KHSW Ch. 236

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Ou Mengxue immediately fell silent, not daring to say another word.

“Jingyu, why didn’t you tell Dad that you are the vice president of the Xu Group?”

Today, this was the only thing that was worthy of his happiness.

“What’s there to say? It’s just a part-time job.” He always thought that he was fooling around outside all day long, and his father never cared what he did. Now that he knew that he was the vice president of the Xu Group, he finally began to treat him well and started paying attention to him!

However, he had already let him down.

Hearing his words, Chi Yanbin nodded with satisfaction, “Well, neither arrogant nor impetuous, this is my, Chi Yanbin’s son, I can rest assured by handing over the company to you.”

Yang Huilin raised her eyes when she heard the words. She knew the man’s temperament very well, and she took his face very seriously.

Chi Jingyu said casually: “No, I’m not interested in the tile factory. What’s more, I’m very busy in Xu Group and I don’t have time to take care of other things.”

Hearing his words, Wang Suping hurriedly said: “Yanbin, since Jingyu said no, I think it’s better to let Jiayang take care of it for you. He has also experience running a company.”

Chi Yanbin didn’t even look at her. When Jiayang was not at home, she would greet Jingyu in front of him, and she would be affectionate and motherly. Now that Jiayang was back, she would look at her son from time to time.

“Jingyu, since you are busy with the affairs of the Xu Group, Dad won’t force you. Anyway, this company will be handed over to you sooner or later.”

Wang Suping turned her head suddenly and looked at Chi Yanbin, “Yanbin, Jiayang is also your son, how can you be so partial?”

Chi Yanbin finally cast a sideways glance at her, “What did you say back then? I’m afraid you even forgot about it?”

When Wang Suping entered the house, she promised that as long as Chi Jingyu did not agree, Chi Jiayang would not be able to live in the Chi family for a day; all the properties of the Chi family would belong to Jingyu, and she, Wang Suping and Chi Jiayang would never covet; and she would treat Chi Jingyu as her own son.

After so many years, she had already completely forgotten the three promises she had made. First, she took Jiayang home, but he just turned a blind eye to it.

Now that property was involved, she finally revealed her true nature.

Wang Suping looked away guiltily, and didn’t look at him, “How long ago was that? I’ve forgotten.”

Chi Yanbin looked directly at Wang Suping with sharp eyes, “I don’t care if you are really forgetful or not, you have done your part. This is my Chi family, and you, Ou Mengxue, don’t think I don’t care about you. I know what your idea is, at today’s wedding, you admitted it yourself, since it is the money you owe, you can figure it out yourself.”

That was not a small amount of money. If she wanted to take their Chi family as a fool, she was very wrong.

Ou Mengxue’s heart sank. She had just given the 60 million to that person before, and now she wanted another 60 million. Even if she took out all her belongings, it still wouldn’t be worth the amount!

“Was it fun to smash the field today?”

Hearing Xu Yizhi ask her, Ling Xi who was fiddling with her hair with one hand and holding the hair dryer in the other, suddenly planned to let her hair half-dry without dripping water, so she flicked her hair a few times before turning off the hair dryer, “Actually, I regret a little now, I should have been more ruthless, and leave her an unforgettable wedding.”

Xu Yizhi looked at her wet hair, he really couldn’t see it, and said in a deep voice, “Come here.”

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