TBLF Ch. 94

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Recently, the temperature difference between day and night in City B was very large. When it was almost evening, there was no longer the feeling of burning as it was during the day, and it was even a bit chilly when the wind blew.

Ji Rang was very familiar with the neighborhood, and after Qi Ying’s body was fully recovered, he took her out to stroll around the alleys.

She liked to eat candied haws, and here they happened to have the most authentic candied haws. Hawthorn used were big and full, and the icing was pure and sweet. They could also sprinkle it with sesame or peanut grains as they liked. Qi Ying had never eaten such delicious candied haws, and she didn’t want to leave when she was standing in front of the store.

Ji Rang suddenly felt that his little baby was too easy to cheat.

It was estimated that the bad guys could deceive her away with a handful of candied haws.

He was so worried.

The little girl tasted all the flavors, and finally got two more skewers packed. Ji Rang said, “Don’t eat it now?”

She was embarrassed when carrying the small bag: “The teeth hurt.”

Oh, you also know to have toothache.

Ji Rang rubbed her head amusedly, and then took her along the alley to find a restaurant for dinner, “Do you want to eat roast duck? Should we eat stew? Or lamb?”

The little girl didn’t know when took out the packed candied haws again, her face was bulging, and her voice vaguely said: “It’s okay. I’m not hungry, it depends on what you want to eat.”

Ji Rang: “…”

So, he took her to eat roast duck.

Just now, the little girl who said she was not hungry, but when she saw the slices of golden roast duck, she began to swallow her saliva. Ji Rang refused to let her do anything. He spread the thin skins on the plate, rolled them up one by one and fed them to her.

Qi Ying was a little embarrassed and whispered: “I’m not a kid, I’ll do it myself.”

Ji Rang stuffed her mouth with roast duck rolls: “No adult can eat so many candied haws.”

Suddenly he felt that he should take her to the dentist. He didn’t know how many cavities had grown in her mouth after eating so much sugar.

It’s the boyfriend’s job as well as an old father’s heart[1].

After dinner, they went to watch movies. There were quite a lot of movies released on the National Day. Ji Rang asked her to pick the movie and himself went to buy popcorn and milk tea at the counter.

He was receiving the popcorn from the clerk, when suddenly there was a sweet voice next to him: “Huh? Ji Rang, it’s you.” The delicately dressed girl was surprised: “Are you watching the movie alone? What a coincidence. “

Ji Rang turned his head and glanced at her: “Who are you?”

Girl: “…” She was stunned for a few seconds before restoring her facial expression, “I’m your classmate, my name is Zheng Ling, a police academy student. Don’t you remember when we were the leader of the team together?”

Ji Rang indifferently glanced at her. According to his usual temper, would he still remember this girl?

But remembering the little girl taught him this morning to be polite. So, he took that sentence back and replaced it with: “I’m sorry, I don’t remember.”

The police academy flower Zheng Ling was probably used to his indifference, and she didn’t care, she still smiled sweetly, “We met by coincidence, which movie are you watching? We can watch it together.”

Ji Rang frowned: “I have an appointment.” An appointment? Was it with the roommate in his dormitory?

Although school had only started for a month, who did not know Ji Rang as a freshman in their class. The first in all tests, had an indifferent personality, and was not close to any females. The girls called him ascetic in private.

Zheng Ling never expected that he would watch a movie with a girl, and said very enthusiastically: “It’s okay, we’re all classmates, let’s watch together.” She raised the food bag in her hand, “I bought a lot of snacks, and we can eat together. “

As soon as her voice fell, she saw a beautiful girl running over with a movie ticket. When she saw her, she tilted her head and looked at Ji Rang again, as if she was not sure who she was and how to say hello.

The smile on Zheng Ling’s face suddenly became a little stiff, and she hesitated to ask: “Is she also a classmate of our school?” She was so good-looking, how did she not know her?

Ji Rang was too lazy to explain, so Qi Ying took the initiative and answered politely: “No, I am in University B, my name is Qi Ying, hello.”

Zheng Ling: “…you, hello, my name is Zheng Ling.” Her gaze swept on them in a circle, “Came to see movies together ah?”

“Yeah.” Qi Ying happily handed the movie ticket to Ji Rang: “I chose this!”

Ji Rang took a look at the ticket stub. It was good. His little baby has lived up to expectations and picked a horror movie.

Calm down, I can do it, the boss is fearless.

He handed the popcorn to Qi Ying, then took her hand, and said softly, “Let’s go.”

Qi Ying nodded and waved to Zheng Ling before leaving.

Zheng Ling stared at the hands that the two were holding together, and she was anxious. The ascetic school grass that was not close to any woman had a girlfriend???

Suddenly she was not in the mood to watch a movie. She took out her mobile phone and sent a message in the little sisters group: “I saw Ji Rang and his girlfriend.”

The group suddenly swiped across the screen.

Someone said: “The school grass really has a girlfriend? I thought they were joking?”

“What do you know? You didn’t share it!”

“I was in class with his roommate last time and heard his roommate say a few words. Ji Rang has a girlfriend who goes to school in B University.”

“…What does it mean?”

“I heard that the girl gave him little stars, and Ji Rang took them to the bedroom. What age is she, she also folded little stars for him. It’s really too earthy. She must be a school bully, probably the kind of girl with thick bangs and black glasses. Ji Rang never shows them photos, so they think Ji Rang’s girlfriend must be ugly.”

