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The slide was suspended, and the cushions were soft and thick, like a hoisted round bed.

But compared to bed, there were more enclosures in all directions, adding an indescribable secret.

There were some charming things in places that symbolized childlike innocence.

Yan Qing was still a little worried at first, wondering if the slide would collapse, but then she couldn’t care about anything, she was completely immersed, and the last bit of consciousness that was still firmly drawing conclusions completely collapsed.

Collapse, collapse…

She would protect Shen Shen, the big deal was to fall and continue.

Yan Qing didn’t sleep a lot last night in order to practice singing. Then she woke up before dawn in the morning. After the high-intensity work and this indulgence, her body was fatigued. She slept lazily on the soft cushion, resting against Huo Yunshen’s arm and sleeping contentedly.

In the dream, Huo Yunshen looked young.

He was tall and thin, with a straight back, always carrying injuries, had indifferent eyebrows and eyes, and was very aggressive towards people. Only when facing her would he lose his coldness and smile sweetly with the corners of his mouth pursed.

Others regarded him as a dangerous person, as if they would get burned if he got involved, but she knew how good he was.

He filled her with heart, he was both paranoid and enthusiastic.

Yan Qing was confused and couldn’t tell what she remembered and what she was imagining. She only knew that his green and sharp eyebrows seemed to have become clear, but when she reached out to touch it, she became a mirror, and it shattered all at once.

The shards were woven into a barbed net, entangling her chaotic memories.

They came back early. Yan Qing had at most slept in the afternoon. When she woke up, it was dark, and it was dinner time.

Yan Qing rubbed against Huo Yunshen’s chest, saw that he had opened his eyes in sync with hers, smiled expectantly and said, “Shen Shen, I dreamed of you again, the deeper I feel for you, the more likely it is that I will remember everything.”

Huo Yunshen gave up hope.

Her memory could not be remembered slowly, it had a trigger point which would cause all her memory to be recovered together.

He gradually stopped asking for extravagance.

Now that he was overwhelmed with happiness, as long as Qingqing was by his side and was willing to love him, nothing else mattered.

If it was really a hidden danger that Huo Linchuan deliberately left behind, then the key to recovering her memory was likely to harm his life to take revenge and make Qingqing suffer.

He had done so for so many years in the past, it would be good for him to remember it all by himself.

Huo Yunshen stroked her forehead and asked hoarsely, “What was I doing in the dream?”

Yan Qing tried to recall: “I don’t know… I just had the feeling that you like me very much, but you don’t want to say it outright.”

Huo Yunshen’s laughter was very low: “Like?”

How could she describe it as liking, when even the word love was not enough. He wanted to rub her into his body, melt her into bone and blood, and bind her to him till death, get buried with her together, and also occupy her in the next life.

He didn’t argue with her, and helped her up: “Do you still want to play on the slide?”

Yan Qing glared at him with water in her eyes, play the slide? She was deceived. Well, he used the slide as a prop to play with her!

The problem was that the corners of her big devil husband’s lips were upturned, the light in his pupils was extraordinarily soft, and the laziness surrounding him was really attractive. Yan Qing secretly scolded him for being a faceless man. In front of this kind of man, she just wanted to promise him everything.

Play, she played on the slide, he played with her, whatever.

Huo Yunshen dressed Yan Qing, went down the ladder from the back, turned to the front, raised his head and said with a smile, “Come on.”

The slide was very wide, Yan Qing sat on top with both hands on it, and saw Huo Yunshen kneeling down on one knee to pick her up.

She released her hand and slid straight down towards him.

In the light of the wind, Huo Yunshen’s face that was getting closer and closer overlapped with something and she went in a trance, and time seemed to rewind all of a sudden. She also pounced on him like this in the small park at the age of sixteen.

The moment Yan Qing bumped into him, her eye sockets became hot for some reason, and she blurted out, “Yunshen.”

Huo Yunshen raised his face.

Just like in the past, the girl’s long hairs were flying, and she like a red puff fell into his arms. The flames that he had held down after taking care of her body rose suddenly, and he pushed Yan Qing up the ramp behind him. He couldn’t help but press on her, and kiss the end of her eyes lightly: “Wife, I still want to.”

Late at night.

Yan Qing could no longer look directly at the slide. Such a pure and clean children’s entertainment project had been repeatedly sullied by President Huo, and she had no face to recall all the scenes.

“…Mr. Huo, shouldn’t you be a little more restrained?”

