YXBG Ch.2: Zhefei

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In the Yin villa, Zhefei put out his favorite electric toys and prepared a football uniform. His brows were wrinkled, his lips were slightly pursed, and he looked like a little adult, very cute. Nanny Ah Chun couldn’t help but smile. “The young master really wants a little brother!”

Yin Zhefei nodded solemnly and placed his beloved rifle in a conspicuous position. “When the younger brother comes, I will teach him to play video games, play rugby, and shoot a gun.” The little boy looked at his own good things, very happy. He was a serious little man, and very charming. When he grew up, undoubtedly, he would be a beautiful man.

Ah Chun couldn’t help but sigh, the young master was all good, however, he inherited the bad personality of Mr. Yin, and was always silent.

Outside the door came the sound of the car arriving, Yin Zhefei immediately straightened up, and asked Nanny Ah Chun in a serious manner, “Nanny Ah Chun, see my clothes are they still decent?” Such a formal statement from his mouth made her have strange feelings.

Ah Chun couldn’t hide her smile and answered him. “The young master is very handsome.” But the little boy didn’t like her answer. The little boy was not wild, and no one could be as rigid as him.

Ah Chun was about to open the door. But before she could do that, Chang Mei had already pushed the door in. The strong light from outside came in. A small person behind her looked at the house with fear.

Zhefei officially reached out and planned to shake hands with his future brother…

Wait! Why is the “brother’s” hair tied into a Ponytail?!

His hand stiffened at a ridiculous angle and hung there. Chang Mei said with a smile, “Zhefei, you see, this is your sister. She is Yin Xiaomei. You have to take care of your sister. We will all be a family in the future! Xiaomei, this is your brother, he is very gentle! Don’t be afraid.”

However, the “very gentle” brother screamed. “What is this?” The child in front of him was too dirty to say anything, but she was still a girl! She was his sister! He said he wanted a brother! His young mind was traumatized: “Did mom pick it up from the trash?”

“Zhefei!” Chang Mei squinted at him. “This is your younger sister. You are not allowed to say this to her! Don’t be a bad child, mother doesn’t like it!”

Yin Zhefei stood there and looked at the little girl who was looking around. He only felt aggrieved and sad. His eyes were immediately blinded with tears. “Why, why, Zhefei wants a younger brother…”

“Younger sister is just as good! You can protect her and become more like a man!” Chang Mei quickly comforted his son.

At this moment, Yin Ruoji walked in and saw the appearance of Zhefei. He frowned. “What happened?”

When the little boy saw his father, he immediately showed a serious and calm look and asked in an adult tone, “You promised me a boy, but now it is a girl. What happened to an adult’s promise? Do you have no integrity?”

Yin Ruoji’s face showed a smile, as the son’s appearance was exactly the same as himself. Yin Xiaomei immediately found that the situation was very unfavorable to her and turned to say pitifully, “Dad, mother, brother does not like Xiaomei, you can send Xiaomei back! Xiaomei is a strong child.”

Such strange words coming from a little girl did not make people feel odd. Instead, they felt that the child was pitifully precocious. Chang Mei immediately hugged the little girl and turned to his son. “Zhefei don’t be self-willed. Adopting a child is not like buying a kitten or puppy. It must be appropriate. The younger sister is a very well-behaved girl. Don’t bully her!”

“Mom you are so stinky, is it safe to take trash around with you?” The poisonous tongued little boy said with a sullen face.

Yin Ruoji immediately gave his son a thump in time: “How dare you call you mother stinky! Smelly boy!”

Chang Mei laughed. “Stingy Zhefei, okay, I’ll take your sister to take a bath. But I don’t want this attitude later!” After she said that, she went to the bathroom holding Xiaomei’s hand. Zhefei was depressed, then he saw the little girl suddenly stop and look over, and then blink her eyelashes at him in demonstration of her win.

In the first round, Xiaomei won!

Immediately Zhefei’s face became angry, damn that girl, she definitely couldn’t stay at home! Absolutely not!

In the bathroom, Xiaomei felt uneasy when asked to take off her clothes. Chang Mei discovered that the little girl was so skinny and was only bones without any meat. She was distressed. “It must be the orphanage that is not good. Look at you, you are so thin.”

Xiaomei looked at the bubbles in the bathtub and replied. “No, it’s Xiaomei who likes to feed others. When it is time to eat, I eat very slowly, so others can have little more rice.”

Chang Mei took her into the bathtub. She took a soft bristle brush and brushed her small arms, gently. “I would like to feed Xiaomei later. But you must promise that you will get fat as soon as possible!”

In such a warm and fascinating environment, Xiaomei felt infinite love and care. The beautiful woman in front of her eyes seemed to constantly care about her like her own mother.

Her throat was tight, and she whimpered. “Mom, mom please don’t ever leave Xiaomei. Whether I am good or bad, because Xiaomei doesn’t want to be alone.”

“Stupid child,” Chang Mei poked the bubble on her little nose. “Mom is here, I will never leave you.”

