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After the two returned home that night, they still ate and watched TV together. In the end, Yan Mu finally won a little welfare for himself, that is, to help Lu Chengyu wipe his body, because Lu Chengyu couldn’t take a bath, the only thing he could do was wipe his body. It was more hygienic.

Lu Chengyu was lying on the bed, feeling the trembling hands through the towel on his back. He suspected that if he shook like this, Yan Mu might not be able to help but pounce on him. However, when Yan Mu finished rubbing his entire back and he turned over so Yan Mu could start rubbing his chest, Yan Mu didn’t even have a hair out of place, which gave Lu Chengyu a new level of understanding of Yan Mu.

After wiping Lu Chengyu’s body again, Yan Mu went to change the basin of water. After wiping Lu Chengyu again carefully, he hurried out of Lu Chengyu’s room with sweat on his forehead.

Lu Chengyu watched Yan Mu rushing out the door with his waist bowed and couldn’t help laughing while lying on the bed. After laughing, he was a little moved. Because the other party knew that he hadn’t fully accepted the relationship in his heart, he suppressed himself.

He was a man himself, and naturally knew what kind of creature a man is, so Yan Mu being willing to bear this for him, showed that in Yan Mu’s heart, his weight had surpassed that of his own desires and hopes.

Slowly standing up from the bed, he walked to the window, looked at the night outside, and smiled slowly. Maybe he really found a feeling worth cherishing with all his heart.

In the next room, Yan Mu solved his physical problems in embarrassment. Thinking of Lu Chengyu’s beautiful waistline and the mermaid line on his abdomen, he suddenly felt that the fire in his lower abdomen could not be extinguished. After tossing for a long time, he looked at his right hand and sighed slowly.


After breakfast the next morning, Yan Mu took Lu Chengyu to see the director of the crew of “The Universe”. Because “The Universe” was a very important movie, it had assembled a very prestigious team. Even the lighting artist, makeup artist and prop director had been strictly selected. If an average person entered into the crew, even if he was a cleaner, his background would be checked extensively.

For the director, the box office of this movie was not the focus. The focus was to shoot well and produce quality. What they wanted was a good reputation. For other things, it was not that important.

Director Qin was the director of the movie, so when he came to know that Mu’s grandson was going to bring an actor to audition, he decided to meet him personally. After all, in the capital, who didn’t know that Mu’s grandson Yan Mu was the number one person, and whoever dared to offend him, wasn’t that simply hanging himself?

The audition for the film crew of “The Universe” was in a courtyard with three entrances in the suburbs of Beijing. When Lu Chengyu and Yan Mu rushed to the audition site, Lu Chengyu saw Director Qin, whom he had looked up to in his previous life, waiting for them in the conference room with a smile on his face. He knew in his heart that the other party was giving Yan Mu face, so he did not rashly speak. When the two parties greeted each other, he respectfully called the other party “Director Qin.”

Director Qin was able to eat well in the circle, one was because he was talented, and secondly, because he was an intelligent man. Therefore, after Lu Chengyu greeted him, he smiled and said, “Didn’t you contribute significantly in “Flying Birds”? Those shots in the movie were performed well.”

Lu Chengyu was humble when speaking. After a few sentences, he showed the politeness of a newcomer and younger generation, and did not forget the social etiquette because of Yan Mu’s presence. The so-called being a man shouldn’t be too rampant, and those who are too rampant generally didn’t end well.

Director Qin was accustomed to seeing the various unspoken rules and relationships in the circle, so when Yan Mu brought Lu Chengyu, he did not have any disgusting thoughts about Lu Chengyu. Now, he saw that Lu Chengyu was very polite, and not acting haughty because he was with the mighty Yan Mu, but he also looked at him respectfully. It was indeed very rare to be able to maintain such a normal heart in this circle at a young age. No wonder people like Yan Mu were willing to take this trip for him.