Huo Yunshen had reason on his side: “When you call me Yunshen, I can’t help it.”

Yan Qing knew his scruples and weaknesses too well, and asked with a smile on purpose: “Then doesn’t that mean that I did it with Shenshen in the small space above, and with Yunshen on the ramp below?”

Huo Yunshen’s face changed suddenly, he picked her up and walked out, biting his teeth: “What is Yunshen? Don’t mention it in the future, you only have the present me.”

She didn’t know him in the past.

That couldn’t be the same person.

He was jealous.

Yan Qing ate supper and enjoyed her husband’s massage, and then closed her eyes to sleep in the second half of the night.

She slept very deeply all night, and vaguely felt pain in her temples. The boy’s figure seemed to turn into a sharp blade, stirring things, but she couldn’t wake up. When she woke up in the morning, there was still a little pain left, but it was not obvious. She was not sure why it hurt.

Yan Qing sat up from the bed, a little dazed.

On the large double bed, the place beside her was empty, Yan Qing frowned and glanced at it, her eyes were empty, when the bedroom door suddenly moved, and a man in a loosely tied robe came in, bent over and pinched her face: “How can you sleep so well? Are you in a daze? Come downstairs for breakfast with your husband.”

Yan Qing stared at him for two or three seconds, and then the fog in her mind suddenly dissipated.

She woke up, quickly took his hand, got out of bed briskly, pulled her slippers to keep up, and said repeatedly, “I want to eat spinach chicken porridge—”

Huo Yunshen rubbed her head deeply: “It’s cooked.”

Yan Qing remembered what Lin Yuan said in the car to “unlock new tasks”, she didn’t ask her after dinner, and Lin Yuan talked to her first, this made her realize that Lin Yuan’s attitude had changed a lot, and she was no longer the same as when they first met. Business was official, and now she was active and eager, and even her address had been changed to “Qingbao”.

“Sister Yuan, weren’t you forced?” she asked tentatively.

Lin Yuan smiled on the phone: “I’m not interested in beautiful canaries, but if they are not only beautiful, but also capable enough, it will be different. They can fly into the sky and become a phoenix.”

Yan Qing seriously added: “Sister, I can also write lyrics and compose music.”

Lin Yuan couldn’t resist her cuteness: “I really believe it this time, our Qingbao is very powerful, don’t be afraid, your sister will take you to fly in the future.”

Yan Qing thought, she wanted to fly, she would try to fly so that she was taller, with a small piece of her own airspace, then she would be said to be worthy of Huo Yunshen, who was in a high position, such that he would not be criticized because of his wife.

Lin Yuan briefly told her about the current trend of public opinion.

Xu Mohan’s connotation-filled Weibo caused a lot of splashes. After all, she was a popular song queen and had a lot of fans. At this time, when she was in conflict with Yan Qing, who was full of controversy, the online comments were of course one-sided and against her.

Yan Qing’s wave was uneventful, and now she became a scheming girl who was incompetent and robbed people of resources.

Huo Yunshen was going to the board meeting today. Seeing that she was on the phone, he waited and didn’t leave. He vaguely heard Lin Yuan’s words, frowned, and his face darkened.

Yan Qing covered the microphone and hooked her fingers at Huo Yunshen deeply.

Unconditionally obedient, he leaned down and approached her.

Yan Qing gave him a kiss on the cheek and said with a smile: “Boss Huo should work hard, I’ll solve this little trouble, you don’t have to do everything for me, it makes me look like a weak little white flower, you should believe me this once.”

After coaxing her husband away, Yan Qing clicked on Weibo and asked Lin Yuan while brushing: “The main question is about “Blue Silk”, can we contact the investor and release a short recording studio version first, so that everyone can feel at ease.”

Lin Yuan was at a loss for words, thinking Yan Qing was really good. What she wanted was not to clarify for herself, but to make the public understand that the song and drama would not be ruined by her.

Before her marriage was exposed, netizens still talked about how good Kapok’s songs were, but once she fell to the bottom, they were brought to the rhythm by black fans, and completely denied her for no reason. These seemed to be her additional “deception”. It was determined that her singing skills were fake and her writing skills were fake, and nothing about her was credible.

That being the case, let the public believe her again.

Lin Yuan’s tone was calm: “Before you mentioned it, Mr. Huo had already explained this to me. If he spoke, how could the investor hide it? There would be a video version released within half an hour to clear your name.”

