TCYEC Ch. 90.2

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All Weibo posts and communications are in bold…

At 8:30, the official account and official website of Allstar Entertainment issued a letter from a lawyer at the same time, requesting to stop the insulting remarks against Yu Siyang, and the users and media spreading the rumors and stated that their actions constituted infringement, and the company would deal with the relevant incidents and personnel and prosecute them.

Immediately afterwards, Yu Siyang’s Weibo posted a court criminal judgment, which stated in black and white about Yu Zhongmin and Yu Fang’s premeditated use of improper means to cause the Yuhua Group to go bankrupt, and to lure their nephew, Yu Siyang, to sign the inheritance related documents to facilitate the transfer of the company’s huge assets. The verdict clearly contained witness testimony, documentary evidence, etc., as well as the trial results, along with the court’s opinion.

And the Weibo had the text: “See you at the court.”

There was a sudden uproar online.

Then a marketing account came out and broke the news- Porter in the circle: “Shocked! The reason for the bankruptcy of Yuhua Group turned out to be because of him [web link]”

The link was a long article, well-founded, clear and focused. The most important thing was that there were pictures and the truth.

[Everyone knows that Yu Hua Group was founded by Yu Siyang’s father, Yu Zhongguo, from scratch. At that time, Yu Zhongguo was in his early twenties. The Yu family didn’t give him money to start a business on the grounds that the youngest son wanted to study. They all relied on him. Only by running around the business world did he save some start-up capital… Yu Zhongguo was very soft to his family. When the family said a few words, he agreed to let people join his company. Yu Zhongmin and Yu Fang did not use capital to buy shares, but they still occupied a very important position in the company using the free shares… Later, when Yu Zhongmin came to know the man whose surname was Xue, because he was unwilling to always look at Yu Zhongguo’s face, he was agitated by the man surnamed Xue, and then agreed to collude against Yu Zhongguo. A good friend of Zhongguo lied to Yu Zhongguo and convinced him to invest in a shell project together. Yu Zhongguo was repeatedly deceived because he believed in his younger brother and friends, causing a huge gap in the company’s funds… Yu Zhongguo committed suicide by jumping off the building due to depression, and his wife suddenly became aware of it and died because of a stroke, leaving Yu Siyang among the wolves of the Yu family, and there was no one left to protect him.]

After reading this, although there was an online water army trying to drive the rhythm, but the people eating the melon did not care about the issue of being kept, instead they were distressed for Yu Siyang.

“I’m in tears, so distressed for Yu Siyang, I have never seen such a shameless person [angry] [angry] [angry]”

“Hard hug, Yangyang don’t be afraid, sister is here to help you against those who curse you [hug hug] [hug hug]”

As for the navy, who couldn’t buy navy? The boss had wealth, so he doubled it.

The wind direction on the Internet suddenly became erratic, and several navy forces were choking with joy, and the water became more and more muddy. It was estimated that even the black naval forces at the beginning had forgotten their original intentions.

After nine o’clock, there was another sudden burst of news.

Porter in the circle: “Shocked! The man named Xue colluded with Yu Siyang’s second uncle, Yu Zhongmin not only caused the Yuhua Group to go bankrupt, but also used the same method to cause many companies to go bankrupt, and tens of thousands of people were unemployed and jumped off the building. [web link]”

According to people familiar with the matter, the man surnamed Xue was backed by a large family and used his family’s rights to bankrupt many companies by improper means and earn money frantically. In addition, people familiar with the matter also revealed that the father of the man surnamed Xue also shielded his actions, which was simply a waste of life, and these social cancers should be eradicated.

The melon-eating people who had moved on the bench to watch the show were not calm at once—”Well, how can there be such a vicious person, such a person must be sentenced to death [anger][anger][anger]”

“Everyone, the man surnamed Xue in the imperial capital, I can only think of the Xue family in the imperial capital. Am I alone?”

“You are indeed not alone, and I also thought of the Xue family in the imperial capital, would he really belong to their family [ha ha]”

“Please find the full name of the man surnamed Xue!!!”

“Same request! I’m Yuhua’s former employee, mDZZ. I was unemployed because of this [anger] [anger] [anger]”

“Same request +1. I am an employee of Xianghai. I had been working in the company for ten years, and I had been there since the company was founded. The company suddenly went bankrupt.”

With the development of this matter, almost no water army or navy was used. All the unemployed employees of bankrupt companies sought the full name of Xue’s man, and stubbornly brushed #Xue Family Full Name# to the hot search.

As the “informed person” who broke the news to the marketing account, Xue Chengxiu happily dialled Wei Xiaofeng’s phone and said: “Since everyone asked for the full names sincerely, we as an informant must naturally satisfy the wishes of the masses.”

Wei Xiaofeng twitched his mouth, hung up the phone, and said to Luo Peng: “Informed person, go and reveal the name of the man surnamed Xue.”

“…” Luo Peng was speechless by the term “informed person” and sent the information to a marketing account. Then he said with emotion: “Brother Xiaofeng, do you think there is a pit in the Yu family’s mind? The rumors should be made more realistic, right? The verdict is still there. Making Xiaoyu black because of the bankruptcy, tut…”

Wei Xiaofeng patted Luo Peng’s head, and said, “Stupid, they wanted to bring up the news of Xiaoyu being kept, but we have stirred up the muddy water. The boss has a lot of money, and he bought more navy. Naturally, our rhythm is more prominent.”

However, Wei Xiaofeng also had to admit that Luo Peng was right when he said that the Yu family’s brains were pitted. Since you wanted to spread the news about illicit relations and being kept, don’t always chirp about bankruptcy. The villains are doing everything they want. What fools.

“There is a rich boss, I just feel safer. Any problem that can be solved with money is not a problem, hahaha…” Luo Peng nodded, showing his respect to the boss.

Wei Xiaofeng turned around and sat down on the sofa, not wanting to talk to his stupid cousin.

After the marketing account got the “revelation from the insider”, it immediately posted another Weibo-

Porter in the circle: “The old worker got another news from the insider. The specific name of the man surnamed Xue is still missing, but we know that he is from the imperial capital Xue. The illegitimate child of the family [spreading hands]”

This Weibo was posted, and there was a moment of silence among the people eating melons.

Look at this Weibo post. There was only one illegitimate child of the Xue family in the imperial capital, and the marketing account had only hidden it for show.

Of course, before hitting the marketing account, the first person to hit was “the illegitimate son of the Xue family from the imperial capital.”

At ten o’clock in the evening, the people eating melons were enthusiastically peeling “the illegitimate son of the Xue family of the imperial capital.”

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