“Now when the crew is in short supply of actors, I am very grateful to Mr. Yan for recommending good actors for us.” Director Qin was a socially conscious person, knowing that he was not the most talented one in the entire director team, but in the end, it happened that he became the chief director. This was his personal charisma. Therefore, at this time, he naturally couldn’t wait for Yan Mu to speak before he could act. He was too sensible. “I have seen Mr. Lu’s performance. It is very good. I personally like it very much. The role of a major in our crew is very important. but we have not found the right actor. I see Mr. Lu, and I think you are perfect for this role. Mr. Lu could you do this for me, and show your face in the movie?”

Look at this scene, it was beautiful, Lu Chengyu sighed. No wonder, that he will become a national director in a few years. Even the opening ceremony of the global sports meet will be directed by him. Only those who could flex and bend could move well in political and entertainment circles. He immediately smiled and said: “I dare not say that I’m helping. It is my honour to show my face in Director Qin’s movie. Let me be a passer-by, let alone a major. It is also a matter of a face to speak out.” He was willing to participate in the performance of this movie, one was because of the extraordinary status of this movie, and the other was because there was something that he had puzzled over for a long time, and he needed to find a chance to solve it.

“Mr. Lu is polite, how can a talent like you play a passer-by? Isn’t that a violent thing? You are willing, but I can’t bear such a good talent to waste.” Director Qin laughed, “Since Mr. Lu is willing to help, so let’s agree to it?”

Lu Chengyu said with a shy face: “Thank you director, for giving me this opportunity. Thank you so much.”

The assistant director next to them looked at the two smiling and flattering each other. He silently wiped his face, and thought that as expected, in this circle, only thick-skinned people could get mixed up. He turned his head and saw that Yan Mu had been silent beside him. He couldn’t help thinking that this President Yan was really good to his assistant, and he was willing to arrange even this kind of opportunity. It took a lot of affection for him to be willing to do such a thing.

Thinking of this, he turned his head to look at Director Qin, who was still flattering Lu Chengyu. They were all doing assistant jobs, then how could there be such a big difference in treatment?

After the two were finished extolling each other’s virtues, Director Qin said to the long-silent Yan Mu: “Mr. Yan, the film will officially start shooting next Monday. Most of the shots are in the capital and several nearby cities, so the shooting environment is not very difficult. But because of this, the quality of the movie is very strict. So, Mr. Lu may need to be prepared to endure hardships before filming.”

Yan Mu frowned and looked at the injury on Lu Chengyu’s arm.

“Don’t worry about this. The first shot of the major played by Mr. Lu was him being injured, so there won’t be any problems in appearance.” Director Qin said with a smile, “I also arranged the role according to Mr. Lu’s personal conditions.” With Yan Mu’s attitude, he was afraid that his relationship with Assistant Lu was unusual.

He just said that there was no suitable actor for this role in the play, and now it had become a role specially selected for Mr. Lu. Director, was it really okay for you to score like this? The director’s assistant glanced at Director Qin, but in his heart he admired Director Qin’s patience and thick skin. There were still many things he needed to learn.

“Thank you,” Yan Mu nodded slightly.

“Haha, no need,” Director Qin immediately smiled happily, thinking it was not easy to get this stern thank you.

Immediately, Director Qin asked his assistant to take Lu Chengyu to the dressing room to try on makeup. Then, in the next two days, he would improve the size of the costume according to his figure and make reasonable makeup changes according to his appearance conditions.

The role of Lu Chengyu was an army major. The major’s character in the play was rigorous, handsome, and elegant, but in the end, he died tragically in a fierce war. During the war, he abandoned his usual elegance, but he was willing. The courageous spirit of dying for the country was more impressive than appearance and elegance.

When Lu Chengyu was trying makeup, Yan Mu was outside watching the introduction of the major character in the play. He had to say that Director Qin did arrange a very pleasing role for Lu Chengyu. Even if he didn’t pay attention to the movie, he knew how eye-catching this role would be in the movie and how pleasing it was to the audience, so he was very satisfied with Director Qin’s arrangement.

