KHSW Ch. 239

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Seeing that Chi Jiayang was frowning tightly, Ou Mengxue continued: “If she hadn’t intentionally wanted to smash the show, she wouldn’t have singled out our wedding to ask for this money in public. As for the phone call, I admit that it was indeed me who made the call.”

As soon as Ou Mengxue finished speaking, Chi Jiayang’s big palm slapped her sideways.


The slap came unexpectedly, and for almost a moment, Ou Mengxue felt a ringing in her ears.

Chi Jiayang didn’t feel guilty at all for the slap, instead his face was dark, “Ou Mengxue, you’ve changed, you’re not the Ou Mengxue I knew before.”

Ou Mengxue’s hair was dishevelled, “Jiayang, don’t you have any idea why I made that call?” Ou Mengxue said calmly.

Chi Jiayang picked up his coat without saying a word, and walked out.

Ou Mengxue hurriedly asked, “Where are you going?”

“Let’s sleep in separate rooms from now on!” After speaking, he opened the door and closed it again with a “bang”.

Ou Mengxue wanted to roar hoarsely, but she was afraid that her in-laws would hear her.

Tears silently rolled down from the eyes.

“Chi Jiayang, today is our wedding night, and you are treating me like this!” Ou Mengxue buried her face sideways in the quilt, letting her hair hang loose, “Ling Xi, I will definitely not let it be easier for you.”

Ou Mengxue’s face buried under the quilt became grim.

After Chi Jiayang entered the guest room, he immediately made a phone call, “Hello? Let’s start tonight!”

“Sister-in-law, Chi Yanbin said yesterday that he would hand over the company to me, but I didn’t want it. How about it, I have a lot of backbone, right?”

Looking at Chi Jingyu’s face “seeking praise”, Ling Xi helplessly raised her forehead, “My child, I think you are hopelessly hopeless.”

“Huh?” Chi Jingyu widened his eyes in doubt.

“Do you think it’s better to let your father hand over the company to Chi Jiayang, and then us trying every means to destroy it? Or just let him hand over the company to you and letting Chi Jiayang be paid pennies. Is it okay if you can’t get it?”

“There is no doubt that the former, anyway, at last the company will be acquired by my brother.”

If the company was brought down by Chi Jiayang, it would be wonderful. Chi Yanbin would be pissed off, and Wang Suping would be kicked out of Chi family house. That would kill three birds with one stone.

Ling Xi just looked at him silently, this silly boy, how could he be so happy when his company was the one being damaged? “Killing one thousand enemies, by losing eight hundred soldiers, aren’t you embarrassed?”

Seeing this, Chi Jingyu immediately said with a playful smile: “Sister-in-law, I was wrong. I’ll go back and tell Chi Yanbin that I will take over his company tomorrow, but what about brother?”

“You agree to take over first. As for the time…it’s up to you. By the way, how are you monitoring Yang Wei?”

As soon as this matter was mentioned, Chi Jingyu’s eyes lit up, “Sister-in-law, you are simply the reincarnation of an Immortal, I tried my best to install cameras in my brother’s and Secretary Yang’s offices without anyone knowing. That Secretary Yang did have some problems, especially last night…”

“The company’s duty room suddenly lost power, and the camera I installed came in handy. I saw him sneaking into my brother’s office and moving my brother’s computer… I really didn’t realize that Yang Wei is still a computer expert, and he broke through the defence system set up by my brother in minutes.”

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