Let Yan Qing fall for him, and make her sad for the rest of her life?”

“Spoil me and kick me away?!”

“Could it be that it is both love and hate? He loves her face that looks like his old love, but hates her at the same time because she looks too much like an old love?!”

“My God, it’s a bit pitiful to say that Yan Qing-“

“Huo Yunshen is ruining people. When he gets tired of Yan Qing, he will throw her away, can she still live?” After the abuse, a new argument also appeared.

The ruthless faction was like this: “If you still have a bit of backbone, get a divorce now! Don’t be greedy for people and things that don’t belong to you!”

The excitement was not too big of a problem, but a trend arose which quickly attracted countless fans, its name was — “Affectionate couple” divorce today.

Yan Qing was stunned, and secretly glanced at Huo Yunshen’s face.

His expression was light, but his eyes were about to grind the word “divorce” to ashes.

Yan Qing quickly threw the phone away and pretended to be very sleepy to appease him: “Shen Shen, let’s not watch it, let’s sleep.”

Huo Yunshen slammed her into his arms: “The scumbag will coax you to sleep.”

Yan Qing laughed to death, her small eyes the size of a needle.

She didn’t want to sleep, but she closed her eyes and fell asleep faster than ever before.

It was still a bizarre dream, with many scenes that were torn apart, so sharp that they gave her a headache.

The figure who stood behind Huo Yunshen and whose face she couldn’t see in the past suddenly flashed his face towards her and it was as if it was illuminated by a flash of light and flint.

Yan Qing’s nerves seemed to be tensed all of a sudden, she hurriedly opened her eyes, gasping for breath.

It was just dawn and the light was still dim. She stared at the roof blankly. For a while, she didn’t know where she was. She slowly turned her head and looked at the handsome man beside her. He was asleep and was still hugging her tightly.

He was…

Yan Qing subconsciously wanted to break free, but felt it was wrong.

She bit the tip of her tongue to wake up and looked at him again, the strangeness and confusion in her mind faded like a tide, except for a slight dizziness, no trace was left.

After dozens of seconds, everything just now seemed to have never happened. Yan Qing frowned and thought about it. She didn’t remember how she woke up, and why her heart was beating wildly.

Under the moonlight, she stared at Huo Yunshen’s brows, and obediently pressed herself to hug him back.

What was wrong… she suddenly wanted to stick to him in the middle of the night, as if she was afraid of separation.

A live broadcast and the release of the entire song “Blue Silk” brought a washing-like effect to Yan Qing. The dripping sewage was washed away a lot, and she finally got the praise she deserved.

There were still some scolding, because she had shown an excessively prosperous life in the live broadcast, and there were countless sour losers out there. Every day they were not tired of ridiculing, betting when she would get divorced and have nothing.

But the level Yan Qing was at and her topic being so hot, there was no need to worry about fans returning. Many old fans from her Kapok period in the past had also stood up to speak for her.

There were still many new fans who were very open in their thinking: “My mother, such a beautiful singer who can sing does not need to worry about resources in the short term, and is still crazily being spoiled by her big devil husband, why not become a fan? Experiencing her rich wife life is also okay, they will be divorced and then you can stop being her fan.”

The MV that Yan Qing filmed with Tianwang before was also completed, the Tianwang team did not mind her controversy, and released it generously. The pure school flower goddess in the picture successfully won more hearts. The audience sighed: “Don’t say anything else, the face is really good-looking.”

“Don’t say it — the singing skills are also really good.”

“The figure is really amazing.”

“The character is actually more…”

Yan Qing finally changed from only black in the end to both black and red fans.

Lin Yuan had been bombarding Yan Qing with all her job offers, many popular variety shows were looking for her, and there were even TV dramas that wanted to give her roles.

Yan Qing thought of the almost kiss scene that day, and Huo Yunshen’s heart-piercing reaction, and shook her head decisively: “I won’t act anymore, I want to do a good job in singing.”

