FPH Ch. 59

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Warning; slight NSFW content

Gu Nian was so shocked that cold sweat broke out, and tears continued to flow from her eyes.

Even if she had skills, but after all, her strength was limited, and she felt that she was not this person’s opponent at all.

Just as she was feeling afraid, she suddenly smelled the familiar mint scent on the other side, which was refreshing and charming.

Gu Nian was stunned for a moment, and then called out in a sullen voice, “Chu Zhaoyang? Is that you?”

Chu Zhaoyang narrowed his eyes, and suddenly he kissed her lips, aggressively and with a lot of strength. The back of her head was pressed against the wall, and it hurt a little.

Gu Nian couldn’t breathe because of his kiss, and was surrounded by the refreshing mint scent. Although she suspected that it was Chu Zhaoyang, she couldn’t see clearly in the dark and she couldn’t be sure, so she was still afraid.

The whole person trembled in his arms, and Gu Nian struggled hard. Her fists kept pounding on her hard.

What if… if it wasn’t Chu Zhaoyang, if it was a man who happened to smell like mint, what should she do?

The other party didn’t make a sound, the kiss was urgent and heavy, and even his hands became unruly, rubbing her waist and moving upwards.

What if… it was someone who came out late at night to commit a crime!

Gu Nian was so frightened that she burst into tears, tears welling up in her eyes, her fists smashed everywhere in a disorderly manner.

The wound on her shoulder was hit by her, Chu Zhaoyang groaned in pain, and wrapped her fists with both hands to prevent her from hitting again.

But no matter where he was unwilling to stop. She was really frightened, and she didn’t hear Chu Zhaoyang’s voice from the muffled groan.

In order to hold her hand and to not let her move, Chu Zhaoyang was also involved in the shoulder injury due to the force, and the pain made his face pale, and dense tiny beads of sweat ooze out from his forehead.

“Stop moving.” Chu Zhaoyang gritted his teeth, endured the pain, and said in a tight voice.

Gu Nian finally heard his voice, with tears on her face, she whispered, “Chu…Chu Zhaoyang?”

Chu Zhaoyang breathed heavily, the pain from the wound on his shoulder made him unable to speak for a while.

Gu Nian waited anxiously for a long time before hearing his tense voice: “It’s me.”

He pressed close to her, and his long legs suppressed her, making it impossible for her to kick. Even though he was talking now, he was still very close to her, and the refreshing mint fragrance was sprinkled all over.

Seeing Gu Nian gradually relax, Chu Zhaoyang released her wrist.

He didn’t know why he came here tonight, he was obviously still injured. Maybe he wanted to see who she was dating, even to the extent of ignoring his injuries.

After seeing the man, he didn’t leave. There was anger in his heart, but he still followed without thinking.

When he saw her, he had no other idea. The only reaction was to kiss her hard and teach her a good lesson.

On the one hand, she liked him, and on the other hand, she went on a date with others, and he was not a woman!

He couldn’t help but want to vent all the anger that had been suppressed in his chest and abdomen at her.


A crisp sound suddenly sounded in the dark, especially in the quiet corridor.

Chu Zhaoyang tilted his head from the slap, and there was still a burning pain on his cheek.

Chu Zhaoyang was stunned, what did she mean? Did she despise him? Was she not happy with his kiss?

He looked back at her in astonishment, Gu Nian raised her fist and slammed it on his chest, crying aggrievedly, “Chu Zhaoyang, you scared me to death! I thought it was a gangster, you scared me to death, you know! Why can’t you speak to me first, why did you have to scare me like this! I thought… I thought… woo…”

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