KHSW Ch. 204

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Su Zhiyan seemed to have thought of something, “I heard that some children who are difficult to grow up, and if they are sick or have disasters in their future, they can be entrusted to Buddhism, and they can avoid disasters by worshiping eminent monks with cultivation base as teachers. Was that the case?”

“Why do you still start to believe in Buddhism?” Xu Xinrong’s eyebrows suddenly relaxed.

“Did you forget? Didn’t our family Yizhi often get sick when he was young?”

Xu Yizhi didn’t even blink his eyes, “Well, you can say that.”

“Oh… I knew I should have sent you to the temple to stay for a few years.”

When they came out of the study, Xu Xinrong and Su Zhiyan looked at Xiao Nuo with even more cordial eyes.

“Xiao Nuo, come here and let grandpa and grandma take a good look.”

Hearing grandma’s words, Xiao Nuo immediately slid off the sofa.

“Look at the bright little eyes, exactly the same as Yizhi’s when he was a child, and the small mouth, which looks a lot like our little Xi, the more I look, the more distressed I am.”

Su Zhiyan pinched his little face lovingly, and then touched his little head with just a few millimetres of hair growing out, feeling a little sad in her heart.

When she turned her face away, there were still tears in her eyes.

“Grandma, why are you crying?”

As soon as Xiao Nuo spoke, Su Zhiyan couldn’t control her emotions even more. Xu Xinrong knew why she was crying and patted her on the back lightly.

“Okay, Zhiyan, we both have a grandchild, you should be happy.”

Su Zhiyan wiped her eyes quickly, then turned around and said, “Grandma didn’t cry, grandma was thinking about how our little Nuo is so sensible!”

Xiao Nuo stretched out his small hand, and gently wiped away the tears on Su Zhiyan’s face, “Grandma lied to Xiao Nuo, Master said, monks don’t tell lies.”

“Grandma is not a monk!”

“Mom also said that people who don’t go out should not lie.”

“Hahaha…Okay, grandma won’t lie in the future, oh yes, Xiao Xi should be coming back too?”

Nanny Zhang immediately replied: “Madam said that she is already on her way back, but there is a little traffic jam.”

“I’ll cook, Nanny Zhang, you can go back.”

Su Zhiyan looked at Xu Yizhi in surprise, and even Xu Xinrong’s eyes were somewhat suspicious.

“Yizhi, did we hear correctly just now? You said you were going to cook?”

Xu Yizhi gave a faint “hmm”, turned around and walked towards the kitchen.

Su Zhiyan heard from Xiao Xi’s words last time that Yizhi was able to cook, but…would she really not need to be rescued if she ate it?

When Ling Xi rushed home anxiously, the atmosphere was unusually harmonious.

“Mom.” As soon as Xiao Nuo saw Ling Xi, like a songbird returning to its nest at dusk, he opened his small arms and rushed towards her, hugging her thigh.

“Mom, Xiao Nuo was obedient at home!”

Ling Xi’s expression was a little unnatural, she had already thought about it all the way, today was the time to be honest about everything, no matter what the result was, she didn’t want to live in the fear and pain of deception anymore, “Xiao Nuo is so good. Xiao Nuo, do you want to find Niannian and Yueyue to play?”

“Yes, till then mom will chat with grandpa and grandma.”

Ling Xi nodded, saw him running out, and immediately looked at Xu Yizhi’s parents, “Dad, Mom, I’m sorry, I have hidden something from you, Xiao Nuo…”

“Xiaoxi, we already know, you don’t need to explain to us.”

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