Yan Qing’s heart jumped.

He quietly paved the way for her again…

Twenty minutes later, the ancient drama really did what he said, and released the studio clip of the high-pitched part of the chorus of “Blue Silk”, without additional sound editing, no beauty filter, showing the real scene of the day.

This show became popular before it was aired, and the song became a hot topic because of her controversy and Xu Mohan’s dissatisfaction. As soon as the video version came out, it became a hit.

Yan Qing took another look at the trumpet account, and the response was very good. The big and small bloggers all over the screen were forwarding it, and the result seemed to be good.

“Is this the fucking unedited sound in the recording studio?! The singing skills are so good?!”

“I think my ears got pregnant!”

“It’s funny, don’t talk about those original online songs from the past, they must have been edited, “Rise It! Girls” need not be mentioned here, it’s all about the effects of the show, and now even the filmmakers are cooperating with her, using Xiuyin as the original sound, it’s no help!”

But there was also a small group of people who refuted for her, proposing that according to professional judgment, it seemed to be the real soundtrack version.

Most people didn’t believe it, otherwise, not only Xu Mohan couldn’t reach this level of timbre, but no singer in the circle was of the same type as her, and it was difficult to compare.

Yan Qing had grasped the situation, the first step was to reverse the image, the foreshadowing was here, and a strong evidence was needed to prove that everything was true.

Lin Yuan’s phone was always on: “Xu Mohan is obviously a backdoor person, but she has implied that you are a resource person. She commented in a strange way, saying that you dare not record and live broadcast like her.”

Yan Qing also saw it.

Lin Yuan hummed: “No, she may have been hit by this video. It was announced that a new song will be recorded live at noon. I guess we have to prove our strength. How about we rise to the challenge, to bring corroboration to the video in the recording studio?”

Hearing Yan Qing’s agreement, Lin Yuan immediately prepared to contact the right places. They needed high-end, quiet and safety equipment…

Yan Qing sat on the sofa, glanced upstairs, and asked, “How about my house?”

Lin Yuan slapped on her forehead, how did she forget that she wasn’t bringing around a poor young newcomer, but a rich and powerful wife!

The live broadcast time was set at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, Lin Yuan went to start the promotion and preliminary preparations, Yan Qing hung up the phone at home, and did not stand up for a while, her head was still a little dizzy, chaotic and not as clear as usual.

She rested with her eyes closed. It didn’t take long by her count count, when the door moved softly, and the man walked hurriedly in front of her, supporting her temples with both hands.

“Shen Shen…” Yan Qing opened her eyes in surprise, “Why are you back?”

Huo Yunshen frowned: “Come on, I’ll go back in the afternoon, I came home just to see you.”

“Do you have a headache?” he asked in a deep voice, “It’s not serious, right?”

Yan Qing shook her head and clasped his hand, her voice becoming unconsciously soft: “It’s just that I didn’t sleep well and felt a little dizzy, it’s not because you were too much yesterday…”

Huo Yunshen hugged her head and rubbed: “It’s my fault, in the future I’ll try to control as much as possible.”

Yan Qing laughed, the total number of times for a long time was still not small, her husband was really overwhelmed by desires.

She told him that she was going to broadcast live at home in the afternoon. Huo Yunshen knew that the promotion had been done, so he held her on his lap and demanded, “You are not feeling well, you can work at most till five o’clock, or I will push the door on time.”

Yan Qing leaned on his shoulder and nodded meekly: “Aren’t you still busy in the afternoon? When you come back, it would definitely be over.”

At two o’clock in the afternoon, Lin Yuan and her team arrived at Huo Yunshen’s house and carefully did makeup and hair for Yan Qing. She was given a few dresses to choose from. Yan Qing looked at them and pointed upstairs: “Sister Yuan, why don’t you come up with me?”

For the next ten minutes, Lin Yuan was lost in Mrs. Huo’s luxurious dressing room.

She took a breath and grabbed Yan Qing’s hand: “You pick it up first, and then change it when the live broadcast starts.”

Yan Qing was puzzled.

Lin Yuan said: “You must show off the little corners of the daily life of wealthy wives!”

At three o’clock, the live broadcast started, and a large wave of ex-fans and melon-eating crowds poured in. When someone came up, they directly ridiculed her. But the picture shocked the whole family.

All that was left in the fast-scrolling comment area on the screen were neat and uniform slurs.