The people in the group asked: “Ling Ling, did you see her? What does his girlfriend look like?! Is she really ugly and dirty?”

Zheng Ling paused and typed slowly: “I think she looks okay…”

There was a circle of expressions that they all understood in the group.

Unexpectedly, it didn’t take long before they saw Ji Rang’s earthy and ugly girlfriend at the police academy.

Although Qi Ying was usually busy with professional classes, she had free time nowadays. On the contrary, it was Ji Rang who was busy. Because of the strict management of the police academy and the organization of training at any time, he could not leave the school as he wanted.

Especially recently, as obedience training of freshmen was going on, Ji Rang had no chance to leave school at all, and the two hadn’t seen each other for almost half a month.

Qi Ying had no class on Friday afternoon, so she checked the route to the police academy. Holding a jar of strawberry candy, she got on the subway alone.

She wanted to surprise him.

When she arrived at the entrance of the police school, the sun was just setting, and she went to the duty room to show her ID card and student ID to register her intentions, and the guard let her in.

Ji Rang sent her a message in the morning, saying that he would be out for training today, and that he could not bring a mobile phone. He would not return to the dormitory until six in the evening.

It was already half past five, and she followed the signs to find the boys’ dormitory, and then stood under the street light and waited obediently. The students in the police academy had to wear police uniforms for class during the week. She didn’t know how much attention she attracted all the way.

At the end of autumn, the weather was getting cold. She wore a white sweater with a knee-length skirt. Her legs were long and straight. Her long hair was softly scattered on her chest. She was holding a jar of strawberry candy, and she was surrounded by the afterglow of the setting sun. She was clean and warm, like a little fairy who knew nothing about the world and had come to the mortal world with a beam of light.

There were not many people near the second dormitory building.

Later, it began to spread among the various groups of the school, that there was a little fairy waiting below the boys’ second dormitory! She was too beautiful!

So, everyone came to see her at the second building.

Suddenly there was a lot of hustle and bustle on this originally deserted road.

Qi Ying was still staring at the wild daisy growing from the cracks of the stone and didn’t even notice that people had suddenly increased so she was not aware that they were all coming to see her. She yawned, rubbed her eyes, tilted her head and looked at the road, almost turning the hearts of the onlookers from her cuteness.

“She is from another school?! How could our school have such a cute little fairy!”

“I’m in love! I fell in love at first sight! Don’t pull me, I’m going to confess!”

“Who is she waiting for? Who has the audacity to make this cute sister wait for so long, he is simply not human! “

“Isn’t she waiting for a boyfriend? This is a boy’s dormitory! I just fell in love! I don’t want to fall out of love!”

As they were whispering, the freshmen batch came back from their training class.

Ji Rang was also in a police uniform, but after a day of rolling in the training base, his body was covered in mud and dust, and he was rushing back to the dormitory to take a shower.

Ji Rang walked with his sleeves rolled up, his hands in his trouser pockets, his expression faint with his eyes down.

Then the police academy students around saw the little fairy’s eyes light up and suddenly run towards the group of sweaty boys.

Ji Rang only felt a familiar sweet scent crawling into his nose along the night breeze. Before he could react, the little girl had plunged into his arms and rubbed against his chest.

He stiffened, looking down at the little baby in his arms, his heart pounded twice, and it took a long time before he said in a dumb voice: “Yingying.”

She looked up from his arms, her small face rubbed against him had become dirty. But not too dirty, with bright eyes, she asked him softly, “Aren’t you happy to see me?”

Ji Rang’s heart melted.

He lowered his head and kissed her forehead, “I’m so happy.”

She smiled so that her eyes were bent into crescents, took out the candy jar in her arms, and said softly: “I brought you candy.”

He pushed her away: “I’m dirty.” He took the candy jar over, touched her head, and whispered: “I’ll go in and change clothes. You wait for me here, OK?”

She nodded obediently: ” Okay.”

Ji Rang smiled, lowered his head and kissed her eyes again, turned and ran towards his bedroom with the candy jar.

The crowd of onlookers: “…”

As soon as they fell in love, their heart was broken!

Why did some people have good grades, good physical fitness, they were even handsome, and their girlfriends were also beautiful?

Really luckier than other people!

They quickly updated the news in each group.

It turned out that the little fairy outside the second dormitory was Ji Rang’s girlfriend!

Some people who didn’t come to watch couldn’t believe it: “Don’t be funny, someone has seen Ji Rang’s girlfriend before. Isn’t she ugly and earthy?”

“Fuck can so many eyes also look wrong? Really beautiful, better than Zheng Ling; she is pretty good-looking.”

“I remember Zheng Ling said that she saw Ji Rang and his girlfriend?”

“…No way?”


While the discussion continued, Ji Rang had already rushed into his bedroom quickly. He took a cold shower and changed into clean clothes and came out.

The little girl still stood there obediently, without moving a step, the setting sun stretched her shadow slender and long, and it was shaking gently.

His heart was so soft that water was dripping out, and he strode over and hugged her in his arms and kissed her hard, “Why didn’t you say something before coming up?”

She looked up embarrassedly, and whispered, “I missed you.”

He laughed so loudly. The exhaustion of training all day was gone. He took her hand and interlocked their fingers: “Last time you took me to visit your school, this time I will take you to visit my school. Good?”

She was obedient and sweet: “Good.”

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[1] Ji Rang is trying to say that he has to care for her as a boyfriend and as a father as well.

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