The funny thing was that before her debut, she went to film the pilot of a show, but they broke the contract at the first opportunity when the accident happened, and now they had lived to regret it.

Lin Yuan refused all of them, and just picked up a singing and writing program. The model was very new. The guests who had been scheduled to come were basically big names with stable popularity. There were hot traffic stars and stars with senior strength. But the popularity was fundamental. She didn’t need to worry, as it could reflect her strength and increase her favourability. It was the best choice for now.

It was just that Xu Mohan was among the first guests, and in the last vacancy, the program team found Yan Qing.

“There will be difficulties and challenges, but there will also be great results,” Lin Yuan said. “Do you accept it? If you don’t want to, I can choose something easier to deal with.”

Yan Qing firmly said, “Yes, I can do it well.”

Lin Yuan became at ease.

“The first phase will be recorded very soon. The theme has not yet been decided, but there will be parts that need to be created on the spot. You can prepare a few songs in advance to adjust to a good state.”

Yan Qing agreed and devoted herself to work.

She set a few topics for herself and wanted to write a demo as soon as possible. She spent almost all day in the studio, so immersed that she didn’t even know when Huo Yunshen got home.

When the door was knocked slowly, Yan Qing turned around wearing the headset, and saw the man standing tall and pursing his lips slightly.

She had been wearing headphones in her ears, and she guessed that her husband had been beating at the door for a long time, and he had waited for her to hear it before giving up.

He was stubborn and a little pitiful, and the corners of his mouth were tight, so that the grievances of being left out were not exposed.

Yan Qing was at a bottleneck, and she hurriedly “shushed” him: “Shen Shen, please stop acting pitiful, let me finish it.”

Huo Yunshen’s eyelashes were lowered, and his eyes darkened slightly.

Well, Qingqing was going to rebel.

For the sake of work, he was left aside and ignored.

Huo Yunshen simply walked in and closed the door with his backhand. Instead of going to Yan Qing immediately, he turned around and entered the small bathroom in the studio.

He took a shower, didn’t wipe himself too well, put on a bathrobe at will, and pushed open the bathroom door with bare feet.

Yan Qing didn’t pay attention at first, but soon she smelled the clean woody fragrance, and…

She froze, turned her head, and her pupils quivered.

Huo Yunshen didn’t look at her, he was sitting at the table three meters away beside her, drinking coffee.

He bowed his head slightly, and the drops of water ran down his chin, slid to his chest, and quickly disappeared into the loose collar.

His slender fingers with well-defined knuckles were wet and cold, and he picked up the cup unhurriedly and drank a little, his damp Adam’s apple sliding up and down.

Yan Qing’s eyes went straight, and she couldn’t help swallowing.

Huo Yunshen tilted his head and glanced at her: “You’re busy, I’m not making any noise.”

Yan Qing tried to meditate and turned up the voice in her headset.

However, the cold and presumptuous breath of the man after the bath was overwhelming, and the more she didn’t look at him, the more shrouded she became.

His footsteps, breathing, and the rubbing of the bathrobe were all strongly invading Yan Qing’s senses.

Yan Qing bit her lip to resist the temptation.

Huo Yunshen, however, went near her worktable and sat down slowly. His short hair was simply pushed back, messy and watery, his dark eyes swept over her occasionally, and his light-coloured thin lips were wet with milk coffee, leaving a little trace above his lips.

Yan Qing’s chest heaved and her face flushed, unable to bear to look at him.

He raised the corners of his mouth: “I really didn’t make noise.”

Yan Qing raised her eyes and suddenly met his overly confusing face and the trace of milk on his lips.

Her heartbeat suddenly fell, she threw away the headset, slapped the desk, leaned forward and pressed his shoulders with great momentum, then looked down at him rarely: “If not being noisy, then what are you doing?”

Huo Yunshen looked at her directly, and answered hoarsely: “Baby, I’m seducing you.”

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