“The cloakroom?!”

“It’s bigger than my living room?!”

“Fuck you, it’s three times bigger than my entire house combined!”

Yan Qing wore a seemingly simple home dress, neither too loose nor too tight wrapped around her bumpy figure, she had long legs, small waist, and big breasts, but now her long hair was let loose, her makeup was exquisite, and she stood in the cloakroom where the lights were all bright and the layers were deep.

The last time she made a public appearance was in the show, and she didn’t show up for a while, which made her even more eye-catching than before.

Some people couldn’t help but think that in the primary evaluation of “Rise It! Girls”, Huo Yunshen had said the amazing phrase “princess”. It turned out that it was not just words at all, but deeds, and he properly treated like a princess.

Yan Qing had a sweet smile, she didn’t not pay attention to other people’s reactions, and chose clothes naturally.

In fact, she was also shocked, and the little dirty words in her heart were connected.

She never came in! She didn’t know it was so deep and so full! According to Lin Yuan, the new season’s luxury brand dresses were all tightly hung on a wall, and some limited editions that other actresses couldn’t find were also left out in her wardrobe.

Shenshen, this prodigal husband!

Yan Qing seemed to calmly choose a dress with bead style and beige embroidery, and Lin Yuan gave her a thumbs up.

She went in and changed, and came out to another wave of amazement.

The reason why a beauty was a beauty was that it could make people forget all prejudice and dissatisfaction about her in the moment of meeting.

Yan Qing walked into her exclusive workshop with the live broadcast, opened the door, and the comment area exploded again. The professional equipment was so well-prepared that it was outrageous. All they could say was “vacant resources, morality is not suitable”.

She smiled and sat down in front of the piano, without using a microphone, she played and sang directly, avoiding all possible doubts, and pressed the keys with her slender fingers, opening her mouth like water.

The singing was the public excerpt of “Blue Silk”. The ancient style music was re-interpreted on the piano.

Lin Yuan clenched her fist excitedly. The number of viewers of the live broadcast had already broken the expected record and were still rising.

In the video, the evening afterglow spilled in from the window, Yan Qing closed her eyes and sang, with a smile on her lips, which made people want to cry inexplicably.

Because it took her some time to change clothes, it was already 4:55 by the time Yan Qing finished singing her original song.

The number of people in the live broadcast room had exploded.

Huo Yunshen had been waiting downstairs for more than half an hour.

He came back just after four o’clock, checked his watch every three minutes, it was almost five o’clock, and his wife was still working hard.

At 4:59, Huo Yunshen couldn’t bear it anymore, got up and went upstairs.

The door on the workshop was ajar, and Yan Qing’s singing was coming out. Huo Yunshen stared at the dial of his watch. As soon as the second hand arrived at 12, he put down his hand and pushed the door open decisively.

Yan Qing was startled and remembered what time it was.

With the camera facing her, she raised her eyes and stared nervously at the man who didn’t intend to avoid suspicion at all.

The comment section went crazy.

“I’m relying on someone to come, who’s it? It’s not Mr. Huo!”

“Mr. Huo is in charge of such trivial matters as live broadcasts?”

Huo Yunshen ignored the work team in the room, with a clear goal, he walked straight to Yan Qing by the window, aggressively wanting to arrest her to rest.

Yan Qing tried to whitewash herself before the live broadcast: “Why did you come in, are you looking for something-“

Huo Yunshen’s eyes were dark.

“Yes,” he said softly and came to her, “Come in to find my baby.”

Yan Qing’s cheeks flushed instantly.

She was live! He was so unrestrained!

She quickly glanced at the comment area that had exploded.

“I’m deaf, baby?! It’s really a baby?!”

“Maomao! I’m looking for a cat!”

“Yes, it must be a cat!”

Yan Qing did not give up, and tried to change Mr. Huo’s original intention for the second time: “Looking for a cat?”

Huo Yunshen stared at her blushing ears and couldn’t help laughing softly.

He slowly bent his back.

In the live broadcast, the man’s tight waistline bound by the belt first appeared, followed by a chest, straight and wide shoulders, and the attractive Adam’s apple on the neckline of the shirt.

The comment section went completely irrational.

When the picture progressed to revealing his thin lips, it stopped.

The man inadvertently stopped at this angle, just close to Yan Qing, intimate but not too charming, just right.

Then, there came his low magnetic voice with a smile, “Yes, please give me back my Qingqing cat.”

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