KHSW Ch. 237

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Ling Xi put down the hair dryer and walked towards Xu Yizhi.

The dishevelled hair hit his face, and the white and tender face, the black hair strands, and the sharp contrast of colours gave people a strong visual impact.

There was doubt in the girl’s eyes, “What’s wrong?”

Seeing that she had left the hair dryer behind, Xu Yizhi got up to get it.

“Are you going to blow dry your hair?”

Ling Xi had never seen Xu Yizhi blow his hair with a hair dryer, and most of the time he waited for his hair to dry naturally.

Xu Yizhi raised his eyebrows, plugged the plug into the socket under the bedside table, and pointed to the seat beside her, “Sit here.”

Ling Xi thought he was asking her to help blow dry his hair, the grape-black eyes looked at Xu Yizhi slightly brightly, shining with excitement that was eager to try.

Sitting next to him following his hand, when she was about to pick up the hair dryer, it slipped away from her hand.

Ling Xi turned her head in doubt, but saw the man gently grabbing a strand of her hair, and the whining sound of blowing wind rang in her ears.

Xu Yizhi’s slender fingertips began to shuttle back and forth between her hair, and she saw that the hair was being dried by the hot wind little by little.

Ling Xi lowered her eyes slightly, her long and curved eyelashes trembled a few times, and her nose suddenly felt sore.

She used to watch her stepmother blow-dry Zimo’s hair. Although she was very envious, she still didn’t want her stepmother to touch her hair. At that time, she secretly thought, if one day, someone could blow-dry her hair, I must be very happy!

It would be great if her biological mother was still around.

Now… the person who blew her hair by her side was Yizhi, as expected, she was very happy!

The warm wind blew lazily on her scalp, and she began to doze off comfortably.

The man’s fingertips touched her ears from time to time, making her feel itchy, as if his breath sprayed behind her ears, and a blush sneaked up on her cheeks.

Sure enough, this kind of action needed someone close to do it, she and Yizhi should be very close people!

The humming wind still rang, and the sound of friction between fingers and hair, this kind of atmosphere made Ling Xi’s small ears even more tender.

Seeing such a tempting pastry, Xu Yizhi lowered his head and bit it lightly.

Ling Xi exclaimed, and the sound of blowing wind stopped abruptly.

Ling Xi only felt her body stiffen, but she didn’t dare to move. Her face was as delicate as the sun that wiped half the sky, and a thin mist formed in her eyes, “Yi…Yizhi, I’m not a little sheep haha… You…don’t be impulsive.”

The man loosened his lips in a funny way, and the breath he exhaled sprayed into her cochlea. It seemed that the man intended to “punish” her, “Isn’t it a little sheep? Then what do you think it will be?”

Ling Xi’s throat rolled, and she swallowed nervously, “I am… a wolf in sheep’s clothing, you’d better stay away from me.”

She wasn’t mentally prepared for it today.

Xu Yizhi thought it was even more funny, how could his girl be so cute, put the hair dryer aside, and suddenly put away the smile on his face, “Do you know what you did wrong today?”

Ling Xi was taken aback for a moment, she didn’t understand why this man suddenly changed his face, wasn’t he fine just now?

She thought it was…

She shook her head blankly, “I don’t know.”

“Think about it until you remember.”

After finishing speaking, Xu Yizhi moved a little closer, and breath sprayed all over her ears.

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