KHSW Ch. 238

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Ling Xi shuddered all over, and said a word tremblingly, “I shouldn’t have gone to Chi Jiayang’s wedding?”

Xu Yizhi got closer again, Ling Xi could vaguely feel the touch of those lips, and the warm breath made her slightly nervous.

“I… shouldn’t hit the field in that way?”

This time, Xu Yizhi came close to her ears again, Ling Xi let out a soft cry, and wanted to dodge, but the man wrapped his arms around her waist with astonishing strength, making it impossible for her to dodge.

“Forgive me, I really can’t remember.”

The man seemed to smell the sweet breath in her blood, and reluctantly let go, loosened his lips, and said in a hoarse voice, “You shouldn’t let them know about your relationship with Chi Jiayang from before.” He really didn’t want others to say that ” Chi Jiayang is her ex-boyfriend”, especially the word “ex-boyfriend”, which was particularly harsh to his ears.

It turned out to be this matter!

Because this matter was a bit special, Ling Xi lowered her head like a child who had done something wrong, guilt flashed in her eyes, and then she raised her head again, it seemed that she could only act like a baby, “Honey, I know this. I remember you said before, I can do whatever I want, as long as I remember that you are behind me!”

This sentence was indeed what he said to her on the phone, but he did not expect that she remembered it quite clearly.

The expression on his face was still tense, his thin lips were pursed slightly, and his thick eyebrows were raised slightly, “Well, it’s good to know, that you remember.”

Ling Xi boldly cupped his cheeks with both hands, “I knew my husband was the best, can we not do that in the future?”

Xu Yizhi glanced at her with lowered eyebrows, pretending not to understand, “Which one?”

The girl’s heart hardened, “Don’t bite without my permission in the future, it’s very itchy, okay?”


Chi family.

Yang Huilin was sitting on the edge of the bed looking at an old photo when Chi Jingyu knocked on the door, “Mom, are you asleep yet?”

Yang Huilin quickly hid the photo, wiped the tears from her face, “Not yet!”

“Then I’m coming in?”

Chi Jingyu pushed open the door and walked in, “Mom, are you relieved today?” As soon as he finished saying this, Chi Jingyu realized that something was wrong with his mother’s mood, “Mom, what’s wrong with you? Did you cry just now?”

“Is it so obvious?” Yang Huilin wiped it twice with her hands.

“Mom, tell me, have you softened your heart?” Chi Jingyu looked at her seriously.

“I…” Yang Huilin’s hesitant appearance made Chi Jingyu guess right at a glance.

“Mom, think about it, how have you been living for more than 20 years? We mother and child were separated because of him. You can’t be soft-hearted. I don’t care about his property at all.”

“Mom knows…”

Another room.

Ou Mengxue was already lying on the bed, “Jiayang?”

She was startled to see Chi Jiayang standing by the bed, looking at her with a gloomy face.

“Jiayang, why don’t you come to bed?”

“So many things happened today, don’t you have anything to explain to me?”

“Jiayang, today is the first day of our marriage, can we not mention these unhappy things?”

Chi Jiayang sneered, moved a chair and sat by the bed, looking directly at her, “Newly married? Do you know that we are getting married today? What happened to the 60 million? What happened to the phone call?”

Ou Mengxue sat up from the bed, “She gave me the 60 million yuan to invest for her. Today she obviously went to smash the wedding on purpose.”

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