TBLF Ch. 95.2

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Song Jingnian told the story angrily: “He was in the same dormitory with us at the time, and we got along well, but in the end, he had low hands and had to touch the boss’s little star! The boss has a bad temper. Okay, but the first two times he told him politely that he should give the thing and that he can’t touch it. One day when we came back from class, he actually removed several small stars and saw the words on it and said, ‘Who can bear to give such an earthy gift?!’ Then he was beaten by the boss and thrown out of the dormitory!”

Luo Ming changed the dormitory, and then there was no contact between them. But also from that time, the school began to have rumors that Ji Rang had found an earthy and ugly girlfriend. Think about it and you would know who said it.

Dog Luo Ming was jealous of the boss’s first rank grades, and that he was praised by the teachers as the light of the future police world!

Song Jingnian was so angry that he tried to teach him several times, but Ji Rang stopped him.

Fighting was strictly prohibited in the police academy. He had already been punished, and he could no longer let his roommates be punished for his affairs.

Qi Ying didn’t know that these things happened to him at school. Ji Rang never told her. What he told her was all happy and interesting things.

He would keep all bad things behind him and keep her from seeing them. This was his promise to her.

She tilted her head to look at the nonchalant teenager next to her and squeezed his hand.

Ji Rang felt the little girl’s comfort and rubbed her head with a smile: “It’s nothing serious, let’s go, the taxi is coming.”

The group of people went straight to the buffet.

The three young men were like wolves in a pack, eating until their belly was thrusting outward.

Ji Rang first took care of Qi Ying’s eating, peeled shrimps and crabs, picked bones from the fish, served milk rolls and barbecued meat for her, and waited for her to eat what she wanted.

Song Jingnian said enviously to the brothers around him while eating meat, “I’ve never seen the boss be so gentle and patient.”

“Who said… No wonder the boss could defy the natural order…”

The police academy had a rumor floating around that the fiercer people are, the less likely they would be to find a wife. Ji Rang was the fiercest, so he must be a bachelor for a lifetime.

Alas, everyone is still too young.

This meal was directly eaten for two hours, and several people were lying on their seats and touching their stomachs. Song Jingnian looked at the time and said solemnly: “Boss, it’s all right. Sister-in-law’s dormitory must be closed by this time. You can take her to live outside. We will help you during the bed check!”

Although the bed was checked on Friday, it was not as strict as during the week, and it could still be mixed up.

Ji Rang didn’t make a statement, and after leaving the restaurant, he asked Qi Ying in a low voice, “Go to the hotel or back to the courtyard?”

Qi Ying also knew that she could not return to the dormitory, so she thought about it and said, “The courtyard.”

He nodded. He called the taxi with his mobile phone, and the two people with Song Jingnian squeezed their eyebrows, and when he got in the taxi, they clenched fists and cheered: “Boss, jiayou!”

Ji Rang gave them a cold stare.

Back in the courtyard in the alley, it was already dark. After getting off the bus, the two of them went to the nearby shopping mall to buy daily necessities.

Toothbrushes, toothpaste, towels, water cups, pajamas, Ji Rang also brought her facial cleanser and skin care products. He didn’t know what brand was good, so he picked all the expensive ones.

She hadn’t spent the night outside with him, as Ji Rang sent her back to school in the evening during the National Day.

His self-control was not good. If he stayed with the little girl overnight, he couldn’t help but do something, so he could only cut the temptation off from the source.

They hadn’t been to the small courtyard for a month, and there was another layer of dust inside the house.

Ji Rang took out the toiletries, adjusted the temperature of the water, and let her take a bath first. He cleaned the room with a mop and cloth, and then made the bed again.

In the square yard, only this room was lit.

Qi Ying came out of the bathroom, kicked her slippers and ran into the room.

The teenager was changing clothes.

His arms were up, revealing a strong and powerful back.

Hearing the sound, he turned his head and saw the little girl enveloped in water vapor, his throat moved, and then he put the T-shirt down. He picked up the towel on the chair, pulled her to the bed, made her sit down, and started wiping her hair.

The whole room smelt of her.

He bought the pajamas casually. She wore beige cotton pajamas. They were a little loose on her chest. With a slight movement, the outline was faintly visible.

Her hair was so soft, it felt fine and itchy when it slid between his fingers. Ji Rang blew her hair and almost drove himself crazy.

He couldn’t stand it halfway through the blow drying, turned off the hair dryer and put it in her hand, and said sternly: “I’m going to take a bath, you blow it yourself.”

Then he walked out of the room without looking back.

She waited for him to come back from the shower. At that time, the little girl had already got into the bed and laid down, playing with her mobile phone.

She didn’t pay much attention to him and was still chatting with everyone in the dormitory group, until ten minutes later, Ji Rang lifted the quilt next to her and laid down on the bed.

The little girl’s phone almost flew away.

Looking at him in a daze, it took a long time for her to organize her words: “You…you…sleep here?”

Ji Rang rested his arm on his head, the light scent of sandalwood mixed with the scent of male hormones, combined with the heat of his body temperature spread out. She shuddered. He said indifferently: “Otherwise? The other rooms have not been occupied for more than ten years. I only cleaned up this room and went out.”

The words were so relaxed, but ghosts knew that his body was stretched as tight as a string.

Qi Ying’s wet eyes blinked, as if she was thinking about her ideology, and after a long time she whispered, “That’s okay.”

Although she had slept with him once, and even had more intimate contact…


After all, it had been a lifetime, she was also a little girl who had grown up in the modern environment for more than ten years, and she was still somewhat shy.

She put the phone in place, twirled her hair and covered herself with the blanket, revealing only a small head, turning her head to look at him from time to time.

Ji Rang was surfing his phone.

But in fact, he didn’t see anything at all.

He didn’t react the first few times when Qi Ying looked over, but he finally couldn’t take it anymore. He rolled over and pressed her under him and kissed her lips indiscriminately: “You don’t want to sleep and are watching me! Are you seducing Laozi?!”

The little girl was aggrieved. She hadn’t done anything: “I didn’t…”

He didn’t listen to her: “You did, you deliberately seduced me.”

He was already stricken with fire, his hands and feet were restless, and he was touching her in embarrassing places. Qi Ying had no mental preparation. She was scared enough to cry, and pushed him with her hand: “You hurt me …”

Ji Rang almost went crazy.

He lowered his head and took a hard bite on her chest.

The little girl whimpered.

Ji Rang blushed.

After a long time, he moved down from her.

He jumped out of the bed, walked barefoot to the closet, and took out a stack of quilt covers from inside.

Qi Ying looked at him for a long time and couldn’t help but whisper: “What are you doing?”

Ji Rang threw the quilt on the ground, gritted his teeth: “I will sleep here! Sleep!”

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