Some people said that men in uniforms are the most handsome and charming. So, when Lu Chengyu came out wearing his costume, Yan Mu was stunned after only one glance. If Lu Chengyu was usually gentle, then he was now rigorous and arrogant, and his upright military uniform showed the spiritual side of his whole person. This kind of strong visual contrast almost made Yan Mu forget that there were many people around him watching. After a while, he returned to his senses: “This suit…not bad.”

Lu Chengyu smiled and raised his eyebrows while looking at Yan Mu. Just the clothes were good?

God said, that if there was a dishonest man, there would be no meat to eat[1].

Director Qin and the others in the director team were also very satisfied with Lu Chengyu’s appearance and took Lu Chengyu outside in the courtyard to take a few makeup photos. When they came back, the two parties signed the contract.

After signing the contract, both parties agreed on the start-up time, and nothing else was needed. So, Lu Chengyu and Yan Mu left the inner courtyard where they were in charge of the interview. As they walked, they talked about what to eat for lunch, and followed the assistant director who sent them out.

Before they left the second door, they saw several assistants walking in with a female artist. This posture made Lu Chengyu feel that she was a little familiar.

After the person approached, Lu Chengyu recognized who the person was at a glance. He couldn’t help but glance at Yan Mu. This Liu Qiyan was the only one who had had a scandal with Yan Mu.

At this time, Liu Qiyan also saw Lu Chengyu. She stepped into the second door and walked to Lu Chengyu with a concern on her face: “Mr. Lu doesn’t seem to look very good today. The last time we met on the TV station, you looked much better than now. Don’t neglect your body for work.”

“Thank you for your concern.” Lu Chengyu did not expect that the other party remembered him just from the side of the road when they met at the TV station last time. But no matter how unexpected it was, the gentle smile on his face had not changed, “I will definitely pay attention.”

“You don’t need to be so formal, I’m a few years older than you, just call me sister Liu,” Liu Qiyan took off the brown sunglasses on her face, “I heard that you were injured recently. Remember to drink more blood-tonifying soup.”

Lu Chengyu hurriedly smiled and nodded. Seeing Yan Mu standing aside with a calm face, he immediately said: “Sister Liu is going to audition, the chief director is in, and it’s just right for you to go now.”

Liu Qiyan seemed to remember that something was going on. “If you didn’t tell me, I would have forgotten. I have already set the time with the director team before. Then, I will go ahead and we’ll talk next time.”

“Goodbye.” Lu Chengyu watched Liu Qiyan walking on her ten-centimetre-high heel. The slender figure swaying on the stone road could not help but raise a heartfelt respect within him.

Yan Mu looked critically at Liu Qiyan’s back. How did Xiao Yu meet this kind of woman who didn’t look peaceful? The woman looked into Xiao Yu’s eyes just now, and it seemed a little strange.

As if guessing his thoughts, Lu Chengyu’s voice sounded next to him: “The last time I participated in “A Book of Life”, I met her once below the TV station. I didn’t expect that she would still remember me. It was really surprising. “

Yan Mu frowned when he heard the words and said: “People in the entertainment industry are not simple, you have to be prepared.” Especially women, no, men are the same.

Lu Chengyu smiled and nodded: “Well, I will take care.” No matter whether the other party was jealous or not, how can he as a partner make the other party unhappy because of such a small matter?

In the distance, Liu Qiyan, who had already gone far, turned her head and glanced at the direction where the two had left.

Her assistant asked inexplicably, “Sister Liu, what’s the matter?”

“It’s nothing,” Liu Qiyan put the sunglasses back on her face again, “Let’s go, don’t let the director wait for a long time.”

The assistants behind her stared at each other, who didn’t dare to ask more, and followed her in a hurry, lest she get angry, after all, Sister Liu’s temper was not good.

However, Sister Liu was very kind to Lu Chengyu, and her gentle appearance was completely different from usual, which was really strange.

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[1] Yan Mu is dishonest so he shouldn’t get to eat him.

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