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As soon as the news of the illegitimate child of the Xue family broke out, no one cared about any entertainment industry gossip anymore. Such a horrible and destructive method was unheard of. Tens of thousands of people were unemployed, and five people died. For many of them, family life was difficult. To do this kind of thing, the illegitimate son of the imperial capital Xue family was simply not a human, but a beast.

The Internet broke the news about the illegitimate son of Xue family at about ten o’clock. In the past, the traffic on the Internet would gradually decrease after ten o’clock, but today, countless people who ate melons were awake after twelve o’clock and were constantly peeling the illegitimate son of Xue family.

As the saying goes, ants often kill elephants, regardless of how the navy invited by the Xue family refuted the rumors. After so many suffering people showed up crying about their miserable situation after being unemployed, the navy’s defense seemed particularly pale and weak, especially when someone broke the news that the former chairman of the Xianghai Group, who used to be China’s 100 richest list, was now working at a construction site. The excitement had reached a high point, and they couldn’t wait to tear up the illegitimate son of the Xue family.

As for the first topic of “Yu Siyang was kept”, no one mentioned it. The navy invited by the Yu family was helpless in this situation. They wanted to brush up on the topic with a rhythm, but nobody cared at all. They were all brushing up and down by themselves, and there was no passer-by to participate. They were really lonely as snow. This was the first time they had encountered this situation after being part of a navy for so many years.

“What’s the matter with you? Why can’t the topic be on the hot search?” Yu Silong was always paying attention to the situation on the Internet, he only saw #Xue Family Full Name#, #The illegitimate son of the imperial Xue family killed someone#, #Xue Chengji continued to harm many companies #, #Xue Chengji’s heart disease is frantically making money#. All these topics were listed in the top ten of the hot search list, and #Xue Chengji continued to harm many companies # even reached the hot search list within a few hours of being posted. This was very different from his original intention, and he was naturally angry. Half-dead, he called the studio of the navy and questioned them, and then he shouted at them.

The person in charge of the studio was not very happy, but the person who paid the money is the ancestor. Even if he was not happy, he could only endure it. “Of course, the topic of the Xue family is more exciting. Who cares about a little star’s gossip? And the other party’s navy has more troops than us. If you want to get the topic up, you have to add money, at least 200,000 yuan.”

Two hundred thousand? These people really dared to speak loudly. Yu Silong’s face was dark and ugly. If he was as he used to be, let alone two hundred thousand, two million would be fine, but that damn Yu Siyang applied to the court to recover the funds, and their family had no money to spend now.

“If you don’t have money, we can’t help it. You know, you get what you pay for.” The head of the studio, Lao Shen, said but the tone over the phone sounded particularly unflattering.

Yu Silong solemnly pressed the phone screen, hung up the phone, and walked around the room like a caged beast. His mother sat on the sofa and looked out the window, feeling even more disappointed in her son. The husband was stupid. He did stupid things like killing chickens to get eggs, and he paid for it without getting any benefit. The son and the husband were created from the same mold. It was indeed okay to use public opinion to kill people intangibly, but there should be no evidence against them. There was no truth in the picture, and things that can be washed away at any time, what is the meaning of doing it, really losing one’s while being defeated by the army[1].

At this time, in the old mansion of the imperial capital Xue family, Xue Li also circled the huge living room like a caged beast. Xue Zhi and Xue Xin sat on the sofa without saying a word.

“What should I do now? Huh?” Xue Li stopped and roared: “You two are getting into trouble, and you have to find a way to end it. What kind of scolding are we getting now, and our Xue family, you see what those people on the Internet are saying? Ah?!”

Xue Zhi and Xue Xin looked at each other, and still didn’t say a word.

When they first saw Yu Siyang’s Weibo on the Internet, they asked people to check it. It turned out to be from the second child of the Yu family. They thought that the relationship between Yu Siyang and Xue Chengxiu seemed to be very close, so they bought the navy to support the other’s efforts in order to add a fire, and then wait for the next day to use it as a bargaining chip to negotiate with Xue Chengxiu.

But they overestimated the abilities of Yu’s second child, and underestimated Xue Chengxiu’s reaction speed, and… even if they didn’t want to admit, they both had low IQs due to the chaos of the Xue family recently. Otherwise, how could they have thought about it? Negotiating on the second day, Xue Chengxiu should have been contacted when the topic became hot, and it was time for the other party to fight back in vain.

Xue Li was kept in the dark from the beginning to the end by the two people, and it was not until the public opinion was out of control that they came over to discuss countermeasures with him. Only then did he know that his favorite son had been miserably pitted.

The first instance judgment was about to come out, and the judge would definitely make a judgment based on the current public opinion and the wishes of the people. The current situation was that the people wanted his son to get the death sentence. The judge will definitely give a heavy sentence, plus those who wanted to put the Xue family down will step on them completely, and the inheritor of their legacy may have to sit in the prison.

“Speak!” Xue Li was furious.

His two brothers helped Xue Chengxiu deal with the inheritance before. Look at it now, Xue Chengxiu demolished the bridge after crossing the river. Not only did they not want to save the Xue family from violent storms, but they also pitted the inheritor. These two men were born to collect debts.

Xue Zhi and Xue Xin looked at each other again. As a last resort, Xue Zhi said: “Brother, it’s too late to say this. The most important thing for us now is to ensure that the Xue family does not fall. As long as the Xue family does not fall, there will be a chance to succeed and get the sentence reduced.”

“Yes, yes,” Xue Xin quickly agreed, and said, “Big Brother, what’s the use of being angry now…”

Xue Li gave the younger brothers a vicious look, and thought that they were allowed to stab Laozi, but he wasn’t qualified to be angry?

Xue Zhi went on to say, “Big Brother, … let’s talk to that little star?”

Xue Li rolled his eyes, “What can a little star do?”

Xue Xin: “But Chengxiu values that little star very much. Ah, talking to him, maybe it would be useful? A living horse is better than a dead horse… “

You’re a dead horse! Xue Li glared at his younger brother again, almost getting a stroke out of anger.

Xue Xin shut up and glanced at his second brother.

Xue Zhi had no choice but to say: “Why don’t we try the little star, he is not yet 19 years old, probably has never seen anything in the world, can be scared easily, and knowing reason, he might be able to help us say good things to Chengxiu.”

Xue Li was not as optimistic as the two younger brothers, but he couldn’t think of another good way, so he could only let the two younger brothers try this method.

The legacy of the Xue family for hundreds of years must not be ruined in the hands of Xue Chengxiu, a disgraceful descendant, even if his son could not inherit the inheritance, there were still the sons of the second and third branch.

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[1] Losing what one had without getting any advantage.

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