Xiaomei grinned happily, with her mother there, she was not afraid of anything! She obediently asked her mother to pour water over her head. Because she had water in her ear, Chang Mei carefully cleaned the water out with a cotton swab. She took the hair dryer and felt Xiaomei’s soft hair between her fingers; there was a little emotion in her heart. This child seemed to be familiar, maybe she was really a gift from God for her!

Xiaomei came out wearing the rabbit pattern pajamas that were bought that day. The people outside were happy seeing it. The little dirty monkey was now really clean and beautiful. They really looked like a pair of mother and daughter.

Nanny Ah Chun laughed. “She’s so beautiful, how do this little girl and madam really look like a…” Halfway through her words, she saw Zhefei’s killer eyes, so she immediately lost her voice.

Yin Ruoji was also very satisfied. “Not bad.” This being said from his mouth was very rare. Xiaomei’s hair was made into two braids on both sides by Chang Mei, they looked like cute Mickey Mouse’s ears. Yet, Yin Zhefei heaved a deep sigh, as if he was very disappointed.

Xiaomei had won the favor of the whole family. Even the cold-hearted Yin Ruoji smiled at her. Whether it was Ah Chun, Zhang Bo, or Xiao Min, who was responsible for chores and gardening, they liked this sweet and well-behaved girl.

Especially Ah Chun, although she felt that it was a bit embarrassing to “betray” the young master, but when she looked at Xiaomei’s cute big eyes, a maternal love type feeling started to grow within her. How could she refuse it? And she realized that since Xiaomei came, the family felt happier! Even Mr. Yin Ruoji was not as cold as he used to be.

At dinner, Chang Mei fed Xiaomei, then at breakfast and lunch she still fed Xiaomei, making Zhefei felt jealous. Since childhood he had been taught to be independent, to rely on himself, and to act like a man so he never got such treatment.

“Unfair!” Zhefei finally couldn’t stand it. “Why does mother always feed her? Doesn’t she need to be independent?”

Chang Mei said patiently. “She still so young, and she is your younger sister; girls need more love.”

“Dad!” Zhefei looked to his father for help.

Yet, Xiaomei was a smart girl, and she understood the situation. “Mom, no need to feed me anymore, Xiaomei will eat by myself! Xiaomei will be independent, I remember our promise to eat until I’m chubby! So don’t worry mom!”

“Oh!” Chang Mei was moved. “Xiaomei is so sensible.”

Ah Chun was also relieved. “Yes, Miss Xiaomei is a good girl!”

The second round, Xiaomei won!

Yin Ruoji looked at his son’s angry expression and he couldn’t help but gradually expand his smile. This was the first time his son got an equal opponent. The family saw Yin Ruoji smile so happily for the first time.

“Xiaomei, eat more!” Yin Ruoji smiled at his smart daughter. Zhefei felt that his sky had collapsed in an instant, a crisis that had never been seen before! In this way, Mom and Dad would be taken away by her!

He stared at his father and mother in the living room who were buying many new clothes for Xiaomei, then he ran to the kitchen, with a serious expression as if he was going to take part in a war. “Ah Chun, you are standing on my side!”

Ah Chun looked at the little boy, he looked like he was going to fight in a war and smiled. “Yes, Ah Chun has always supported the young master!” But she also supported Miss Xiaomei.

“Then you think about it, how can we get rid that girl? And make her never come back here.”

“Young master is so poisonous!” Ah Chun was shocked.

“I didn’t say that I will kill her! I just want to give her to someone else, even if she doesn’t want it! But how to do it?” Zhefei said with his hands folded behind his back, very depressed.

Ah Chun quickly said: “Young master, don’t say it in front of the master and the Madam. Miss Xiaomei’s life is very unfortunate, she only had a mother, and later her mother died in a car accident, and Miss Xiaomei became an orphan. This is a sad thing for others, you can’t say that Miss Xiaomei wanted it!?”

“You said that you are standing on my side!” Zhefei yelled aggrievedly, “You also think that she is pitiful. You don’t like me anymore? Mom never feeds me, but why does mom feed her?” After all, he was still young, so his eyes became red.

“Little Master,” Ah Chun couldn’t help but laugh, “Even if your mom and dad are hurting your heart, boys can’t cry, be strong! Miss Xiaomei is very good girl, don’t always look at her like that, in future she will be …”

However, Zhefei couldn’t listen to anything. He wiped his eyes and ran away quickly.

Ah Chun had no choice, but she could only think… Aiya! what should she do? The master and madam seem to be a bit biased, but Miss Xiaomei is a new child. The young master is really sensitive. The young master is twelve years old this year, six years older than Miss Xiaomei! But no matter how mature he is, he is still a child! I am afraid that his heart is not as mature as Miss Xiaomei’s! She washed the bowls and looked happy, she felt that Miss Xiaomei was good for this family. 

T/N: I feel sympathy for Zhefei… but he is such a cute child!!!

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