RCFS Ch. 158: Surprise 4

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Another whip was thrown out, grabbing the golden eagle’s ankle, and pulling it hard!

The golden eagle fell to the foot, and Ye Yunxi didn’t even give it time to react, she casually pulled the network cable in the corner, wrapped it around the golden eagle’s foot, and tied the other end to the sofa leg, and then she quickly faced the golden eagle’s panicked eyes.

Yes, panic!

After the defeat, the golden eagle fell into a panic. While it was frightened, she would intimidate it mentally, and the eagle would surrender!


The golden eagle made a desperate sound, and the pain caused by the whip was deeply engraved in the depths of its mind. Whenever it saw Ye Yunxi, it would think of that pain and fear!

It subconsciously wanted to avoid Ye Yunxi’s sight, but Ye Yunxi didn’t give it a chance. The curtains were all drawn, and the room was completely dark. She turned on the light of her mobile phone. In the darkness, only her eyes were everywhere. She just stare at this golden eagle that was about to collapse!


The golden eagle finally couldn’t hold on any longer, retracted its haughty head, and its fierce eyes became flickering and fearful.

Seeing this, Ye Yunxi frowned, exchanged a small bite of rabbit meat from the system, and handed it over.

How could the 5000 Awesomeness XP of rabbit meat be compared with ordinary rabbit meat? The soaring nutrition and mental strength made the dying golden eagle’s eyes light up with excitement just by smelling the smell!

It knew that eating it would not only make it stronger but also smarter!

The golden eagle wanted to eat, but was moved away by Ye Yunxi. The golden eagle gave a pitiful cry, spread its wings and acted like a baby.

“Want to eat?”


“Then recognize who is your master!”

Ding! Awesomeness XP +10!


The golden eagle poked its head and rubbed against the back of Ye Yunxi’s hand, just like it was in a bird’s nest, rubbing against the chest of its parents.

“Very good.”

The rabbit meat was brought back, and the golden eagle gulped it down cheerfully, and then followed Ye Yunxi step by step.

Mo Yuxiang: “…”

What the hell, was this the end of taming?

Should it be so simple?

Can you be more awesome?

“You… you trained it so fast…”

Mo Yuxiang complained.

What about seven days and seven nights?

“Of course.”

Ye Yunxi hooked the corner of her mouth. The army would not spend such a long time on taming the falcon. Basically, it was done in one step. Training would be added later, but to make it surrender, it was only one step!

It was just that this golden eagle was really top-notch, so it took her a little longer, but it was worth it!

“Come here!”

Ye Yunxi crossed her arms, and the golden eagle flapped its wings and flew over as if it could understand human speech.

“Be careful, its claws can tear apart a wolf’s head…”

Before he finished speaking, the golden eagle obediently stood on Ye Yunxi’s tender arm, with smooth skin sticking to the golden eagle’s rough skin and sharp claws. The obvious contrast reminded him of a kind of visual simulation of Beauty and the Beast!

However, the golden eagle didn’t hurt Ye Yunxi, but carefully retracted the tip of its claws, as if afraid of hurting her.

My God, isn’t she too powerful?

She made such a fierce thing surrender?

Ding! Awesomeness XP +10!

“From today onwards, your name is Hades.”

Ye Yunxi gave the golden eagle a name, and the eagle seemed to understand it, and bent down, but Mo Yuxiang opened his mouth with a shocked expression.

Hades, the king of the underworld in mythology, he was in charge of hell. It was said that as long as he came to the ground, the earth would usher in death!

Naming the bird Hades?

Such a domineering name was also worthy of it, after all, he was a golden eagle who tore 14 wild wolves apart!

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