TBLF Ch. 95.1

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The police academy was bigger than University B, with a touch of seriousness and respect in the environment.

If it was during the week, Ji Rang would not be able to take his girlfriend around the campus in such a leisurely manner. The school had a lot of rules and regulations, and if you didn’t pay attention, you could easily violate the rules.

Fortunately, today was Friday, and now it was holiday time, and the police academy students who had finished the one-week classes could finally relax.

However, Ji Rang didn’t dare to take advantage. For example, like in University B, he kissed the little girl regardless of place. It was okay for him to be punished, but if Qi Ying was banned, it would not only be himself who would suffer.

In the evening, the sky was full of clouds, and he honestly took her by the hand and shared his college life with her.

He didn’t care about the sights of the crowd.

Qi Ying hadn’t eaten yet, so Ji Rang took her to buy milk tea to warm up her body. Although the weather was not cold right now, she was wearing a small skirt with most of her legs exposed.

While waiting for the milk tea, Ji Rang asked for wet tissues from the boss and bent over to help her wipe her face.

She had wiped it herself just now, but she didn’t wipe it clean, and looked a bit like a small tabby cat. Now she raised her small face obediently and asked him to wipe it, her big eyes were unblinking, cute and sweet.

He wasn’t willing to wipe hard, her skin was tender, and a little bit of force would leave a red mark.

The people around him who knew him watched this scene, and their eyes were about to fall out.

Everybody knew what a bad temper Ji Rang had. He was recognized as the irritable big devil by his grade, who was impatient with anyone, cold and fierce. It was better not to take the initiative to approach him, he would at best ignore you. To take the initiative to go to him to find something, it would definitely not end well.

For example, his former roommate Luo Ming. In fact, the boys’ dormitories rarely had a lot of friction. After all, most boys didn’t remember a bit of resentment, and things passed with time. However, nobody knew what conflict Luo Ming had with Ji Rang. After the military training, he changed his bedroom with injuries on his face.

The story about Ji Rang’s girlfriend also came from Luo Ming. At first, everyone thought it was gossip. After all, Ji Rang didn’t look like someone who could find a girlfriend.

Which girl could think about falling in love with such a violent man? It would be strange not to be pissed off every day!

It wasn’t until later when police flower Zheng Ling said that she saw Ji Rang and his girlfriend in the cinema, that everyone believed it.

The rumors said that Ji Rang didn’t play cards according to common sense when looking for a girlfriend. Although he had a bad temper, absolutely nothing could be said about his appearance and figure which was good enough to slap faces in the entertainment industry. It was a pity to find that he had an earthy and ugly girlfriend.

Now they knew how unreliable the previous rumors were!

Tu, your sister! Ugly girl! If this was earthy and ugly, could us mortals live?

A few girls in the milk tea shop sent messages to Zheng Ling, but didn’t say anything, and just asked her to come there quickly. Zheng Ling just finished class and didn’t see the group. She came over soon after receiving the messages.

Ji Rang had already taken Qi Ying to the bar, and he seemed to be waiting for someone.

The girl who sent the message pulled Zheng Ling into the aisle and pointed at Qi Ying: “The last time you saw Ji Rang with a girl in the cinema, was it this girl?”

They were still wondering if Ji Rang had changed his girlfriend.

As soon as Zheng Ling saw them, her face suddenly became red and white. She didn’t know what to say. Qi Ying, who was drinking milk tea with her feet swaying, looked west, and suddenly saw Zheng Ling not far away.

Suddenly seeing someone she knew, she was a little surprised, raised her hand and waved politely to Zheng Ling, and smiled obediently.

The girl next to her was surprised and said: “Is she greeting you?! She knows you?”

Zheng Ling: “…” There was no way to hide, she could only bite the bullet and say: “Yes, last time at the cinema I saw her.”

The people around were speechless: “Then you said she was ugly…”

Zheng Ling was anxious: “I didn’t say that. What I said was that she is okay, but you didn’t believe it.”

Everyone: ” ……”

Ji Rang and Qi Ying still didn’t know what was going on there.

Ji Rang’s roommate had just called him and was very noisy through the receiver and he said that he was coming over to see the sister-in-law. Everyone saw what his sister-in-law looked like, but his good roommates missed it because of a few minutes delay after class, it was so sad!

Ji Rang smiled and cursed a few words, said the location of the milk tea bar, and asked them to come over quickly.

After a while, the three boys ran over happily.

They were all tall and sturdy types and seemed like they had inexhaustible energy.

The three people sat down opposite Qi Ying and Ji Rang, their eyes bright with laughter, and looked at the little girl who was looking dumbfounded towards them and said in unison: “Good sister-in-law!”

Qi Ying: “…” She was really frightened. She looked at Ji Rang as if for help and found that Ji Rang was looking at her with one hand on her head and smiling without saying a word. It was obvious that he was letting her face this scene.

So, the little girl could only turn her head to look at the three boys with burning eyes on the opposite side, purse her lips, and say softly: “Hello, I… my name is Qi Ying.”

“Sister-in-law is so beautiful!”

“Sister-in-law is so cute!”

“My sister-in-law…” The last boy got stuck, paused, and scratched his hair: “Is the sister-in-law even grown up? Looks so young.”

Ji Rang kicked him under the table: “Do you think I would date her if she was underage?”

“Yes, yes, the boss is so upright, he must only target adults!”

Qi Ying: “…”

Ji Rang: “…”

The talking boy had a shaved head, thick eyebrows and big eyes. He was very three-dimensional and looked very energetic. His name was Song Jingnian. After being kicked by Ji Rang, he became honest. He looked at Qi Ying with great interest: “What do you want to eat? We’ll treat you with our room collection!

“I can eat anything.”

Song Jingnian: ” My sister-in-law is so easy to feed!”

Qi Ying: “…”

Were these people complimenting her whenever they caught a chance?

The few people discussed at the milk tea bar. They usually ate with thick skin, and they only talked about the taste but not the quality, but now they couldn’t do it that casually with Qi Ying also involved. After looking for a long time, they decided on a mid-to-high-end buffet outside the school.

Everyone was too hungry after a day of training; the buffet sounded good! Eat however much you want! Until they were full! After confirming, they immediately walked out of school to take a taxi.

Ji Rang’s three roommates were just like monkeys. They walked pretty well when they were in school, but they let themselves go as soon as they left the school.

There were like three skinny Qu Dazhuangs.

Ji Rang led her to walk behind, looking speechless: “They are just noisy.”

“No.” Qi Ying smiled sweetly, “You will be very happy if they are there.”

That’s true.

Faced with three live treasures, it was hard not to be happy.

While waiting for the taxi by the sidewalk, a boy came across the road with a bag from the opposite side.

The three boys around him suddenly lost their voices, and Song Jingnian gave a cold snort. The boy was also taken aback when he saw them, and both sides looked ugly. He glanced at the few people, and suddenly saw Qi Ying holding hands with Ji Rang, and his face became even more ugly.

He didn’t walk to the sidewalk where they were standing, rather slanted past it directly, and hurried away.

Qi Ying looked at him curiously, and Song Jingnian raised his eyebrows behind him and said, “Boss, did you see that kid’s face? My sister-in-law is so good-looking, it pissed him off!”

Ji Rang glanced lightly at him, “Naive.”

Song Jingnian: “!”

When Qi Ying heard that it was still related to her, she turned her head and asked softly, “What’s wrong?”

Song Jingnian immediately indignantly said, “Sister-in-law, you don’t know, this person is almost the police academy scum!”

The two people behind him, said with the same hatred: “Yes! Police academy scum!”

Ji Rang: “…”

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