KHSW Ch. 205

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“Xu Yizhi told us that Xiao Nuo is the child of both of you.”

“Ah?” A huge question mark appeared on Ling Xi’s face.

“Ling Xi, it’s my Yizhi who’s sorry for you, when this happened you were still in college… he was just a beast, if we knew about it at that time, we wouldn’t have let you suffer so much.”

Ling Xi was a little confused, what did Yizhi say this?

When she slipped into the kitchen, Xu Yizhi was still chopping vegetables, and without raising his eyes, he knew that Ling Xi had returned, “There are still two more dishes to prepare, just go and sit on the sofa!”

“Honey, what did you say to your parents about Xiao Nuo? How did you explain it? I can’t understand what Mom said.”

Xu Yizhi paused the hand holding the kitchen knife, and continued to wave the kitchen knife around, “I told my parents that Xiao Nuo is my child born to you.”

Ling Xi could guarantee that if there was a sip of water in her mouth at this time, she would have definitely spit it out, “Ahem…, husband, you can still lie like that? Aren’t you afraid of your parents getting a paternity test?”

“No.” The man said two words calmly.

“No wonder Mom called you a beast. I understand now. Did you say anything else?”

“Mom thought Xiao Nuo was sent to Songshan Mountain because of his poor health.”

Although Ling Xi let go of her heart, she fell into a new round of torment again. She originally thought that she could tell everything today and get rid of this worry, but she didn’t get to and she still didn’t have the courage.


“There is a lot of oily smoke in the kitchen, you go to the living room to accompany my parents first, I can do this alone.”

When Ling Xi stepped out of the kitchen, she looked back at him again, feeling the better he treated her, the more painful her heart became…

When Su Zhiyan saw the four dishes on the table, she was astonished as if she had discovered a new world, “Son, I didn’t expect you could really cook? Xiaoxi, sit down and taste Yizhi’s cooking, Xiao Nuo, come to grandma.”

Xu Yizhi also had a look of anticipation, as it was the first time for his parents to eat the meal cooked by him.

“Why are they all vegetarian dishes? No meat?”

Xu Yizhi and Ling Xi both looked at Xiao Nuo.

“Grandpa, the little animals are very cute, does Grandpa have the heart to eat their flesh?”

Only then did Xu Xinrong remember that Xiao Nuo should not eat meat, “Grandpa is just asking, grandpa never eats meat.”

The other three all looked at him.

Su Zhiyan slandered: Talking nonsense with your eyes open, even your grandson is lied to.

“Xiao Nuo, you can ask grandma.”

“Grandma, you can’t bear to eat meat, can you?”

Su Zhiyan immediately smiled and said: “Of course grandma doesn’t like meat anymore, whatever Xiao Nuo likes to eat, grandma likes to eat.”

Uh… I despise myself from the bottom of my heart, but who made this her beloved grandson?

Xu Xinrong picked up the rapeseed with chopsticks as if nothing had happened, and put it in his mouth, “Well, this taste is really good, is it not the first time Xiaoxi has cooked for us? Hurry up and try it.”

Xiao Nuo blinked his round, shiny black eyes, looked at Xu Yizhi, then at Grandpa, “Daddy cooks for Mom and Xiao Nuo every day, and the food Dad cooks is delicious!”

Su Zhiyan smiled and patted Xiao Nuo’s face lightly with her hand, “What a cutie, next time I will let you try grandma’s cooking, it will definitely taste better than your father’s.”

Then she looked at Ling Xi again, “Xiaoxi, isn’t it time for Nuo Nuo to go to kindergarten?”

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